Sunday, April 19, 2015

Contest of Climaxes (unfinished)

Rooting around in my "Unfinished Folder", I found a story I'd started a couple years back, but ended up writer's blocking on like a truck into a brick wall. Haven't really come up with a good way to continue, but I like what I wrote so far, so I figured I'd give it a post. Enjoy!

(This is a World of Civero story, not an SMW one.)


When Jude opened his eyes, he expected to find himself staring at the dull grey ceiling of his apartment, the ceiling fan making its slow rotation and casting continuously warping shadows on the walls. He expected his girlfriend to be snuggled up next to him, and to be dressed in his pajamas.

He did not expect to find himself in a strange, all-white room, sitting in a chair, facing three other men, and all four of them to be naked. “What the hell?” he muttered. The other three men glanced over to him. The man across from him had long red hair and piercing blue eyes, This man was the first to speak, giving him a polite nod. “Howdy stranger,” he said. “Before you start panicking, take a deep breath. We don’t know what’s going on either.”

Jude blinked. He’d opened his mouth to ask exactly that, but closed it, unsure of what to say otherwise. He settled for, “Hello.” The redhead nodded back. Jude gave the other two a look. The man to his left had brown hair done in dreadlocks, his skin a dark brown shade. The man on his right, however, was not merely a man. He was a Demihuman, one of the cat-like Rouccuan. Humanoid in body and face, he sported the ears, claws, eyes, and tail of a cat, as well as short, fine layer of orange fur, light on the chest and belly, darker on the back and limbs, and striped like a tiger.

Jude ran a hand through his own slightly long black hair, brushing it out of his blue eyes as he assessed the room. Each man was in a simple white, wooden chair, all four facing inward towards one another. The room was otherwise devoid of furniture or features. The room was lit, but there was no obvious light source, as though some ambient light was coming from no where.

“Well, well,” said Jude, finally. “Naked in a room with three other strapping young men. The last time that happened, it involved a rather large bottle of tequila. I’ve been off the sauce for three years, though, so I’m a little perplexed this time.”

The redhead smirked. “I’m pretty sure this isn’t a normal post-bender morning. I take the last thing you remember was falling asleep in your bed?”

“Yes,” he said. “My girlfriend was with me. She can be a mischievous one, that. Perhaps she got her psychic friend to slip me a rather vivid dream.”

The redhead shrugged. “Pretty sure none of us are dreaming. Pinched myself enough times.”

Then they were silent for a minute. The other two men didn’t add to the conversation. Jude started feeling a bit awkward, four naked strangers just looking at one another. Not that he was embarrassed or anything. But this was just too strange a situation to not say something. “So. Introductions?” said Jude.

“Right, of course,” said the redhead. “My name is Grayson. I’m from Argonia, if that matters.”

“Jude. I’m a biomancer studying pre-med in Bellamy.”

“That right?” said Grayson, exchanging a glance with the other two men. “Interesting. I’m a technician.” He held up his hand, and electrical arcs suddenly danced between his fingers. “I’m also a geomancer, specializing in lightning and fire spells. Do you specialize, Jude?”

“Some healing, and a little bit of nerve manipulation, though that’s touch dependent. I’m hoping to aid those with paralysis.”

“Good, good,” nodded Grayson.

Jude turned to the man on his left, the dark skinned man with the dreadlocks. “And you, sir? Your name?”

The man just gave him an uncomprehending look, then shrugged, shaking his head and giving a small chuckle. He then spoke, but in the language of Ashi.

“Ah,” said Jude. He and Grayson were speaking in Grannin, the main language of their respective countries. He gave the other man a once over. “If I had to guess, our friend here is from the archipelago of Iteru, one of the southern isles. Nice vacation spot. Unfortunately, my Ashi is very, very rusty.”

“Never learned another language myself,” said Grayson.

Grayson turned to the Rouccuan. “Well. No telling where this one’s from. Though if he doesn’t know Grannin, he’s probably not from our continent. I’d guess he’s not from Zoaheim, either, or he’d have ripped our throats out by now.”

Jude frowned, but held his tongue.  Grayson noticed his look and shrugged. “Not trying to be racist. Just saying. It’s called the Forbidden Continent for a reason.”

“I suppose,” said Jude. “But I doubt we have to worry.” The catlike man ignored them both, sitting in silent contemplation.  “Well,” Jude continued. “Shall we attempt an escape?”

