Sunday, November 13, 2011

What Are Friends For?

Jason was trying very hard to concentrate on the game he was playing with his best friend, Meg, but it was proving difficult. His older sister, Maggie, had invited her friends over for a “sun bathing party” again. Seven girls all in tiny bikini’s strutting in and out of the house for the past hour, making sure Jason could see them in the process. Currently, they were all gathered in the patio outside, sun tanning, and it was all Jason could do not to run upstairs and look down at them from his window, seeing them stretched out in their tiny swimsuits. Some of them had started to go topless, Maggie included, not even caring anymore about being seen by Jason, or any of the neighbors. Being in their early twenties, they were all Sex Mages; any amount of attention they got would only charge their magic, and if anyone tried anything or even thought of trying anything, they would know it instantly and take matters into their own hands. In a way, they were daring Jason to come peep at them; he wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction.

This was not to say it wasn’t a massive effort. When they had first come over and stripped down to their suits, right in front of him in the living room, they had all laughed at the massive spike in arousal, and all the dirty thoughts that flashed through his mind. Maggie smirked, amused at her brother’s humiliation. However, this time, Jason had been prepared, inviting Meg over to distract him from what was going on.

At the time, Meg had been in the room, where she and Jason had been about to play a video game. She giggled as she watched Jason straining to control himself as the girls got almost naked in front of them. At 18, Meg was too young to have developed Sex Magic yet, but a girl would have to be literally blind not to see the look of sheer desire on his face. Still, she couldn’t blame him. Poor Jason was now on week three of no orgasms, a punishment decided by Maggie when she caught Jason masturbating to pictures of her friends. This was also the third weekend in a row they had all come to sunbathe at their house, just to really rub it in Jason’s face, and embarrass him further by letting her friends directly see all his dirty thoughts about them.

Of course, the game they were playing sure didn’t help either; it was one of those fighting games where all the women were total knock-outs clad in ridiculous, and skimpy, outfits. It didn’t matter that the women were digital graphics. At this point, jiggle-physics and anime proportions were wreaking just as much havoc on his libido as the near-naked twenty-somethings in the backyard. There was a chorus of laughter that came from there as Jason watched his character do a particularly high kick that sent her huge animated boobs bouncing. He swallowed hard and tried not to think of Maggie’s friends all doing similar motions, an attempt that failed miserably, if the laughter from the back was any indication.

Jason turned red in shame, and Meg smiled sympathetically at him. She reach over and pat his knee. “Come on, don’t be embarrassed,” said Meg. “They’re all flattered. Really. I heard Jenny talking last week, and she likes the thoughts in your head.”

“Shut up,” Jason muttered. “Don’t make it worse!”

Meg sighed. “Okay, if you’re so worried about them seeing your thoughts then here.” She stood, went over to Jason, and promptly sat between his legs, snuggling her ass right against his crotch. Jason gasped and reflexively curled around her, “spooning” her as they sat, his chin resting on her shoulder, and his arms holding her to him.

“There, now you’ll be too busy thinking about me to think about them,” she said with a smile.

“Oh, fuck,” said Jason. His cock throbbed and flexed in his shorts, and for a moment, he felt the urge to cum. But of course, he couldn’t. He clutched her tighter and dropped his controller.

“Alright, buddy,” she said, pushing the controller into his hands. “Easy now. Just play the game with me, okay?”

With a Herculean effort, Jason managed to grab the controller and play again. After a moment, the game let him shift his focus away from his cock a bit. Just as he was gaining the upper hand in the match, however, Meg would flex and wriggle her ass against his cock, touching off his nerves and making him shake with need. He would fumble, and Meg would use the opportunity to take him out with a cheap move. Meg was actually pretty good, good enough she didn’t need to resort to such tactics. But it was certainly more fun to.

“Meg, please, you’re killing me here,” said Jason, his voice shaky.

“I know, right? 30 wins in a row!” Meg laughed. She gasped as he clutched at her again, body trembling as he tried with all his might to press himself harder against her, and dry hump her ass like crazy. But the magic prevent him from being able to force himself on her.

“Please!” he whispered. “You have no idea what its like!”

Meg looked over her shoulder at him and frowned sympathetically. She slid away from him, dropping down onto the floor so that she was still between his legs, but not pressed against him. She leaned her head back to look at him as he caught his breath. “Sorry, Jay. Really. I guess your sister is a bad influence on me.”

“Please, please, please make me cum!” Jason pleaded. “You’re a girl, you can touch me, please! I’ll do anything you want!”

“I can’t, Jay,” said Meg.

Jason threw down the controller and got up, stomping up to his room. “Some friend you are.”

Meg frowned. She didn’t realize how upset he was. “Jay, wait, come on! I really can’t, I don’t have my powers yet! Maggie said she put the block on you so you can’t cum, even if a girl touches you.”

“But, but, I…”

“Seriously, I couldn’t make you cum, even if I fucked you.” The image of Meg bouncing up and down on his cock immediately elicited a round catcalls and jeers from the girls outside. Meg couldn’t help but smile sheepishly. “Aw, I’m sorry.”

Suddenly, Maggie popped her head in. “Damn, Meg, he wants you bad.”

