Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sandy and the Boy Next Door

NOTE: This story takes place in my Sex Mage World setting and is also a revised version of an earlier story of mine called Sandy the Psychic Cougar. I didn't really care for how that one turned out, so I decided to do a new version, incorporated into the SMW.

As Sandy stepped out of her house to collect the mail, she noted her next door neighbors busily loading their car with luggage. Hank and Greta Jones were packing up for a two month road trip across the states. Sandy walked over to the edge of the fence. “Time for the voyage already?” she called.

Hank huffed as he tossed the last suitcase into the back of the car, and said, “Yep! Okay, Greta, anything we’re forgetting?”

“No, I don’t think so,” said Greta, checking to make sure she had the keys. “Let me just wake Max to let him know we’re leaving…” As she said this, their son Max, a tall, lanky, blond haired young man of 19 stepped sleepily out of the house.

“Aw, you guys are ready already?” he yawned. “I could have helped.” He waved to Sandy, who smiled and waved back.

“No problem,” said Hank. He gave his son a hug and said, “Well, take care of the house, and if anything goes wrong, you can call Sandy here.” He turned to Sandy and grinned. “Make sure he stays out of trouble, huh?”

Sandy laughed, and said, “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll watch him like a hawk.” She winked at Max, who smiled sheepishly. Sandy smiled back as she sensed the slight buzz of his loins, a mixture of just-faded morning wood and a spark of attraction as he looked at her.

As Max and Hank went over a few more things, Greta came over the Sandy and said, in a low voice, “Max still has a crush on you. I’m sure you can tell.” Sandy nodded. “So, you know, sorry if it’s a little awkward around him, but he won’t try anything bad.”

“Oh, I’m not mad at all,” said Sandy. “I’m flattered a young man finds me so attractive.”

“Still, I thought after a year of college, he’d have gotten over it,” said Greta. “You know, maybe, ah, gotten some urges satisfied and gotten some perspective. You know. He went to a co-ed school, after all.”

“Then I’m even more flattered all the young girls didn’t distract him away from his true love for me.” Sandy watched Greta’s brow crease, trying to figure out how to respond to that, and Sandy laughed. “Oh, I’m just teasing, sheesh. I know he’s a good kid. He probably won’t try to act on all those wicked thoughts of his.” Sandy winked.

Greta resisted the instinctive urge to peak into her son’s head to make sure he wasn’t being inappropriate, but she forced herself not to, respecting his privacy. He was 19 now, and didn’t need to be disciplined in controlling his thoughts better. “You’re so crude,” said Greta, rolling her eyes at Sandy, but grinning slightly. “If he does try something, though, you have my permission to set him straight.”

“Of course,” said Sandy. “I’ll keep him out of trouble, no need to worry.”

Greta went over to Max and gave him a hug and kiss good-bye. “Be good!” she said firmly and Max laughed but nodded. Hank and Greta then got in the car and took off, Max and Sandy watching them go. Once they were out of sight, Max yawned again, and rubbed his eyes. “Man, what time is it?” he muttered.

“It’s 9 AM,” said Sandy, a little bemused. “You stay up partying all night?”

“Playin’ some games,” said Max.

Sandy nodded. “Ah, the idle days of youth,” she said with a smirk. “An old woman like me, however, can’t stay up too late.”

Max chuckled a bit. “Ah, come on, you’re only 35,” he said. “And you look maybe 30.” His eyes glanced appreciatively over Sandy’s fit body. The fact that she wore a low cut shirt certainly helped the view. He suddenly realized he was checking her out and quickly glanced away, but the hum of his arousal had already picked back up. Sandy could see him struggling to resist the urge for his morning wood to return.

Sandy smiled brightly. “Aw, why thank you, Max. You’re very sweet. You’ve grown into a rather handsome young man yourself. So tall! I bet the girls are all over you back at school.”

Max gave a nervous laugh and blushed a bit, “Ah, well, not really...”

Sandy laughed. “Oh, you’re just being modest.” Max shrugged. Sandy paused for a moment, then said, “Seriously, though, first year at college; what was it like?”

“Oh, not bad, school work wasn’t quite as tough as I thought it might be,” said Max.

“Make any new friends?” said Sandy.

“Heh, a couple.”

“Any new girlfriends?”

Max paused. Sandy watched the images of several young, cute girls flash through his mind’s eye, girls he had all been interested in. One in particular came up a couple times, but Max quickly hushed the thought. “Ah, no, not yet,” he said, a little shyly.

“Too bad,” said Sandy, giving another laugh. “Better be careful, though! An unattached boy is easy pickings and fair game for young girls first developing their powers!”

Max gulped, and Sandy could see a few erotic memories float into his mind, ones that convinced his cock to go semi-hard. “Uh, yeah,” said Max. He tried to think of something else, anything else, to prevent himself from getting an erection in front of his neighbor. However, looking at Sandy certainly didn’t help with that.

Before Max could come up with something, Sandy spared him the trouble, “Anyway, I got to go get some work done, but if you want anything, just let me know. The pool is ready to go as of yesterday, so if you’re bored and want to take a swim, or something, feel free.”

Max’s smile widened at this, and his thoughts left the subject of erotica for a moment. “Hey, cool, thanks a lot! I’ll take you up on that.”

The two parted ways, Max going back to his bedroom to catch some more sleep, and Sandy going to her office to start the day’s work. As she went through her mail, she thought back on Max. The boy had indeed had a “bit” of a crush on her since he and his folks had moved into the house next door five years ago. Sandy had sensed the lust buzzing off him every time he looked in her direction. She’d seen many a fantasy of herself in Max’s head and knew he’d masturbated to thoughts of her several times a week.

Greta had been a bit less than pleased with this, of course. Like all mothers who had sons, she was in the awkward position of having to deal with the development of her son’s sexuality and sex drive as he grew up. Of course, like all women her age, she had enough mastery of her Power to tune out the sexual signals broadcasted at any time from most males, but that didn’t mean she didn’t still slip up and sense when one was particularly aroused or engaged in sex. When that male just happened to be her son, and her son happened to very often be dealing with strong sexual urges, it could make for a mortifying situation for them both.

Max’s father had had to explain to his son the very important need for caution and discretion when masturbating or thinking sexual thoughts. Max tried his best, but of course, he was a teenager. His hormones were rampant and he could do little to help how he felt. Even the knowledge that his next door neighbor could read every erotic thought and desire in his head about her couldn’t quite stop him from engaging in those fantasies as he relieved himself. His only hope was that Sandy would simply tune him out, like most women.

Sandy didn’t. She never had. She’d never intended to keep “spying” on Max, but after the first couple fantasies she’d seen, she was too fascinated by the boys’ perception and interest to look the other way. She had seen nearly everything he’d thought of in the times they were both at one another’s houses. There were nights where she watched as Max pleasured himself before he slept, thinking of her sucking him, stroking him, fucking him. She would smile as he climaxed hard; the more she watched, the more she had become tempted to help him out in some way, if only discretely. Perhaps slip a fantasy idea in his head he hadn’t thought of before. Or perhaps reach into his mind and nerves and spike the pleasure up a little bit more.

Of course, she never did. One, he’d been a minor up until a year and half ago. Two, if Sandy was lucky, she’d get two, maybe three tricks in before Greta figured it out, and she wasn’t in the mood to start a shitstorm with her neighbors. So, Sandy had watched from afar. Now, however, he was 19, having grown into a handsome young man, and his folks would be gone for two whole months.

Sandy pondered the wisdom of what she was considering. It had been a while since she’d had some fun, much less with a younger man. While she still didn’t want to cause trouble with her neighbors, she doubted she would ever again get a better opportunity to show such a devoted admirer her appreciation.

As Sandy sat at her desk, she could sense from her neighbor’s house a rising hum. She closed her eyes and extended her senses, following the hum. In moments, she was able to see and hear into Max’s room, as her magical senses rode the sexual signals of her neighbor. The young man was on his bed, naked, plans to return to sleep apparently stalled in light of the full return of his erection.

However, to her surprise, Max wasn’t stroking it. He was instead texting on his cell phone. Curious, Sandy shifted her point of view to see what he was texting.

May I please, please, please stroke myself? Max typed.

