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Metis Academy: Tim's Day

NOTE: This story takes place in the Sex Mage World, sixty years since the appearance of Sex Magic. Sex Magic is truly beginning to take hold as an aspect of society women and men should fully embrace. Colleges and private High Schools, once single-gender exclusive since the appearance of Sex Magic, are shifting back to co-ed status. Society is truly Female Dominant now, and boys and girls are raised and trained accordingly.

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are ages 18 and up.

Tim tossed and turned in his sleep, slowly rousing as his rock hard cock twitched and clenched, forcing unconscious moans from his lips. His hips jerked as his body instinctively tried fuck something to relieve the desire building in his cock. As he started to gain consciousness, he became aware of the sensation of feathers lightly stroking up and down his cock, tickling the head and balls. His eyes snapped open and he lurched, turning onto his back, his cock bouncing as he tried to fuck the air for a few moments, caught up in the sensations.

“F-fuck!” Tim muttered. “I’m up! I’m up!” For a moment, he thought he’d gone unheard, as the sensations continued to tease him. But then, they lessened, and finally pulled away, leaving Tim panting on the bed, his balls aching. He wished, more than anything, that he could reach down to stroke himself, but he could not. Then he wished he could beg for the sensations to keep going until he popped, but he knew that would be pointless. With a groan, he staggered out of bed, his cock stubbornly wagging before him.

As soon as he was on his feet, an invisible hand clasped around his cock. The grip was gentle, but firm, and Tim knew better than to try and resist its pull. He immediately followed it, the hand reeling him in like a fish towards the door. He stepped out into the hall, and joined the other boys of the dorm as they stood at attention, naked and hard for the Head Mistress and the Dorm staff to inspect.

The smartly dressed women, all quite gorgeous in their heels, stockings, and conservatively designed, yet provocatively worn business suits, came down the hall, looking each of the boys over one by one. As they did, each boy shivered and their cocks twitched. Some had to bite their lips to keep from moaning, and one boy was nearly in tears. He opened his mouth to say something, no doubt to beg for some kind of mercy, but a single glance from the Head Mistress, and he jumped, clamping his mouth shut. His cock clenched a few times, and he turned red with embarrassment.

Such was the morning ritual for all the boys of the Metis Academy Boarding School. A small, yet prestigious place of learning, it was also somewhat infamous for its policy of “preparing boys for the real world.” This meant that not only were they expected to perform their studies and school activities with full dedication, they were also expected to do so while constantly under the influence of Sex Magic. Upon arrival, the female staff seized their genitals and minds, setting forth rules and conditions that the boys had to follow, enforced and maintained by the women’s magic:

1) No male is allowed to facilitate their own pleasure. No masturbating or trying to initiate sex or sexual contact with others, without the permission, and either witness or participation, of a female.

2) A male’s orgasm must be earned through hard work and diligence. Exceptional circumstances may allow an orgasm to be given as a special favor, but a male is expected to repay that favor ten fold.

3) Males must be naked and erect at all times to demonstrate proper respect to females and sincere submission to female authority.

4) Males may not resist the advances and requests of females, unless doing so would result in genuine harm to the male or female in question. Any attempt at falsely accusing a female of unreasonable requests will be harshly punished.

So it was for Tim and all 100 boys attending the school, their dignity was stripped from them every day, starting with the morning ritual. As the Head Mistress came up to him, Tim tried to look her in the eye, but withered under her cool scrutiny. She glanced him up and down, and then Tim felt a tiny jolt to his cock, which made him jump, then stand further at attention. The Head Mistress fixed her gaze upon him a moment longer, than proceeded to the next boy. The Vice Head Mistress and Mistress of the Dorm Karen, followed right behind, both not quite able to hide their amusement as professionally as the Head Mistress.

