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Revised Sex Mage Power Set

The Sex Magic Powerset
Revised Edition

Sex Magic is a unique combination of mystical and psychic powers, fueled by ethereal energies generated from sex and arousal, called Lust Energy. Through this power, women are able to control men’s bodies and minds through their genitals and libidos, for a wide variety of effects. Many of these effects are based around inducing extreme pleasures, manipulating men’s arousal, and controlling the actions of his body, but the magic also allows for much more exotic capabilities, so long as there is enough Lust Energy to fuel the spell. No one knows where Sex Magic comes from, how exactly it works, or why it exists, but over the years, more and more powers continue to be unlocked.

Sex Mage Power Levels

Not all Sex Mages are born equal. Some have powers are radically different levels from the standard. Even within the standard, there are exceptions. Statistics listed are approximate.

A woman who has gained the power of Sex Magic. Since all women eventually gain the power, “Sex Mage” is effectively synonymous with “adult woman.” This is the standard level, and what most people expect when you say “Sex Mage.” Sex Mages usually need several sessions in order to fully attune to a man.

Age of Empowerment: 19 to 21
Range, Strangers: ½ mile
Range, Attuned: 1000 miles
Aura Range: 100 feet
Multiple Target Limit: 10
Highest Spell Level: Basic to Moderate (all), Complex (circumstantial)
Population Percentage: 90%

A Sex Mage who demonstrates stronger than average abilities. Archmages can attune to a man with only one sexual encounter, and can even attune to him automatically if he fantasizes about her a lot. Most natural-born Archmages gain their Sex Magic early. However, standard Sex Mages can achieve Archmage level through the dedicated devotion and sexual worship of hundreds to thousands of men. It’s worth noting that most female celebrities and porn stars are Archmages.

Age of Empowerment: 18
Range, Strangers: 10 miles
Range, Attuned: 5,000 miles
Aura Range: 1 mile
Multiple Target Limit: 100
Highest Spell Level: Complex (specialized)
Population Percentage: 6%

Megami possess far greater powers than even Archmages, and are extremely rare. A woman becoming a Megami appears to be only possible under extreme freak accidents involving exposure to, and absorption of, unfathomable levels of Lust Energy under unique circumstances. All known Megami are believed to have obtained their power during the global disaster known as the Cascade Event.

Megami are automatically attuned to all men once they get within their initial sensing range. Megami also have the unique ability to affect women as easily as Sex Mages can affect men, ignoring women’s natural defenses. Archmages are more difficult for them to affect, but they can still do so with a little effort.

Age of Empowerment: none, Megami are not naturally triggered
Range, Strangers: 1,000 miles
Range, Attuned: 10,000 miles
Aura Range: 100 miles
Multiple Target Limit: 1,000,000
Highest Spell Level: Complex (all)
Population Percentage: > 0.0000001

Glitches are Sex Mages whose powers are either considerably weakened or in some way fail to function properly. These conditions cannot be fixed, even by Queen Megami. Glitches are often, but not always, later bloomers, not gaining their powers until anywhere from the age of 22 to 25. Usually a Glitch will only have one particular condition, but several at once are not unheard of.

Age of Empowerment: 22 to 25
Range, Strangers: 0 to ¼ mile
Range, Attuned: 0 to 10 miles
Aura Range: 0 to 50 feet
Multiple Target Limit: 0 to 5
Highest Spell Level: Basic to Moderate (limited)
Population Percentage: 4%

The Basic Limits of Sex Magic

The magic completely defies all known laws of science, but definitely seems to operate under its own strange logic.

Sex Magic only manifests in human women, those born “fully” biologically female.

Men cannot gain the magic. (As far as the magic functions, intersex persons count as men, and the same rules apply to them.)

Men cannot resist the effects of Sex Magic. Technically, men must first have a “spark” of arousal before the magic can effect them, but such a spark can be forced upon them any number of ways, and once triggered, their arousal can be artificially boosted. The more aroused a man is, the more effective a woman’s spells are on him. By the time a man even starts to become hard, he is already unbreakably ensnared.

Men cannot escape the effects of Sex Magic. Castration and libido suppressants do not matter. Sex Magic can regrow lost genitalia with ease, and forcibly jumpstart a man’s libido.

