Monday, May 4, 2015

Just A Little Scene: Sleep Over?

I'm not sure where this was going. Had another idea for a weekend-long sexy teasing contest, set in the Sex Mage World, but lacked ideas for the challenges and scenes. However, I did get this "first night" scene written up, and as usual, I hate letting good scenes go to waste!


“Well,” said Lucy, holding up the sheet and patting the spot next to her. “You going to join me?”

Frank scowled a bit. “You’re just going to tease me,” he said.

Lucy smirked. “Oh, I’ll tease you no matter what. So the choice is yours: be teased while you shiver in a corner, cold all night. Or be teased all warm and snuggly with me.” Her smirk became a mischievous smile as she watched Frank wrestle with his choices, his cock twitching in anticipation of his inevitable fate.

Finally, he caved. “Alright,” he said quietly, and came over to the bed, sliding between the sheets. She dropped the blanket over them both and had him turn so his back was to her. She spooned against him and he let out a breath as he felt her breasts press against his back. She snaked a hand around and boldly grasped his penis. He jumped at the contact, expecting a sudden rush of pleasure again. But she didn’t use her magic. Instead she gave him a gentle squeeze and slowly stroked him.

She leaned forward and kissed the back of his neck, then trailed her lips up to his ear. She whispered lightly, her breath tickling his ear and making him squirm. His hand grasped her arm just behind her wrist, but he didn’t dare try to pull her hand away from his cock. “Thank you for playing along, Frank,” she said. She kissed his cheek. “I love you so much.”

“It’s not like I… have a choice…” he said.

“Sure you do,” she said. “But every choice has consequences. I keep telling you.”

“You said… I couldn’t cum for…” Frank let out a soft moan as her hand moved a bit faster. “For three months if… I didn’t play along… but…” He let out a shaky breath as he felt his cock clench, already threatening to edge.

“But?” she said, and playfully pushed against his ass with her pelvis. Her hand moved a bit faster.

“But… if we lose this game… it could be a whole…” another gasp, “a whole lot… m-more… oh!” His grip on her arm tightened as he shuddered, an orgasm welling up inside him, only to be shoved back down by her magic. He gasped from the edging.

Lucy smiled, and let go of his penis. She scooted back a bit, and pulled on his shoulder, pushing him onto his back. She grabbed his hands, and he only half-heartedly tried to resist as she pushed them up over his head. He gripped the bars of the headboard and he felt her magic lock his hands in place. He started to raise his legs, but she pushed them down, and a touch of magic forced him to spread his legs flat and apart.

She then slid her body over his, straddling him on hands and knees. Her hair formed a curtain around her face, and her breasts swayed hypnotically. “Well, there’s one easy way to fix that, Frank. Don’t lose.” She then lowered herself down onto him, and her vaginal lips, hot and moist, pressed against the length of his shaft.

“Oh, god!” He gasped sharply, and squirmed under her.

“Goddess,” she corrected, and she slid up on his cock, until the tip was pressing against her entrance. She held him there for a moment, savoring the look of panic, yearning, and sexual tension on his face, hoping for and yet fearing what she would do next. Just when she felt him almost start to get a grip on himself and calm down, she rocked back, and took his full length inside her.

They both gasped again, Lucy letting out a soft moan, while Frank let out a sound more like a whimper. Lucy began motioning on his cock, sliding up quickly, then sinking down slowly, dragging out the wet friction for both of their pleasures. Frank shook, and tried to buck his hips, but he was secured in such a way that he could only twist his hips slightly.

Lucy paused to lean down and kiss him deeply, before leaning back up and riding him, steadily up and down this time. “I love you so much, Frank. I know I abuse you sometimes. But only because I know that deep down, you love it as much as I do.”

He couldn’t deny her as his arousal spiked up at the thought of her teasing and using him all weekend, riding him like this, overpowering him even more with her pure female sexuality than she did with the magic. Used like this, he felt emasculated and vulnerable in ways a man shouldn’t ever have to feel. And that turned him on to the point of madness. And his girlfriend knew it. And she loved him for it.

