Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Celebrity Sex Mage

NOTE: This story uses fake versions of existing celebrities as a narrative shorthand. It is not meant to be a serious speculation on what their real world counter parts would be like in this scenario.

My cock was rock hard as I typed away at my keyboard. I had to fight to resist the urge to stroke myself as I once again added words of sexy teasing to the side of a picture of a sexy celebrity. My favorite celebrity, a woman I’d jacked off to more pictures of than any three actual nude models combined: Irma Jane Watkins.

I’d always fantasized about female domination to some degree or another. Every girl I ever had a crush on, I dreamed of being her servant, or her using me for her pleasure. When I discovered orgasm denial, that quickly became a pervasive theme of my fantasies. This only got more intense when I discovered chastity belts. Ironically, the idea that I could not touch my dick when excited, could not achieve orgasm when I needed, make me rock-fucking-hard and made me cum faster than any other fantasy. The idea of a girl I liked giggling as she locked my penis in a cage, and then waving the key in front of me tauntingly, it made my head spin.

Usually, I masturbated thinking about girls I knew in real life, even when looking at galleries of nude models. Rarely did I fantasize about any particularly famous person. But there were a couple celebrities in particular who just had that look to them, that certain attitude, I guess, that revved my motor. When I jerked off to their pictures, they definitely weren’t being replaced with the girl next door.

Irma Jane Watkins was one of them. Incredibly cute, with a penchant for playing intelligent young women with a bit of a bossy streak, Irma quickly took the top slot in my go-to fantasy women. She was a rising star, with tons of material for me to crank it to across dozens of movies and thousands of images.

No, not the underage stuff, you freak. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Although, the fact that she had played a young witch in a series of movies about a witch school did inform some of my later fantasies about her. I naturally thought a few times about her casting spells on my cock, even before Sex Magic appeared. I’m not sure if its irony or coincidence that she would later gain that very sort of power, just like all other women on Earth.

But I digress. Before Sex Magic, most of my fantasies about her had revolved around chastity belt stuff. You couldn’t imagine my delight when I discovered an entire gallery of captioned images featuring pictures of Irma, with the text talking about how she had locked up my cock and would never let me out. The images where she was wearing a key on a necklace or holding one up teasingly got me the hardest, the hardest I thought I could get at the time. Even if most of those key pics were Photoshopped, I didn’t care, it made me shoot my load so fast, I practically hit the ceiling!

I couldn’t get enough, but the Tumblr blog that held all these captions was already discontinued, it seemed, and there were only a small handful of similar images elsewhere. I had to have more! So, I started my own blog, making my own Captions of the lovely Irma. She wasn’t the only woman I made captions of, naturally, but she was far and away my most used model.

Naturally, I started with chastity belt captions. Occasionally, I would find an image (above age, of course) of her in one of her Witch costumes and do a little “orgasmus denius!” spell caption. It was all in good fun.

And then Sex Magic appeared. Suddenly, every woman on earth had the power to lock guy’s cock in magical chastity and tease them to the edge until they went out of their minds, all with just a thought. Every woman had that power, but the strength of that power wasn’t universal.

All those women who had already been the object of desire for thousands of men, all the porn stars and female celebrities? It turned out they gained more power than almost all other women. A normal woman down the street might be able to tease ten cocks nearby with an effort. But a popular porn star? She could tease a thousand cocks across a whole state! And what’s more, those powerful women, Archmages as they would later come to be called, they could do things normal Sex Mages couldn’t!

Irma was no exception. I remember watching one of the earliest talk show interviews about Sex Magic, of which she was one of the women present. She demonstrated her advanced power by teleporting herself around the studio.

She was laughing over how fun it was, but made a very heartwarming speech about how flattered and humbled she was that she had touched so many men’s “hearts” over the years, that she could become so empowered.

I must have jerked off to that interview about a thousand times just watching her do the teleport trick, knowing that she had some guy, possibly several, writhing in cock tease torment under her thoughts just to power her ability. I imagined I was one of them. My caption productivity tripled. There were whole days where I did nothing but masturbate and make caption after caption of Irma. It took me nearly a month to cool down after watching that episode.

It was probably a good thing that after that interview, she dropped out of the public eye for nearly a year. I don’t think I would have ever left my computer if she’d kept showing off.

Still, a couple of my female neighbors finally confronted me about my rampant stroking, and said if I didn’t knock it off, they were going to put chastity spells on my cock, and I was going to find out it definitely wasn’t as fun as I fantasized about. I apologized profusely, even as I couldn’t help but tent my pants. They told me I could still do it, just limit myself, as sensing me jacking off all day was a constant distraction. Even without them casting spells on me, I fought mightily to give my cock a break. Looking back, it’s kind of seems like a miracle that I didn’t injure myself with so much stroking.

Over the next three years, I continued to make captions of Irma. I wasn’t solely obsessed with her; I did move on to caption many other powerful actresses and porn stars. But Irma was always my number one, and I followed her career closely once she returned to making movies and doing interviews.

I was fortunate, I supposed, to be in a pretty conservative part of the country. My town didn’t have the rampant cock teasing and public nudity seen in other towns and cities. Women didn’t just throw orgasm blocks and no touch spells on guys on whim. Most women trained very quickly to learn to just block out guys they didn’t want to sense. I still moved into an all-male apartment on the edge of town. As such, I was allowed an amazing amount of freedom to keep being a stroking addict pervert, something I obviously took for granted.

