Friday, February 18, 2011

Just A Little Scene: Brutal Orgasm

“Hello, Janet, welcome,” said Karen. “I see you brought your boy toys.”

“Well, gotta earn their keep somehow,” said Janet, with a laugh. “Alright, boys, bring the stuff in.” Jake and Dan, both nude already, hauled in a large trunk, and set it down in Karen’s living room, then turned and stood before her.

Jake swallowed hard as he gazed at Karen. The red head was extremely attractive, and according to Janet, extremely powerful. Janet claimed that Karen had been her mistress for a while, and without Karen’s help, Janet wouldn’t be a tenth as powerful as she was now. And considering how powerful Janet was, Jake could only imagine how powerful that made Karen. When Karen glanced at him, she smiled warmly, that mischievous twinkle so common to Sex Mages in her eye. Jake blushed, but maintained control of himself; he smiled back and made a slight bow of respect, “Hello, Miss Karen.”

Karen, dressed in shorts and a green tank top, bowed back, and the sight of her cleavage almost made Jake gasp. But he kept his calm and his smile just brightened. He felt a gentle psychic caress, a sort of telepathic gesture of greeting from Karen’s mind. She smiled at Jake again and she seemed pleased with his response. He simply admired her beauty, and though it excited him, he kept his cool.

Dan, however, fidgeted nervously, and he stuttered his greeting. “H-h-hi, M-miss…” he said, and he gulped audibly when Karen bowed in return. She smirked. Jake glanced quickly between Karen and Dan. He recognized that smirk all too well. At first nothing seemed to happen, but suddenly, Dan tensed. His eyes widened almost comically.

Karen turned back to Janet and the two began to talk, leaving the boys to stand at attention incase they needed them to do something. With a blink, Jake realized that Karen was now naked; she had vanished her clothing in the instant Jake hadn’t been looking at her. His eyes roamed over her body, and he swallowed.

Next to him, however, Dan suddenly let out a ragged gasp, and fell to his knees. Almost as though he was being pulled along by invisible strings, he began to crawl forward, towards Karen. Karen completely ignored him until he was right next to her, and then, without even looking at Dan, or missing a beat in her conversation with Janet, she placed her hand on the back of Dan’s head, pushing him forward until his nose touched her clit. Dan’s body jerked like he had been shocked, but then his body stiffened in a whole new way, and Jake realized he had been frozen in place. Karen shifted slightly, and Jake could see that Dan’s iron hard cock was now trapped in place between Karen’s calves. She didn’t move, simply held his dick in place with her legs, and held Dan’s face to her crotch. Jake didn’t hear a word the women were saying, as he found himself almost entranced by the scene.

Jake broke out in a sweat as he watched the scene. Poor Dan. Jake knew that Karen was wreaking complete havoc in Dan’s mind, whipping his libido into a raging tempest of lust, sending wave after wave of brain melting pleasure through his sensitive penis. And if Jake suspected correctly, the seconds ticking by for him and the two women literally felt like hours for poor Dan, completely consumed by the grip of Karen’s power. He knew that even as Karen talked with Janet, giving no indication that she was paying the slightest attention to the helpless boy at her feet, Dan was experiencing a pure, sexual hell. All for no apparent reason other than whatever trivial offense Karen was probably pretending to have taken; if asked, she would probably say Dan’s stutter had irked her, and the boy needed to be taught a lesson in self-control. Or maybe this was her way of showing Dan she was flattered, or that she thought he was cute. When you got down to it, Jake thought, Sex Mages were lunatics. The worst part was, Jake couldn’t help himself from feeling a tad jealous. Who, then, was the real lunatic?

By Jake’s count, the scene stretched on for several minutes; god only knew how long it felt like for Dan. But eventually, Karen must have been satisfied with her handiwork, because Dan let out the most heart wrenching, pathetic series of whimpers Jake had ever heard and Dan’s paralyzed body suddenly jerked like a livewire had been shoved up his ass. As Jake watched, his eyes widened and his jaw dropped slightly as he watched Dan orgasm harder than he’d ever seen. Thick ropes of cum shot over and over from Dan’s organ, more semen than Jake thought it humanly possible to unleash in one climax; the shots struck the nearby wall with loud, wet splats. The orgasm seemed to go on forever, Dan still convulsing even after his ejaculation ceased. Dan’s whimpers went from the shock of such a forceful release, to the shrill, desperation of sensual agony from an orgasm forced to go on past its natural duration.

Only after another minute of this, did Karen finally glance down at him. The two women had stopped talking, both watching Dan twitch and shudder. Finally, Karen parted her legs slightly, and removed her hand, and Dan collapsed back in a boneless heap. For a few moments, Jake swore he was dead, but then he noticed the rise and fall of Dan’s chest as he breathed, however shallowly. His eyes, half open, were glazed over. If he hadn’t cum to death, he’d certainly orgasmed into a coma.
Two other girls, both nude, their expressions solemn but for the slight haunting of desire behind their eyes that you wouldn’t see unless you knew what to look for, came into the room, and grabbed Dan. They lifted him off the floor and carried him off somewhere to recover. Karen and Janet then continued talking. The other two girls, clearly female toys of Karen’s, came in and cleaned Dan’s cum off the walls. With their tongues.

Jake let out a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding, and he felt a strong ache in his own, unrelieved testicles. But he composed himself as best he could. Karen looked to Jake, and said, “Now. What was that about Sex Mages being lunatics?” Jake blinked, and realized she had read his mind. He opened his mouth to apologize, but it was too late. He fell to his knees as Karen’s power grasped both of his heads. For a brief moment before his mind and body were drowned in sex beyond human tolerance, he crazily found himself wanting to thank her.

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  1. I love this series! Would like to hear more about Karen from a bit earlier in her enlightenment as she was bound to have tons of fun in public with her powers. Like running into her ex while lingerie shopping or playing with boys at the bars. Surely she would have teased the crap out of many and either fucked or humiliated some. I think you can play up the magic and mischief an awful lot.