Saturday, February 14, 2015

Retail Hell

“Look, I just want to get a little bit of a discount, okay?” the cute, twenty-something blond woman leaned forward a bit as she showed the picture frame to Mark. She held the frame up and pointed at it in just such an angle that Mark was unable to avoid seeing her cleavage from her low-cut shirt. Mark swallowed hard as his cock flexed in his pants. “See, there’s a little nick in the corner here.” The woman’s cherry red nail tapped at the corner of the frame, indicating a small, slightly discolored groove. However, given that the frame itself was already sporting a complex weave design, it was difficult to tell if the “little nick” in the wood was not actually part of the design. As far as Mark could tell, it was supposed to be there. But this would not be the first customer to try and fret over a miniscule detail in the hopes of shaving a couple extra pennies off the price.

“Ma’am, I really think it’s part of the—” Mark gasped as he felt the sensation of a hot, warm tongue suddenly lick along the length of his cock. He swallowed hard as his cock flexed once again, straining in his pants. “P-part of the design! I d-don’t think I can give you a—” He felt the tongue lick him again.

“Are you sure?” said the woman, giving him a doe-eyed innocent look. “Not even just a little discount? I’m kind of on my lunch break here, I don’t have all day to haggle.”

Another lick, this one longer and more intense than before and Mark shivered where he stood. Goddamned these women and their fucking Sex Magic! “I-I-I, y-you’d have to go upfront… t-talk to the m-manager…”

“Oh, come on,” the blond said, pouting a bit. “Don’t make a big deal out of this! I just want to buy this picture frame. Why can’t you give me a little bit off?” She lowered her voice and leaned forward a little bit more. “You give me a bit off, and maybe I’ll help you get a little bit off.” Now, it was two tongues, one along the shaft, another swirling over the head, psychically teasing his desperate organ. “Come on? Ten percent discount, and I’ll loose that little block you have a bit…”

Mark grit his teeth and gasped out. “M-ma’am, please! I c-can’t help you!”

The woman frowned and back up. “Hmph. Fine.” She made a flicking motion with her hand and Mark winced as he felt a light, but sharp, slap to his balls. She then tossed the picture frame on the shelf. “I don’t have time for this.” She turned and jumped as another woman stepped up right behind her.

“Ma’am? Are you harassing our workers?” Deanna stood there, tall and imposing, before the woman, who shrank back. Deanna was a fit woman, but her height and demeanor often intimidated even men at first glance. Deanna gave the woman a calm, but stern look. “I can assure you, no discount is worth us having to call the cops.”

The blond opened her mouth, then shut it, squeaked an apology, and nearly ran down the aisle next to them, heading out the door. Deanna watched her go, while Mark tried the usual breathing exercise to calm down as best he could. Deanna finally turned to Mark and smirked. “And this is why you should stay in the stock room, mister.”

The young man blushed a bit and nodded. “I was just helping put the stock out, there’s not any more boxes to process.”

“I’m sure we can find something for you to do back there. Loading the pallets, organizing the back stock.”

“Already did that,” said Mark.

“Hmmm, I see. Well.” Deanna tapped her chin in thought. “I guess you could go upfront and help the cashiers bag stuff?”

Mark gulped. “Th-that didn’t work out so well last time…” He shuddered as he remembered all the psychic licks and pokes and pinches he endured as any number of random women thought it would be funny to see him jump while he bagged their purchases. He was still quite positive that a couple of the cashiers had helped that little display, but of course, there was no way of knowing. The women’s Sex Magic could be used without any man ever knowing who it was, unless she wanted him to.

“Well, in that case, I guess you’ll just have to work with one of the girls in the back, then,” said Deanna. “So they can keep an eye on you.”

Mark looked back. “Um, I was working with Sally, but, she went to the bathroom just now...”

And then, speak of the devil, Sally all but materialized next to him, smiling. The nineteen year old redhead gave Mark a wink. “What did I miss?”

Deanna chuckled. “You know you can’t keep our young man out of your sight when you’re his watcher.”

“Aww, did one of the customers try to tease a discount out of you again?”

“Yes,” grumbled Mark.

Sally giggled. “Man, you’re so lucky, all the ladies wanting to play with you.”

“Not when I haven’t cum in three weeks!” said Mark. He then flinched when he realized they were still on the sales floor, and several customers were within earshot. A couple weird looks were accompanied by a few chuckles.

Deanna shook her head. “Say that a little louder, why don’t you?”

“Oh, what’s it matter, you can all sense it,” said Mark. “Look, could I just go home if there’s nothing else to do?”

“Now, now, I’m sure we’ll find something. Until then, stick with Sally.” With that, Deanna turned and walked off. Mark tried not to look at the sway of her hips, but didn’t quite manage not to peek.

Sally giggled again. “You perv!” she said, giving him a poke in the ribs.

Mark flushed and turned to her. “You set me up for that!” he said in a low voice. “I know you were watching!”