“There’s no need for that!” called out a feminine, chipper voice. There was a sudden burst of golden light in a space between the chairs, and suddenly a tiny, naked woman was hovering there, held aloft by a pair of translucent, butterfly like wings. The woman had the fully developed figure of a human female in her early twenties, but she was only ten inches tall, hovering a couple feet off the ground.

“Oh, fuck,” said Grayson, looking dismayed.

“Hello, handsomes!” she said, waving her hands delightedly. She then slowly spun around to appraise the men. “Mmm. Mmm-hmm! Very nice specimens. Very nice, indeed.”

Jude looked at the creature in surprise. He’d never seen anything like it, except in cartoons. She was the spitting image of a pixie, but in the flesh. At another time, Jude might have been quite fascinated. But given his sudden abduction, the word “specimen” did not escape his notice. “Excuse me, miss,” he said. “Who are you again?”

“Ah, right, of course. I am your sponsor! My name is Exellia. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a pixie! I have chosen each of you to help represent me in a little bet I’m having with a few of my friends!”

The four men traded a glance. Dreadlocks spoke for a bit, and the fairy giggled. “Oh, don’t you worry, silly boy, no harm will come to any of you. If you just help me out with this little contest, I will send you all back to the moment you were taken. No one will even know you’ve left!”

“Damn it!” said Grayson. He held out a hand and electricity crackled along it. “Absolutely not! I’m not getting messed around by one of you psychos!”

Exellia giggled and fluttered up to him, undaunted by his electrical display. “Oh, don’t be such a spoil-sport, guy. I’m sure you’ve heard all sorts of nasty rumors and folktales about how us pixies and fairies are just mean old spirits out to have our way with helpless mortals, but...” She paused, tapped her chin in thought, then smiled brightly. “Hmm, well, thinking on it, I guess that’s true! Hahaha!”

Grayson actually took a swipe at her, lightning crackling off his fingers, to extend into electrical claws. Exellia just giggled, nimbly dodged the swipe, then held out her hand. There was another flash of golden light, and Grayson was blasted back, clean out of his chair, to go crashing against the wall of the room. Grayson crumpled to the floor and groaned. Jude was on his feet, rushing over to him in an instant.

Helping Grayson into a sitting position, Jude put a hand on Grayson’s shoulder, and willed his own magic to activate. Soft white light extended from his hand to envelope Grayson. A moment later, Grayson released his grit teeth and gave his shoulder a flex. The pain of the impact was gone. Grayson looked up to Jude, who pat him on the shoulder and helped him to his feet.

“You’re handy,” said Grayson.

“I try,” said Jude. He gave Exellia a stern, but not aggressive, look. The pixie just smiled warmly back at him. “So, Miss Exellia. You have gathered us here to partake in a contest. What is the nature of this competition?”

“So glad you asked!” she said. “If there will be no more interruptions, I shall explain in full!” She gave Grayson a stern look, which was a bit comical given her size.

Grayson, however, didn’t laugh, he just frowned, and said, “Alright. Sorry. Proceed.” With that, he and Jude returned to their chairs.

“Great! So, the contest! I am seeking to prove a point to one of my friends about which of your genders is the superior at sex!” All the men blinked at that, but the pixie continued before they could ask. “To this end, my friends and I have taken four of you, and four women, from your world, and we will place you in various locations in an arena of our design. For the next five days, you men and women will seek each other out and try to fuck each other into submission. Facilities for food, drink, rest, and excretion will be provided, of course.”

She paused and waited for all that to sink in. The men traded glances, except for Grayson, who put his head in his hand and shook it. “Alright,” said Jude, apparently having become the spokesman for the group. “So… you want us to… hunt down and rape each other?”

The pixie laughed. “Oh, don’t be silly, nothing so vulgar! We picked people who we know specifically would enjoy something like this! Each of you is into some form of domination and have had multiple lovers, so you don’t get overly attached. We know you all like sex, and I believe the women we’ve chosen will be alluring to you all. We made our picks based on the preferred types of our contestants, male and female.”

“It’s still rape if you’re forcing us!” said Grayson.

“Hey! Shush! No more from you!” Exellia raised her hand and Grayson flinched back. Satisfied her lesson had been learned, she didn’t blast him this time.

“And what if we do not wish to partake in your game?” said Jude.

Exellia cocked her head to the side and frowned. “What do you mean? Why would you not want to?”

“Because you kidnapped us, took us without our permission,” said Jude. “You could have asked, at least.”