Sandy blinked. This was unexpected. She peeked into Max’s head and saw an image of a very cute, petite brunette girl, the one who’d been more frequent in Max’s thoughts a few minutes ago. Sandy thumbed through Max’s thoughts and saw that this girl, a junior at Max’s college named Lisa, was apparently Max’s… well, lover wasn’t right, and she certainly wasn’t his girlfriend. From Max’s memory, Sandy could see that they had never had sex, and the girl had not even played with Max very much or even hung out with him. However, she had, for some reason, decided to test out her Powers on Max, and had fastened a couple spells onto him. Thanks to the girl’s Powers, Max was unable to masturbate or orgasm by himself, or without her permission.

Sandy smirked slightly. This was a standard thing for girls to do to boys they were dating, or even just ones they wanted to play around with. Poor Max, still a virgin, Sandy could sense, had been unfortunate enough to be the target of this “Lisa” girl’s pranks. Max didn’t know why, and Sandy couldn’t tell just from his thoughts alone, but she was sure it was just part of some game the college girls were playing. Just some girls stretching the first legs of their Powers. Sandy decided she would investigate the further details later.

The response text came after another minute. No, not today. I just let you shoot your goo a few days ago, silly!

Max cursed, and Sandy chuckled to herself, still watching the scene with her Powers. She heard the hum of Max’s throbbing cock rise a bit in frustration and a slight increase of arousal. Max texted another plea, but was again shot down, this time with a warning that if he pestered her one more time today, she wouldn’t let him touch for another week!

Max groaned in frustration and turned onto his side, tossing the phone to the floor. He tried to go back to sleep, but his excited state wouldn’t let him. Sandy smiled as she saw him playing thoughts of herself over in his head. Even though it was Lisa who held his cock in magical bondage, it was Sandy who inflamed his arousal. Max pictured Sandy naked, kneeling before him, stroking and sucking his cock, imagined her letting him shoot his cum all over her bare breasts. Sandy let out a small laugh as she saw how Max’s imagination nearly doubled the size of her actual breasts in his mind’s eye.

The thought of Max lying there, nursing an aching need for her, filled her own loins with heat. Max reminded her of an old neighbor she’d had when she was his age. The boy had lived in the house between hers and her best friends, and they had befriended the boy shortly after he’d moved in. Oh, the things they had done with him… Sandy didn’t realize how aroused she was getting until she felt her hand almost subconsciously slide between her legs. She stopped short, and stood up, sliding down her pants and panties.

Sitting down with her legs spread, she continued spying on Max with her senses, letting his frustration and excitement arouse her further, listening to the desperate hum of his cock. She slid her fingers into herself and slowly worked them in and out. With her other hand, she rubbed her clit in vigorous circles. She came quickly, and as she eased down from her high, a wicked thought occurred to her.

She hadn’t teased a young man his age, much less played with one, in quite a while. The thought stoked the heat in her sex despite her orgasm, and she began to rub herself again. Reaching between the two houses, she took a line of thought, and slipped it into the folds of Max’s psyche. It was a simple little notion: he wasn’t getting any sleep now anyway. Perhaps, instead, he should take up his neighbors offer and go for a swim? The cool water might help soothe his hot cock.

It took a few minutes, during which Sandy brought herself to another orgasm, but Max finally got up and fished out his swim trunks. Sandy’s smile became a wicked grin. “Oh, Max,” she said. “You poor thing. You’re going to be in for a very, very hard summer.”

Only a few more minutes passed before Max reached her pool, coming through the back entrance. Sandy sensed his cock, still semi-hard, as he hurried dashed from his back porch to the water, where he jumped in. The water was cooler than he anticipated, and his cock finally shrank fully. This seemed to relax him enough, and he started doing laps in the pool. Settling into an easy rhythm, he cut the water back and forth with the grace of a practiced swimmer. No wonder he was such a hunk, Sandy thought, watching his athletic frame go back and forth. Sandy let him cool off for a few minutes as she tidied up her office. Once she sensed that Max’s guard was down, and he wouldn’t be expecting any more sexy shocks to his system, she decided it was time to strike.

Sandy went to her room, changed into her bikini, a thin black and white set that barely qualified as clothing, and stepped out into the backyard. As Max went underwater to do a couple laps, Sandy settled herself into one of her lawn chairs and let out a slight sigh, slipping some sunglasses on and lounging back to soak up some sun.

Max’s head popped up out of the water, and he stood in the shallow end, catching his breath. He swept the wet hair out of his eyes and moved to the steps to get out of the pool. As he did, he looked up and jumped as he caught a full view of Sandy. At first, he was merely startled by her presence, but a second glance made his eyes go wide as he saw what she was wearing. The hum of his arousal began almost immediately.

Sandy resisted the urge to smile and she adjusted herself subtly to maximize Max’s view, spreading her legs slightly and arcing her back a bit. Max was like a deer caught in headlights for a moment, and as he stared, his arousal spiked up quickly. In seconds, he was once again sporting a full erection which tented his shorts, despite still being submerged in the cool water.

“Hi Max!” said Sandy, smiling brightly and waving. “Enjoying the pool?”

This shocked Max out of his stunned state. Instinctively, he lowered himself a bit in the water, hoping his erection wasn’t obvious. “Yeah!” he said hastily. “Thanks again for letting me use it!” He swallowed. “Um, wow, you look… really good!”

Sandy grinned. “Why thank you, Max. You’re such a sweetie.” Her smile and the compliment made him blush, and the hum of his cock got a little louder still. Max dropped lower until he was down to his shoulders in the water. Sandy cocked her head to the side a bit. “Weren’t you coming out?”

“I, uh, I think I’ll swim a bit more,” he said.

“Well, don’t tire yourself out too much!” she said.

Max tried to laugh it off, and he sat on the pool steps, staying submerged. Sandy could see his thoughts as he tried to use mind over matter to will his cock down. He thought of anything he could think of to lessen his arousal, but it was no use. He could not help but keep sneaking glances at Sandy, who pretended to ignore them, and every glance just kept the heat in his loins burning hot.

“Are you okay, Max?” said Sandy cautiously.

“Yeah, why?”

“Well, if you’re going to just sit there, you may as well come up and join me.” She patted the lawn chair next to her. “Come on, don’t be shy. I won’t bite.”

Max swallowed. He really did want to get out of the water now, but his erection remained quite stubborn. Sandy hid a smirk and even though she didn’t think it was necessary, she reached out with a thread of magic and touched Max’s sexual aura. She reached into his cock and found the little node of nerves that controlled his erection. She tapped it with her magic, locking it in place. Now, Max’s erection was permanent, at least until Sandy withdrew the lock. Even if he wasn’t in the mood, his cock would remain rock hard.

Max made a barely audible grunt of frustration as his cock refused to go down. Sandy saw in his thoughts that wondered if this was another of Lisa’s tricks. Sandy again restrained a grin.

“Um, could I get a towel? I seem to have forgot mine,” said Max.

Sandy shrugged. “I didn’t think to bring one out. Just come on out, and sun dry.” She shifted in her seat, spreading her legs a little farther and making sure her bikini top slid up just enough to give Max a slight peek at the underside of her breasts. Max’s breath caught for a moment, and the hum of his cock rose another octave. Max almost stood up before he realized what he was doing, but just managed to stop himself. Sandy wondered just how long she could keep this charade up for, pretending she couldn’t sense Max’s arousal blaring like a siren right in front of her. She was certainly quite amused that Max managed to somehow convince himself that he was still capable of hiding it.

Still, Sandy felt if this stretched on any longer, this would start to get boring. “Max? Why don’t you want to come sit next to me?” She gave him a moment to respond, but he didn’t, so she said, “Are you embarrassed by your erection?” She said it as casually as one might ask what time it was.

Max, nonetheless, nearly jumped, and looked at her wide-eyed. “Oh, my god,” he said. He tried to hide his face in his hands. “This is… I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be such a perv. It’s just you’re so fucking sexy...” he blurted out. He clapped a hand over his mouth for a moment, then sighed. “Oh, crap, I shouldn’t have said that.”

Sandy laughed good naturedly. “Oh, Max, it’s perfectly alright! I’m quite flattered!” She pat the seat next to her again, saying, “Now, come on up here. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Max, red faced, stood up and got out of the pool slowly. Sandy saw how impressively his swim trunks were tented. She looked up at Max, and said, “If you want, you can take those off. They’re looking rather uncomfortable.”