“Don’t worry, my love,” she said huskily. “I’ll be gentle tonight.” And so saying, she rode his cock at a steady, slow pace, kissing him softly, then deeply, every few minutes, until she came herself unconscious, falling into an easy sleep. Frank, however, was left bound, his penis blazing hot and hard from desperation.

And just when he finally was about to fall asleep from exhaustion, he jumped as he felt a trio of feathers tickle his penis. Was Lucy using her power in her sleep? Were the other women pitching in? He whimpered and shivered, but did his best to minimize his movements, knowing things would only get worse if he woke Lucy up.


Becky hummed lightly to herself as she rooted through her bag. She made a point to bend over at just the right angle for Joe to appreciate her ass. Finally, she stood, and slid a large, light blue shirt on, large enough that one side of the collar drooped down from her right shoulder, and the bottom of the shirt reached her knees. It was the oversized shirt she liked wearing as a sleeping gown sometimes. The front had a picture of several stick figure people, three girls holding long feathers, dancing around a prone male, who was helplessly tied to the ground. The caption of the shirt read, “Boys are stupid, tease their penises!”

Becky turned to Joe and smiled. Joe, for his part, could only shudder and offer a light moan. He was being held aloft by Becky’s power, tied upside down, with his arms behind his back. His cock was at maximum stiffness as Becky’s magic flowed into his organ. It wasn’t painful, but neither was it altogether pleasurable, just a steady stream of energy that hummed in his penis, keeping him at the peak of arousal. His cock was steadily leaking pre-cum, and being upside down like this, he was dribbling his fluid all over his own chest and face.

Becky walked over, standing so Joe could almost see up her skirt to the white panties beneath, stirring him to whimper. She reached up with a hand, and lightly pat his testicles. Joe flinched and squirmed, but he was bond thoroughly in her magic, and hanging in mid-air, could not get any leverage anyway.

“Enjoying the game so far, sweetie?” she said in a girly voice. She continued her steady patting of his balls, a little harder. “Hmm?”

Joe whimpered. His mouth was sealed shut by her magic as well, but she could easily see his thoughts. “Oh, don’t be such a downer. You’ve still got two more days to build up points!” The pats became light slaps now. “Well, of course it isn’t fair. We’ve been over this. Sex Magic. We have it. You don’t. Fair doesn’t factor into it.” A little harder. His cock was bouncing with the hits now. “Hey, it’s not my fault you’re such a glutton for punishment. If you wanted to cum sooner, you wouldn’t keep breaking the rules. So you have only yourself to blame for having twice as long to wait as the other two boys.” Harder. She sighed. “Well, if that’s how you’re going to be…”

She pulled away from him, ceasing her slaps. However, a bit more magic, and Joe writhed as he felt the sensations of the slaps continue. The phantom hands gradually slapped harder and harder until reaching a point just a hair away from unbearable. At the same time, the sensation of soft, slick fingers slowly began tracing up and down his length, coaxing him to stay hard and on edge. Joe whimpered pitifully. Becky smiled as she snuggled under the covers, leaving Joe hanging and suffering. She let out a satisfied sigh as she listened to the furious buzzing of his swollen, sensitive balls, and the desperate humming of his rock hard, leaking cock, absorbing the pleasing warmth of his sexual energy to lull her into a restful sleep.


Sally snuggled up against Doug, and he wrapped his arms around her. “So,” she said softly. “Enjoying our little game?”

“Kinda,” Doug admitted. His cock was still hard, and feeling her soft, firm body pressing against his wasn’t helping any.

“Just kinda?” she said with a small pout.

“I didn’t… I didn’t expect it to be this… well…”

“Intense?” Sally giggled, and wrapped her fingers around his stiff cock. She very lightly, slowly, stroked him.

Doug let out a breath. “Sally… please… don’t tease me too much tonight…”

“Oh, honey, now that’s just not fair. All naked and hard in bed with me, and you want to keep me from playing? Hate to tell you, but that’s not how things work in a Sex Mage World!”