“Oh, details, details,” said Exellia, waving him off. “If you’re worried about complications, don’t be. Each of you is free of sexually transmitted diseases, the women will not become pregnant during this contest, and we even made sure to only grab people already in open relationships. Really, there’s nothing for you to get hung up about.”

“I don’t think you’re understanding what I’m getting at,” said Jude. “You are trying to force us, against our will, to force sex onto strangers.”

Exellia rolled her eyes. “They’ll be trying to sex you up, too! It’s consensual!”


“No buts!” Exellia made a kick with her foot, as if trying to stamp the ground, but forgetting she was actually still hovering several feet above it. “Why are you being so difficult?”

Grayson spoke up. “Jude, please, just roll with it,” he said. “If she’s right, we’re actually in some kind of fairy pocket dimension. They aren’t going to let us out until we do what they say, and there’s almost nothing we can do to them in their own realms.”

“See? This boy gets it!” said Exellia. She fluttered over and pat him on the head. “I bet you’ve met one of us before, haven’t you?”

“Get off me,” muttered Grayson, waving her away.

“Aw, you’re such a sourpuss!” huffed Exellia, zipping back. “Anyway, that’s basically it! You boys and girls get to fuck each other senseless, and whatever team wins at the end of the five days gets to go home with ten pounds of pure gold, for each team member.”

“And the losers?” asked Jude.

“We’ll seal off your orgasms, one day for every point both teams combined earn. So if you’re not careful, you might have a couple of months before your next release!”

Grayson let out an exasperated sigh. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

The man with dreadlocks said something in Ashi, and the Rouccuan man grunted, muttering something that sounded like a curse in yet another language.

“Oh, don’t be fuddy-duddies, I know you all have done some denial play in your day! Would you rather we castrate you?” Dreadlocks hastily said something, shaking his head, and Exellia nodded sagely. “That’s what I thought. Alright, then, good luck!” She raised her hand, and the room started to glow with golden light.

Jude held up a hand, “Wait, so how do we score points?”

The glow faded and Exellia sighed. “By making the other team orgasm, duh! You boys get one point for every orgasm you give one of the girls.” She raised her hand again, the paused. “Oh, yeah, and if anyone masturbates, the other team will get points as well. So no cheating! If you get yourself off, that’s double points for the other team!” The golden glow picked up again.

“But wait, what about—”

—and then suddenly, Jude found himself standing in a garden, surrounded by myriad types of flowers. “What… the…?” he muttered. His words cut off, and he blinked, looking around his new location. A large garden, surrounded by a hedge labyrinth. In the distance, he could see a white building, appearing to be a mansion. He sighed. “Well. This is going to be a confounding experience.”

Jude decided his best course of action was to go towards the building. He had no idea how big this “arena” was, but he figured the mansion would be the most obvious goal for shelter and supplies. Considering he didn’t even have clothes at the moment, pretty much anything would give him an edge.

So, to review. Fairies. Beings of pure magic. Mischievous, if not outright dangerous. Prone to kidnapping mortals or invading their homes and doing any number of things to them. Most folk legends told of fairies performing harmless, if aggravating, pranks. Others, however, told of fairies that tormented their victims until they went crazy. Others still, told of people being taken by them and then never being seen again.

Or so people said. The history books stated that once, over a thousand years ago, the great Mages and Espers of the time could summon and control such creatures. But after the War of Darkness, magic was driven from the world, and all magical creatures along with it. For hundreds of years, fairies would not have been capable of even visiting Civero.

But in the modern day, magic had begun to return. Jude and Grayson, both mages themselves, were living proof of this fact. In theory, everyone in the world of Civero had the genetic potential for it, though only a tiny fraction of the population were lucky enough to achieve active magic use. So if magic could return, why not fairies?

All that being said, Jude never quite believed in them. He had certainly never met one before, had never even heard of or known anyone who had encountered one. Such tales of being kidnapped by fairies always seemed to be claimed by loners and people living out in the sticks, conveniently with no eyewitnesses to confirm their stories. Of course, if the fairies wanted to hide their existence, that would be a smart way to do it.

Jude sighed. Pondering this was getting him no where. Neither was this damn hedge labyrinth. In fact, it seemed more a genuine maze as it kept twisting around and leading him to dead ends he was pretty sure weren’t supposed to be there. And every time he tried doubling back, he swore the path wasn’t the same as he had just passed it.