A man’s only source of protection from the Magic is another woman. Sex Mages can cast protective spells on men in order to block the effects of the magic. However, even this protection can be broken by a sufficiently stronger Sex Mage, or several acting together.

Women, however, are automatically immune to one another’s Sex Magic. They cannot be sensed or controlled through the Magic by default. However, women who have the Magic can willingly lower this defense, and allow themselves to be affected, even selectively choosing specific other women who can do so. They can likewise rescind this allowance at will.

Most Sex Mages gain their powers at age 19 or 20. Rare exceptions occasionally occur where a woman may gain the magic as early as 18 or as late as 25. Once acquired, Sex Mages retain their magic for the rest of their lives.

Sex Magic is contagious. Sex Mages spread their powers simply by standing near non-powered women of proper age for a few minutes. Once obtained, the magic takes two days to start working, and spread from the new carrier.

Sex Magic only works with living humans. Non-human life forms, deceased humans, and inanimate objects are not effected by Sex Magic, cannot obtain it, and cannot detect it, nor do they generate Lust Energy. This includes all forms of mundane technology. Even the most sophisticated machines cannot detect or measure Sex Magic.

A Sex Mage's innate level of power cannot be predicted through logical connections. Sex Magic is not tied to genetics, environment, population density, spiritual affiliation, etc. Archmages do not automatically have Archmage children, Glitches do not automatically beget Glitches. Women from cities are not inherently stronger than women from the country. A Sex Mage being stronger or weaker than average seems entirely random, no matter what factors are accounted for.

Sex Mage spells are cast entirely by thought. Although many women may use special gestures or phrases to accompany their spell casting, a Sex Mage can perform all of their abilities with a single thought. Some effects are passive and occur automatically, unless a woman mentally suppresses them.

Sex Magic spells are dependent on “Lust Energy” to function. Lust Energy is a form of ethereal power which is so far completely undetectable by human science. Only active Sex Mages can sense and manipulate this energy. Although women can generate a minute amount of Lust Energy themselves, men produce copious amounts of the energy, easily ten to a hundred times as much as women. Most Sex Magic spells beyond the most basic require the energy of men to cast and sustain, as they are the only ones who can generate enough at a time.

Sex Magic spells can be used to generate Lust Energy from men, creating a spiraling feedback that means spells can effectively last indefinitely. However, if by some means, the arousal of a man is interrupted, that can effectively cancel out the spells and shut off all Lust Energy generation, and thus cancel all active magic being used. This is not always easy, given how quickly a man can be put into extreme levels of arousal, and held there. However, it’s the only known way to counter-act Sex Magic without using other Sex Mage spells to block it.

Women can combine spells for amplified effects. By mixing their spell energies together, two women can create stronger effects on a target than by themselves. This is especially true when two or more women are being intimate. Lesbian sex multiplies the effects of the spell, causing an exponential versus merely additive increase.  

Lust Energy is drawn towards its inspiration point. Lust Energy generated by spells will automatically go to whichever woman is casting the spells, but Lust Energy generated freely by non-magical sex, normal arousal, or masturbation, will flow towards whichever woman the man is fantasizing about.

Sex Magic and Lust Energy ignore all physical and mundane energy barriers. No matter how much physical material or energy exists between a Sex Mage and her target, her magic will reach them with no diluting of effects. This includes being able to shortcut right through the planet, enabling Sex Mages to reach targets that would be too far away if following planet’s surface.

Passive Attributes of Sex Magic

These are powers and abilities Sex Mages demonstrate which happen automatically. Most can be turned off, increased, or modulated, but otherwise, a woman does not need to actively cast these effects as spells.

Arousal Detection – Women can sense men’s arousal and detect their immediate sexual thoughts and activities. Technically this is both a passive and active effect. As a passive effect, it is on by default, and a woman need not cast spells to sense the surface properties of a man’s sexual being. Digging deeper into his mind is, however, an active effect, as is suppressing this detection ability.