You would think Sex Magic would be the perfect thing for a guy like me. You would think I’d be bending over backwards to get some pretty local girls to become my mistresses. But the truth was, most girls around her weren’t into being dominant, despite the Magic’s temptations. Likewise, any girl I would have fancied was already taken, and even the ones I would have looked to as a back-up option were taken, or just not interested. Hell, some girls in town just gave up on men entirely once the Magic complicated everything.

But that was alright. In truth, I knew that as intensely as I fantasized about it, real life magical chastity would be a lot harder to deal with. There were a few times I’d been caught in a woman’s Arousal Aura. That alone had driven me nuts!

So I contented myself with my captions, and pined for a woman I knew would never in a billion years so much as glance my way. I guess part of me thought it was safer, or something. I thought I’d get away with jacking it to a girl who didn’t know I existed, as if I’d somehow found a cheat code to dealing with the Magic. I thought I was so clever.

Until the day Irma just teleported into my living room while I was in the middle of my 10,000th caption of her.

One moment, I was in my apartment, sitting naked and hard in my recliner, typing at my laptop, completely alone to indulge my perverted hobby. The next, an extremely familiar woman was standing next to me, smirking down at me. She had her hands on her hips, and was dressed in a slick looking pants suit with high heels. Her hair was mostly straight, hanging down to her right side, and her lips and fingernails were painted cherry red. She looked like she’d just come from an interview, or maybe a movie set where she was playing a business woman.

I jumped when the figure appeared without any sound or forewarning. I blinked a few times before I realized who it was. My hands froze over the keyboard. My jaw dropped. My heartbeat raced. My cock throbbed.

Irma Jane Watkins was in my house!

“Uh… uh…” I gulped.

“And you’re not on your knees, because…?” she said, still smirking.

It took another second to process her words, but as soon as it did, I leaped up, nearly dropping the laptop. I hastily set it to the side, dropped down, and kneeled before her. I looked up at her in awe. She chuckled, and suddenly, my penis got HARD!

I was already hard, of course, but that was a natural erection. I had read about Hard Attacks, of course, where a woman unloads her Arousal Aura on you, and your cock responds by getting supernaturally stiff and needy, but I had never really felt what it was like before. The few Auras I’d been hit with had been brief accidents, and as riled up as they had made me, it hadn’t felt that bad. I had honestly thought the “Hard Attack” was just an exaggeration.

If anything, the descriptions online didn’t do it justice! It felt as though every ounce of blood in my body was trying to cram itself into my cock. My penis was so hard it hurt! I felt like it was so stiff, I could have used it to hammer nails. And the need! Oh, god, the fucking NEED to have it touched! I felt an absolutely soul-crushing desire to fuck something, to masturbate, to just press my cock against the floor and hump if I had to. Instantly, my hands flew to my cock, but before they even got halfway there, an invisible force grabbed me by the wrists. Two irresistible hands pulled my arms back and locked my fingers around my ankles, forcing me to lean back as I knelt, my agonizingly intense erection presented fully to Irma.

She chuckled again. “Goodness, I didn’t think men as inexperienced as you still existed! You’ve really never been this hard before?”

I felt something like gossamer fingers trail across my brain, and I had an overwhelming feeling of her gazing into my soul. It only lasted a moment, but it left me gasping with shock. Impossibly, I felt my cock grow even harder! It wasn’t physically possible, but the mental sense of tension continued to climb higher. I now understood exactly what the guys on the forums were saying. It didn’t seem possible to be this turned on, to need this badly. If it lasted much longer, I was going to go insane!

Before me, Irma started to kneel down, but halfway through the gesture, her torso stopped lowering, and her legs raised up. She kicked off her heels, and crossed her legs, sitting there while hovering three feet off the ground. She smiled with amusement as she watched my cock, now purple and twitching with pressure. She then motioned to my laptop, and it hovered into the air, floating over to her.

Irma looked at what I had been working on, then glanced at me and let out an amused grunt. She tapped on the touchpad a bit, and the glow of the screen changed as she closed the Paint program I used to make the captions.

“Don’t worry, I saved it,” she said with a smirk. “You can finish it later.” She clicked on something else, and I could see she was scrolling down through images.

“Jesus, so many,” she said. She checked something else. “10,000 captions, all just of me. Good grief. You’ve even got them categorized. Let’s see here… Boss? Hmm, yeah, I can see that. Chastity Belts, oooh, a classic! Almost no one even uses those anymore. Classmate, that sounds fun. Girl Next Door, very sweet. Goddess? Haha, well, I think Sex Magic probably covers that by now. Oh, you have a Sex Mage folder, too. Well, of course. Sister?”

She sighed and shook her head. “Seriously, what is with the whole sis-domme thing?” There was a pause, then she looked at me, and I yelped as the tension in my cock briefly spiked up. “Well? I asked you a question.”

I whimpered as I spoke. “I-I-I d-don’t know! Ah! P-p-people like the t-t-t-taboo, I g-guess!”

“Hmm…” she went back to scrolling through my stash. “Well, either way, I can’t fault your productivity. Man, some of these are from even before the Magic! You’ve been at this a while, huh?”

She made a wave of her hand and the laptop snapped shut seemingly on its own and floated over to my coffee table, setting itself down. She even took a moment to plug in the charger. Then she looked down at me, still with that maddeningly cute smirk.

It was incredible. Not only could she teleport, taking her clothing with her, she had full telekinesis. Sex Magic wasn’t supposed to affect non-living objects. In fact, it was only supposed to work on the human body, and only via sexual vectors. I’d known that these special exceptions were possible among the most strongest Sex Mages, but to see it in person as I suffered in her Aura drove home just how powerful Irma really was.