A few minutes later, and the boys were given a pass. They were allowed to retrieve their sandals and backpacks and go to breakfast. Just as they were about to leave, however, one of the boys, Max, was asked to stay back. The other boys traded knowing glances and cringes. Max had been the boy who had almost spoken out. They all knew he hadn’t cum in over a month, and he was starting to lose it. It was possible the Head Mistress was going to take pity on him. It was more possible she was going to just keep punishing him until he learned how to take it.

The boys headed off, a few of them still hesitating to go outside naked, but pushed forward by their hungry classmates anyway. They tried to ignore the way their rock hard cocks wiggled in front of them as they walked. The girls were already in the cafeteria, having been allowed in while the boys were being scrutinized. The newer girls were still giggling over seeing the procession, while the older girls simply smiled with amusement or remained indifferent, having seen it enough times before. The girls, of course, were all fully dressed.

After getting his food, Tim sat down in the corner table, pulling out some notes to glance over before class while he ate. A few moments later, however, a tall girl with short brown hair sat down across from him. Before he could say hello, she had slipped off her shoes and propped her socked feet onto his lap. Tim let out a small gasp as her left foot pressed fully against his cock, while her right hooked behind it to steady it.

“H-hi, Becky,” said Tim. Becky smiled coolly as she slowly and rhythmically pressed her foot against him. Tim knew the game. He was supposed to keep doing what he was doing and try not to let her manipulations get to him. It was difficult, however; she had gotten quite skilled with her feet in the months they had been doing this.

“You feel extra stiff this morning,” she said, and eased up a bit.

“Just… just been a little while,” Tim said, softly. He set his notes to the side, already unable to concentrate on them. He instead focused on eating his breakfast.

“Really? I thought you got straight A’s on your tests last week? Don’t they usually let you pop for every A?”

“Second semester, it’s an A+,” said Tim.

“Oh, wow. That must suck,” said Becky. She gave his cock a “sympathetic” squeeze, which nearly made him drop his fork. She resumed her massage, rolling her foot back and forth and up and down his cock, smoothly and easily, eating her meal while she did, as casual as could be. Tim could barely swallow his food, and his breath started to quicken. He yearned to grab her feet and start fucking them hard, but without her permission, the magic wouldn’t let him. He grit his teeth and tried not to ask her; if he did, she would make quite a show of it, and more than likely, he wouldn’t get to cum anyway. He had to resist the temptation, had to just power through it—

Becky’s foot squeezed him that certain way in just the right spot, and Tim let out a loud gasp, clutching at the sides of the table so he wouldn’t double over face first into his food. He still caused both of their food trays to clatter against the table. There were giggles off to the side, as the commotion did not go unnoticed. Tim looked pleadingly up at Becky, who just grinned and winked, giving him a final, shudder-inducing squeeze before letting him go.

“Hurry up and eat, or you’ll miss breakfast,” said Becky.

“Th-thank you,” said Tim meekly, voice shaking. He ate the food down quickly, barely able to taste it, choking it down with juice.

“You need me to quiz you or something?” said Becky, indicating his notes. Tim picked them up and put them in his folder.

“No, I was just refreshing my memory,” he said.

“Alright then.” Becky got up, went around the table, and kissed him on the cheek. “See you in fifth period.” She walked off, leaving her try to Tim to clean up. As he did, he noticed a small scrap of paper partly covered by the plate. He picked it up, and saw a note: The Booth, 6 P.M. Tim swallowed, wondering what he was in for this time.

Tim was in Miss Kessa’s second period pre-calculus when Max, the boy who’d been held back by the Head Mistress, finally came stumbling in, escorted by the Mistress of the Dorm, Miss Karen. She did not physically touch him, but the way Max moved, with his hips pushed out farther than one would normally walk, indicating that the Mistress was magically pulling him by his balls. The boys glanced expectantly at Max, to appraise his situation and see if he had been lucky. They all flinched when they saw the state of his cock: beet red, his balls darker and even more swollen than this morning. Even a few of the girls flinched in sympathy, though most of them held back grins as Max shuffled red faced into the room.