A woman can sense when a man is aroused, in several different ways. She can detect a “humming” sound in her mind, which becomes louder and more intense the more aroused or teased a man is. The humming seems correlated to sexual tension specifically, and can synchronize with how hard a man’s erection is. This can be accompanied by a “buzzing” sound that lets a woman know how “full” his testicles are. Alternative senses are seeing a “glow” in her mind’s eye, or having a feeling of heat or pressure emanating from the man. These are not real energy effects; no actual sound, light, heat, or force is being generated. Rather, this is simply how a woman’s brain interprets the Lust Energy signals she is receiving.

Along these lines, women can detect when men are masturbating or having sex and can detect a man’s immediate surface thoughts about sex, especially when such thoughts are focused on the woman herself. While most Sex Mages have only a limited range when detecting strangers, any man she has been intimate with can be senses from even great distances.

Body Reading – Women can read men’s bodies and see the network of their sexual essence. As with arousal detection, this is technically also an active effect, as this can be modulated at will. Without having to physically observe their partner, the Sex Mage can read a man’s responses to sexual stimulation. They can tell what pleasures them and what doesn’t, how close he is to orgasm, how long since his last release or sexual encounter, how precisely to touch him.

Sex Mages often describe this body reading as being able to “see” network of invisible strings or circuits forming a mental web that represents the responses and functions of a man's body. This web is particularly thick around the genitals and brain. By merely following along the various strands, a Sex Mage very quickly learns, as if by instinct, what they all mean, and how moving and interacting with the web will effect the man. Manipulating this web forms the basis of many teasing spells and conditions Sex Mages cast on men.

Intuitive Learning – Sex Magic is able to effectively “teach itself” to those who have it. A woman simply has to want to create a desired effect, and the magic will intuitively guide her on how to achieve it, whether physically or through spells. More over, the magic imprints this knowledge in her mind, making it easier to perform with each use. By the third to fifth time a Sex Mage casts a basic to moderate spell, she can do it instantly, for the exact effect she desires. High-end spells with very complicated effects still take time and effort, but still because easier to do with repeated use.

Attunement – Sex Mages attune to men they are intimate with. A woman who has sex with a man, or casts spells upon him, becomes attuned to him. This enables her to cast spells on him with greater ease, sense and affect him at vastly greater range, and locate him with her senses much faster.

Improvement Through Use – Sex Magic increases in strength, finesse, and effectiveness through use. The more frequently a Sex Mage uses her magic, and the people she uses it on, the greater her power and skill will become, even without really trying to specifically practice any techniques. Most Sex Mages, however, level off fairly quickly, as they only have so much potential, especially if they limit their pool of partners, and don’t cast their spells frequently. Even a very well-practiced woman is likely to only remain at the “standard” Sex Mage level if they only play with a dozen or so partners.

Empowerment Through Worship – Sex Magic increases substantially the more dedicated Lust Energy they receive. Some rare women luck out and are born exceptionally powerful. However, it is possible for standard-level Sex Mages to grow into greater heights of power through the sexual worship and devotion of hundreds to thousands of men. Female celebrities and porn stars, for example, are known to be substantially more powerful than almost all other women.

Euphoric Energy – Absorbing Lust Energy is highly pleasurable. When absorbing Lust Energy, women experience a euphoric effect that feels like pure happiness and physical pleasure. This effect is not addictive and has no negative side effects, but is none the less highly motivating towards using the magic.

Physical Empowerment and Healing Effects Lust Energy heals, sustains, and bolsters women’s bodies. The energy mends injuries, purges diseases and toxins, refreshes the body better than sleep, increases mental alertness and focus, increases resistance to mental trauma, and grants seemingly limitless stamina while the energy is available. With a considerable amount of exposure to the Energy, this will even reverse the effects of aging, eventually reducing a woman’s physical age to her prime. It will even allow her to recover from injury to her internal organs and will recover any injury to her sexual organs (including her breasts). About the only thing the magic at normal levels can't heal is lost limbs, but even those can be replaced if the woman's Healing or Body Morph powers are strong enough.

More over, women’s bodies become tougher, stronger, faster, and more agile. Depending on how much energy is provided, she can be anywhere from twice to ten times more physically powerful than even an athletic strongman, and some have even managed to become resistant to arrows, low-caliber bullets, electrocution, chemical, burning, and freezing injury when at peak strength.