“So impressed with my little parlor tricks,” she said, easily reading my mind. “If you think this is cool, you should meet Megan Wolff! She can duplicate herself and shapeshift. Irma Stoan can become a giantess and breathe fire. Millie Cyprus has super strength and durability, she’s practically Superwoman. It’s pretty wild.”

The Hard Attack was so intense, blanking my mind with arousal. I could only halfway process her words, but I didn’t doubt her claims of power.

She chuckled, and I suddenly felt the terrible, mind-numbing pressure fade some. It lowered until I was still unnaturally hard, but I didn’t feel like I was going to die if something didn’t touch my cock immediately.

She let me get my breathing under control and let my vision refocus, before she said, “So, my friends and I decided to have a little fun with some of our most dedicated admirers. We’re having a party. We each pick a guy, completely at random, from all the cocks we could sense, and have our way with them.”

I didn’t think my heart could beat faster, but it did. “Wh-wh-what are you going to do?” I asked. As aroused as I was, I was kind of terrified. I had never really been in a woman’s power before, never like this, and the woman in question was the celebrity I had been degrading with slutty captions for years.

She smiled. “Oh, nothing you haven’t fantasized about before.” She laughed. “You know, a few years ago, I would have been furious meeting a guy like you. I know, I put myself out there to be admired, but for guys to take my image and make all these weird stories and captions about me, making me out to be some insane cock-torturing bitch, it really took me aback when I first found them online.

“But then I got the Magic, and, well, in a way, maybe I have to thank guys like you for creating such a potent sex symbol out of me. Especially the really dirty stuff, you all put the idea of me as a powerful dominatrix goddess in so many other men’s heads, it surely had to have an add-on effect.

“My friends and I have a theory that it’s the women who had the most men jacking off to them who got the most power. It’s not just that we’re famous. Some other actresses aren’t nearly as powerful as us, and, you know, no offense to them, but they were never really sex symbols. Very few people were cranking it to Angelica Lanberry, great actress though she is.

“Meanwhile, there’s porn stars out there even stronger than us actresses! Ever heard of Miss Capri? Real cutie out of Eastern Europe. They say she can make a hundred clones of herself and teleport across the world and shapeshift and size change and shoot lightning from her fingers.”

She shook her head and gave a wistful sigh. “Makes me almost think I went into the wrong career.” Then she smirked. “Almost.”

“So anyway,” she continued with a shrug. “The party. Congratulations! I picked a direction, sent out my senses to see which guys were jacking off to me throughout the country, and you were the brightest star of the bunch at that moment.”

“S-so what now?” I said.

She smirked again. “First thing’s first.” She pointed at my cock and I felt an ephemeral sensation of something touching me deep inside. “Orgasm Block. No Masturbation. No Initiating Sex.”

Exactly what I’d always fantasized about Irma doing to me. I shivered at her words. I couldn’t believe this was really happening!

“Permanent erection. Permanent nudity.”

Wait, what? “Uh… I can’t… I can’t just be naked all the time… and the hard on…”

“Don’t worry, the Magic won’t let your cock get injured from it. None of that four-hour limit bullshit.”

“But in this town… I can’t just… you know… run around naked!”

“Be good at the party, and I’ll allow you to put clothes on when I’m done with you.”


“Hey. You’re the one who so badly wanted to be my little plaything. Stop thinking so much and just enjoy it.” With that, she raised her Aura again, and I whimpered and squirmed as my cock became unbearably stiff and desperate again, my mind flooded with sheer arousal.

This time, however, she puckered her lips and blew me a kiss. I felt a warm, wet mouth close over my cock and begin to suck me, slowly engulfing my whole member, holding it while the tongue rubbed along my shaft. Then it slowly drew upward until the lips tugged at the ridge of my cock head. The tongue swirled around the head a few times, before descending and repeating the routine.

It felt heavenly. Divine. Like the best blowjob in the whole world. I moaned and my hips bucked, but the Phantom Mouth kept its rhythm, however I moved.

“So here’s how this is going to go. The party is in three hours. When it’s time, I’m going to teleport you to me.”

I let out another moan as the mouth moved a bit faster, sucked a bit harder. Already, precum was seeping from the tip of my cock as it bounced from the intense sensation.

“Until then, how about a little game to get you prepped?” She floated my laptop back over, as well as an ottoman from the corner. She set the laptop on the small square footrest, and flipped it open. She clicked around a bit, then turned the laptop towards me. She had set my 10,000 captioned images to a slideshow presentation, the image changing every five seconds. “Whenever you see a new picture of me, a random Tease Spell will be cast on you for an hour.”

I whimpered as, halfway through viewing the first one, I felt a set of Phantom Hands join the mouth. They stroked me steady, up and down, the fingers gripping the back of my cock, while the thumbs pressed against the sensitive front, rubbing up and down in quick little strokes.

The next picture triggered a Phantom Feather lightly tickling around my cock head. I whimpered shrilly, and my body jerked as that was too much stimulation already. I tried to cum. I felt my body attempting to climax, my cock clenching rapidly. And yet, no semen was forth coming.

I had only ever once suffered a Block spell, and only for a day. It was a sensually terrible feeling being brought to the edge of release, and then having your climax blocked by a supernatural force that refused to let you ejaculate.

I squeezed my eyes shut, but the next moment, they opened again, compelled by Magic to keep watching. I opened my mouth, but Irma’s power seized me, locking my lips shut and forcing my whole body to be frozen in place.

