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Hikaru's Need

NOTE: Lesbian. The characters in this story are older versions of two of the main characters from Saisho no San. You don't have to read that to understand this short, but if you wanted to kick me a few bucks, I'd say it's definitely one of the better of the SMW stories.


Umiko sensed her friend coming from several miles away. She didn’t let that interrupt her lecture, however, keeping a cool, pleasant smile as she addressed the thousand people who had come to listen to her presentation.

Umiko’s seminar on the history of Sex Magic and its proper use in society was a popular one. Everyone sought the wisdom of the Professor who was among the first women in Japan to gain the Magic, and one of the first to start publicly discussing it via YouTube and various forums. When the Japanese government was initially trying to keep the Magic’s existence low key and ban its discussion, Umiko Ryoki insisted on educating the people. Even as a college freshman, her understanding of the Magic, and how important it was to maintain a fair and balanced use of it, was a guiding beacon for many.

Now, after the devastation of the Cascade Event, her words were sought after more than ever. It was known that she even had the ear of Queen Sayaka, the unfathomably powerful Sex Mage who had decided to take over the country following the Cascade. Her connection to her country’s new ruler wasn’t exactly a relationship Umiko herself felt favorably about. Sayaka had been rather… aggressive… in securing her position. But Umiko had convinced the woman, the Megami as she now called herself, to enforce a less oppressive policy in regards to the men of the nation.

She didn’t like to brag, but Umiko knew it was in no small part her own words that had kept the hundreds of men in the audience from being brought in here on their hands and knees, with psychic chains around their cocks.

As Umiko wrapped up her lecture, she saw the short woman dressed in all black come in through the doorway, slipping in silently and positioning herself against the back wall. Hikaru had altered her hair color to be a bright blazing red. Umiko thought it suited her friend well. Without breaking stride in her speech, she sent a psychic kiss to Hikaru’s cheek. She sensed her friend blush from across the lecture hall, and her smile widened a bit as she spoke.

A few minutes later, the audience was slowly exiting, some seeking to purchase Umiko’s latest book: Eromancy: Sex, Love, and Magic. Umiko was due to sign copies, but as she headed towards the side exit, she motioned for Hikaru to join her. Her friend wove her way through the crowds, and approached.

“Hey,” said Umiko, embracing her friend.

“Yo,” said Hikaru, hugging her back tightly. Umiko could feel the tension in her.

“How much time you got?”

“I have the night off. I have to get back in the morning.”

“You know you need to be careful. Sayaka—”

“I know. But I needed to see you.” Hikaru gave her that intense look.

Umiko smiled and nodded, cupping her friend’s cheek. “Can you give me an hour?”

The shorter woman nodded, leaning a bit into her friend’s palm for a moment, before pulling back. “Of course. Where are you staying?”

Umiko gave her the address of a hotel on the city’s outskirts. Hikaru slipped out of the building without a further word.

An hour and ten minutes later, when Umiko entered the hotel suite, Hikaru was already naked, kneeling on the floor, head lowered.

Umiko clucked her tongue. “Oh, honey. There’s no need to rush.”

“Sorry, Mistress. I just was eager to get started.”

Umiko gave a theatrical little sigh. “So incorrigible.” She put her purse on the table and took a seat on the couch, crossing her legs. “At least let me settle in first.”

“Of course, Miss. Would you like a bath miss? A drink?”

Umiko appraised her friend with a cool expression. She kicked off her heels and lifted her legs up. “You may be my footrest for a bit.”

Hikaru nodded and got on her hands and knees, crawling forward. She positioned herself so Umiko could prop her legs up on her, crossing her feet at the ankle. As did so, Umiko felt Hikaru drop her defenses, making herself completely vulnerable to her friend and mistress’s Magic. Umiko set a Binding Spell into her friend, freezing her in place.

