Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just A Little Scene: DVD Trap

Kate fought to hold back a giggle as she came home from work to find her husband sitting frozen at the couch. James was staring forward almost unblinkingly, completely enraptured by what he was watching. The TV screen showed a long slideshow of images of Kate, naked, in a wide variety of sexy poses. From the speakers came a low, sensual sort of hum, punctuated now and then by a giggle, or a woman moaning erotically. This was all that was required to trigger a set of telepathically implanted conditions that Kate had set into him just a few nights ago, as he slept.

She loved to do this to him, though she didn’t do it too often, lest the effect would get old, and James would become too freaked out. She would implant little notions and conditions in his head, never telling him what they were. Often, they would result in him being caught in a trap, a trigger that would leave him paralyzed in place, yet become strongly aroused, with the arousal building and building as the trigger stayed in place. Once, she made him become hypnotized by her panties while he did the laundry. Another time, listening to one of her favorite songs sent him crashing to the floor in immediate orgasm.

Today, she had set it so the mere sight of her naked was enough to leave him frozen in a sexual stupor, the erotic hum and other sounds making him light headed with arousal. She’d created a DVD slideshow of this, and set it to play just before going to bed last night, turning the TV off, but letting the DVD player run. Ergo, the first thing James would see when he turned the TV on would be the slideshow, and he would instantly be under her spell.

Kate walked in, coming up behind James, who was too entranced to respond to her presence; he was barely aware she was there. She looked him over, and fought back another giggle. He was dressed in his pajamas, still, and his penis tented the front of his pants quite lewdly; paralyzed in place as he was, he was unable even to adjust himself. It being James’ day off, Kate guessed he’d probably gotten up around 10 this morning, and come down to watch TV by at least 11. It was now 5:30 in the afternoon. Poor James had been suffering for at least 6 hours now, continuously aroused, unable to do anything but blink, breathe, and wait in desperation for Kate to come home and free him. She leaned down and, without breaking his line reached over his shoulder and adjust his penis so that it slipped out of the opening in the crotch of his pajamas. James penis practically leaped from hole, visibly throbbing and leaking pre-cum steadily, greeting Kate like a hyper-excited puppy dog.

She dared not touch him directly. Although she had set it so he could not orgasm just from his arousal, he was so wired up right now, a mere tap from her fingertip would probably make him explode. She wasn’t quite ready for that yet, so leaving him only with a kiss to his cheek and a sultry purr in his ear, she stood back up and went to put away her things and change. She took her time, organizing her things for work tomorrow, checking and responding to some e-mails and phone messages. Then, she took a nice relaxing bath, dried her hair, and rubbed scented lotion on her skin, the coconut smelling kind that had driven James absolutely nuts since before she even met him. After a couple of hours, she was ready.

She came downstairs, and James was still there, still suffering, his cock nearly trembling with overblown excitement. James looked like he was about to cry from desperation. She smiled, and got down on her hands and knees, creeping around to the front of the couch, and kneeling between his legs, again without breaking his line of sight to the TV, ensuring he would still be entranced. She watched his face for a few moments, taking in his expressions of desperation and arousal, then eyed his cock, nearly hypnotized herself as she watched the large, blazing hot organ pulse away, so ready for her touch. She licked her lips and leaned forward. She closed her mouth around just his penis head and gave the tip of him a single lick.

With a scream, he exploded into her mouth. The shots were large, thick, and forceful, a days worth of continuously building tension culminating in a massive ejaculation, but she dutifully swallowed every drop. She continued to suckle him gently, her tongue running circles around his cockhead as he came and came and came. His release undid the spell, and James nearly doubled over, hands clutching repeatedly at her back as he curled over her, gasping her name in thanks and rapture. And when his climax completed, still she suckled him, bobbing her head a bit; within moments, his perfect pleasure was now a pleasurable torment, as his now hypersensitive penishead could not handle more stimulation. James tried to pull her off, but that too, was accounted for, and a telepathic command prevented him from doing so. He could only sit there, trapped and tortured by his wife’s wicked mind and mouth. Kate could feel hot tears drop onto her back as James thrashed in her grip.

Still, this torment did not last as long as it probably seemed for James. After only a minute of post-orgasm stimulation, Kate released him, letting his cock finally shrink down, at least somewhat. James sagged down, and she pushed him up, letting him fall back against the back of the couch. She quickly turned and shut off the DVD and TV so he wouldn’t be trapped again.

Wiping her mouth, she slid up onto the couch and curled up next to James, who laid back only half-way conscious, but radiating heat and utter contentment in his post-orgasmic haze. She kissed his cheek again and whispered in his ear, “Gotcha.” James moaned consent at his “defeat” and Kate laughed. “Don’t worry, baby, in return, I’ll let you do anything you want to me for the next three days.” That got James attention and he shook his head to clear the cobwebs, giving her an eager look. She laughed again. “Well, on one condition: you can do anything you want to me, but every time you cum, that’s another trap you’ll have to watch out for next month.”

James swallowed, gave Kate a once over, then slowly nodded. Kate grinned. One orgasm was not enough to blunt the build up of her trap, especially for a three day time period; Kate was going to have plenty of traps to make afterwards.

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  1. One of my favorites of your work. I love the idea of a trap that paralyzes and a lady doing sensual things with no fight or even reaction.

    I wonder what sort of hum is sensual, or erotic, as you put it?