Jude was about to give up and try climbing the maze wall, when he turned a corner and suddenly found himself in an open spot. There was a stone fountain, shaped into a fish on a multi-tier lilly pad, continuously spitting water from its mouth, to splash down the layers into the fountain pond at the base. Ringing the fountain were a row of colorful flowers. On the opposite side of the fountain, sitting on a curved stone bench, was a young woman.

Like Jude, she was naked, with a fair complexion. Her hair was a wavy blond, and her eyes a bright green. She sat on the bench, arms folded just beneath her modest breasts. Jude couldn’t help but admire her for a moment before introducing himself. He stepped forward from around the edge of the hedge wall.

The young woman looked up with a start, giving a small, “oh!” She gave him a wary look, but forced a hesitant smile. Her arms immediately moved to cover herself, one hand over her breasts, another in front of her groin. Jude didn’t bother to do the same, per say, but he did position himself so that the fountain partially hid his form.

“Hey there,” she said. “I don’t suppose you speak Grannin, huh?”

Jude smiled reassuring. “As a matter of fact, I do.”

The young woman let out a breath and smiled. “Oh, thank mercy! I couldn’t even communicate with my teammates.” She paused. “So, alright, I just want to make sure we’re on the same page. You got kidnapped by some redheaded fairy girl?”

“Yes,” said Jude. “And she wants us to participate in a contest.”

“That involves fucking.” Jude nodded, and the young woman nodded back. “Okay. Well. I suppose I’m not completely crazy, then.”

“So,” said Jude. He motioned to the bench. “May I sit with you?”

“Only if I can get your name first,” she said.

“Yes, of course. I am Jude.”

“Penny.” She scooted over and pat the seat next to her. Jude sat down and the two were silent for a bit. “So,” she continued, “are you from Bellamy?”

“As a matter of fact, I am. The same with you?”

“Born there. Moved to Atla with my husband, but we stick to the Curranian district, mostly.”

“Husband, hmm?” Jude’s thoughts wandered a bit. “I take it your relationship isn’t exclusive, despite marraige?”

“We fool around with two other couples from time to time,” said Penny.

Jude nodded, knowingly. “Are you okay with this?”

Penny shrugged. “Not really, but I can tell we’re in no position to resist.”

“Seems that way. Still.” Jude didn’t make a move yet, contemplating how to approach this. He was pretty sure, given that his own teammates consisted of another mage and a demihuman, that Penny was likely not just an ordinary girl herself. Jude let his magic well up, but held it just under the surface.

“Well,” said Penny, turning and giving him a shy smile. “I guess it’s happening one way or the other. I don’t have a problem if you don’t. Unless you’ve got a special someone?”

“My girlfriend and I are rather open, ourselves.”

“Good, good.” Penny gave him a once over, slowly taking him in. As she did, she dropped her arms, revealing her breasts and sex, and Jude likewise gave her an admiring look. In doing so, however, he didn’t see the vines that were slowly snaking their way towards him, until he suddenly felt them wrap around his forearms and lower legs. Jude uttered a small cry as he was yanked back onto the ground, where he hit a cushion of thick grass that hadn’t been there a moment ago. Several more vines extended from the ground to wrap around his limbs and torso, pinning him quite thoroughly.

“Well, then,” said Jude. “I suspect this is your doing?”

Penny giggled and sauntered up to him, then lay down alongside him, propping herself up on one elbow and admiring her handiwork. “Sorry,” she said. “You seem nice, but you’ll understand a girl wanting to be cautious.” She extended her free arm and settled a hand delicately on his chest, tracing it with her fingers. “Don’t worry. I know you’ve no reason to trust me, either, but I promise I won’t hurt you.” She settled her fingers over his left nipple and lightly traced it. She smiled as it stiffened.

Jude squirmed a bit. His nipples had always been a bit sensitive, something his lovers were quick to take advantage of when they found out. His cock twitched as the tickling of his nipple sent the signal that it was time to get busy. Still, Jude wasn’t ready to give in so easily, and he maintained his cool, despite himself.

“So,” he said. “Plant manipulation. You’re a Biomancer, then?”

“Uh-huh,” said Penny, letting her fingers trail over to his other nipple.

“Quite a rare gift,” he said. Glancing around he noted the hedges had closed off the entrance he’d come into, trapping both of them in this little garden section. Even if he broke free of the vines, he suspected the hedge walls would simply ensnare him if he tried to escape. “Haha, I see. You chose a very convenient place to meet me.”