She floated up a bit, unfolded her legs, and stood on the floor again.

“I set the slide show to end after five minutes,” she said. “Consider this a nice little appetizer.”

“MMMMMM!” I protested through my sealed lips. In my mind, I thought, Wait! No! Mercy! You’re not going to leave me like this, are you?!

She laughed. “Oh, honey. You’re going to wish I only left you like this.”

And then she vanished. The next hour and five minutes were pure cock tease hell. By the end, I wasn’t even able to form thoughts. I only knew that I needed to cum or I would go crazy, and I knew the former would never happen!

I spent the next two hours just recovering from the unholy teasing. Her Binding spell had turned off when the last of the teases had, and so I’d collapsed on my back, sprawled in a heap. That was just the appetizer? Holy fuck!

I squirmed as I tried to get my hands to grab myself, but they refused to move when touching myself was the goal. I even tried to trick the spell by scratching my stomach, then slipping my hands “accidentally” downwards, but no luck: my arms froze up as soon as I tried to divert them towards my cock.

I even tried to flip over and hump the floor, but my body refused to obey such an action. At best, I could get on my hands and knees, lower my face to the floor, but my legs remained pulled up enough to keep my ass in the air, and my cock off the floor.

I was still throbbing, feeling the echoes of the teases. I couldn’t even comprehend how I’d felt so many different things at once. I finally was able to get to my feet. I slapped the laptop closed and pulled out the battery to forcibly reset it, so I wouldn’t accidentally reactivate the slideshow.

I was in a panic. I went to my phone and started to call 9-1-1. No matter how badly I had wanted this, I was about to be kidnapped by a woman I didn’t even know! Fantasy was one thing, but I’d heard how all the celebrities went a little nuts after they got their Magic for a while. And if what I’d felt was just a taste of what was to come, then did I really want to let myself get taken?

My thumb paused over the button. I hesitated. My cock throbbed unbearably, my heart pounding in my chest as I realized part of me did. I had been making captions of Irma using and abusing me for years. This was literally my greatest fantasy come true!

Why are you chickening out now, you pussy? My cock seemed to ask me. It throbbed even harder until I was whimpering. A loser like you finally gets the chance to be the luckiest guy in the world, and you want to throw it all away? Besides, what could the cops do against a woman like that! Against a Sex Archmage? My arousal ate away at my reason. With a shaking breath, I canceled the number and put the phone down.

I waited, my cock desperately aching. I paced my whole apartment, trying to burn off some of this giddy energy, my cock bouncing comically ahead of me. I fought the urge to restart the slideshow just to feel her teases again. Looking at the clock, I’d be feeling them again soon enough. Soon e—

I suddenly found myself stepping onto concrete, and feeling the open air. Immediately, I felt my legs go out from under me, as my cock became harder than I’d ever felt it, harder than Irma had even made it. The wind was knocked right out of me as I felt myself virtually crushed by a surge of arousal from all sides. The blood rushed at top speed towards my cock, making me dizzy. I collapsed onto my hands and knees, shaking, whimpering, my cock quivering and bulging with inhuman tension.

“Wow, he couldn’t even last a second on his feet. You’ve really ran him through the ringer!”

“Come on, be fair. A hundred guys couldn’t stay on their feet with one of our Aura’s activated. Twelve Archmage Auras is just overkill.”

“Don’t cover for him. We’re each only putting out, like, barely 1% of our Auras.”

There was a laugh. “Pretty sure 1% from all of us is like 100% from your average woman.”

I looked up, my vision swimming. My eyes widened as I focused on the women around me. Holy fucking shit! I had collapsed on the edge of a pool, and twelve women in bikinis were smirking down at me or making a point to appear to ignore me. I recognized them all.

Irma Watkins, of course, was there. She had just instantly teleported me, from thousands of miles away! But there were others I recognized. I’d done captions for most of them, after all.

Megan Wolff, Irma Stoan, Millie Cyprus. Christy Steward. Winter Glou, Alivia Wilt, Riona, Whitney Sears, Jen Lawson. Actresses and singers, all stunningly gorgeous and talented, jerked off to by millions of men around the world for years. Already influential and wealthy, they were now among the elite of Sex Mages. And I was just some nobody guy that by cosmic happenstance had been to be noticed by them.

Their Auras were boiling me alive with supernaturally intense lust, and by their own words, they were barely even letting a trickle of their power loose.

Irma reached out with a hand and flicked her wrist upwards. I felt myself yanked up by a dozen gentle, but irresistible invisible hands setting me on my feet and helping steady me. “Go join the other guys, we’ll call you out shortly.”

I was so completely addled by their power, I could only nod dumbly, and stiffly walked towards the cluster of guys standing over in the corner. There were over thirty of them, all as torturously erect as I was. Every cock was diamond hard, leaking pre-cum, and dark red and purple with excess pressure. Every face was a mask of desperate need, to be touched, to cum, to feel any relief at all from the terrible state of unrelenting arousal. Some of them were jerking and twitching where they stood, clearly being stimulated by Tease Spells.

Just as I passed through the crowd, one of the celebrity women, without even looking at me, reached over and tapped the tip of my cock. I think it was Christy Steward, but I hadn’t been looking. The moment she touched my cock, I felt electric tingles shoot along my nerves. I cried out and my hips bucked as I instantly tried to cum. My efforts were in vain, of course, and I stumbled to the cluster of guys as the electric stimulation continued to tease me wickedly.