“I apologize for this boy’s tardiness,” said the Mistress. “We needed to teach him a private lesson in self-discipline. As you know, his grades have been slipping a little, and we wanted to make sure he understood the importance of his education.”

Miss Kessa pursed her lips, and it was clear she was holding back a sigh. “I see. Did he have breakfast, at least? You know young boys and their stomachs, we wouldn’t want them to be distracted by hungers, would we?”

Miss Karen pat Max on the head. “Why, yes, of course, we’re not cruel enough to make a boy starve, are we?”

Miss Kessa glanced to Max. “Stand up straight, boy!” she barked. Max jolted up right, causing his cock to bounce as if it was trying to salute. There was a giggling from the girls, and Max’s face went even redder and he shivered. A bead of pre-cum peeked out from the tip of his cock. “Will you be able to pay attention in class, boy?” Max mumbled something. “Speak up!” said Miss Kessa, and Max yelped, his hips flinching sharply as Miss Kessa no doubt jolted his loins.

“Yes, Miss Kessa!” he squeaked.

“Very well, then,” said the teacher. “Take your seat.”

Max walked to his desk. The way they were all seated, the girls and boys alternated like a checkerboard, so every boy was surrounded front, back, and both sides by a girl, and vice versa. A few of the girls reached out with their pencils and gently flicked at his genitals, a common little “tradition” for boys who were brought in late. The taps didn’t really hurt, but each one still made him jump.

“Alright then, I’ll be off,” said Miss Karen. “Be sure to concentrate, Max!” She left and Miss Kessa turned back to the board, writing notes.

Tim tried to give Max a sympathetic look, but Max refused to look anywhere but straight forward, ignoring the glances and stares. The girl in front of him, however, reached into her bag and pulled out a long feather. She slipped it back under Max’s desk and with practiced ease, swished the soft tip of it over his genitals. Max gasped and gripped the sides of his seat until his knuckles were white.

Without turning around, Miss Kessa said, “Max, if you cannot concentrate, I’m afraid I will have to ask you to wait out in the hall.”

“S-s-sorry, Miss Kessa,” said Max. “I c-c-can‘t h-help—”

“Do not complete that sentence,” said Miss Kessa, still not turning around, but her voice hard with authority. “I will not tolerate such weak excuses.”

“Yes, M-miss Kessa. Sorry Miss Kessa.” He shivered as the girl swished her feather a little faster, but he bit his cheeks and forced himself to concentrate. All through the rest of the lesson, the girl never ceased feathering him, and seemed perfectly able to take accurate notes with her free hand, never once even looking back at Max.

Somehow, that was even worse than being played by the adult women’s Sex Magic. At least with Sex Magic, you knew you were out of your depth. But a non-powered girl being able to cock tease you with one hand like an after thought, while engrossed in a whole other, non-sexual activity was just humiliating. Doing it to a boy also under the influence of Sex Magic was just kicking them while they were down.

It didn’t help that the girls were allowed to giggle and whisper and pass notes during class, as long as they weren’t too loud, but a single peep or disturbance from the boys was met with a harsh reprimand.

Predictably, Max didn’t last very long. After ten Herculean moments of resistance, he broke down and let out a loud moan, bucking his hips against the feather. His cock clenched repeatedly, and he shook as though he was about to orgasm. But of course, he did not; the magic of the Sex Mages would not let him, not without a female’s permission.

“Maxwell!” said Kessa, standing up and striding over to him. The girl quickly put away her feather, but Max was so over stimulated, he continued to buck in his seat.

“P-please, Miss, please!” he gasped.

“Forget the hallway, you’re going straight to the Nurse’s station!” said Miss Kessa.

Max’s eyes went wide as saucers. “Oh, no, please, no!”

Miss Kessa flicked her finger up, and Max was suddenly floating in the air, held aloft by magic. She turned to the girl who had been feathering him. “Andrea, would you care to escort this trouble maker?”