“I didn’t know for sure that lady was gunna try and get you,” said Sally. “Chill out.”

“I bet you were still watching,” said Mark. “And laughing.”

“As a matter of fact, I was,” she said. She looked at Mark’s crotch and squinted a bit. He was still mostly hard, and his balls had that blue ball ache. “Wow, it has been three weeks! Did you piss off your girlfriend, or is she just a slave driver?”

Mark flushed crimson, and tried not to think about it. A man’s sexual thoughts were an open broadcast to any woman who looked, or even happened to be nearby. And he couldn’t stop himself from thinking of the answer, even as he didn’t voice it. Sally’s eyes widened. “No way… your mother controls your orgasms?”

“Shut up!” Mark hissed. A few other customers and a couple nearby co-workers looked over at them. “Oh, god,” he said, and he all but dashed back to the stockroom, where a couple more of his co-workers gave him funny looks, then burst out laughing when they saw the images in his head. Jesus Christ, why did all his co-workers have to be empowered women? Even the youngest employee, the only eighteen year old, had turned out to be an early bloomer.

“Damn, I knew you were a weirdo, Mark, but I didn’t know you went for that!” said Latisha, one of the other stockroom ladies.

Next to her, another girl named Samantha just shuddered and gave him a baleful look. “Aren’t you like twenty-three or something? And you still live with your mom? And she still controls your orgasms?”

“Step-mother!” said Mark. “She’s my step-mother and she only married my Dad for his money, and she’s only like two years older than me!”

“It’s still creepy!” said Sally, coming up behind him and chuckling. “Now, come on, we need to finish putting the stock out. I won’t ditch you this time, promise!”

Mark’s face was beet red with embarrassment, and his cock was now rock hard, betraying him like it always did. Damn it, they knew this kind of humiliation turned him on! He couldn’t go out on the floor like this, his cock alerting every woman in the store, and the stores next door, of his arousal.

“Oops, his crank is turned! We gotta wait for him to wind down now.” The ladies all snickered.

“You guys are a bunch of assholes,” muttered Mark, sparking another round of chuckles.

“Awww, he’s actually pouting!” said another cute girl, named Gen. She came over and pinched his cheeks softly. “God, you’re so adorable! It’s such a pity I’ve already got three guys on my table, otherwise, I might consider taking you in.”

“Like that stops you from doing anything,” said Mark.

Gen shook her finger at him. “Now, now, I love my boys dearly, and I’m not the kind of girl to cheat!”

“It’s only cheating if he cums!” Latisha chimed in, winking at Mark.

“Hmm, that’s true,” said Gen. “And that shouldn’t be a problem, what with how strong your mother’s orgasm block is.”

“Step-mother! And she’s only been with us for half a year!”

“Still creepy!” said Samantha.

“HEY!” came a shout as the stockroom doors burst open. A tall, older woman all but stamped into the room. “Will you cunts knock it the fuck off? Not every customer out here wants to see the show!”

“Well, you should learn to stop looking, ma’am,” said Latisha. “And you’re not allowed back here.”

“You shouldn’t even hire boys at your store!” the woman huffed. She turned and stamped out before the managers could arrive. “Fucking disgraceful…” her words trailed off as she went out the door.

“Yikes,” said Sally. “You better get that cock under control.”

“Then stop talking about it!” Mark snapped. He grabbed a cart of stock and, keeping his head down and concentrating on the cool touch of the metal on his hand, he stalked out onto the floor, trying to think about baseball.

Sally followed a moment later, after trading a glance with the other girls, who sobered up some. She came over and pat Mark on the shoulder. “Hey, come on, chill out, we’re just having a little fun.”

“It isn’t fun for me,” muttered Mark.

Sally smirked. “Your cock sure thinks so. It’s still throbbing, isn’t it?” Mark grit his teeth and focused intently on taking items in the cart and figuring out what shelves they went to. Sally sighed and followed him, grabbing a few more items from the cart. “Hey, I’m sorry, okay? Really. We all are. It’s just, you know, this job is so soul-crushingly boring at times, and most of the girls here, we just got our powers like a year ago or less, so we’re still, you know, a little over eager to use them. And it’s all in good fun, you know? I know it drives you crazy, but we’re not really trying to hurt you. You’re just… oh, you’re so fun to tease!”

“We’re at work, I didn’t get hired on to be your guys’ stress relief toy,” he said. “I got hired to be a stockroom associate.”

“And so you are,” she said. “But come on. You knew all the other employees here were women. And most of our shoppers were women. You had to have known what you were getting into.”

“I wouldn’t have even applied for this job if I had any other choice,” said Mark. “Hardly any male can get a job anymore, unless they work directly under their wife or girlfriend or mistress or something. I only got this job because the store manager is friends with my step-mom, and she insisted I need a job because I can’t just slack off around the house. Even though all she does is spend my Dad’s money.”

“And what does your Dad do?”

“None of your business,” said Mark.