“Uh-huh,” she said coyly. She leaned down and kissed his chest, licking his left nipple as she tickled the right with her fingers.

Jude’s cock began to stiffen despite himself. Cripes, why did she have to go straight for the nipples? Jude considered using his magic to dull his own nerves, but opted not to give away his own abilities just yet.

Penny looked down at his cock and frowned as it was only semi-hard. “Hmm,” she said. She let her hand trail down to his thighs and lightly tickled the area just around his genitals, tracing the nook where his inner thigh met his hips. Jude jumped and his cock stiffened further as the sensations tickled his loins to life, but Penny made a point not to touch his cock yet.

“You’re a bit of a tease, aren’t you?” said Jude.

Penny giggled. “No need to rush things,” she said. “We’re going to be here for a while, so we may as well enjoy ourselves.”

“I suppose so,” said Jude. He drew in a breath as suddenly, two roses grew out of the ground on either side of his chest, then bent towards him, each flower tickling a nipple with its petals. Penny lifted herself up onto her hands and knees, crawled between Jude’s legs, then sat cross-legged between them. She gave Jude a sly smile, then from between her legs rose a single stalk of a pussy willow. She plucked it from the ground and ran her fingers over the fluffy end, as if testing the feel of it. Then she held it like a feather duster, and brushed the fuzzy head of the stalk along Jude’s semi-hard cock with quick little strokes.

Between the tickling of his nipples and the teasing of his loins, Jude couldn’t help but grow fully hard. Penny smiled at this, and then switched to slow, deliberate, downward strokes along his stiff shaft. “You’re a nice size,” she said. “All the more to play with!”

“Thank you, my dear,” said Jude. “You have lovely breasts, yourself.”

Penny blushed a little. “Aw, you’re sweet.” She then brushed over his testicles in circular strokes, giggling as his cock jumped at the tickling sensations.

None of this was nearly enough for Jude to get off to, so he was in no danger of cumming at this rate. However, he knew she was taking her time to break down his defenses. If she had just jumped on his cock and started jacking him like a bike pump, that wouldn’t have done her any good. She was playing it clever, seducing him into giving up his climax to her. She was pretty decent at it, studying his reactions as she tried different things, seeing what was most effective.

Jude, however, was more than familiar with the art of teasing, and was certainly well practiced in using his own powers to do so. However, most of his abilities required direct contact with a person to transfer his biomantic energies. He had hoped Penny would be a bit more hands on then she was being. As it was, the way she was sitting, her knees were resting on the edge of his thighs, the only points of contact. It would have to be enough.

Jude let his magic slowly exit through his legs, mild enough that he hoped she wouldn’t notice. As he understood it, Biomancers who specialized in Plant Control tended not to be skilled in other areas of the magic; no nerve control, no healing, no chi energy. So she likely wouldn’t sense his own manipulations if he kept them subtle. He sent tiny pulses of signals through his thighs and into Penny’s knees, which traveled to her own loins and brain. After a few moments, he noticed Penny’s nipples harden, and she took in a breath, shifting herself a bit.

And so Jude played the long game as Penny tickled him from chest to thighs with her plants, even making another pussy willow and more roses tease his body. Jude found himself squirming under her ministrations, his cock flexing until pre-cum started to peek from the tip. She was riling him up more than he’d thought! But even as she did so, Jude continued to pump signals of arousal and need into her, subtly enticing her body to give into its desires, and climb on top of him. Several times, Jude saw her hands straying towards her own sex, only to pull back as she caught herself.

She shifted to a kneeling position, squeezing her thighs together. Jude could see she was quite wet, a trail of her juices sliding down her leg. However, in doing so, she broke contact with his skin, and cutting off his signals. She let out a lustful breath, looking flushed. For a moment, Jude thought she’d figured him out. But then, Penny tossed aside the pussy willows, leaned down, and grasped his cock. She took him into her mouth, and Jude gasped.

She moaned as she bobbed her head, working her tongue on him quickly. Jude grit his teeth and his hips jerked as the wet heat of her mouth quickly drove him to the edge. She had riled him up a lot more than he’d realized, slowly creeping him towards climax until all it would take is a few good strokes to make him pop. She was going to win this if Jude didn’t do something fast!