Andrea, grinning widely, jumped to her feet. “Of course!” She boldly grabbed Max by his throbbing cock, and pulled him behind her as she went out the classroom, pulling him like a balloon. Max could only whimper and buck into her hand, useless though the gesture was. The whole class had been riveted, and Tim found himself breaking out into a sweat, thinking of what Max was going through. The poor kid just couldn’t catch a break today. Either he’d seriously pissed someone off, or for some reason, the women had singled him out to be their Example to put the fear of Goddess into the boys. Either way, Tim made damn sure he was the model student the rest of the day.

After dinner, Tim headed up to the old announcement box on the old football field. It had once been the main game field, but an expansion to the school’s campus had a newly refurbished field and bleachers constructed across the street, and this one was used just for practice. As such, the bleachers now mainly served to watch the players do their drills or just hang out on after school. The old announcement booth was still there at the top, however, and it served a whole other purpose, most of the time. Officially, it was off limits to students, being locked up so that they wouldn’t be tempted to go in there and do “naughty things” at their leisure.

Unofficially, the students called it The Booth, and the girls of the school could “reserve” it among themselves for their personal use. The lock was easy to pick for those who knew how, and it afforded an illusion of privacy with which they could lure in boys to have their way with. The teachers all knew of it, of course, but turned a blind eye, unless for some reason, they had a particular student on careful watch. So long as no one was sneaking in drugs or killing each other, pretty much anything went.

Tim found the door already unlocked, and he stepped inside. As soon as he did, two hands clasped over his eyes and he felt a female form snuggle against his back. He then felt another pair of hands slip a silk noose around his cock and balls, drawing it tight at the base. Tim gasped, and he felt someone tug the silk tie. The hands left his eyes, and he saw Becky holding the tie, smirking. She sat crosslegged, wearing her skill uniform with the skirt hiked up a little too high, and her short unbuttoned about half way, revealing her cleavage. Another girl and guy were present, Miranda and Joe, if he remembered their names right.

Tim swallowed, staring at Becky, and his cock jumped at the sight. She grinned, and tugged the tie again. Tim took the hint and kneeled down. “How may I serve you, Mistress,” said Tim.

Becky extended her foot to Tim, and he slipped off her shoe and sock. Kissing her toes, he began to massage her foot. The scent tickled his nostrils and his cock twitched in excitement.

“Oh, you’ve got him whipped!” said Miranda. “Right down to his knees and you didn’t even have to say what you wanted!”

“Oh, he knows his place by now,” said Becky. She slipped her other foot out of its shoe, and lightly tickled Tim’s balls with her sock-clad toes. Tim shivered, but continued to work on her bare foot.

Joe was lying flat, face down on the floor, and he was humping it eagerly. Miranda’s own bare feet rest on his clenching ass, and she idly traced her big toe along his crack. Occasionally, she would dip her toe between his cheeks, and he would yelp. His face was red from exertion and embarrassment, but Miranda could only giggle. She made a point to watch Tim who was shifting to Becky’s other foot now, pretending not to hear Joe’s pleading whimpers. Tim realized he was already on the edge of orgasm, but Miranda just continued to let him buck away, not granting permission for release yet. When he tried to slow down, Miranda would stick her toe into his ass crack, and he would jolt back into full thrust. Tim wondered if Joe had a secret hot spot there, if it was merely a threat of what else Miranda might stick in there if Joe disobeyed.

Tim himself was becoming dizzy with arousal, tending to Becky’s feet. She knew this, and parted her shirt a little bit more, revealing a bit more skin. Tim’s eyes went wide, and he trembled, his hot breath coming in small puffs against her skin. She giggled as the sensation tickled her, and withdrew her feet. “Very good,” she said. “Now, then, tell us how long it’s been since you’ve cum.”

Tim blushed. “About two weeks,” he said.