Likewise, for as long as the Energy continues, the woman does not need food, water, or air. She will not even need to pass waste. In addition, her own reproductive processes are perfectly under her control, meaning she will not get pregnant from any sexual encounter, unless she specifically wants to, in which case a successful pregnancy is guaranteed, regardless of any complications she may have experienced prior to obtaining the magic.

Lust Energy can even be used to resuscitate a woman who has just died provided enough of her body is intact, the injuries are not too severe, and her body is still within a window of recovery that medical science could resuscitate her. Death by suffocation, electrocution, exposure, a relatively minor gunshot wound to the torso, bleed-out, radiation, burning, illnesses, poisons, and mental shut-down due to sensation overload can be recovered from as long as her body is pumped full of energy within several minutes of dying. Roughly, if it would be normally to late to recover a person with medical science, then it's too late to recover a woman with magic. Massive injury to the head or overall destruction of the body such as to cause instant, non-recoverable death (as by decapitation or being torn to pieces) cannot be reversed with the magic.

Protective Effects – Sex Magic also heals and restores men. While the effect is not as strong with men, unless a woman willingly directions the majority of the energy at him, a man while under the effect of a Sex Magic spell benefits from the same healing and restorative benefits as a woman, with one key difference: he will not receive the physical or mental power boosts that a woman does. This means he will remain only as strong, fast, and agile as he normally is, and his mind will not be similarly bolstered. If anything, though, the protective magic will actually make him tougher, more survivable, and better able to resist traumatic mental damage than the woman, to ensure he can survive whatever spells and torments she puts him through.

The magic can also be used to regenerate injuries to the genitals and neutralize forced reduction of the libido, meaning that even if a man attempts to castrate himself, his penis and testicles can be easily regrown, and libido suppressors will be purged from his body.

The magic is also able to bring a man back to life within minutes of being killed, under the same restrictions that apply to a woman.

Spells Levels

An unofficial ranking of the power of a spell, as measured by scientists at Pandora. This is based more on the intensity of effect a spell my have on a man, which may vary a bit from person to person, rather than a specific measure of "energy", which still cannot be accurately measured to this day. This also can be equated to the euphoric effect Lust Energy has on women.

Level 1 spells equate to light foreplay. A man is unlikely to cum from this level of sensation unless they are a total hair trigger, or have been super sensitized.

Level 2 spells are akin to regular stimulation, i.e. what the man would feel from a regular blowjob, handjob, sex, etc. Most guys cum as they normally would from this.

Level 3 is intense stimulation; most guys can't last longer than half a minute, even starting off unaroused. This level is right on the brink of human tolerance; holding a guy at this level for longer than a couple minutes is more than a he can handle. A man left under Level 3 spells for a couple days is likely to go insane. However, for Sex Mages, this is increasingly considered mere foreplay.

Level 4 is superhuman levels of stimulation. Feeling this level of intense pleasure signals for even one half of a second will send a guy from flaccid to geysering cum almost instantly, and will almost always knock him out if the Magic isn't used to force him conscious and hold back his orgasm. A man's mind is likely to break if he is held at this level for just a few hours. However, a Sex Mage can easily handle this level of stimulation, as a man could from Level 2 spells.

Level 5 is where things become truly dangerous. Even with magical re-enforcement, stimulating a man at this level for more than a few minutes can outright kill him from pure sensation overload. Only an Archmage with powerful healing abilities or a Megami can keep a man alive through this level of magic for anything longer. Even regular Sex Mages can't take this kind of stimulation for long; though they are unlikely to die from it, they may lose their minds if held at this state for a day or more.

Level 6 is a largely theoretical level that is lethal even to regular Sex Mages and men who are being protected by Archmages. Even Archmages can suffer mental trauma and possibly fall into fatal comas if held at this state for too long. Only Megami are capable of shrugging off this level of stimulation.

Sex Magic Spells

These are all the powers and abilities Sex Mages can use, which must be consciously activated and cast. In some cases, these are just extensions of Passive Abilities, but many are unique effects.

All Sex Mages can cast these spells. Most are quickly learned and take little effort to cast once figured out. Some Glitch conditions may prevent or alter some of their effects, however.

