Sunday, June 5, 2011

Elemental Bath

Max lowered himself into the hot tub, wincing as his sore muscles protested his movement. The water was that perfect temperature where if you moved, it would be almost too hot to tolerate, but if you held still, it would soothe the aches and pains away. Max settled into the curved seat, submerged just past his shoulders, and settled his head back against the nook which served as a headrest. He closed his eyes and let out a breath. After an 18 hour shift of solo work, this was exactly what he needed, especially when said shift had ended with him getting punched into the ground by a giant cyborg yeti. Or was it a sasquatch?

Oh, what the hell was the difference? Either way, he’d gotten pounded through six feet of steel-reinforced concrete before being left for dead. Fortunately, Max, aka “Max Out” was tougher than that, and had proceeded to pull himself out of the small crater, leap onto the creature’s back and smash away at it, until its robotic parts were in pieces, and its organic parts were black and blue and bloody.

It had been a nice comeback, but didn’t change the fact that Max felt like a tin can that had been left on the railroad tracks. Of course, it was only then that a fellow superhero had finally gotten over to Max to lend a hand. You would think a massive team like the Centurions would always have plenty of people to spare, but there you go. Apparently, today had just been one of those days where a few dozen things decided to go wrong at once, and the whole team had split up to handling multiple crises.

Now back at the base and finally able to grab some r-and-r, Max was trying to boil the aches out of his muscles. He lay soaking for a good ten minutes, eyes closed and breathing calm, before he decided he was good. About to step out, he opened his eyes and jumped when he saw someone sitting directly across from him. He fist was reared back ready to strike before his eyes fully focused on who it was.

“Fucking hell, Rain,” said Max, lowering his fist. “Give me a freakin’ heart attack why don’t you.”

Rain, the slim, dark skinned woman across from him had raised her eyebrow at Max’s sudden defensive jolt. “Sorry, Max,” she said. “You looked so peaceful I didn’t want to disturb you.” She watched Max catch his breath. “Are you okay?”

Max nodded. “I’ve just had a really long day and a rough night. Got hammered into a street.”

“Ah,” said Rain. “You okay?”

Max shrugged. “Feeling a little better.” He settled back down into the seat. “How about yourself?”

Rain shrugged. “Long day as well. We had to drive a bunch of shark mutants back to the ocean.”

“Shark mutants again?” said Max.

Rain raised her hands up in a shrug. “I know, right? Appears to be a splinter group from Dr. Chimera’s original batch. We figure they—”

Max raised his hand and shook his head. “That’s okay, I don’t need the briefing.” He still looked tired.

Rain smiled slightly. “You really are roughed up.”

“Be fine after a night’s rest,” said Max. He winced as he started to stand. However, as he stood, two tendrils of water rose up, grasped him by the shoulders, and pulled him back down into the seat.

“Before you go, let me give you a little something to help you relax,” said Rain. She gave him a warm smile.

Max smirked back, and said, “Be gentle.”

Rain closed her eyes and concentrated, extending her thoughts into the water of the tub, commanding its motions and shaping as she desired. Max felt the water around him ripple, like a concentrated current, all along his body. Then, the water pressure increased, squeezing every inch of him, the grip getting tighter and tighter, then suddenly releasing. Then, only certain areas of the water pressed against him, in a rolling series of squeezes that seemed to seek out where Max was most sore. Max let out a breath and let himself wince or gasp when one of the pressure spots struck a particularly sensitive area. When it did, the pressure would concentrate there, and begin to rub against him, like a liquid hand. The water flowed and pressed and caressed him all over, massaging his sore muscles thoroughly and precisely.

Rain smiled as Max let out a soft moan as her liquid massage worked its soothing touches over him. Max closed his eyes again and her body became translucent as she shifted her form into living water and joined the liquid around them. Her consciousness and senses extended to every single drop within the hot tub. She felt Max sitting inside her, felt his every curve, nook and cranny as the water pressed against him. She continued to massage him, even as her thoughts turned to somewhat less relaxing activities.

Max’s eyes snapped open again as he felt something swirl around his cock. A concentrated whirlpool of water flowed around him, sucking him. His eyes snapped open and he saw the Rain was gone, or, rather, that she’d shifted her physical body to join the water. He swallowed, slight sweat breaking out on his skin, and not just from the heat of the tub. Max was superhumanly strong and tough, but when Rain did this trick, turned herself into water and enveloped him like this, he felt like he was wrapped in something so much stronger. Rain was a force of nature, one you were glad was on your side.

Despite his tough guy exterior, the feeling of vulnerability excited Max, something Rain knew quite well. As the little whirlpool gently sucked his cock, he went erect quickly. The whirlpool began to ripple up and down, multiple liquid rings stroking him like tight lips just out of sequence, like several blowjobs overlapping on his cock at once. Max let out a low groan again, and gripped the edges of the hot tub. His fingers left noticeable impressions on the metal frame of the tub.

Rain felt Max’s cock grow hot and hard within her waters, felt its pulsing throb all throughout her being. Physical sensations were different in her liquid form, more a sense of pressure and motion than tactical sensation, but the throb of Max’s cock sent pleasant vibrations through her. As his pleasure grew, so did the twitches and jerks of his muscles, the hum of his groans, which caused her waters to ripple with pleasurable trembles. The more pleasure he felt, the more she felt.

Max’s breathing was getting heavy. The whirlpool around his cock became more frantic, drawing more pleasure from him, spiraling him ever faster towards climax. He let go of the tub, instinctively trying to clutch at the body he knew should be there, but his arms found only water. However, the water rose to meet him.

Rain was buzzing with pleasure now, and couldn’t hold herself back. As Max reached for her, she reached out to him, and the water in the tub rose up, encasing Max in a large liquid bubble. Tubes of air connected to his nostrils and mouth to allow him to breath, but he was otherwise completely encased. The pressure in the water increased, squeezing Max tightly, and he briefly imagined that his whole body was trapped inside Rain’s pussy, a tight, hot, wet womb lovingly pressing him from all sides. Max’s cock blazed with pleasure, the whirlpool sucked harder and stroked even faster, and with a loud cry, he hit his limit and erupted into the water. Long jets of cum shot through the liquid bubble, his super strength sufficient to propel the first couple shots clear out of the water. The liquid bubble vibrated until steam rose from the surface as Max’s climax cause Rain to experience an elemental orgasm.

After a few more moments, the water dropped back fully into the tub with a messy slosh, and Max dropped back against the seat. A part of the water rose up and Rain reformed into her flesh body, looking quite pleased.

“So, did that help at all?” she said, a little breathless.

Max grinned. “Oh, you know it. Makes me wish I could turn into a fish and just swim inside you forever.”

Rain let out a laugh. “That’s kind of creepy. But kind of hot, too.”

“Well,” said Max as he finally got out of the tub. “Want to join me for bed?”

Rain smiled slyly. “In a minute.” She reached into the water and then raised her hand, trailing a glob of Max’s cum on her fingers. She winked at Max and said, “I think I need a fresher bath.”

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