A dozen more guys appeared, making for a total of about fifty. Clearly, each of the women had multiple guys they’d decided to play with, at least four to a woman. To my surprise, the notion made me feel a pang of jealousy, thinking that I wasn’t Irma Watkin’s only plaything. Of course, even the slightest bit of her attentions threatened to absolutely destroy me. It was only natural that Irma, that any Archmage, would want, probably need, multiple men to really unleash her power on. Otherwise, how could she ever really know the full pleasures she was capable of?

I was still bucking under the electric spark stimulation, when the women all stood and came up to us. Without even pointing, they made us face them. Our cocks stood high, twitching and jerking.

Alivia was the first to speak. “So, boys, I’m sure some of you have heard of Rock Parties. Think of this like that, except none of you are going to be cumming at the end, and we’re going to go right into the fun!”

“I think we’ve been babying them enough,” said Rhiona. “Let’s add a bit more pressure, hmm? Say… 2%?”

“One and half,” said Christy. “We don’t want to kill them.” She said this, but she was still grinning wide.

“I think they can handle two,” said Irma stroking her chin thoughtfully. She was looking me right in the eye as she said it, that devilish smirk on her face.

Several of the men tried to protest, a few shouts of “No!” “Please!” and “Mercy!” but it was too late. Their words were cut off as the women increased their auras just a tiny bit more. It was like getting slammed in the balls by a sledge hammer.

Is there a substance harder than diamond? Because I feel like “diamond hard” would be an inadequate analogy to how my cock felt right then. This was beyond physical pain, beyond the terrible ache for sex. This was like my soul had been trapped in my cock and was being crushed by a psychic press. I can’t fathom how any of us stayed conscious, other than the women were making us, so we could be aware of every agonizing moment their power destroyed us.

And then the terrible pressure lifted, and we all hung there. Invisible hands kept us floating in the air, even as we had writhed and curled into balls from the pain. Now we hung like ragdolls, slowly feeling the life come back into us.

The women were talking amongst themselves, letting us hang there like decorations as they chatted. “Wow, okay, Jesus! That was way more than just 2%! Which of you cunts went up to 5, huh?”

“I did, sorry. I thought it would be funny!”

“Really? Me too!”

“Yeah, guilty.”

“I went up to 6.”

“I just went to 3, what is wrong with you bitches?”

“Goddamn it, did we all go higher?”

“Looks like it!”

“Oh, how am I supposed to shift the blame and act all shocked if everyone did it?”

They all burst out laughing as the world came back into focus for me. As they laughed, I felt myriad ripples of pleasure across my cock. A chorus of moans around me told me the other guys were feeling it, too. Warm, soothing pleasure that eased the terrible ache. We were still hard, of course, but “only” back to diamond-hard. And it didn’t seem quite as terrible compared to what we’d just felt.

I shook my head and groaned as I looked at the women, who were looking back at us, appraising their handiwork. Millie clapped her hands together. “Right, well, that was fun, but we’re just getting started! What should we do with them next?”

I shuddered at their evil grins. Irma was looking right into my eyes, she gave me a wink, and I felt a psychic zap to my cock that made me edge so hard, I saw stars!

The next hour of the party was considerably less soul-crushing, but no less sexually frustrating. The ladies broke off into pairs or trios, taking men with them. Some men were floated away, some were pulled by invisible leashes on their dicks. I was one of the former. As Irma walked past me, and I trembled in her low, but still-active aura, I felt an invisible force wrap around my cock and pull me after her. Irma Stoan came to join her, and four other men were pulled along with us. We all couldn’t help but scope out their asses, swaying sexily as they walked. Each of the ladies was wearing a simple, boldly colored, tight evening dresses, with matching heels. Irma Watkins’ was black, while Irma Stoan’s was bright red, and both very nicely showed their feminine curves.

Every rock of their hips sent a psychic tremor through our cocks, and we quickly had trouble walking straight. We stumbled and jerked our hips as the two Irma’s led us into a large bedroom with a fireplace, and a four-poster bed.

The two ladies sat on the bed, grinning at us. We dropped to our knees, our cocks quivering before us for the two Archmages’ appraisal.

“So boys, a double-dose of Irma,” said Stoan, giggling. “You four have had some very naughty thoughts of just this situation, huh?”

The guy next to me whimpered. He bucked in a failed attempt to cum, just from their words.

“Aw, is it too exciting for you, honey?” said Watkins. “Tell you what, how about you be a good boy and fetch us some drinks. Don’t take too long, now!”

The edged man stiffly got up and limped out the room, his cock still twitching away. I wondered if he even knew where to get the drinks from.

The two Irma’s focused on the rest of us. Watkins crossed her leg, and let her heel dangle from her foot. She let it sway back and forth a bit, and each of us sudden felt pulses of pleasure flow through our dicks in time with the swaying. A guy to my left made high pitched whimpers as he, too, tried to unsuccessfully to cum.

“Goodness, these boys just have no stamina, do they Irma?” said Watkins. She pointed a finger at him, and the guy froze, his cock in mid-clench. He let out a high-pitched whine, but she snapped her fingers to silence him. She reached down and slipped off her high heel, then reached over and hung it on his cock like it was a hook, his penis head snug in the toe of the shoe. From the corner of my eye, I saw his eyes roll back, and despite the freeze spell, his whole body shivered.

“It’s like they’ve never even kissed a girl, Irma!” said Stoan.