“Two weeks!” said Miranda. “You poor thing. It’s only been four days for Joe here.” She lifted her foot and brought it down on Joe’s ass with a soft smack. Joe jumped and his hips bucked even harder. Tim winced but noticed there was at least a small cushion beneath his crotch.

“So, I was thinking,” said Becky. “I think I’ll do you a favor and help you ease your tension. But! You’ve got to earn it!”

Tim’s face lit up with hope. “You mean it? Really?”

Becky nodded. “But there’s going to be one, teensy little thing you have to do for me.” Tim nodded. “Sneak me into your room tonight.”

Tim’s jaw dropped. “I… I can’t do that!” he gasped. “If we do anything there, Miss Karen will know! And I’ll be in trouble for having a girl in my room!”

Miranda rolled her eyes. “We go into boys’ rooms all the time,” she said. “It’s not a big deal. Now, if you go into our rooms, then you’re in trouble.”

“But not overnight!” said Tim.

“Hey, Miranda, I forget,” said Becky. “Isn’t there a rule that says boys have to do what we say? All this protesting could get Timmy here in trouble.”

“Yeah,” said Miranda. “Probably more trouble than having a girl in his room.” The two girls grinned as Tim, flushed, tried to think of something to counter with, but finally hung his head in defeat.

“Okay,” he said, meekly.

An hour after lights out, Tim lay in his bed, nervously fidgeting. His cock twitched in anticipation of what was the come, even as he fretted over the possible consequences. Then, a light tapping was heard on the window. Tim was on the first floor, and while his window was somewhat high up, it was no real trouble for a decently athletic person to leap up and haul themselves through. Tim had had to rig the bug screen so it could be lifted up at the bottom, but not pop out, hinged at the top so it could drop back down and not look suspicious at first glance.

Becky crawled in, dressed in black jeans and a dark leather jacket. “Hey,” she whispered. “Miss Karen’s over at our dorm, hanging out. She and our Miss are acting kind of chummy, I don’t think she’ll be back tonight, if you know what I mean.”

“What, really?” said Tim. “Those two are…”

Becky shrugged. “They could also be sharing a guy or two. But I think we’re safe. Now, get on the bed.”

Tim complied. Becky pulled several long silk ties out of her jacket pockets and quickly set to work tying Tim’s wrists and ankles to the bed. He knew better than to try and stop her physically, so he just asked, “Wait, why are you tying me up? It’s not like I’m going to run away.”

“More fun that way,” said Becky, winking at him and kissing his cheek. “Now, shush.” She produced another two ties, and this time, wrapped them around Tim’s eyes and finally, his mouth. Tim moaned, but Becky tapped his nose gently, telling him once again to “shush.” Tim heard a rusting of clothes, and his cock quivered as he realized Becky was stripping down. He had never seen her fully naked before, though she had once flashed him her tits. He’d cum in pants right there in front of her and all her friends, who laughed hysterically. He still fantasized about that day the rare few times he was permitted to masturbate, face red with shame even as the memory excited him like no other.

Becky slid over onto his body, and yes, he could feel that she was indeed naked. The touch of her soft, but firm skin made him shudder, and he moaned softly, squirming to feel more of her. She did not touch his cock just yet, but leaned forward, letting her breasts brush against his chest as she whispered into his ear.

“I heard about Max,” she said. “Want to know what happened to him? The Nurse sent him home for a week. Poor boy just couldn’t hack it.” Tim heard a wet sound and he knew she was fingering herself, just an inch above his cock. He shifted, and couldn’t help but lift his hips in an attempt to reach her hand, but she shifted out of the way.

“Aren't you lucky to have a girl like me who won't make you go that long?” she whispered, her voice growing husky. Tim nodded and moaned a consent. “Good answer.” With that, she slid back, taking him inside her in a sudden motion. Tim let out a cry, but Becky clamped her hand over his mouth to muffle him further as she rocked back and forth on his cock.