Max’s eyes went wide again. “S-sandy, come on…” he said. “Is that… I mean, I don’t know if… Mom would…”

Sandy held up a hand in reassurance. “It’s okay, Max. The truth is, I can perfectly ‘see’ you already, so you really aren’t hiding anything from me to begin with.”

“Really?” said Max, his eyebrows creased.

Sandy smiled and nodded. “Well, I mean I’m not trying to look—” she forced back a giggle “—but you are right in front of me and you’re very, very riled up, so it’s kind of hard not to, you know?”

Max swallowed nervously, and then said opened his mouth to say something. Sandy saw that he wanted to ask if she would take her suit off, too. But instead, he said, “Don’t… don’t tell my, Mom.”

“Girl scout’s honor,” said Sandy, and this time she couldn’t help but grin. “Girl scouts,” indeed. Max waited another moment, then slowly slid his trunks down. He lay the wet suit out on the concrete so they could dry, then she settled into the lawn chair next to Sandy. His breathing was quick and his heart was racing. Sandy watched his cock twitch in the air as it hovered over his stomach, her sunglasses hiding the direction of her view. As Max tried to looked into her eyes, the mirrored lenses showed his own naked form back at him, and he blushed again, fully self-conscious. Sandy smiled as she saw him avert his gaze, which then locked onto her body.

“There now,” said Sandy. “Doesn’t that feel nice?” Max nodded. His eyes had traveled down her body and were now brazenly roaming over her curves. She smirked. “Like what you see?” Max nodded. “I can tell.”

Max nervously said, “I, um, I’ve always had a, a crush on you. I’m, uh…” His eyes traced the curve of her legs. “…uh… wow…”

Sandy reached over and pat him on the head. “Such attentions are enough to make even me blush.” She paused. “Max, I can’t help but notice. You seem pretty, well, pent up, so to speak. If you don’t mind me saying.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your balls,” she said. “They sound quite full.”

Max gave her a nervous look. He knew exactly what she meant by that. His own mother also sensed the arousal of men via the “hum” affect, and so he was familiar with the term. “I, uh, I haven’t touched myself in, um, in a little while.”

“Oh?” she said. “I see. This must be a little tough for you.” She waved a hand towards his lower half. “If you really want, you can do so now. I won’t mind.”

Max looked at her stunned. “You… you wouldn’t?”

Sandy laughed in sympathetic way. “I know how it is for boys, especially at your age. You’ll go crazy if you don’t shoot your juice.” She smiled sweetly at him. “So go ahead, you have my permission.” She lowered her sunglasses a bit and winked at him. “Just don’t tell your mother.”

Max let out a chuckle at that, but his expression quickly turned dour. “I, um, well, I mean it doesn’t matter. I can’t anyway.”

Sandy cocked her head to the side again. “You can’t?” She grinned. “Max! You had a little fun at college after all, didn’t you?” She sat up in her seat and turned to face him, leaning forward, resting her elbows on her knees. Max’s eyes widened at the new view of her cleavage. He swore he could just see the hint of Sandy’s right nipple, and the hum of his cock jumped another two octaves higher. “So, tell me all about her. What’s her name? What’s she like? Is she sweet or is she mean?”

“Oh god…” Max breathed before he managed to regain control of himself. His hands were shaking and his cock was quivering with anticipation. Pre-cum had begun to seep from the tip and slowly crawl down his cock, but he could not touch himself to wipe it away, even if he had had a towel with him. Sandy just watched him expectantly.

“H-h-her name is Lisa,” said Max. “We’re not really dating… she just… she put some spells on me. I can’t touch. I can’t cum. Not unless she lets me, or one of her friends does or whatever.”

Sandy frowned. “But why, if she’s not your girlfriend? Did you do something to piss her off?”

“It was some dumb card game thing,” said Max. “Me and some buddies were playing poker at the dorm, and then some girls from down the hall came in and joined us. They, uh, convinced us to try a game of strip poker. Only, you know, they added a few extras. If all the girls lost, they had to give us the best sex they could. If we lost, they got to control our orgasms for the summer. Well, they weren’t allowed to use their powers, but they beat us anyway.”

“Oo, well, you sort of set yourself up for that one,” said Sandy with a grin.

“So, um, yeah, this girl, Lisa, she picked me. She’s nice enough otherwise, but she’s, you know, being very conservative with my, uh, allowances.”

“I see! And how long since she last let you?” said Sandy.

Max gulped. “About seventeen days,” he said. “She said she would let me cum the last day of finals, before we moved back, said she would give me a blowjob, but she ended up being ‘too busy’ that day.”

Sandy couldn’t help but make a small laugh again. “Oh, I bet! What a classic tease!”

Max blushed and almost managed to look away. “Come on, it’s not funny, I’m going crazy here!”

Sandy pat his head again. “Poor thing. I’d love to help, but you know, it’d be quite rude to override another woman’s spells.”

Max fidgeted nervously, his cock still straining between his legs. “Well, she, uh, she didn’t exactly say another woman couldn’t, uh, do things to me. And we aren’t dating, like I said, so…”

Sandy leaned forward again, giving him another view of her cleavage. Max’s breath caught. “So… you want me to… play with you a bit…?” Max nodded slowly, almost hypnotized. “I dunno… this might be pushing it a little…”

Max swallowed hard. “Please…” he whispered.

“Hmmm?” said Sandy. She spread her legs a bit more, and Max’s eyes shot past her cleavage to the almost too narrow strip of her bikini bottom. He could just make out the nook of pussy lips as she shifted forward slightly, drawing the material tight against her sex. “What was that?”

“Oh, god…” Max gasped. “Please!” He slid off the seat and onto his knees. “Please, touch me!”

Sandy reached down with her hand, slowly bringing it closer to his sex. He could just feel her fingertips brushing against the hairs on his testicles before she suddenly stopped. She slid her sunglasses up and looked him right in the eye. Max looked back with a pleading gaze. “Please…” he whispered once more.

Sandy leaned forward until her lips nearly touched his left earlobe. “Oh, Max. Do you have any idea what I did to the last boy your age who begged me like that?” She pulled back and watched him as he very slowly shook his head. She grinned almost wickedly. “Well, then. Run back to your house and get your phone so I can call your little friend. And if she’s feeling really, really generous… you just might find out.”

Without even a second thought to his nudity, Max bolted to his feet and ran for his house, his cock slapping against his body as he went, causing Sandy to laugh.

Max was back in barely another minute, shoving a piece of paper with a number into Sandy’s hand. “H-here,” he gasped, trying to catch his breath.

Sandy cocked an eyebrow at him. “You want me to call her directly?”

“Well, I dunno, I guess,” said Max. “If I call her again myself today, she said she wouldn’t let me cum for another week!”

Sandy laughed. “Oh my,” she said. “Alright, alright, I’ll give her a call myself.” She stood up and stretched. “Please wait here.”

Max looked around, as if just now realizing he was nude outdoors. “Um, is it alright if I came in? I just realized the neighbors might see me.”

Sandy smiled. “If anyone was going to look, they would have done so by now. You’ve been broadcasting quite a beacon and no one’s said anything yet.”

Please,” said Max.

“Oh, alright,” said Sandy. She grinned again. “Still, I find it funny it didn’t occur to you to grab a robe while you were in your house.” Max cursed, but his throbbing cock reminded him that no amount of clothing would hide him from any woman who wanted to look. Sandy went into the house, and led Max inside. She motioned towards the living room where Max sat on the couch, then she went into her office, shutting the door. She waited a moment, and listened to the throbbing hum of Max’s cock, still locked hard as a rock. His arousal had not waned either, and he fidgeted, his hips jerking now and then, as he yearned desperately for someone to touch his cock and bring him relief.

The energy this provided made it easy for Sandy to reach into Max’s mind and trick his senses, making him think he could just barely hear a conversation going on in the office, not loud enough to understand, but paced in a way to clearly be a phone call. Sandy, however, hadn’t even actually picked up the phone yet.

Was she really going to go through with this? She did have two whole months, but his parents would be back before the summer was over. It’s not like she could just tease him all season, then send him packing back to college before anyone else saw. Then again, she was amazed Greta had apparently not even noticed her son’s current situation. Over two weeks of blue balls, and easily riled up, even someone as willfully ignorant as Greta had to have noticed something like that right off the bat. Then again, maybe she did, and Greta was just not wanting to deal with it, respecting her son’s privacy. Would she be equally respectful of her neighbor teasing his mind to mush? Greta said she could do what she needed to make Max behave, but the woman had no idea that it was Sandy who needed to be watched like a hawk.