As the guy to my left continued to buck in place, Stoan crooked a finger at the other guy to my right. “Well? Have you ever locked lips with a girl.” He didn’t need to answer. She grinned slyly and beckoned him forth. “Well, come here, then.”

The man scrambled to his feet. He looked young, skinny, and a little on the nerdy side. I guess I shouldn’t assume stereotypes, but even naked, he looked like the kind of guy who’d yet to hold hands with a girl.

And here he was, about to get a first kiss from Irma Stoan. As she beckoned him, his whole body slide forward. She reached up and caressed his cheek. She looked into his eyes lovingly, and leaned in to kiss him. Before her lips could make contact, the boy let out a pitiful whimper and his body jerked, his cock clenching hard.

Stoan flicked her finger, and the boy was sent flying back. I heard him thump against the wall. “Hahahaha! No wonder a girl never kissed you! You’d mess yourself before she even tried!”

That wasn’t fair. They were using Magic! Even the most impotent, asexual man on Earth could be made to blow his load in seconds by a Sex Mage. God, I was right on the verge of trying to cum just kneeling here!

But that’s what made it so hot, wasn’t it? That’s what made me want to cum so hard in the first place. The girls were playing games where they had all the cards, your own cards included, with all the dice rigged for them and against you. All this was just a game to them. Foreplay.

There were two of us left. The guy to the left of me was still shivering. I realize Watkins was going to leave him like that, right in that state of first orgasmic clench. There was moaning from behind us; was Stoan going to leave the young man in a similar state, pinned to the wall.

Stoan then lifted the other guy off the ground with a finger flick. She raised one finger with a cherry-red nail to the guys cock. She dragged her single fingernail in one long, slow, very light scratch along his length. The man writhed in the air. “Ten…” said Stoan. She started another long, slow trace. “Nine…”

Watkin’s extended her foot to me, taking my attention of Stoan’s little game. “Go on and kiss it, loser,” she said, quoting one of my own captions back to me. I gulped, and I nearly tried to blow my load right then! But somehow, by some Herculean force of will, I fought down my new hair-trigger and leaned forward. I hesitantly puckered my lips and kissed her big toe. A jolt of pure pleasure shot through my lips, down my spine, and curved up to shoot through my cock. I let out a yelp, and my cock clenched. But I managed not to hit the edge. “Ten…” said Watkins.

I understood. It was a race, of sorts. The man next to me nearly lost it as Stoan started another trace with “Eight…” I leaned forward and kissed Watkin’s foot, lurching as another bolt went through me. “Nine…” she breathed.

I quickly gave her another kiss, catching up with the other man. “Eight…” she said as I fought back my urge to cum.





The other man let out an agonized howl as his cock clenched hard, and he struck his Block. Stoan laughed. “Aw, damnit! I was really rooting for you!” She gave his cock one final tap, and he was frozen in mid-clench, just like the guy to my left. Stoan waved her hand and the man floated off, hitting another part of the back wall.

I lay there, gasping, my cock on fire. Watkins wiggled her toes at me. “Well? Did I say you could stop, loser?”

My hips bucked as she emphasized the loser part. But I would show her! I’d show her I could be a winner! I kissed her toes three more times. On the final kiss, I cracked. I bucked and fell back, the semen boiling in my balls as I tried to cum, cruelly denied by her powerful block. Both girls laughed.

“Oh, almost!” Stoan said.

“Such a disappointment,” said Watkins, shaking her head. She raised her hand to freeze me in my moment of unfulfilled climax, but paused. She smirked. “Tell you what. Since you almost made it, I’ll give you one more chance. That guy hasn’t brought us our drinks. Go find him and be back here within two minutes.”

My edging died down and I tried to catch my breath. Watkin’s tapped her wrist, as though she had a watch. “Clock’s ticking!” she said. I scrambled to my feet.

It didn’t take too long to find the other guy. He was at the far end of the hallway, two wine glasses in his hands. He was frozen stiff, in mid-step, the glasses tilted just enough that the liquid was precariously at the edge of the rim. As I came up to him, I could see his cock flexing rapidly, his eyes squeezed shut. His body was trembling, and the wine was rippling in the glass. I gulped and reached to try and take the glasses. I was too caught up in my own sexual lusts to really care that his cock was edging just inches from me.

I tried to very carefully pull the glasses out of his hands, but his fingers may as well have been made of stone. I couldn’t budge them a millimeter!

“Hey!” called a woman. “What the fuck are you doing?”

The horrible, blinding priapism from before made my cock turn to lead, and I dropped to the ground with a ragged gasp. It lasted for only a second, but my head was spinning. Christy was coming up to me. She loomed over me, looking down with her arms crossed, expectantly.

“I-i-Irma… w-wanted… a b-beverage…” I choked out. “This guy was… supposed to…”

“I’m pretty sure I set the freeze spell low enough he could break it if he really tried,” she said. She licked her finger tip and very gently poked the tip of his cock. The man howled through his closed lips and his penis briefly vibrated. His whole body shuddered, and drops of wine splattered on me.

“Whoops!” Christy tsked. “Such a clumsy boy.” She crouched and to my shock, bent her face all the way down and licked the drops off my body. Two licks on my chest, one on my stomach, and one on my inner thigh, perilously close to my balls. With every lick, a felt a hot, wet tongue slither over my cock, and let out a grunt as I felt myself hit the edge each time. She stood up, leaving me trembling on the floor.

“Well, better get to it. Kitchen’s down the hall. I know Irma doesn’t like to be kept waiting, either of them!” She turned and walked off.