Tim twisted and groaned as Becky rode him; she took her time, twisting her hips and sliding in alternating rhythms to hit all of her hot spots, even reaching down to massage her clit as she leaned further back. She had to bite the knuckles of her other hand to keep from crying out. Finally, she collapsed forward, clutching him tightly as her hips bucked fiercely against him. She bit his shoulder and made a low scream of ecstasy as she came. She rode him to three more orgasms, before she finally slid off of him, leaving him a shuddering, shaking mess.

After catching her breath, she whispered into his ear again, saying, “Ready to cum, baby?” Tim nodded emphatically, and she giggled. “Well, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m gunna take my time with this. Sorry, but I want to savor this night.” With that, she turned around, and promptly straddled his face, rubbing her still wet sex against him.

With his face firmly planted into her pussy, she leaned forward and took his cock in her hand. She had seen him masturbate before, and knew exactly how to grip him, and how to stroke him. She slowly worked his dick, her fingers sliding over every hotspot with expert precision. Almost immediately, pre-cum began to leak from the tip, and she leaned down, licking it off with long, slow draws of her tongue. This was too much for his sensitive cock head, and he moaned loudly, bucking under her. The restraints kept him pinned, however. She laughed, and said, “Oh, you think this is bad? We haven’t even gotten started.” She resumed her strokes and licks.

It went on for hours, literally all night. She would manipulate his genitals for over an hour, then slow, almost stomp. Just Tim, exhausted from his struggles and dizzy with the scent of her pussy, began to drift into a restless sleep, her touches resumed. All night she went, starting and stopping, starting and stopping. There was no danger of Tim cumming before she was ready of course, the magic saw to that. Rather she added to his frustration, denying him even the temporarily relief of sleep, taunting that she would let him fall into blissful unconsciousness, only to yank him back to full, frustrated awareness by his cock.

When morning finally came, Becky was finally too tired to keep the pace up, and started to drift asleep herself. Then, all of sudden, Tim began to buck into the air. Becky blinked awake and pushed herself up, watching his cock. It jumped and jerked, and Tim moaned raggedly beneath her. Becky looked at the clock and blinked in surprise. She had been so into it, she hadn’t even realized she’d been teasing him right up to the point where the Head Mistress would wake the boys in the morning with her psychic feathers.

Becky slid off of Tim and laughed. Tim struggled to get up, despite his exhausted body. However, he didn’t have the strength to even test the ties that bound him to the bed. He could only buck his hips as the phantom feathers became more insistent that he get out of bed. Becky watched, fascinated. She knew from what some of the boys had confessed to the girls, that if they didn’t get up in the morning, the feathers would keep going and going, the sensations getting stronger, the boys getting more desperate, until they finally caved in. If, for some reason, the boy did not make it out of his room before the Head Mistress came to his spot, well, that boy was in some serious trouble, barring an exceptional excuse.

Becky chewed her lip, torn between what to do. She knew, especially after last night, she should untie Tim and let him go. But an evil thought, growing ever more insistent, wanted to see what would happen if she kept him tied up. In the end, it wasn’t a hard decision. She kissed Tim on the cheek and whispered into his ear, “You have my permission. Go ahead and cum.”

With a scream barely muffed by the gag, Tim erupted instantly, hosing himself down with cum. Becky jumped back, barely missing taking a massive wad straight to the face. She watched with fascination as he came, and then broke out into a massive grin as, once his orgasm subsided, he began to thrash all the harder. The feather sensations had not stopped, only gotten even more intense, and now, they were stimulating him post-orgasm. Tim whimpered and writhed and pleaded through the gag for mercy, but Becky could only laugh.

She then heard the clicking of the Head Mistress’s heels coming down the hall. Becky quickly threw on her clothes and dropped out of the window, dashing off to her own dorm to collect her things, giggling all the way. She had no idea what the Head Mistress was going to do once she found Tim, tied to his bed and covered in cum. Whatever it was, though, Becky was going to be sure to wring every detail out of him, and make him thank her profusely for such a gift.

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