Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Just A Little Scene: Secretly Caught

Jen and Sandra, two young women recently awakened to the powers of Sex Magic, were walking through the woods taking a shortcut to a friends’ house, when they suddenly became aware of a throng of aroused males nearby. Jen could hear a loud chorus of hums, while Sandra could see a set of glows off to their right. The girls looked and saw what looked like a treehouse up on a large oak. The two traded glances and grins as they realized they had stumbled upon a secret collection of boys doing something very naughty indeed.

The two crept up to the treehouse and extended their senses further. Their abilities were already quite acute, and they could easily “see” and “hear” what was going on. Seven boys, all teens, were sitting on the floor of the treehouse, gathered around a laptop computer. The computer was playing an old pornographic movie, one of the classics from before women had started gaining sex powers. All seven boys had their hard cocks exposed and were stroking themselves as they watched the video. The boys were so horny and wrapped up in their show, they barely noticed each other, much less the two girls creeping up to the base of the tree below them.

Jen and Sandra watched with their senses, fascinated at the unexpected show. They could sense the boys’ pleasure and exhilaration, as well as a thread of guilt or fear running through each one. Easily reading their dirty thoughts, Jen and Sandra quickly knew the names, appearance, and sexual desires of each of the boys. They recognized two from their own class at school. They also now knew that the boys were all forbidden to pleasure themselves, at least without permission, but were fortunate enough to not have had their mothers, girlfriends, or other women, lock down their ability to masturbate or orgasm. All seven boys were still, however, masturbating “illegally.” For some, this only added to the excitement. For others, they were simply far too horny to care.

As the boys continued to watch and stroke to the porno, featuring two strapping, big-dicked men pounding it to several hot young women, they began to approach orgasm. The hums got louder and the glows grew brighter.

The two girls traded a glance and had to cover their mouths to stifle their giggles as an evil thought shot through both their heads. The two girls reached up, hands outstretched, then clenched their hands into fists. They seized the boys’ cocks with their magic and shut off their ability to orgasm! Then, unable to contain their laughter, they dashed off as all seven boys let out loud groans of frustration as they were cut off right at the moment before climax!

Jen and Sandra didn’t stay to watch their suffering, but they could only imagine the boys desperately masturbating for hours, trying to get off to their silly porno and failing, only to come crawling back home, where their mothers would instantly sense what they had been doing, and would likely punish them further, extending their lack of relief! The thought inspired their girls to masturbate themselves to blissful orgasms before falling asleep that night.

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