I half-crawled, half-dragged myself towards a wide kitchen, bracing myself on the door frame. As I walked in, I saw a trio of men frozen stiff, sitting on a long counter, their cocks steadily leaking pre-cum. Megan Wolff was gently licking the tip of one of the men’s cocks, while Winter Glou was wiping her mouth. I could see the other men’s cocks glistening with saliva. All three men’s expressions were one of the purest bliss cut short by the most brutal denial.

Megan pulled back, leaving the man whimpering. “Mmm…” she said, licking her lips. She then brought a shot of a golden brown liquid to her lips and slugged it back. I saw the bottle on the counter and gulped. I couldn’t even choke down that kind of whiskey without hacking up a long, and she acted like it was water.

Megan sighed. “I think that’s the one thing I miss about being a Sex Mage. You just can’t get drunk.”

Winter shrugged. “Their energy feels better anyway.”

“Yeah, but it ain’t the same.”

“So why are you even drinking?”

“Got used to the taste. Plus, I can pretend the high is from the booze. What’s you’re excuse?”

“It makes me cool.” The two women laughed. The Winter glanced at me. “You may as well come in.”

I was still peering around the doorframe like a cartoon spy. I swallowed nervously again, and stepped into the room. “I, uh, n-need some wine for, uh, Irma. Uh, both Irma’s”

“Wine?” said Winter, looking perplexed. “She was always a beer girl. Both of them.”

“But… the other guy… got whine…” I gestured to the door.

Megan laughed. “Bad guess. Here.” She went to a large fridge and pulled out a couple brown bottles. “One of them likes Bud, the other likes Coors. Try not to fuck it up.”

“Th-thanks!” I squeaked as I grabbed them. For a brief second, her fingers brushed against mine, and a psychic jolt made me hit my orgasm block again. I stumbled back, gasping, cock jerking.

“Wait!” said Winter and I felt my body freeze in place. She came over, bent down, and dragged her tongue slowly over my penishead, licking it clean of precum.

My balls boiled from her tongue. It felt like my cock was melting from her heavenly tongue. And then she was pulling away, and I was left sagging in mid air, my mind reeling. I noticed her take a shot, something clear, and she smacked her lips. “Hmm. Not bad. I think his energy goes well with this one.”

“Oh, let me try!” said Megan. Winter poured her a shot of Vodka, and Megan leaned down. This time, she enveloped my whole cock head in her mouth and suckled me for several seconds. I felt my soul almost leave my body as a wave of ecstasy tore through me, and my cock felt like a white hot iron. I trapped in her mouth for only three seconds, but I edged harder than with Winter’s tongue! If I wasn’t frozen, my hands would have gripped the bottles so hard they would have shattered in my fists.

Then Megan’s mouth left my cock with a pop and she slugged back the shot of vodka. She closed her eyes and savored the booze, then nodded. “Yeah, you’re right. It kinda tingles right along with the drink.”

I was swooning, dizzy with pleasure and denial and mind-bending lust. The two gave me only a couple seconds to recover before unfreezing me, laughing as I stumbled back and hit the wall. I made a valiant effort not the drop the beers.

“Well, go on, then,” said Megan, smirking at me. I practically bolted from the kitchen, my painfully hard cock flopping as I ran.

I dashed back into the room, but Irma and Irma were already gone. The guys they’d pinned and locked at the edge were still there. Taking a moment to breathe, I went back out of the room, going the opposite way down the hall to try and find them. I heard music, something with a deep base beat, coming from the side, and wandered over. My eyes widened. As I entered, I could feel my cock throb in time with the beat.

A little theater of sorts had been made out of a large living room area. Two dozen guys were sitting on various chairs, writhing, but clearly pinned by their wrists and ankles to the chairs and sofas.

Rhiona, Whitney, and Millie were up on a platform and were dancing. Gyrating their hips, twerking their asses, leaning forward and shaking their boobs to the beat of the music. As I watched, I could feel soft but firm female flesh pressing against my crotch, as if their asses and boobs were pressed against my cock. I shuddered as each snap of their hips, each shake of their tits, caused a pulse of pleasure through me. The guys on their seats were crying, begging for mercy, but I could see their cocks jerk to the beat same as mine. The three singers had no sympathy for their captive audiences. Their hip thrusts and booty shakes got even wilder, and all of us watching felt a machine gun of pleasure pulses assailing our cocks.

I fell back onto my ass as I started to edge. Every beat, edge! Every hip jerk, edge! Every ass twerk, edge! The bottles spun loose from my hands and I writhed on the floor, not even watching the show, but still irresistibly affected.

“Hey!” said voice over the sound of the music. I felt myself yanked up by and invisible force and floated out of the room. The three singers laughed as they watched me go, but this only briefly paused their cock tease dance.

I felt myself thrown into a soft, fuzzy couch in another room. A moment later, two beer bottles floated in after me, and Irma Watkins caught one out of the air. Irma Stoan took the other. I blinked and glanced around. We were in some kind of sitting room, and there were two other men frozen against the wall. Stoan was playing her fingers in the air like she was playing a harp, and every twitch and pluck of her fingers made each of the men whimper and their cocks twitch.

Watkins, however, stepped in front of me, looking disappointed. “I asked you to do one simple thing, and you use it as a chance to run off to get played with by other women.” She took a swig of the beer as she glared at me. The tension in my cock began to slowly rise again.

“I’m sorry!” I gasped. “I c-couldn’t help it!”

“So you say,” she said. I knew she was messing with me. She knew how powerless I was. “Still, I thought I was your one true fantasy? But your pathetic cock will try to cum for any woman who pays it the slightest attention, won’t it?”