And what of this Lisa chick? How much would she actually care about Sandy playing with her boytoy, or whatever Max really was to her? Sandy didn’t necessarily want to ruin any budding relationships for Max. And anyway, calling her up out of the blue would be weird, a perfect stranger, heck, an older woman calling up a barely twenty-something to ask if she could fuck her boytoy, well, there was just something a little demeaning about that.

Still and all, the temptation was just so strong, and Sandy remembered a time when she wouldn’t even have hesitated. At her merest whim, she would have driven Max to his knees, pleading for mercy as she laughed at his helplessness, and to hell with whoever else had their eyes on him. When did she become such a pussy?

Sandy smirked. “Yeah, fuck this,” she said to herself. “What the hell am I even hesitating for? Worst comes to worst, I can memory wipe him a few weeks before his folks come back, and they should be none the wiser. And if that Lisa girl calls, well, I’ll just tell her what’s what.” With that, Sandy crumpled up the paper with the phone number and tossed it in the trash, then exited the office.

Max looked up at Sandy with hopeful eyes. Sandy smiled and held up a finger. “One moment, Max,” she said, and she went upstairs. She changed into a black lace lingerie set with highlights of red, a matching bra and panties, along with black pantyhose, and a sheer, black gossamer nightgown. She had worn this set once, a few years ago, and she had “accidentally” let Max spot her in it through a window. He had masturbated to the thought of her in this outfit at least a hundred of times since, and she knew it would rivet his attention.

Sandy slowly descended the stairs, allowing Max to look up at her as she approached. His eyes went wider than ever and his jaw dropped. The hum of his iron hard cock and badly swollen balls sounded loudly to her magical senses. She tuned the sensitivity of her sexual senses down to a more comfortable level and then sat on the stuffed chair before Max. She sat with a queenly manner, crossing one leg over the other and sitting up straight, arms on the rests. She beckoned to Max.

“Oh, god, Sandy…” Max said breathlessly as he slid off the couch. He got down on his knees before her. “You’re so… so…”

Sandy smiled, and put a finger to her lips to shush him. She uncrossed her legs, and reached out with them. Her right foot hooked behind Max’s cock and pressed lightly against it, while her left foot pressed fully against his hot, throbbing shaft. Max let out a shuddering gasp and nearly fell over. Sandy’s foot slowly began to rub up and down, the stocking instantly wet from the pre-cum still flowing steadily. Max’s breathing began a series of rapid gasps, and the hum of his genitals grew to an intense high pitch as he rushed towards orgasm. Sandy extended a thread of power to slow its ascent.

“Well, now, Max, the good news is that I’m allowed to play with you,” she said. “In fact, Lisa said you’re all mine now, if I want you to be, and you should not bother calling her back, she’ll just see you again when you go back to college this fall. However, she is a little peeved that you’re just switching over to another woman so casually, so she made me absolutely promise something.”

“What?” gasped Max. He bucked hard against her feet, and she rubbed him a bit faster.

“The bad news,” she said. “Well, you’re not going to like it.” She rubbed faster and his impending orgasm surged through him like a volcano, straining to erupt.

“What, jesus, what?!”

 “The bad news, Max…” She went faster. “Is that you’re not…” and faster… “allowed to…” and faster! “Cum!”

Max let out a roar as his orgasm hit him like a sledgehammer, only to let out a howl of sensual agony as his release smashed against a barrier! The force of the climax was so strong that Lisa’s block nearly buckled, but Sandy, with split-second timing and surgical precision, reached inside of Max and bolstered the orgasm block a hundred fold. Now, nothing short of a master Sex Mage could bust it open.

Sandy released Max’s now beet red, jerking cock from her feet and let him collapse on the floor, thrashing. Sandy forced herself to suppress a laugh as Max cried out in frustration and anguish, gasping as he tried to get himself under control. It took him several moments for the intensity of the blocked orgasm to subside, and he came down from the edge. He collapsed against the floor.

“Oh, fuck, no, please, let me cum, please!”

Sandy smiled. “Sorry, Max, a deal’s a deal. Girl scout’s honor.”

“Fuck your girl scouts!” said Max. He leaped up form the floor, his eyes blazing with lust and lunged at Sandy. He stopped just short of actually touching her however. His hands gripped the armrests of her chair so tightly his knuckles went white, and his face was a mask of anger, lust, and frustration. His body shook as he loomed over him. Sandy just looked at him calmly.

“Calm down, Max,” said Sandy. “You’ve got another block on you which prevents you from initiating sex, which means you can’t force yourself on me no matter how badly you want to.”

Max, too caught up in the moment, tried for several more seconds, the veins popping out on his muscles as he strained to fight the block, throw Sandy to the floor, and take her. Eventually, however, he gave up, and he collapsed onto the floor again, heaving.

“I suppose that was really mean of me,” said Sandy, watching him.

“You fucking think?” said Max.

“Woah! Watch it! I was just having a little fun with you. If you’re going to get this vicious over it, you can just go home right now. I won’t touch you ever again.”

That seemed to shock Max out of his anger. He looked up at Sandy and swallowed. “I’m sorry!” He managed to get back up to his knees. “Please, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it! I just, I can’t… I mean, it’s too much. Please, I can’t go all summer without an orgasm, especially not if you play with me like this! Please, just let me cum, I’ll do anything I promise!”

“I told you, Lisa made me promise to not let you cum,” said Sandy.

“I barely know Lisa! She’s just some chick I lost bet to and she’s using me as a test dummy for her Powers! Please, you…” Max swallowed. “God, I’ve been so hot for you since the day I first saw you, I…” He bowed his head,

“Yes?” said Sandy.

“I’ve fantasized about you…”

Sandy smiled knowingly. “Do tell.”

“Um, well, I…”

Sandy leaned forward and cupped his chin, raising his face to look at hers. “Tell me. Tell me about your fantasies.”

Max let out a long, shivering breath. His cock throbbed intensely as he recalled the myriad fantasies of her. “You… I imagine you stroking me… we’re making out, and your hand is on me, and you stroke me and stroke me until I cum.”


“I imagine you kneeling before me, sucking me. And then you let me… you let me cum on your tits…”


“And… oh god, and f-fucking you… fucking you from behind until your begging me to stop…”

Sandy smiled, watching in his thoughts the visuals to these descriptions. His words didn’t really do justice to the actual fantasy, or least, how deeply effected he was by them. “Mmm… well… I can’t help you with the cumming part. I really can’t. I’m sorry. But don’t you still want to experience those things? Don’t you still want to feel my mouth on you? My hands?” She spread her legs, revealing her panties to be partly see through. Max’s eyes went wide as saucers. “My pussy?”

“Oh yes… fuck yes…”

“Well, we can still do those things, you know,” said Sandy. “I just can’t allow you to cum. It’s a small sacrifice in the end, really, don’t you think? You just hold back your juice, and you get to feel everything you imagined.” She leaned forward, once again bringing her lips to his ear. “And even more.” She snaked out her tongue and licked along her lobes, sending a powerful shudder through his body.

“Oh, fuck…”

“Can I take that as a yes?”

“Yes… YES!”

Sandy leaned back and smiled triumphantly. “Good!” She slid herself a bit forward and lifted up her hips. Keeping her legs closed, she slid her panties off, and then leaned forward again. Max watched, enraptured, until she slid the panties over his upper face, the band covering his eyes to obscure his vision. The, suddenly, he felt an invisible force push him onto the floor, binding his limbs down. He shivered as he felt Sandy come down to floor and crawl over him, her body hovering over his. She leaned down to his ear again, and he felt her breasts press against his chest, the sensation of the lacey material and soft skin making him giddy. “This won’t be quite how you imagined it,” she said.

She didn’t wait for Max to reply. She lowered her hips, and with her magic, she grasped his cock and guided it to her entrance. Her pussy lips with slick with her juices, and she took him in easily.  She gasped as he filled her, and Max’s whole body stiffened, the breath stolen from his lungs. She wasted no time, and motioned up and down on his cock, gripping his chest and shoulder to steady herself as she took his virginity and any semblance of power he may have convinced himself he still had.

