Friday, July 29, 2011

Just A Little Scene: So Glad

“Wow,” said Rebecca, looking at Jim’s nude form. His cock was stiff and his balls tight as he stood up ramrod straight. From the look in his eye, he wanted nothing more than to pounce on her and ravage her, but her magic held him fast. “Six weeks of blue balls? I know it’s tough for you single guys, but come on, you’re telling me in six weeks, you couldn’t convince a chick to get you off?”

Jim struggled against her magic, looking at her pleadingly. Rebecca was still dressed in a tank top and skirt, and she could see his desperate wishes to see her nude. However, that wish paled in comparison to his need to orgasm. “I don’t… have much luck… with women…” he said.

“Clearly,” said Rebecca, smiling with amusement. “Well, I guess you’re incredibly lucky I decided to come to your rescue. I could hear your balls roaring like a jet engine from across the bar. Last time I heard a man’s cock sound that desperate was when my sister was punishing her husband with three months of denial.”

Rebecca smiled as she grasped his penis and he winced, letting out a long sigh at the relief of finally being touched. “You know, I have to admit, I am sooo glad I’m not a boy. You guys just have it so hard, you know?” She squeezed his cock for emphasis, which made him shudder with pleasure. She slowly started stroking him and he let out a long moan. “I mean, I’m sure it was hard enough with women being able to jerk you around by your cocks in the old days already, but then we all end up with these magic powers, and you guys become completely and utterly helpless before us, all because of your silly little need to spurt your goo. Nope. I don’t envy you at all.”

Jim gasped at her touches. “It wouldn’t be so… so bad if you women hadn’t… made it so we couldn’t… couldn’t do it ourselves… and you weren’t always… radiating lust…”

“Well, yeah, obviously. But you have to admit, keeping all you boys constantly hard and horny, pumping out all that energy for us to use, that’s a pretty sweet deal. I mean, you guys get to wallow in sex all the time, and we get to use our magic whenever we want. Only took a hundred years for all us women to wise up to that tactic.”

She began to stroke faster. “Of course, most guys have a girlfriend or lover or heck even a family member if it comes to that willing to get their rocks off after just a couple of weeks, tops. But guys like you? Single guys who just don’t know how to pick up chicks? I admit, I don’t really get you. I mean, in this day in age, you’d think every guy would learn at least a little savvy just as a sheer survival instinct. I mean, six weeks! How are you not going ballistic?”

Jim was gasping and moaning near constantly now, shuddering as her every stroke sent sharp bolts of pleasure through him, churning the unspent cum in his balls. “Please,” he gasped. “I’ll do anything you want, just let me cum!”

Rebecca grinned. “Oh, I know you’ll do anything I want. I can just use my magic to seize control of you, body and mind, and make you my puppet. In fact, the hornier you are, the more easily I can control you. So, actually, I’ve got a lot more incentive to not let you cum, if you’re going to offer me ‘anything I want’ from you.”

Tears rolled down Jim’s cheeks, and he shuddered again, toes curled, hands balled into fists as he fought against the grip of her magic. It was no use, of course; a woman’s magical bonds were stronger and more thorough than any rope or shackles could possibly be. He may as well have been trapped in a solid block of concrete. He was utterly helpless to stop her from teasing him to the point of insanity, just from her simple caress. Suddenly, she let go, and Jim sagged heavily. Had her magic not been holding him up, he would have probably dropped to his knees.

She leaned back on her bed and spread her legs, slipping her left hand down into her panties. She lay back and sighed contentedly as she began to lightly touch herself, slowly rubbing until she was thoroughly wet, then working her fingers into herself. She forced back a giggle at seeing Jim’s pained expression of jealousy and acute lust. “How long has it been since you could do this, hm? Since you could just masturbate and give yourself all the orgasms you wanted? Do you even remember?” She let out a soft gasp as her fingers brushed her clit in just the right way. She began to roll her clit between to fingers, teasing herself a bit. “I remember… when my brother… couldn’t anymore. When Mom cut him off… he was so devastated…” She squirmed and inserted her fingers into herself again, moving them rhythmically in and out. With her free hand, she clutched the pillow behind her. “He begged and he… he screamed and cried… but Mom wouldn’t hear of it… every time he threw… another fit… she would add… another week… to his… his… oh, god, to his…” She arched her back as she bucked into her hand. “RELEASE!” she cried out as she came.

Jim stared with wide eyes and open mouth watching her cum. His cock was nearly quivering with pent up tension; her masturbation had half fried him with lust and need. She eased herself down, before slowly withdrawing her fingers. She sat back up and reached her hand up to Jim’s face, wiping her fluids over his upper lip and sticking her fingers into his mouth. Jim whimpered as he sucked the juices from her fingers.

“Well?” she said. “How long since you could masturbate?”

He spoke through ragged breaths, shivering every time he inhaled and caught the scent of her pussy. “Well, I’ve… stroked for a… a couple girls here and there, but…”

“Well, yeah, but I mean, when’s the last time you could do it without a girl letting you? When did you get the block put on you?”

“I dunno… maybe 15 years… or so…”

Rebecca’s eyes widened. “15 years! Wow, you got cut off early!” She shook her head. “Seriously, I can’t even imagine…” She reached up and brushed her fingertips along his rigid cock, causing him to shake.

“Please,” said Jim. His lower lip was trembling. “No more teasing! I can’t stand it! Please, just let me cum!”

Rebecca smiled sympathetically, then leaned forward and gave his penis tip a tender peck. The mere touch of her soft lips sent a surge of pleasure through him than ground him along the fine edge of release so intensely, he nearly blacked out. But he did not cum.

“Silly boy,” said Rebecca. “Like I told you in the bar, if you want me, then we’re taking this at my pace. I’ll let you cum alright, but we’ll do it when I’m ready for you. You’ve waited six weeks, I don’t think another twenty-four hours is going to be that big a deal, right?” She didn’t wait for his response before she reached out and licked him from base to tip with her tongue, sending him reeling in exquisite agony. She grinned. “Didn’t think so.”

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