“Oh, poo. Becky and Lucy are having their fun. I want some, too! Pleeeeeease!” She gave Doug her best puppy dog eyes.

Doug swallowed, his cock flexing in her hand. Finally, he relented. “I guess… okay… a little…”

“Yay!” she said. She brought her other hand down, and held Doug’s cock with both hands, firmly, and stroked him steadily.

Doug’s breathing quickened as her strokes very quickly brought him towards the edge. Teased as he was, he had very little sexual stamina. But rather than force him to fight the orgasm block, Sally slowed her strokes, easing him down to where he wasn’t so close to popping off. The firmness of her grip maintained, however, so all it would take was a slight speed up, and he’d be edging in seconds.

Sally watched Doug’s face, looking into his eyes, and smiling as he grimaced and gasped and worked his jaw. He reached for her and gripped her sides, one hand on her hip, the other on one of her arms, though he didn’t try to stop her touches.

“What are you thinking about?” said Sally, in a low, husky voice.

Doug frowned. “You can… read my… thoughts… through my dick…” he said, breathlessly.

“I want to hear you say it, silly,” she said.

“Um… you… sucking me…”

“Want me to?” said Sally, coyly. Doug nodded, and she giggled. She stopped stroking and scooted herself down, slipping from Doug’s hands, until her head was at his crotch level. She snaked out her tongue and slowly licked a thick bead of pre-cum from the tip of his cock. Doug’s hands locked onto her shoulders and he hissed as his cock flexed in her hands. She giggled softly once more, then leaned forward, and took his penishead in her mouth. She suckled him gently, passing her tongue over and around the head, her tongue tip tracing the sensitive ridge of his penishead.

Doug made a sharp gasp and his hips bucked. His penis spasmed as he tried to cum. But Sally’s orgasm block held fast, denying him. Sally lifted off his cockhead with a soft pop, and looked up at his pained expression of need. “And who else?” she said.

“Uh… uh…”

“Come on,” she said. “Tell me. Who else are you thinking about sucking you?”

“B-b-becky!” he gasped. “You and Becky… both…”

“Both, huh?” Sally grinned. “You know Becky’s a total bitch, right? If only you could sense what she’s doing to Joe right now!”

“Please…” hissed Doug.

Sally clucked her tongue, wagging a finger at him. “Hey, now. You know my rule against begging.” Before he could respond, she took him in her mouth again, this time sliding him as deep as he could go. His penishead pressed against the back of her throat, and her lips still had an inch to go to reach the root of him. She made a few quick swallowing motions, and Doug cried out as the warm, wet squeezing spurred him into another failed attempt at climax.

Sally held him that way for nearly a minute, before she pulled off him, leaving his cock hard, soaked, and blood red with pressure. She then scooted up and gave Doug a deep kiss on the lips before he could react. Just when he started to respond to the kiss, intending to return it with gusto, she pulled away, leaving him hanging. Turning around, she spooned up against him, pressing her ass firmly against his cock. Doug bucked against her, but he felt her magic finally seize him, halting his humping attempts.

“Goodnight, my love,” she said, and giggled as he reached around and gripped her tightly to him. His cock throbbing right against the crack of her ass, he took several long minutes to calm himself down enough to where he could start to try to sleep. Sally, pretending to fall asleep quickly, waited until he was half-way unconscious. Then, suppressing a giggle, she made a pair of phantom tongues give him a long, sensual tongue bath on his genitals, deeply licking his cock and balls.

Doug jerked awake, but Sally’s magic held him firm against her. She sensed him desperately wanting to beg her to stop or let him cum, anything, but he didn’t dare try. She smiled as she drifted to sleep for real, leaving Doug to be teased all night, his suffering lulling her with psychic warmth and power.

As she did, she sensed Frank two rooms down, drifting off to sleep after a long, sensual fucking from Lucy. With Doug and Joe being teased all night, she felt it a shame if Frank was left out, and cast a trio of feather spells to tease him straight through till morning.

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