She gasped and cried and convulsed atop him, bringing herself to multiple screaming orgasms as she rode his cock. His organ was so stiff, so blazing hot, so desperate for release, and his desperation fueled her rapture further. By the time she was done fucking him, he had long since passed out, and the sun was beginning to set. And he had still not cum, the orgasm block holding fast. Sandy rolled off of him, utterly satisfied and pleased with herself, reveling in her cruelty. Max twitched and gasped as he slipped into a restless slumber, haunted by ceaseless dreams of sex. Sandy curled up next to him, leaving him bound by her power, and joined him in sleep, though hers was a blissful rest. In the morning, she decided, she would pick up where she left off.

Two weeks later, Sandy was moaning in soft pleasure as Max gave her a massage. His cock was hovering just an inch above her ass as he worked her lower back. He was nearly trembling with the desire to plunge himself into her, but her magic still prevented him from acting upon such urges. She continued to taunt him with her body, still not letting him fully see her breasts or pussy, even as she made him pleasure her, and run his hands all over her figure. She had barely touched his cock all day, using only feather light touches of her power to tease him mercilessly.

Sandy, however, had taken full advantage of Max already, riding his face and making him “fuck” her with her favorite vibrating dildo.  Max was frustrated beyond belief. As he finished up his massage, Sandy had him stand before her, his cock level with her face. She propped herself up on her elbows, giving him another fantastic view of her cleavage as he looked down at her.

“That was quite good,” said Sandy. “Perhaps today I’ll do something extra special for you.” Max looked at her with shining eyes. “But probably not,” she quickly added, and she laughed as Max looked crestfallen. She pulled Max a bit closer and kissed the tip of him. Max shook as an arrow of pleasure shot through his cock, creating a deep ache in his testicles. Sandy grinned at his reaction, and slowly took the head of his cock into her mouth. Max let out a loud cry and nearly fell over as she gently suckled him, however, her magic kept him held up in place. He whimpered and jerked as she lovingly worked him with her mouth.

However, she was only able to do this for about a minute before the phone rang. Still, a minute was more than enough to send Max into a near pleasure coma, and he nearly sighed with relief when Sandy let him go. The pressure in his loins was immense, and he didn’t think he could take much more.

She frowned at the phone and sighed, but inwardly she smiled as this provided a handy excuse to interrupt her oral ministrations. She snapped her fingers, and Max, almost limping from the ache in his balls, fetched the cordless and handed it to her.

“Hello?” said Sandy, as she rolled over onto her back. As she held the phone to her ear, she used her free hand to reach up and grasp his cock, slowly stroking it. Max shuddered and his eyes rolled up in his head.

“Uh, yeah, hi. This is Lisa.”

“Ah,” said Sandy. “What can I do for you?”

“Well, I’d like you to tell me what you think you’re doing with my little boytoy there.”

“Oh, I’m just borrowing him,” said Sandy. “I hope that’s alright.” She paused. “How’d you get this number, anyway?”

“Well, I was wondering why Max hadn’t been bugging me for an orgasm for a while, and I decided to check on him. I tried calling and he didn’t answer.”

“I apologize for that,” said Sandy. “I’ve been keeping him a little pre-occupied.”

“Yeah, I can see that, now,” said Lisa. “I reached out with my telepathy to try and find him, and I zero in on him and, well, I find out from his thoughts he’s been over at your place all this time! So I looked up your number and decided to ask what the hell?!”

Sandy stopped stroking Max, who was nearly having a seizure at this point. She kept her grip, however, and gave him a gentle squeeze which made him nearly black out. She smiled. Max was so far lost in pleasure, he wasn’t even paying attention to the conversation. “I’m sorry, hon, really, but from what I gathered from him, you weren’t really doing anything to him other than telling him he couldn’t stroke it. And, well, this boy’s had a crush on me since forever—”

“Yeah, no shit, you’re practically all he ever fantasized about.”

“Well, there you go. Anyway, the opportunity sort of presented itself, and I took it.” Sandy gave Max another squeeze, and this time it really was too much; he shuddered and passed out. Sandy released Max from her grip, and used her magic to float him down to the floor.

“Good Lord, what the fuck are you doing to him?” said Lisa a little breathlessly. “I’m nearly cumming just trying to sense him!”

“Just having a little fun,” said Sandy. “Look, I’m sorry, I kind of fibbed to him and said I talked with you, and you said I could play with him. I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal.”

“I guess not,” said Lisa. “Honestly, if you want him, take him. I was just testing my powers on him, but man, I can tell I have a long way to go before I match you!”

“Haha, well, I’ve got a few years on you,” said Sandy. Max started to rouse himself, and she stood up, straddled him, and promptly sat down on his cock. She was still wearing her panties, but they were damp with her juices, and she rubbed the warm, wet material against the length of his shaft as she rocked her hips slightly. Max let out a loud gasp and clutched at Sandy desperately.

“Holy fuck!” said Lisa.

“And he’s not even inside me yet,” said Sandy, with a laugh. “So, Lisa, when were you planning on letting him shoot?”

Lisa laughed. “Honestly? I wasn’t. I was going to make him go all summer without.”

Sandy laughed. “Wow, that works out perfectly, then! I told him you would only let me play with him if I didn’t let him shoot!”

“Well, I had no idea he’d be getting teased like this!” Lisa said. “See, the guy who lived next to him in the dorm, he’s my boyfriend now, and they really didn’t get along. So my boyfriend told me to really blue ball him.”

“Well, that’s certainly sweet of you to do that for your boyfriend!” said Sandy with a giggle. “Are you sure your boyfriend doesn’t have a crush on Max?”

Lisa snickered. “Nah, I checked, he just really doesn’t like him, and he thinks it’s funny. Whatever, right? No skin off my nose.”

Sandy laughed again. “I have to say, I like your style.”

“Uh, okay, I guess,” said Lisa. “Anything in particular I should say?”

Sandy lifted herself off of Max, and let him cool down for a moment. “Pretend you’re pissed because he switched over to me,” she said. She set the phone on speaker, then placed it on Max’s chest.

“Max? Max, you there, it’s Lisa?”

Max, shook his head, trying to focus. “Lisa?”

“Yeah, Lisa, remember me? The girl you ditched?”

“L-lisa, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“Save it! You know what I’m doing right now?”

Max shook his head, but then realized she couldn’t hear that, and said, “N-no…”

“I’m playing with my boyfriend. He’s off at a friend’s house, but I just made him pop a boner, and he’s running to the bathroom. I’m gunna make him feel like I’m sucking him.”

Max trembled. Sandy didn’t interfere, letting his own super aroused state and Lisa’s words alone do their teasing work.

“Mmm, yeah, he’s feeling it now. He’s such a hair trigger, you know. His last girlfriend made him into a premature ejaculator, but that’s okay. It just means he gets to the edge that much faster and I can just hold him there. But guess what?” Max let out a moan. “Come on, guess what I’m going to do to him.”

“Y-y-you’re gunna let him…” Max gasped as Sandy leaned down a gave his cock a small peck.

“Answer her Max,” she said softly.

“Y-you’re gunna l-let him cum?” Max choked out.

“Bingo! Five… uh-oh, he just realized they’re out of toilet paper… four… no tissues either… three… gunna have to jizz in his shirt or something… two… he better hurry… one…!” There was a dramatic pause. “Zero!”

Max shuddered as Sandy pecked him for every number, and then licked him at zero. Max gasped and whimpered. “Ah, that dumb boy,” laughed Lisa. “He wasn’t fast enough, he just hosed down his friend’s wall!” Laughing still, she said, “How you holding up there, Max?” Max let out a long cry as Sandy sucked his cockhead into her mouth and slowly withdrew her lips, dragging them tightly over the head. “Oo, sounds like you’re having a hard time!”

“Lisa, please!” Max gasped. “Please let me cum, please, please, please!”

“Oh, you’re such a baby. Totally worthless to me. What makes you think you deserve to cum?”

“Lisa, please, I’m sorry! I’m suh-sorry…” his pleas dissolved into babble as Sandy took him in her mouth once more, taking him in fully until her lips touched the root of him, then slowly withdrew.

“What a wimp,” said Lisa with a scornful laugh. “Sandy our deal stays. If cums one drop all summer, his next year at college will be a living hell!”

Max let out a heart wrenching groan and his eyes rolled back in his head and he shuddered, blacking out again as Sandy left his cock with a loud smooch. She and Lisa laughed, and Sandy retrieved the phone, taking it off the speaker. “You really mean that?” said Sandy.