Arousing Aura – A Sex Mage can beam pure “commands” of arousal into a man, flooding his body with feelings of lust, and forcing his body to react. A man’s penis will soak in these signals like a lightning rod draws electricity. Sex Mages can easily overwhelm a man with this power, causing his penis to become to hard it hurts, and still cranking up the mental pressure of need.

While this is usually an Active power that must be cast, some Sex Mages, especially freshly awakened ones, may unconsciously activate their auras when they themselves are aroused, when they masturbate, when they have erotic dreams, or when they are overwhelmed by detecting so much arousal from men nearby. All men within range of this aura are affected, although if enough men are in the area, the effect may be diluted from being spread too far.

Altering Sensing Levels – As aforementioned, Sex Mages can detect men’s arousal and sexual thoughts and activities. While this is technically a Passive ability, Sex Mages can learn to either block the signals of men, tune into specific men, or open their senses more fully to receive more information at a larger range.

Sexual Telepathy – Sex Mages can, at will, read a man’s mind to read all of his sexual thoughts, fantasies, and memories.

Sexual Clairvoyance and Clairaudience – A Sex Mage can, in her mind’s view, focus her senses on an aroused man, and see his naked body. More over, the more aroused he is, the more she can see his surroundings, and be able to spy on him, seeing what he does and hearing what he says.

Telepathic Broadcast – She can use this ability to send ideas into his mind, such as sending him sexual fantasies of her own, or speaking to him telepathically.

Phantom Sensations – A Sex Mage can cause a man to feel as though he is being touched, despite nothing actually doing so. She can make him feel any tactile sensation she wishes, from rubbing to tickling to stroking to sucking to striking, and more. The sensations can even be layered together, allowing a man to feel three separate blowjobs, each moving at their own rhythm and intensity, each overlapping, and no sensation interfering with the other.

Sensory Deception – She can make a man see, hear, taste, or smell things that aren't there, although truly complex illusions take considerably more effort.

Pleasure and Pain Induction – Beyond normal tactile sensations, the Sex Mage can beam sensations of raw pleasure or pain into a person. There is no definitive tactile sensation, the target’s nerves simply light up with pleasure or pain.

Telekinetic Grip – The Sex Mage can lift a man’s body into the air through force of will and move him around with her spell range. She can even leave him floating in place in the air.

Body Lock – She can cause a man’s body to lock in place, either pinning down select parts of his body like his arms and legs, or fully freezing him still as a statue. She can even cause him to freeze in mid-air.

Hardness – The Sex Mage can cause a man to become hard or go limp, without even needing their arousing aura to do it. They can also make his erection permanent. The healing nature of the magic ensures this does not cause him any harm, even if she induces the most extreme state of priapism he can physically experience.

Vibrations – A combination of Hardness and looping Telekinetic Grip, a Sex Mage can make a man’s penis vibrate like a battery powered dildo.

Sensitivity – The Sex Mage can alter the sensitivity of the genitals, making them numb or making them ridiculously sensitive to pain and/or pleasure.

Orgasm Control – Considered the most important spell in a Sex Mage’s repertoire, as manipulation of the man’s ability to orgasm can greatly affect his Lust Energy output.  The Sex Mage can manipulate or alter a man’s orgasm ability. She can either cause him to cum instantly, delay his climax at will, make it so he can only cum under certain conditions or after a set amount of time, or even permanently block his orgasms. Orgasm blocks have become a consistent element of men’s sex lives.

Masturbation and Sexual Initiation Control – She can effectively turn off his ability to touch himself or initiate sex. She can modulate these effects so that he can only touch himself when fully soft, but his hands fly away the moment he starts to get erect. Likewise, she can make it so he’ll be able to initiate sex if it is clear the woman wants it, or she can make it so the woman has to do all the work. Most men have some level of Sexual Initiation prevent spells, thus ensuring a man can never rape a woman.

Semen Control – Most women don’t realize how easy this power is, but they can usually do it right away. This enables a woman to telekinetically manipulate a man’s semen, shaping and moving it through force of will, with considerable finesse and precision. Subconscious use of this power is part of the secret to women’s perfect birth control effects, as well as part of how orgasm control works. Without even realizing, she is directing where she wants the fluid to go, or stay.

Women can also manipulate the man's body to control the production of semen, either reducing or increasing the amount he makes in a given time.