“Okay, jeez,” said Sally. “No need to get all snippy.”

“Just leave me alone,” he said. “You’re being nice now, but give it five minutes, and I know you’ll be teasing me again.”

Sally scowled. “Yeah, you’re probably right. Or at least, you would be. I’d have at least given you five minutes, but if you’re going to be a jerk, then I’ll just punish your dick now.” She snapped her fingers.

“No, wait!” said Mark, as he suddenly felt a dozen psychic feathers start tickling his penis and scrotum. He jumped and gasped and for a moment, tried to grab his crotch before his step-mother’s anti-masturbation spell stopped him. He turned to Sally, but she was already gone, having ducked around to another aisle. “F-f-fuck!” Mark hissed.

“Sir?” Mark turned and jumped as he saw a petite Asian woman approach him with an item in her hand. She glanced at his crotch, then looked up at him and gave a shy smile. “Um, sorry, you seem busy, but I can’t seem to find any other workers. Could you perhaps give me a price for this item?”

Mark looked around helplessly, but there was no one to offer assistance. He gulped and nodded, and took the item, a wood-framed desk clock, concentrating very hard on not dropping it. “Uh, um, I th-think these are f-f-fifty—f-fifty bucks…”

The woman smiled brightly. “Fifteen? Great!”

“N-no! Fifty!” he said.

“Did you say fifteen?” she asked coyly.

“No! Fif-f-fifteeeeeaaaah!” Mark bent over, clutching at the shelf as the feathers shifted into hot, sensual tongues, dragging slowly over his erection. He couldn’t tell if this was the woman before him, Sally, or someone else. “Fifty! Fifty dollars!” he hissed as his hips jerked and he fell to his knees at the woman’s feet. She was wearing black, strappy heels, the kind his step-mother wore when she made him kiss her feet. Mark gasped.

The Asian woman smirked down at him. “Fifteen. Got it. Thank you.”

“Ma’am?” said Sally, suddenly appearing again. “I overheard. Sorry, but it really is fifty dollars.”

The woman sighed and said, “I know. I was just kidding.” Sally escorted her to the front so that she could make a ticket for the item.

Suddenly, the teasing stimulation on Mark’s penis stopped, and he let out a series of relieved gasps. Just before he was about to stand up, an authoritative female voice said, “Hey! We don’t pay you to slack off!”

Mark leaped to his feet and whirled, saying, “Yes, ma’am, sorry ma’am!” He then blinked and realized it was Gen, giggling at him, having imitated the voice of their manager. “Jeez, boy, you have got to get those things emptied! I could probably sense you from the mall down the road!”

Frustrated and horny, Mark just said, “Well, I can’t do anything about it, so either help me or shut up!”

Gen pat him on the back. “Oh, stop being a sourpuss. Here, if Sally won’t help you, I’ll do it. Let’s just get to work.”

To her credit, Gen stuck with him for the last remaining hour of his shift. He still got random hard-on’s and quick pyshic strokes or pinches, but he didn’t get ambushed again. Finally, his shift was over, and he nearly ran out the door. A few more phantom licks, and even a few sucks, ensured his cock was ahead of him the whole way.

His dread did not lessen, however, as he exited. For now, he had to get a ride back home with his step-mother, since he didn’t have a car of his own. Clair, the twenty-five year old bombshell who had seized his father’s heart, mostly through his balls, waited in the red Cadillac near the front of the building. She waved to him and smiled sweetly. Blushing, Mark slid into the passenger seat.

“How’s my little boy doing today?” she said in an annoyingly sweet voice. “Did you have a fun day at work?”

“No,” muttered Mark, but she wasn’t really talking to him. His cock twitched as her words sent tingles down his cock and over his balls. Mark stiffened in his seat as the tingles quickly intensified, and he suddenly jerked in place, trying to cum. But it wasn’t to be.

Clair chuckled, watching him twitch. “Aw, you’re so sensitive today! Were the girls at work being mean again? You poor thing.” Her mock pity came with a further intensifying of he tingles, and Mark gasped, the words torn from him mouth as he gripped the arms rests in a death grip. He grit his teeth as she casually ground him against the edge of release, letting him get so close he could taste it, but keeping him just back from the edge. His balls burned intensely. Clair reached over and gently caressed his crotch through his pants, in a soothing gesture that was anything but.

“Well, we’ll have to give my little boy some extra love tonight,” she said.

Unable to respond, Mark could only jerk and gasp all the way home. His step-mother was in a mood tonight. Mark found himself wishing he’d had a double-shift of Retail Hell today, if only to delay his step-mothers “affections.”


  1. Holy shit! I love the idea behind this story. The public stuff at work, the deliciously evil co-workers, and then the step-mom at home to top it all off. There's just no escape and it's constant torture. Very hot :) Thanks for another great story! I'm crossing my fingers for a sequel to this one...

  2. This was awesome, I hope you continue the story in the future, I would love to know more about what happens to Mark