She also sent a little glimmer of Arousal Command to Hikaru’s core, tickling her pussy with tingling sensations. Hikaru let out a little gasp. She had already been moist down there, anticipating her friend’s arrival, her nipples and clit already stiff. But Umiko’s little spell tweaked her excitement, and Hikaru shivered.

Umiko let out a sigh and reclined in her seat, closing her eyes. She let her Arousal Aura flow into Hikaru, making her friend stew in increasing sexual excitement, while outwardly ignoring her needs.

As she presented the fa├žade of a stern, uncaring Mistress, Umiko internally frowned. She had not seen her friend in months, and now, first thing, she wanted to be used. When they had first fooled around, Hikaru had said she’d just wanted to know what it was really like, to be as powerless before the Magic as a boy. Neither young woman had considered themselves actually gay or bi, but that first night had awoken a keen excitement in both of them. Umiko had naturally taken the lead, and she’d had Hikaru in tears of pleasure for several hours.

As a result, the two had rather quickly discovered the overwhelming effects of the Lesbian Amplification Effect, as hundreds of men within range practically went out of their minds dealing with the most intense Hard Attacks of their lives. A valuable lesson, to be sure. Even now, Umiko erected a powerful shield around them, to keep their energies contained. The LAE was bad enough with normal Sex Mages; between two Archmages, half the city would be on their knees if she allowed their energy to leak out.

But this was a challenge easily handled. Not so easily handled was Hikaru’s emotional state. The red-head had come to Umiko for several such sessions a year, even after her disagreement with their new Queen caused her to be exiled. It was dangerous, now, for Hikaru to even be in Japan, but apparently, she needed Umiko’s touch bad enough to risk it.

“M-m-mistress…” Hikaru whined. Her juices were trickling down her inner thighs as Umiko’s Aura flooded her body with need. Umiko was tempted, as always, to ease off. But she knew Hikaru wanted it rough. She needed it rough. So instead, Umiko raised her Aura’s intensity even higher, and beamed it all straight into Hikaru’s defenseless body. The red head squealed and shuddered. She would have curled into a ball of frustration if the Binding Spell didn’t keep her on her hands and knees.

“Silence, pet,” said Umiko. “You’ve a lot of nerve coming out of the blue to demand my services.”

Hikaru hung her head. She said nothing, but Umiko sensed her apologetic thoughts. She “hmphed”, and uncrossed her legs. Pressing one foot on the red-head’s side, she gave her a hard push. Hikaru was flipped onto her back. Umiko willed her limbs to spread and lock down, trapping her friend in a spread eagle position.

Umiko stood and sauntered over to Hikaru. She then slowly stripped down, making a show of taking off each piece of her business suit and tossing it to the side. Hikaru’s eyes widened as she watched her strip, but Umiko kept her gaze almost indifferent.

Umiko stood over Hikaru, her feet on either side of her torso. She brought her hands up cupped her breasts giving them a squeeze, then let her hands slowly slide down her body, to her own sex. She rubbed herself. Hikaru squirmed in her bonds. “Mistress, please… let me…”

“Let you what, pet? Hmm?”

“Let me please you,” she said, giving her those pleading puppy dog eyes.

“Hmm… I dunno… do you think you deserve such an honor?” She crouched down, bringing her warm, moist sex just above Hikaru’s chest. The redhead’s eyes were riveted on her pussy, and she licked her lips.

“Please, Mistress… I need it. I need you. I need you to cum.”

Umiko smirked, and she increased the power of her Aura. Hikaru gasped and whimpered, writhing on the floor, her clit throbbing like crazy. She could take Umiko’s power in full, unlike any man, and Umiko kept dialing up the pressure until the redhead was in tears. “Mistress!” she mewed. “Please!

Umiko propped one arm on her knee and settled her chin in her hand. She shook her head and chuckled wickedly. “So pathetic. One of the mighty Special Task Force begging like a little girl.”

Hikaru grit her teeth and fought the mystic bonds. As a woman, she could have neutralized them at any time. But she left herself completely defenseless for her Mistress.