“Go easy on him, Mags,” said Meg. “Please? He’s really sorry about what he did.”

“Oh, I bet he is,” said Maggie. “Still, I guess if you want to see him spurt so bad, it could be arranged.”

Jason’s eyes were wide and pleading to meg, who felt a slight blush at being put on the spot. “Well…” she said.

Please, Meg?”

“Shush, Jason,” said Maggie. “Women are speaking.”

Meg pat Jason on the shoulder. “Yeah, I want to see him spurt. What are friends for?”

“Well, okay, but he’s gotta earn it.”

“Of course!”

“Wanna fuck him?”

This time, Meg’s eyes widened. Still a virgin, as much as she liked to tease Jason sometimes, the thought of actually fucking him took her off guard. The thought of her first time being with Jason had its appeal, but she didn’t want it to be like this, with him out of his mind with lust; she would prefer it on her own terms, when he could actually fully appreciate it. Jason, of course, was far too riled up to care about such distinctions at the moment.

Maggie spoke up. “Here, something Mom used to make him do. Hold out your index finger.”

Jason winced. “What? No! Come on, Maggie, not that!”

“Do you want to cum or not?” said Maggie, given him a stern look. Jason gave silent consent.

“Now, hold out your index finger,” sad Maggie. Meg did so, and Maggie concentrated. “Okay, now it there. Jason, you know what to do.”

Meg was confused for a moment, until Jason very hesitantly slipped his mouth over Meg’s finger. Jason’s jerked as his lips closed over the digit. Turn beet red with embarrassment, he began to bob his head on the finger, running his tongue along its length. As he did, his hips started to buck, and he moaned.

Meg looked up at Maggie, stunned and awed. “Oh, my god! You used the Voodoo spell on my finger!”

“Yup! He can feel everything he does to your finger. He’s totally sucking himself off!”

Both girls laughed, and they were joined by several other voices as Maggie’s friends started coming inside, not wanted to miss the show. Soon, all seven girls were sitting around the two as Jason worked Meg’s finger with surprising gusto.

“Oh, my god,” said one of the other girls. “He’s really going to town!”

“Yeah, for a few months there, that was the only way we’d let him cum. He got quite skilled!”

“Wow, I never knew!” said Meg, fighting not to laugh. She noticed Jason was beet red with shame, but was so riled up he couldn’t stop himself. Jason had his eyes squeezed tight, not wanting to look at anyone. His moans got louder, however, and his body shook with pent up tension. Soon, he was gasping and could barely stay upright.

“Okay, that’s enough, let him cum, Maggie,” said Meg.

“Aw, just another few minutes! You should see the thoughts whirling in his head!”

Meg frowned as she saw a few tears coming out of Jason’s eyes. The pressure was so intense it was probably painful, but Jason still couldn’t stop. She wouldn’t be surprised if Maggie or the others were magically pushing him along. “Make him pop, Maggie!”

“Yeah, Maggie, make him pop!” said one of the other girls.

“Here, this’ll help,” said another, reaching over and yanking down Jason’s shorts, letting his cock spring out and jerk in the air. His cock was nearly as red as his face, and his balls were swollen and dark.

“You might want to move, Meg, or he’s gunna hose you down.”

Jason opened his eyes and looked at Meg pleadingly. Meg frowned sympathetically, and as Jason’s lips moved up to the tip of her finger, she leaned forward and kissed him full on the lips. She kissed Jason’s passionately, taking him by surprise, and working her finger between them. Jason moaned loudly and nearly fainted as the sensations of twin mouths worked him over.

“Okay, I’m gunna uncork him! Better move! 3… 2… 1…”

Meg shifted so she was next to Jason, just as his first shot flew from his cock. The other girls cheered as he came so hard, he splattered clear across the room. Meg continued to suck and kiss him, and he nearly screamed in ecstasy. Then it was over, and he collapsed back on the chair gasping, the girls all laughing and cheering around them.

“Okay, I think that’s enough,” said Meg. “You can undo the spell now.”

“You sure?” said Maggie. “You could have some fun with it, till you get your own powers.”

Meg glanced at Jason, who was completely dazed on the couch. “Maybe another time.”

“Oh, alright,” said Maggie, canceling the spell. “Okay, shows over, let’s head back out.” She turned to Meg as they left, “Make sure he cleans up his mess before it starts to stick.”

Meg nodded, and waited a few moments before rousing Jason. “H-whuh?” he muttered.

Meg handed him a handful of tissues. “You’ve gotta clean up. Here, I’ll help.” The two got down and started wiping up the streaks of semen. Jason remained red faced. “What’s up, Jay? Doesn’t it feel good, all that pressure eased up?”

“You helped them humiliate me!” said Jason, his voice bitter.

Meg reached over and pat him on the back. “I know and I’m sorry. But I figured if I played along I could convince them to let you cum. And it worked!”

Jason thought for a moment, then sighed, and smiled a bit. “Yeah, thanks.”

“Sure thing!”

“So, uh…” Jason cleared his throat. “So… you want me to return the favor?”

Meg smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll add it to your tab. Then in a year, when I get my powers, I can cash it in.” Jason swallowed nervously, and Meg giggled.

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