My vision swam as my erection went beyond a Hard Attack. I grit my teeth and whimpered. “Please…” I gasped.

“Please what?”

“Please… Mistress…”


“Goddess Irma… my cock… is yours… all yours… only yours…”

She smiled sweetly down at me and my tension raised even higher. “You’re damn right it’s mine,” she said. Then she raised me up into the air, reached out, and wrapped her fingers around my cock. My world went white. She didn’t even stroke me, just held me, and I felt like my soul was being sundered, lightning bolts of pleasure striking every nerve in my body. I didn’t even try to cum, exactly, my cock just stayed in that first precarious clench of climax, and was held there.

She leaned into me and whispered in my ear. “You really can’t handle it, can you? None of you can. You have no fucking idea how much we’re holding back. You all made us into Goddesses, and you can’t even bare to be near us. A simple touch and you shatter like glass. All thanks to losers like you spending their days jerking off and adding little perv stories next to our pictures. We’re everything you’ve ever fantasized about, and you can’t even handle us.”

She sent pulses of pleasure through my organ, one pulse every couple of seconds. Every pulse made my vision go dark. “Do you think you would survive if I fucked you? Hmm? Or gave you a blowjob? I can’t have sex like a normal person anymore. I can’t just cut loose with my powers like a normal woman, and truly experience that ecstasy. I can control my powers, sure, shut them off and fuck a guy, but when you’re a Sex Mage, normal sex barely feels like anything. But there isn’t a guy alive who can survive our powers enough for us to really use them.”

The pulses strengthened. I couldn’t even form thoughts. I thought for sure I was going to go comatose or die.

Then she finally let go of me, leaving me frozen and floating in the air. The pulses continued, but once she let go, the horrific tension died back down to merely unbearable. I hung there, trapped on the verge of climax like all the other men, too fried to even plea for mercy in my thoughts.

Irma left the room. Irma Stoan grew bored with her own game, leaving the guys trapped against the wall. As she walked out of the room, she had to pass me by. She winked at me then reached over and flicked me in the balls. Another lightning bolt of tension spiked through me, so strong I finally did black out.

I came to, sort of, and I found myself having been moved into the living room. All of us men were there, most of us in a ring around the room. Twenty guys were in the air, the celebrities tapping their cocks and flicking their fingers to cast their pleasure pulses. The men floating were convulsing with sensation overload, until they went limp. The ones who went limp were floated away to join the ring of us other men, standing at attention, cocks throbbing at the sight, still trapped in a state of unending edging.

One by one, men were eliminated from the pile until only twelve remained. These dubiously lucky bastards were then pinned to the floor, and as we watched, the celebs stripped down completely naked. I thought I was going to pass out again, just from the sight, but somehow, I stayed conscious.

I and the rest of the men around the room were forced to watch as the women used the pinned down men like living dildos. While the Archmages were experiencing pleasure unfathomable to the male mind, the men below them were held in a state of over-stimulation so intense, they had to be on the brink of death just being inside them.

It was still almost as bad for the rest of us. Not only were the women enjoying the cocks of the poor pinned men, they were absorbing all of our energy flowing right into them. Every orgasm they had created a feedback signal that rocked all of us men to the core. Every climax of theirs brought us to that terrible state of absolute tension and desperate need. Just as we would start to recover from that unholy spike of arousal, another of them would orgasm and our cocks would surge again.

Irma looked right in my eyes as I watched and I could feel her in my mind, burning the sight of her into my psyche. Her beautiful naked body, the way she writhed in ecstasy, the way she was so close to me, but in my frozen state, I couldn’t even touch her. The ultimate frustration, even after I had pledged my cock to her, and she chose some other man to fuck anyway, and torture me with the image.

It almost hurt as much as she probably hoped. My body yearned for Irma’s divine pussy. And yet, seeing the man beneath her scream and thrash like his cock was being struck my lightning with every thrust, some small part of me, the last part not completely disintegrated by the overwhelming lust, told me I was the lucky one. He was so far gone, he couldn’t even comprehend her fucking him, while I could at least enjoy the show, and feel her power rip through me every time she came.

I don’t know how long the party lasted. The orgy seemed to go on for hours, but might have only lasted thirty minutes. I don’t know how long I had been unconscious either, how long the women had played their little games before finally getting down to business. I just remember the women finishing with one simultaneous climax between all of them, sending a combined shockwave of pleasure that completely obliterated my mind.

I woke up on the floor of my apartment, naked and still hard, my balls aching, but otherwise not feeling any worse than before I got taken to the party. I would almost have not believed the whole thing had even happened, except that the permanent erection, no-touching, orgasm block, and nudity conditions were still in effect.

After a week, I managed to get a Samaritan network to help me out. It took twenty women combined to break the nudity spell. It took thirty to break the permanent erection spell. As for the anti-masturbation and orgasm block spells, they couldn’t even budge them.

Irma didn’t reappear or contacted me since, and I didn’t dare try to contact her. I haven’t even looked at an image of her if I could at all help it, and immediately looked away if she ever popped up in an article or video on my computer. It’s been over a month, and I was just going to resign myself to never getting relief again.

Except one morning I woke up and saw my laptop was on, open to the image I had been partway through a caption of. A small note was typed onto the blank space underneath the partially finished caption. All it said was, “1,000 more and you get one orgasm.”

My hands shaking a bit, my cock quivering, I sat down and worked to please my Goddess.

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