Umiko settled her Aura to just a hair shy of unbearable, then shifted herself forward, kneeling over her friend’s face. Hikaru’s eyes widened, and she eager raised her head. But Umiko’s power forced her head back. Hikaru tried to reach with her tongue, but could only manage to get within an inch from her Mistress’s moist lips.

“Three orgasms in five minutes. Or I won’t even touch you after.” She released Hikaru’s head, and settled herself on her face. Hikaru eagerly closed her lips around Umiko’s clit and suckled it, then started penetrating her with her tongue.

Umiko sighed lustfully, letting herself enjoy the moment. Under her tutelage, Hikaru had become quite the skilled cunnilinguist. Umiko reached down and threaded her fingers through Hikaru’s hair, holding the girl against her sex. Hikaru licked and sucked her with such enthusiasm that she gave Umiko those three orgasms in only four minutes.

Umiko moaned softly as she pulled away. Hikaru was so into it, she let out a hurt cry. But her own body was reaching it limit. Her Mistress’s Aura was tormenting her now. Umiko floated up and repositioned herself to lay next to her bound friend. She reached up and lightly traced her fingers over Hikaru’s chest and stomach, in lazy circles, coming perilously close to touching her breasts and sex, but stay just out of reach.

“Mistress! Mistress!” Hikaru breathed. Umiko teased her for a few minutes more, before she finally settled her fingers on the redhead’s hard nipple. She gave it a pinch and a little jolt of magic stimulation, electric tingles enveloping her whole breast. Hikaru squealed, then moaned in pleasure

As she kept up that stimulation, Umiko brought her mouth down onto the other breasts, and suckled the nipple, flicking it with her tongue. Every flick sent a hot pulse of mystic pleasure through it.

The dual sensations on her breasts were already too much, and Hikaru’s hips bucked. But just as she was about to cum, something seized her on the inside. She felt the pleasure build and build, but she was unable to achieve that blessed peak.

Umiko let go of her breasts, but the sensation of her touches were still there, now performed by a Phantom Hand and Mouth. Umiko let her fingers trace lower, towards the burning hot sex of her helpless friend. She paused, her fingers hovering just over the impossibly hard clit. Hikaru, sensing this, tried to buck her hips up to reach her Mistress’s fingers, but Umiko would not have it.

With her power, she forced Hikaru’s hips down, and held her finger at the same distance. “Patience,” she said firmly. Hikaru nodded even as she whimpered.

Slowly, Umiko made little circles with her finger over Hikaru’s clit. The girl squealed against she felt a spiraling sensation of pure mystic pleasure lighting up every nerve. Like dozens of slick, feathery tendrils lovingly caressing and sliding over her clit, each sensation distinct, maddeningly slow, yet combined to an overwhelming wave of ecstasy.

Umiko stood up stretched, and fetched herself some water, then turned on the TV. Hikaru whimpered, but her Mistress paid her no mind. She let Hikaru boil in pleasure and extreme lust for a good thirty minutes, before she got back up, clicking the TV off, and mounted her face again. “Five more,” she said.

Eyes streaming tears of lovely frustration, Hikaru mewed. “Th-then… m-may I… Mistress?”

Umiko frowned darkly, and Hikaru knew her error to even ask. “Ten more,” said Umiko. “And I’ll think about it.”

The redhead obeyed, desperate to make up for her mistake. Umiko howled in ecstasy as her friend ate her out to a multi-orgasmic state. When she was satisfied, Umiko lay back again, on Hikaru’s other side. She squeezed and teased and suckled her friend’s breasts, then let her hand drift back down between her legs. She tapped the lips of Hikaru’s dripping pussy.

