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Since the Menu Bar was getting pretty cluttered, I have opted to make one main Table of Contents hub. Below are links to each sub-section's own Table of Contents.

Getting Started - If you are a new reader, the stories listed here are the best to start with, both to get a general tone of my style, and get the gist of my basic concepts.

Sex Mage World - This comprises the bulk of my work, and explores a version of Earth where all adult women possess sexual based powers over men.

The World of Civero - An Earth-like modern fantasy setting where some men and women can gain more typical supernatural powers, though the stories still focus on femdom.

The Centurions Universe - A somewhat typical superhero universe, where occasionally the heroes must contend with sexually-empowered foes.

Dellissa's World - An alternative setting of the Sex Mage World, where a sex-obsessed fairy-goddess has created her own microcosm of the SMW to play with humans she has kidnapped from Earth.

Jahi's Invasion - A version of Earth where a demon-goddess attempts to conquer the planet by transforming human women into lascivious Sex Monsters.

Other Works - A handful of stories and setting notes that take place in distinctly different settings from any of the above, as well as articles and musing on my general writing style and broader femdom concepts.

Recommendations - A recommendation of other authors whose work also utilizes Supernatural Femdom.

I hope you find the content of this blog enjoyable, or at least intriguing! If you've questions or comments, love mail or hate mail, you can contact me at:

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