“Nah, that’d be too much work,” said Lisa. “But it sure drove him crazy when I said it, huh? Besides, I got a boyfriend.”

“That’s the spirit!” said Sandy, grinning. “So, did you really make him hose down his friend’s bathroom?”

“You better believe it!”

Sandy laughed, “Well, don’t let him cum too much! You don’t want him to get spoiled.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Have fun with your little toy over there. Just don’t, you know, break him beyond repair!”

Sandy smiled evilly. “Oh, you’d be utterly amazed what you can put a boy through.”

Three more weeks had passed, and Sandy had made good use of that time. At least four times a week, Max was over at her house, and she used him to pleasure herself, fucking him, making him go down on her, sometimes even using her power to tickle and tease his cock while she made him get on hands on knees and used him as a chair or foot rest. The house positively reeked of sex.

He had been so much fun, in fact, that Sandy decided to give him a real day off. When he came over that afternoon, naked, cock at full attention, she answered the door dressed in casual wear. “Come on, Max, you’re off duty today. I’m treating you to dinner.”

Max looked at her puzzled. “What?”

Sandy smiled. “You’ve been such an amazing fuck, I’m rewarding you. I can’t let you cum, so the least I can do is buy you a good meal! Go get dressed.”

Max hurried off and came back a few minutes later, dressed to go. It was, oddly enough, the first time he’d really be clothed around Sandy all summer. He adjusted himself, shifting uncomfortably as his cock remained rock hard, as it had for the past five weeks straight. “Um, Sandy, can you maybe make it go down?”

Sandy laughed and led Max to her car. “Not a chance.” Max fidgeted during the whole ride there.

They arrived at a fancy steak house, and since Sandy had made reservations, they were seated right away. The hostess looked at Max and smiled knowingly at Sandy. Sandy winked at her when Max wasn’t looking. Sandy came to this place once every other month, and by now, the staff was well familiar with the state of any male company she might bring along. This place being considered a great place to spend a fancy date, Sandy was hardly the only woman who brought in a man packing a serious case of blue balls.

“Order anything you like, Max,” said Sandy, opening the menu. “You’ve earned it.”

Max did the same, and looked through it somewhat half-heartedly. He settled on the good old stand by of the fillet mignon, and dropped the menu, looking at Sandy. He sighed almost wistfully. Sandy glanced up and saw he looked genuinely upset. “Something wrong?”

“Have you always been like this?” said Max.

“Like what?” said Sandy.

“A cruel bitch.”

Sandy blinked. Her face became unreadable for a moment, but she took a breath and her features softened. “Okay, I guess I deserve that. I’ve been really, really rough on you, haven’t I?”

“You could at least let me cum,” said Max. “I don’t care what Lisa said, the whole summer without is fucking insane! How many times have I made you cum already?”

Sandy smiled sympathetically. “Guess your fantasy didn’t turn out the way you wanted, hm?”

“You just… you were always so nice…” He stopped as the waitress, a cute teenaged girl with blond hair, appeared, introducing herself as Cecily. She smiled brightly at Max as she wrote down his order. Sandy could tell she thought he was cute, and the way Max blushed as she looked at him, the feeling was clearly mutual.

When the waitress left, Sandy said, “You’re right, I’m a cruel bitch. It’s been a few years since I was nearly this sexually active, but once I started playing with you, it all came back to me I guess.” She grinned. “You think you had it bad, you should have met Jack. Imagine two of me going at you every single day.”

Max almost paled at the idea. “Who’s Jack? When was this?”

“When I was a teen, Jack was this boy next door, a year younger than me. He had a crush on me and one of my friends, and one day, we invited him up to my room. We didn’t have our powers yet, but me and my friend were determined to learn all we could even before getting them. So, we played with the kid.”

Sandy paused and Max took the bait. She could hear the hum of his excitement rise, despite himself. “What did you do?”

“Wicked things,” she said. “Tied him up and teased him, stroked and sucked him, made him lick us. We didn’t actually fuck him until after we got our powers. Somehow, despite our raging hormones, we at least managed to not do that. My friend and I didn’t want to get pregnant, of course.”

Max gulped, imagining Sandy and the waitress, tying him up and both going down on him. “Wow...” was all he could think to say.

Sandy laughed again. “In hindsight, we were really mean to him, for no other reason than he was such an easy target and we were full of ourselves. His parents were divorced and he lived with his father, so it’s not like his mother was around to stop us.” Sandy shook her head. “Of course, it got totally worse for him once we got our powers. That summer after sophomore year, my friend and I were just brimming with new power. We laid into him like there was no tomorrow. Poor kid had an erection lasting three solid months, and nearly every day, we rode and teased that thing until he was pleading with us, for the sake of his sanity, to be merciful. That just made us use him harder.”

Max’s eyes widened. Even though it made his balls ache, he couldn’t help but ask, “Wh-what did you do to him then?”

“Ha, what didn’t we do would be the shorter answer,” said Sandy. “We fucked him, of course, in every position humanly possible. With our powers, pregnancy wasn’t a concern anymore. Often both of us were on him at once, one of us riding his dick, the other his face. Or we would blow him together. Of course, plenty of times we’d just use our powers and watch him thrash around on the floor while we made him feel like he was getting fucked, sucked, and stroked all at once. To make it worse, we’d make him go weeks without orgasm. Let me tell you, two women sucking on a boy’s cock when he can’t cum and hasn’t in almost a month, the hum coming off his balls is nearly deafening!”

Max’s eyes widened again, and the hum of his own cock rose once more. Sandy resisted the urge to chuckle. “So,” she said. “If you were going to have a threesome with me and any other woman here, who would it be?” She asked this just as she sensed that Max’s gaze had landed on Cecily, their waitress, just as she was coming towards them with their food.

Max gulped and quickly said under his breath, “Uh, her, I guess,” making what he hoped was a subtle nod towards the blond just before she was in earshot.

Sandy smiled and nodded. “I figured,” she said.

“Okay, here we go,” said Cecily, setting a steak down in front of Max and a plate of tilapia in front of Sandy. As she did, Sandy reached out with her magic and used a phantom hand to grasp Max’s cock. Max’s jumped, but managed to suppress a yelp. Cecily blinked at this, and then grinned. “You alright there, hon?”

“Yeah,” said Max through nearly grit teeth as Sandy’s magic squeezed him.

“Alrighty then,” she said. She winked at Sandy. “If you need some extra napkins, let me know.”

“I think we’ll be okay,” said Sandy with a grin.

After she left, Max said to Sandy, “You said it was my day off!”

“I just meant you didn’t have to fuck me today,” said Sandy. “I didn’t say I wasn’t gunna have a little fun!” The phantom hand began to rhythmically squeeze him, and he let out a breath.

“P-please, I c-can’t eat like this,” said Max.

“Oh, alright,” said Sandy, giving him a final squeeze. “Lisa was right, you’re such a wimp.”

“If I’m such a wimp, then why do you fuck me so much?”

“Because you’re a cute wimp.”

They ate in relative silence for the rest of the meal. Sandy didn’t squeeze or stroke him, but the phantom hand held its grip, and Sandy listened contently to the pulse of his cock. When the meal was finished and they were waiting for the check, Sandy said, “Tell you what, Max. Since it is your day off, and I am feeling so generous, I will give you a chance to cum.”

Max’s nearly sat bolt up right in his seat. “You mean it?”

“Yes,” said Sandy. “But you have to do something first.” She leaned closer to Max and the phantom hand squeezed him again, causing him to gasp. “You have to ask our waitress for a blow job. If she agrees, I’ll remove the block when she sucks you, so she can make you cum.”

Max’s eyes nearly popped out of his skull. “Are you serious?!” he said a little too loudly. He hunched down spot more softly as a few people glanced his way. “I can’t just ask her that out of the blue!”

“Why not?”

“I don’t even know her!”

“So? You think she’s super cute. I can tell that even without my Powers.” The hand squeezed him again and Max nearly fell out of his chair. His cock was as tense as a steel trap, and pre-cum flowed freely from the tip again.

“Sh-sh-she’ll say no anyway.”

“You don’t know that.” Another squeeze.

“Wh-what if she says no?”

“Then you’re no worse off than you started.” Another squeeze. “You’re choice, Max. Here she comes.” She winked at the last word.

“Okay, was everything good for you folks?” said Cecily.