Fortunately, Jude’s self-control maintained, and he his used magic to dull his own senses, limiting the pleasure he was feeling. That kept him from going over the edge of orgasm right away, though her ministrations were so skilled, he had to will himself to hold back his release, even with his cock numbed. With that done, however, he began pumping signals into her body in earnest. He didn’t hold back this time, and his body glowed with soft white light, his cock glowing the brightest as he channeled his magic through it.

Penny’s body locked up and she pulled off him. However, her hand locked onto his cock, and wouldn’t let go. She tried to pull away, but Jude’s magic wouldn’t let her. Her eyes widened as she felt raw pleasure flood into her body, pulsing through her sex, tingling along her breasts, tickling at the erogenous zones on her neck and lower back. Jude had brought many of his lovers to powerful climaxes with this technique, slowly building them up and then hammering them with sensations. Penny hadn’t stood a chance.

Penny shrieked and clutched at Jude’s legs as her body shuddered in intense orgasm. Her pussy practically gushed as she writhed against him. More of her body contacted his skin as she moved and Jude pumped more energy through them, allowing her to let go of his cock as her grip locked around his legs. She came again. And then a third time. And a fourth and a fifth, until she howled for mercy.

“P-p-please… enough… c-c-can’t… can’t cum… any more…” Penny looked at him pleadingly, tears of pleasure streaming down her face. Jude finally relented. He lowered the pulsing signals, slowly bringing her down from her climaxes. Penny lay in a sweaty, boneless sprawl between his legs.

Jude waited a few moments, letting her catch her breath, before saying, “Would you be so kind as to release me?” he said. “Or I might have to give you a few more.”

Penny curled up between his legs, moaning contentedly, but she waved her hand at him, and the various vines and flowers let go of him. Jude got up and stretched. Looking down at her, she had her eyes closed, and appeared to be dozing off. Keeping a few feet away, he said, “You alright?”

“Mmmm, you’re mean,” she mumbled.

“Sorry,” he said. “If it’s any consolation, you’re quite skilled.”

“Yeah,” she said. She opened her eyes and gave him a sleepy smile and wink. “You too.”

“I suppose I shall be off, then,” he said. He turned to try and find an exit, but there were only the four solid walls of the hedge. “If you don’t mind?”

“Ha,” muttered Penny. “Not gunna help you there.”

“Fair enough,” said Jude.


  1. I loved the premise of the story! There are lots of directions that can be taken even if you just focus on the character of Jude and his exploits. At least four other scenes covering a variety of kinks and fetishes. The only thing that prevented me from fully enjoying this story was the non-consent. I don't like non consensual sex in stories or stories where the main character is trapped in a situation with no feasible way out. This story would have been much better for me if the pixie asked each participant if they wanted to play the game, enticing them with the prize of gold, but telling them just before it starts that the losers get long term denial. Some thing she forgot to mention in the beginning. Also I have always been partial to the Civero world more than the Sex mage world.

    1. It's sort of riffing on the idea of Marvel's "Content of Champions" concept, one of many where some all-powerful cosmic being forces a bunch of heroes and/or villains to fight for their amusement. In this case, instead of fighting, it's sex.


      I made it so the participants were more or less willing to do it, given the circumstances, so they aren't just full out trying to rape each other. No harm, no foul, and all that.

    2. I did kind of get a "Contest of Champions" vibe. And don't get me wrong I enjoyed the story a lot. And I see the "no harm no foul" mantra throughout a lot of your stories. I was just saying that for me personally I can enjoy characters being in tough situations as long as they have a way out. I hope you plan on finishing this story it was a great start. Maybe Jude doesn't run into anyone else for the rest of the day and when he meets up with the rest of his team he see the score and finds out that they got captured by a couple members of the other team and were forced to make themselves orgasm over and over giving the ladies double points and a huge lead. Jude was the only one to score points for his team.

    3. Well, I don't remember whatever I had planned, but part of the story was probably going to involve trying to figure out how to escape the fairy dimension, whilst doing the challenge.

    4. I think that could be an interesting direction to go in, but I feel that you made the fairies too powerful to leave much room for that. If you write the beginning over again with the participants agreeing to enter the contest without knowing the cost of losing it would still give the story tension, but would leave you to focus on the sexy parts instead of trying to write a coherent way around nearly omnipotent fairy magic. And with the way this story is unfolding it seems that even if they escape the fairies would try to get revenge in some way. Now that could be where you want to take it, and if so more power to you, but if not there are ways to work around that.

    5. Nah. Doesn't really appeal to me. I'd find it boring.

      Butt then again, I've no plans to continue anyway, so I guess it's moot.