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The stories on this blog take place across multiple different settings, and so to reduce clutter, I have given each setting its own Table of Contents. Click the links below to reach each sub-section's own Table of Contents.

Warning: My writing deals with themes of femdom/malesub, tease-and-denial, non-consent, dubious-consent, sadism, body control, mental manipulation, and superhuman sexual feats. Beyond that, my stories vary thematically between playful couples just having fun, dramatic character pieces, sexually charged heroic adventures, and women using and abusing men for revenge and/or pleasure.

Getting Started - These stories are good introductions to my overall style and concepts.


This comprises the bulk of my work, and explores various versions of Earth where all adult women possess Sex Magic, a powerful system of sexually focused psychic and magical effects that give them near-total control over men's bodies and minds.

Sex Mage World - This is the "primary canon" of the SMW.
    Sub-Settings - Locations within the SMW that follow a specific fetish scenario.
Sex Mage Multiverse - Alternative visions of the SMW concept.
  Dellissa's World - A pocket reality created by a fairy-goddess that serves as an alternate version of the Sex Mage World.
  The Crossover Timeline - An alternate canon that once attempted to combine the SMW and the Erotic Adventures Universe.

A multiple-setting universe mostly featuring more traditional super powers, magic, and psychic abilities used in erotic ways. The different planets and dimensions are linked through a common history. This is officially a "retired" setting. I do not intend to set any more stories or projects here.

The World of Civero - An modern fantasy world featuring psychics, mages, and demihumans.
The Centurions Universe - A superhero world similar to mainstream comic books.
Jahi's Invasion - A version of Earth where a demon-goddess uses sexual curses to try and conquer the planet.


Paramour Powers - An alternate supers setting.
Omnymphotents - A silly setting about omnipotent nymphomaniacs, and those they empower.
Other Works - A handful of stories and setting notes that take place in distinctly different settings from any of the above, as well as articles and musings on my general writing style and broader femdom concepts.
Addressing Common Concerns - These are frequently asked questions and commonly brought up topics I've gotten from readers over the years.
Recommendations - A recommendation of other authors whose work also utilizes Supernatural Femdom.

I hope you find the content of this blog enjoyable, or at least intriguing! If you've questions or comments, love mail or hate mail, you can contact me at:

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