“Everything was excellent,” said Sandy, smiling brightly. She glanced at Max, who was keeping his head down as the phantom hand kept squeezing him.

Cecily grinned. “And you, sir? Everything good?” Max nodded vigorously. “Is there anything else I can help you with?” The hand squeezed Max fiercely this time and he let out a loud gasp. “Sir? Is there anything else you would like?”

“Blw jb,” mumbled Max.

“Didn’t quite catch that.”

“I’d like a b-b-buh…”

“Just spit it out, sir.”

Max sat up, looked her right in the eye and said, as calmly as he could, “I would like you to give me a blow job!”

Cecily put a hand to her mouth, shoulders shaking as she fought back a laugh. She glanced at Sandy, and Max had the distinct impression that an understanding passed between them. It took Cecily a moment to compose herself putting on a professional bearing and clearing her throat. “Take your cock out,” she said.

Max looked at her flabbergasted. “Right… right here?!” he said.

“Just take it out,” she said.

Max hesitated a moment, but then he scooted his seat back a bit and opened up his pants. Cecily positioned herself so he wouldn’t be spotted. Max’s face was beet red with embarrassment as his permanently hard cock bobbed in the air for the waitress to scrutinize.

Cecily nodded. “Hmm… not bad. I go on break in a couple minutes. There’s a green mini-van in the parking lot with tinted windows. I’ll meet you there.” She then walked off to run Sandy’s credit card, leaving Max to hastily close up his pants before he could be spotted.

“You set that up!” said Max.

Sandy smiled. “I taught her a few of my better tricks, so she owes me one.”

“Are you really going to let me cum?”

Sandy raised her hand in a solute. “Girl scout’s honor.”

Ten minutes later, he, Sandy, and Cecily were slipping into the back of the green minivan. It was the kind that had two bucket seats in the middle row, with a gap in the middle to reach the back most seat. As Max slid his pants to his ankles and sat in the middle of the back most seat, Cecily kneeled down between the two bucket seats. Sandy sat on the seat to her left, turned so she could watch the action.

Cecily reached out and grasped Max’s cock with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. Her small hands could barely hold either fully. Max shook and let out a moan from this simple touch. “Jesus Christ, Sandy, what have you been doing to this poor kid?”

“Oh, you know,” Sandy said. “The usual.”

“You poor thing!” said Cecily, watching Max’s face as she slowly started stroking his shaft and rolling his balls in her hand. Max twitched and jerked and gasped. She leaned forward and extended her tongue, giving him a long, slow lick from base to tip. Max shuddered and gasped and his eyes went wide, then squeezed shut as he felt an orgasm surge up within him. He braced himself for it to hit the barrier, but to his shock, he couldn’t feel it! He knew, he could tell, Sandy really had lifted the orgasm block!

But just as suddenly, Cecily let go and leaned back, and for a tenuous moment, Max thought he might still spurt. If only he could touch himself, he would have grabbed his cock, and came with one stroke! But he could not, and he bucked and gasped, and then it was over, and his orgasm subsided.

Cecily looked at Sandy wide-eyed. “Wow. I have never seen a boy this much of a hair trigger before! I barely touched him!”

“Why’d you stop?!” gasped Max, looking at her with frustration.

“Hon, if that’s all you can take, then forget it,” said Cecily. She started to partially stand up and back out between the seats.

“No, please! Please don’t stop!” said Max. “I’ll, I’ll try to last longer, please just suck me!”

Sandy reached over and pat Max’s hand. “Please excuse his eagerness. It’s been a couple of months now, and I’ve been making very good use of him.”

Cecily smirked. “Well, even still.” She returned to her kneeling position between Max’s legs. She reached out and grasped him again, touching her fingertips to either side of his shaft, and very slowly and gently sliding them up and down. She leaned forward and gave him a gentle kiss on his penis tip. She started trailing kisses down the shaft, but she only managed five more kisses before she had to stop and pull back again.

Max bucked in his seat and his cock jerked mightily, but ultimately, he managed not to cum. Mostly. A tiny bead of fluid, tinged white, peeked out of the tip of his cock. He had very nearly cum.

“Okay, this is ridiculous,” said Cecily, sounding frustrated, but actually cracking up in the inside. It was all she could do not to burst out laughing.

“No, please, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” said Max. “Please, don’t stop!”

Cecilly, though still kneeling, straightened up and put her hands on her hips. “Look here, Mr. Two-Pump Chump, I have what you call an oral fetish. I absolutely love giving blow jobs. You asked me to blow you, and I said yes, because your cock looked like a nice one to suck. If you can’t go two seconds without spurting off, then I get nothing out of it. I don’t care how bad your blue balls are, I’m not wasting me time with such a hair trigger cock.”

Max looked helplessly at Sandy. “Sandy, please…!”

“Don’t look at me, I can’t force her,” she said. Sandy turned to Cecily. “He really, really does need to cum, though.”

“Well, I’m not going to just make him pop if it’s no fun for me,” said Cecily.

“Well, maybe we can compromise,” said Sandy. “Is there something else we could do to make it worth your while?”

Cecily thought for a moment. Then she moved forward and sat on the seat next to Max. “Get on your knees. If I can’t give, I may as well receive.” She started undoing her pants.

Max glanced at Sandy again, who just motioned to the spot where Cecily had been kneeling. “If you want to cum, Max, you better do as she says.”

Max got down and kneeled, while Cecily slid over. She scooted her hips forward, and her pussy, already moist, was exposed to him. Max was entranced for a moment.

“Come on, hon, I only have ten minutes left. If you can make me cum five times, I’ll make you spurt, okay?” Max hastily buried his face between her legs and Cecily gasped. Due to all his recent practice with Sandy, Max had become quite skilled at oral, and Cecilly was amazed at the precision and intensity of his oral ministrations. He sucked at her clit, licking it in steady strokes, pausing every tenth lick to thrust his tongue deep inside her. As she moaned and bucked against him, she yanked up and her shirt and slipped her bra down, exposing her nipples. She pinched and pulled at them, occasionally bringing a finger to her mouth to bite and suck as Max flooded her pussy with incredible pleasure.

She took only a minute for her first orgasm to hit, and she tried to will herself to resist the next wave of climax, forcing herself to stretch out her enjoyment. She wanted this to last. Even still, another climax hit her, as did a third and a fourth in rapid succession. Jesus, she thought, I should have told him to go for ten! A fifth climax hit her, and she was thrashing helplessly in ecstasy. She vaguely hoped that Sandy was making a point to shield them from any unwanted attention, as she had no doubt the van was rocking quite obnoxiously.

Still, Max didn’t stop, and Cecily wondered if he could even tell when she was climaxing; she allowed herself to more orgasms before she finally pushed him back. She lay back gasping, body still twitching. She was going to be walking funny the rest of the day, she knew, and she still had two hours left in her shift!

“Does that satisfy?” said Sandy, smiling smugly at how well her “teachings” had gone over on Max.

“Good god, I think I owe him at least two spurts for that!” Max, his face and shirt soaked in her juices, looked up at her with hopeful eyes. “Would you like that? Two Spurts for the Two-Pump Chump?”

Max glanced at Sandy who smiled and nodded. “I suppose an extra wouldn’t hurt.”

Cecily took a moment to wipe herself clean with some paper towels she kept in the back seat, and she and Max switched places again. Max’s cock was looking downright livid now, the two almost climaxes followed by giving Cecily oral had him in a fever of lust.

“Ready?” said Cecily as she grasped him once again.

“Yes, please!” gasped Max. He looked at her with the most pitiful expression she’d ever seen.

“Alright then,” she said. She started to lean forward. Then, suddenly, her cell phone went off, indicating she had a text. She jumped, and quickly pulled her phone out. “Oh, shit, my break was over two minutes ago!” She pocketed the phone, and got to her feet. “I’m so sorry, hon, but I have to go!”

Max looked at her unbelieving. “No,” he said. “No! Come on!”

“I have to go back to work,” she said firmly. She opened the door and spoke to Sandy. “You can wait till he gets his pants on again, just lock up when you leave.”

“That’s bullshit!” Max yelled. “You could just think at me and make me cum!”

Cecily grinned. “Yeah. I could. But you asked me for a blow job, and now I don’t have time to give you one. If you’re that upset about it, you should learn to control yourself better. Ciao!” With that, she shut the door and dashed off back to the restaurant.

Max looked at Sandy. “You planned that!”

