Friday, November 25, 2011

Just A Little Scene: A Thief's Tale

I’d been stealing to live pretty much since I was an orphaned girl on the street. Now, at the age of 21, I’d had Sex Magic for two years, and simple stealing was as easy as giving a guy a boner and convincing him he owed me a couple hundred dollars if he ever wanted to cum again. Once I’d gotten enough “seed money” and used a bit of influence, I was able to get a real job and a place to live. Nothing too fancy, but enough to get buy and try to live legitimately.

Only that didn’t work out as well as I’d thought. I still had the itch, the thrill of trying to steal. So I took to becoming a cat burglar, breaking into homes as stealthily as possible, and stealing something like a cheap novelty item or whatever. I’d usually come back and toss the item in their yard a week or two later.

Was I tempting fate? You bet your sweet ass I was. It wouldn’t be such a thrill otherwise. I know, I got problems. Maybe one day, I’ll get a therapist. For now though, I’m young and reckless, and fuck you, I’ll do what I want.

But you aren’t here to listen to my life story, are you, you pervert? I can see it in your head and in your pants, you just want the spicy details I promised about that one adventure. Right, right, for your “blog on exciting Sex Magic stories.” Honestly, you men. You’re all a bunch of weirdos.

Anyway, the story. I’d cased the neighborhood for a couple of weeks, learning the habits of the residents. Pretty upscale neighborhood, but my job took me through that area at the time. I settled on this one house that I’d noticed seemed only be occupied by a single woman, who didn’t seem to be home very often. Strangely, she also didn’t appear to have a security system. You’d think such a place would, but upper class folk sometimes get overconfident if their community feels too safe. Of course, more so than that, Sex Magic had a way of making lots of women overconfident that defending their home was as easy as just seizing a man by his cock and throwing him out the door. What a lot of “high society” women tended to forget was men weren’t the only ones capable of breaking and entering.

One night, I didn’t see any cars in the driveway, and all the lights were out, so I decided that was my chance. I snuck in all ninja-like, black body suit and a belt of thieving tools, popping out one of the decorative glass inserts in the back door and unlocking it. However, as I crept through the house, I froze.

I could sense a hard cock in the house. It was buzzing pretty loud, too. I hadn’t expected anyone to be there, so I almost left. But then, it occurred to me that if the couple here was having some really hot sex, that actually made things easy for me. For as loud as he was buzzing, the couple was clearly too wrapped up in their activities to probably notice me creeping around in here. I just had to be extra careful to be quiet, something I’d already mastered quite well.

As I took a few more steps into the house, I paused, remembering the lack of cars in the driveway. That got me curious. Was the woman not here then? If so, why could I sense a man’s cock? I knew some women could use their Magic at far ranges, but the man seemed to be going through quite an intense session. I decided to investigate further, and followed the path of the buzzing up to the third floor, creeping as silently as I could.

By the time I got to the door, I could already “see” the man, sensing his sexually stimulated form through the walls, but I still jumped a little when I opened the door and physically saw him. It was pitch dark in the room, but my senses let me see him perfectly, lit up with arousal as he was. He was naked, and was sitting in an armchair, hands clutching the sides. He was middle aged with a pot belly, not ugly by any means, but not what I would consider attractive. He was shaking and moaning loudly. His cock was jerking between his legs, fully stiff and leaking precum. His eyes were wild The buzzing sound of his excitement was so loud it made me wince.

It was actually really creepy. He was just sitting there in the dark, writhing and gasping, but from the looks of it, he couldn’t seem to get up off the chair. His eyes rolled forward and spotted me. I froze for a second, and he gasped, “Kyoko… p-please…” An image flashed through his head, that of the woman who I knew lived here. In his lust mad state, he thought I was her.

I quickly shut the door before he could realize his error. I stood there in the hall and opened up my sexual senses further, looking into his mind, where his fantasies and desires lay. I was stunned. The man was her husband, Charles. Before the emergence of Sex Magic five years ago, he’d been a big, powerful figure in the business world once, and Kyoko had been his easily shoved around trophy wife. He’d fucked her like a cheap whore and showed her off at parties, but had otherwise dismissed her as little better than an annoyance he put up with only until she started looking a little too old. Then, apparently, he’d planned to trade her in for a new model.

Then the Sex Magic appeared, and suddenly, meek little Kyoko had Charles by the balls, quite literally. She’d been making him pay for it ever since, dressing him up in girly costumes and taking pictures to post on the web, making him quit his job to become her nude house maid while she took over his position at the company. If he ever threatened her or even got stubborn and refused to do what she asked, she would do this to him: leave him magically tied to a chair or the bed, and use her powers to stimulate his cock for days. Sometimes to rub it in, she’d bring home a hot young stud and fuck his brains out while making Charles watch. From what I could see, she hadn’t physically touched him or let him have an orgasm in years.

He’d been here for hours today already, and likely had many more to go, while Kyoko was out doing god knows what. Probably out getting some while poor hubby here suffered. Well, from what I’d seen in his head, I wasn’t in any hurry to help him out. But I also didn’t want to get on this Kyoko chick’s bad side, if she ever did find out about me. I’d had a bit of revenge myself on a few assholes once my own magic kicked in, but never anything like this.

Still, I had gone through all this trouble. No sense in leaving without something. leaving some kind of mark. I crept over to the bathroom down the hall, where I located a tube of lipstick. Then, as I went back to the room, I used my magic to force the man to close his eyes. I leaned down and painted a small frowny face on his balls. The man shuddered and gasped, and I could see in his mind that this was the first time in years his cock had been physically touched other than Kyoko cleaning it with a thick, rough sponge glove. Poor little asshole.

After that, I got the fuck out there, and soon after, my job relocated, so I never went by there again. Once I drove by out of curiosity, planning to cast out my senses to see if I could detect them, but a new couple had moved in by then. Still, I sometimes wonder what happened to old Charles after Kyoko came home and saw the lipstick mark on his balls.

Yeah, I know what you’re little theory would probably be, pervert. If you’re not careful, something like that could happen to you, you know. And if it does, and another devious thief like me decides to pay you a visit, she might not be so “nice” as I was. Oh, who am I kidding? You’d love it, wouldn’t you? That’s okay, to each their own. Just makes it easier for me to steal your wallet while your busy making a tent in your pants!

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