All Sex Mages can cast these spells. Standard Sex Mages may need a few tries on a particular guy before getting it down, but shouldn’t have any other problems. Glitches, depending on their conditions, may likely never achieve this level of power. Moderate spells require more arousal on the man’s part, and are usually only achievable through some amount of sexual teasing.

Full Telepathy – The more aroused and sexually desperate a man is, the more his mind opens the woman making him that way. For a man she has rarely interacted with, a Sex Mage must put her target through intense sexual teasing without relief, and must still make a conscious effort to sift through his non-sexual thoughts.

Eventually, though, she will learn all his secrets. However, the more a woman is intimate with a man, having sex and casting spells on him, then over time the more naturally open he is to her. Women who have been steady lovers with a man for a few years are able to read their partner’s mind easily.

Knowledge Absorption – Just as the Sex Magic can imprint knowledge of its own techniques into a woman’s mind, so to can this effect be applied to the information women read from men’s minds. With a concerted effort, a woman can rapidly memorize knowledge and even skills from a man. One full weekend of intense teasing can teach a woman everything a man spent years learning, from technical skills to languages to advanced scientific knowledge. The downside is that if she does not apply this knowledge soon after, it will rapidly fade. However, even if it does, she will find it extraordinarily easy to permanently learn such information through mundane study, or reabsorbing the knowledge multiple times from the same man.

This power proved to be an enormous help when women had to rapidly take over men’s positions in many careers and labor fields.

Consciousness Control – A woman can put a man to sleep and keep him that way, even through intense sexual activity, or she can force him to stay awake and alert, even if he is experiencing sensations so intense they should make him black out.

Dream Control – The Sex Mage can fully manipulate a person’s dreams as they sleep. This takes time and conscious effort, and most dreams created are inherently sexual.

Trance Induction – Through psychic manipulation, a Sex Mage can place a man into a hypnotic trance, making him highly open to suggestion.

Temporal Distortion – She can alter a man’s perception of time, causing them to experience seconds, minutes, and hours at faster or slower rates. For example, she can make a single second feel like an hour to a man. Combined with various teasing spells, this effect can greatly amplify the sexual torment a woman can put him through, and is considered very dangerous to use too often or too long.

Body Puppetry – She can cause a man’s body to move exactly how she wants, piloting his body as though it were her own. Practice makes perfect, of course, and it can take a few dozen tries on a man to make the motions naturally smooth. Once perfected, however, a woman can make a man walk, undress, drive a car, cook dinner, etc, even if the man fights every moment. The more complex the manipulation, the more practice it takes to master

Sexual Fetish and Orientation Manipulation – The Sex Mage can realign a man’s sexual interests, swapping out fetishes and kinks at will. For example, she can make someone who has never had an interest in bondage suddenly become incredibly aroused by the thought of being tied up, or vice versa. With more practice, a Sex Mage is able to realign someone’s sexual orientation, switching them between heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, and asexual.

Voodoo Link – The Sex Mage can link an object (usually a dildo) to a man’s penis. Whatever is done to the object is felt by the person who is linked to it. Since inanimate objects aren’t affected by Sex Magic, this spell actually operates by creating a “shell” of magic energy around the object which follows it around. The shell interprets the touches to the object and transfers the approximate sensations.

Blocking Shield – The Sex Mage can create an energy field around a man that will protect him from the spells of other Sex Mages. The shield will last for several days to several weeks, depending on both the power of the woman, and how attuned to her the man is. Long-term wives and girlfriends, for example, can create much stronger shields for their husbands and boyfriends specifically, but on strangers or only recent partners, it will be weaker. Likewise, Archmages can automatically cast stronger spells than Standard Mages, and Megami can make shields that are unbreakable for years except by other Megami. A shield can be worn down and broken, however, if a woman of equal or stronger power puts it under a lot of wear and tear through either continuous spell casting, combining several women’s power at once, or being a stronger level Mage.

These spells take a large amount of sexual energy and innate skill to use. It is possible for a standard level Sex Mage to make these spells function, but this will almost always require special conditions. Usually, the Mage or her target must already have a fetish for the effect in question and it will still only take effect after a very long tease session. Alternately, several Mages can work together, synchronizing and amplifying their spells to cause the effect. Or, if there is a specific spell they utilize frequently, they can specialize in one or two specific abilities that become easier to use after multiple castings, even more easily if done on a single target.