Sandy laughed. “I really didn’t, honest. I guess I taught her too well.”

“You said I could cum! You said you’d let me cum!”

“I said I’d let her you make you cum. But it was her choice to make you.”

“Oh, fuck…” said Max. Sandy smiled, and with her magic, she replaced the orgasm block. Now he once again wouldn’t cum, even if Cecily came back gave him the greatest blowjob of his life.

“She probably wouldn’t have let you anyway, come to think of it. You know the golden rule, after all. A girl never let’s a guy cum the first time they do anything.”

“You’re making that up.”

Sandy laughed. “Man, have you got a lot to learn. When you go back to college, I highly recommend you start dating. It’ll toughen you up.” She laughed. “Course, after a summer with me, you should be plenty tough already.” Max glowered. Sandy pat his knee. “Well, come on, zip your pants up.”

“Could we… could we wait for her to get off her shift?”

Sandy tapped her chin, then pulled out her cell and texted Cecily. A couple minutes later, she got a response, and Sandy shook her head. “Sorry, she says she’s doing something right after work.”

Max let out a groan, and reluctantly pulled his pants back up. With that, the two exited the van, Max following Sandy to her car with a slight limp from the ache in his balls.

Another week later, Sandy was working in her office. She was sitting on top of Max, who was sitting at her desk chair, which she had lowered. Max’s throbbing cock was buried deep inside her and he moaned and jerked, but her magic kept him pretty well bound in place. Sandy had more work to catch up on, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t have a little fun at the same time.

Being inside her was pleasurable enough, and occasionally, Sandy would move up and down on him, or flex her vaginal walls around him to squeeze him. But mostly, she kept a steady trickle of sexual energy to inflame and enrapture him, “roasting” his cock in incredible pleasure. She could practically hear the cum boiling in his balls, and by now, engine-loud hum of his genitals had become a relaxing ambient noise. She had been at this for a couple hours now, pausing every half hour to reach down and rub her clit to a quickie orgasm, when she glanced at the clock and realized the mail had probably come in by now. She decided to take a break and lifted off him.

Max gave a tremendous sigh of relief as the torment ceased. However this was short lived as Sandy smiled at him, then leaned down and gave his penis tip a quick peck. Max stiffened again a let out a cry as a phantom mouth closed over his cock, and began sucking him with devastating skill.

“Be right back!” said Sandy with a grin. “Don’t go anywhere! And don’t cum!”

Max could only whimper pitifully. Sandy put on a robe and headed out the door. When she glanced to the side, however, she nearly had a heart attack. Greta and Hank’s car was in their driveway again. Sandy’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened, and for a moment, she couldn’t move. What the hell were they doing back now?! They weren’t supposed to be back for another couple of weeks!

She was about to dash back into the house when Greta came out her own house and waved. “Hi, Sandy!” she said.

“G-greta!” Sandy said, looking stunned. “You guys are back early!”

“Yeah, we got back an hour ago. The car broke down and we lost some funds for the trip, so we cut it a bit short. But that’s okay, we still had a lot of fun.” Greta looked Sandy over. “So… you have some company over? I thought I could sense something from your house, but I didn’t want to pry.”

Sandy swallowed hard. “Uh, yeah, some company.”

“Alright then, I’ll leave you to it. Just real quick, you know where Max is? He’s not at home, and his phone is off.”

“Haven’t seen him in a few days,” said Sandy. “I’m sure he’ll turn up.”

Greta frowned. “I hope he’s okay.”

“I think he said something about visiting a friend for a few days,” Sandy said hastily.

“Oh,” said Greta. “Well, okay.”

“Okay, well, welcome back.” Sandy waved, and the two parted ways. Sandy fought every urge to dash back into the house, and instead calmly retrieved her mail and went back inside. Once in the door, she threw the letters to the side and ran to her office. Max was still there, thrashing under the phantom mouth. “Max!” said Sandy, instantly dissipating phantom. She reached into his mind and jolted his synapses, forcibly yanking him out of his stupor. “Max, snap out of it, your parents are back!”

Max groggily shook his head. “Wh-what?” he gasped.

“You’re parents! They’re home early! You need to contact them and tell them you’re at a friend’s place!” Max still looked stunned, so Sandy ran and fetched his phone from her bedroom, turning it on. The phone immediately announced that he had two messages, one from last night and one from this morning. Both were from Greta, telling him they were headed home early. Sandy cursed. She hadn’t realized his phone was off, and hadn’t been thinking about the calls he might get. Of course not; she’d been too busy having fun cumming her brains out on his cock.

Sandy shoved the phone into his hands. “Okay,” she said. “Just call your mother and tell her you’re at a friends.”

Max, his head clearer now, looked at the phone, then up at Sandy. “Why? Why can’t I just go over there?”

“Because…” she said, at a loss for words.

“Oh, my god,” he said. “You don’t want them to know!”

“Your mother would kill me,” said Sandy. “Please, just call them, tell them you were at a friends, and we’ll, I dunno, we’ll have you come back when they’re not at the house or when they’re asleep.”

Max grinned. “Make me cum first.” Sandy blinked and opened her mouth to protest, but then shut it. “Make me cum right now, or I’m telling my mother all about this!”

Sandy sighed. “Alright, Max. That’s fair. I was going to let you cum anyway when this was over. I just didn’t expect it to be quite this soon.”

“You promise?” said Max.

Sandy crossed her heart. “Promise. Anyway you want, too. You can even tie me up and have your way with me.”

Max’s eyes widened at this and his cock twitched in excitement.

“Come on, though, if we have to wait any longer, your mother might call the police.”

Max nodded, and dialed the phone. “Hey, Mom, got your message. Sorry I didn’t call you back…” Sandy let out a sigh and leaned against the desk as Max deftly fielded a barrage of questions from his worried mother. After a few minutes, Max finally hung up, after telling her he’d stay at his friend’s place another night. “Jesus. You’re right, probably best not to let her know.” He looked up at Sandy and grinned. “Now, then.”

Sandy smirked, reached out and grasped his balls. Max let out a hoarse cry as searing pleasure erupted in his balls. Max collapsed against her, clutching her tightly, gasping and whimpering. “You should realize, Max, you’re probably never going to be lucky enough to gain this kind of leverage against a woman again, right? You’re also lucky your mother wasn’t like mine. Mine would have laughed and gladly told me to keep you enslaved.”

“Sandy…” he gasped. “Please… just… please…!”

Sandy held him to her with her other hand, even as she increased the flow of energy through his testicles. “How you do you want it?” she said softly into his ear.

“I don’t care, just, please!”

“Surely there’s something you’d prefer? Hand? Mouth? Pussy?”

“Mouth! MOUTH!”

Sandy smiled and used her magic to prop him up against the wall. Then, just like in his fantasies, she kneeled in front of him, grasped his penis, and lovingly sucked him. Making sure they were shielded from being detected even by Greta, Sandy took her time, building Max up with a long, luxurious blow. She let his orgasm surge against the block for several minutes, letting it build and Max was nearly screaming for mercy. Then, she pulled back and released the block.

Instantly, Max erupted, firing a huge torrent of cum all over Sandy’s face and breasts. The first shots hit so hard, Sandy almost yelped in surprise. She stroked him steadily as he came, milking out every last drop. Then she leaned forward and took him into her mouth again. Max cried out as the sensations post orgasm were even more torturous than before, but Sandy sucked him vigorously, her tongue lashing away, until he erupted in another massive orgasm. This one she swallowed down, though there was still so much a little spilled over the side of her mouth.

She continued sucking him until he came thrice more, completely draining every drop of cum from his body. When she finally finished, she let Max collapse in a boneless heap on the floor, where she pet his head soothingly. She used her magic to float him into the living room, where she set him on the couch to let him rest. She finally released the lock on his erection, and for the first time in weeks, his cock slowly shrank to its relaxed state.

After cleaning herself up in the shower, Sandy joined him in the living room and watched him sleep. She sighed. It had been fun while it lasted. Pausing, she considered that it perhaps didn’t have to end quite so abruptly. He wasn’t due home until tomorrow after all. Using her magic, she floated him down to the floor and forced him spread eagle. She entered his mind kept him in a state of deep sleep, even as she triggered the nerve cluster to reactivate his erection. She then blocked his orgasm once more, just in case. She slid over him and took him inside her once more, and enjoyed one last fuck that went long into the night.


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