For the most part, however, only Archmages and Megami are able to perform these spells normally. Even for Archmages, they tend to specialize in one or two gifts, while men used to generate the Lust Energy must be teased well beyond normal human tolerance, thus necessitating long sessions of sexual torment without relief.

Megami, of course, have easy access to all of these powers.

Full Mental Alteration – The Sex Mage is able to perform complete memory manipulation of a man, even his non-sexual thoughts and memories. She can erase memories, replace them, transfer them between two or more people, etc.

Body Modification – Allows the Sex Mage to alter her own body or those of men, or women, under her power. Lesser versions of this spell are usually used to alter a person’s appearance into a more ideal shape, such as a more voluptuous figure or altering the size of a man’s penis, creating “natural pigment” tattoos, or altering hair and eye color.

More advanced versions of this spell tend to specialize along three branches: Size Alteration (shrinking or growing individuals to tiny or giant sizes); Beast Morphing (giving people Bestial features such as animal ears, wings, and tails or fully turning them into animals); or Object Transformation (fully turning a person into a living Inanimate Object, such as a dildo or pair of panties). Regardless of their new form, these people are still living humans, their bodies are simply altered by magic into a different shape while still retaining life and consciousness and even a human genetic code.

Directed Healing – Some ailments cannot be easily cured by the natural healing aura of Sex Magic. Some, such as cancer or dementia, must be attacked with surgical manipulation and high concentrations of the healing power of the magic. This can also be used to rapidly de-age the elderly into young bodies again. Any doctor who is able has mastered Directed Healing, and incorporates it in their practice.

Duplication – The Sex Mage can create a duplicate of herself, or a person she is using her spells on. This “clone” of the person will usually not have Sex Mage powers, but can draw those powers from their creator if she allows it. The duplicate’s powers will inevitably be weaker than the originals. Duplicates can act with some initiative, but will always follow their creator’s desires and commands.

Illusion – The Sex Mage can cast a complete illusion over an area that can trap anyone within in a seamless simulation of whatever the Sex Mage wishes. She can even grant the illusions substance, creating furniture that people can actually sit on.

Telekinesis – The Sex Mage can manipulate non-living objects as easily as she can manipulate a man's body.

Teleportation – The Sex Mage can teleport herself, others, or even other objects, such as making a person's clothing vanish off their body.

Energy Generation – The Sex Mage can convert Lust Energy directly into tangible energy effects, such as flame, light, electricity, or sound.

Super Woman – The Sex Mage gains physical enhancements far beyond the standard, allowing them to do things like lift and throw tanks, and bounce bullets off their skin.

Glitch Conditions

Glitch conditions are faulty powers or greatly weakened powers, possessed by Glitches. While most Glitches have only one condition, having two or three is not unheard of. Common conditions include:

– Inability to block out the sexual signals from men, causing her to constantly be bombarded with sensing men’s erections and sexual thoughts.

– Constantly radiating lustful energy, forcing all men around them to become hard and build up sexual pressure, even when she doesn’t want to have that effect. Alternatively, she may be able to suppress her aura consciously, but loses control of it when she’s unconscious, or she breaks her concentration.

– Powers may function fine, but remain incredibly weak, so that it’s an effort to use her abilities even on one man at close range.

– Sexual senses are incredibly dulled, such as not being able to see men’s thoughts, or not being able to sense an erection unless she’s in the same room as the man.

– Lack of control powers, such as being unable to pin a man down with telekinesis or make him feel sensations.

– Her presence automatically blocks off men’s orgasms, and she can’t make a man cum, even using her magic.

– Automatically “steals” orgasms from men, blocking their climaxes and climaxing herself, whether she wants to experience it or not.

– Always influencing the dreams of men while she sleeps, which invariably sexualizes the dreams.

– Is not automatically immune to the powers of other women, making her just as vulnerable to other women’s Sex Magic as a man.

– Broadcasts her own sexual thoughts to others without meaning to, as easily as other women can read the thoughts of men.

– Powers function at full capacity, but only operate at an extremely short distance, maybe only within a couple yards/meters.

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