The redhead’s back arched, her eyes rolled up, and her mouth opened in a silent scream as she felt a huge, hot cock penetrate her, moving with a slow, but steady rhythm. After a few seconds, Umiko tapped her pussy again, and a second huge cock thrust into her, jamming inside quickly, then slowly pulling out, to jam in quickly. Then she tapped again, and a third huge cock joined in, pistoning quickly. Any one of the Phantom Penises would have had Hikaru cumming in seconds, but her Mistress refused to release the Orgasm Block.

“M-m-mistress!” Hikaru managed to choke out. “PLEASE!”

Then Umiko reached down further and tapped Hikaru’s ass, at the same time reaching up and tapping her mouth. Hikaru let out a rattling cough as she felt two more huge cocks, working at a moderate pace, surging up her ass and down her throat.

Umiko froze the redhead in that state so she wouldn’t thrash so much. With her power, Hikaru was locked tight, but feeling every sensation of exquisite sexual torture. Umiko brushed a few sweaty locks of hair out of her friend’s face, then whispered in her ear. “I’m going to bed. If I’m feeling generous, I’ll let it stop in the morning.” She kissed Hikaru’s tear-streaked cheek, got up, and left, leaving Hikaru to be destroyed with pleasure!

An hour later, however, Umiko came back. Of course she wasn’t going to hurt her friend that badly. But it was part of the game, to sell that illusion. Hikaru was completely gone in the storm of sex. Umiko raised her hand, held it for moment, then snapped her fingers, removing the Orgasm Block.

Hikaru had no breath to scream as the ultimate climax tore through her body. She came like a machine gun, multiple stacked orgasms ripping through her each second. If she hadn’t been frozen, she’d have bucked her hips clear to the ceiling.

As the orgasms rushed through her, Umiko started canceling her spells, turning one off every couple of seconds, even as she slowly dialed down her aura. The last stimulation spell she left was the slowly moving Phantom Cock in her pussy, easing her friend down from her ecstasy.

Umiko lay back down and released the Binding Spell as she dissolved the last Phantom Cock. Hikaru curled into her like a small child being held by mother. She shook with the aftershocks of her inhuman climax, and tears still flowed as the emotions flooded her.

Umiko floated the two of them off the floor, still holding Hikaru, and set them down on the hotel’s bed. She pet her hair and back soothingly, whispering comforting words in her ears, before the two drifted asleep.

They awoke another hour later, Hikaru stirring in Umiko’s arms. The two friends rolled onto the backs and stretched, then turned to gaze at each other. Hikaru threaded her fingers through Umiko’s hand.

“Thank you,” she said. She blushed. “I’m, um, sorry if I was pushy.”

Umiko cupped Hikaru’s cheek and leaned over, kissing her on the forehead. “It’s bad out there isn’t it?”

Hikaru nodded. She opened her mouth hesitantly, then closed it.

“You can tell me,” said Umiko.

Hikaru shook her head. “I don’t really want to think about it right now.”

“I see,” said Umiko. “How’s Fumi?”

“Good. I think. We haven’t talked much since joining with the STF, honestly.”

“Give her a kiss for me.”

Hikaru chuckled. “Will do.” She looked up at the clock. “Well, I don’t really have to leave until morning. Anything you want to do before I leave?”

Umiko poked her on the forehead. “Goodness, you’re just insatiable.”

“I meant like get dinner.”

The two laughed, then showered and got dressed. Hikaru was able to use a trick of the Magic shift her appearance a bit, including turn her hair back to black. Before they walked out the door, Hikaru gave her one more tight hug and a thank you. Umiko smiled, always happy to help her friend.

She worried for her. Hikaru was all smiles after sessions like these, but it wasn’t just sexual craving she was satiating. Umiko knew that it was guilt. Hikaru had always been the most selfless of the three of them, and even as she joined the Special Task Force to help protect the world, it came with a cost. Men had to be used and abused to fuel the STF’s powers. Sometimes, to squeeze every ounce of Lust Energy they could, they had to torment to the point of breaking them. Hikaru felt the weight of that every time it happened. More so than any lesbian desire, she wanted to know what such torment felt like, so she wouldn’t forget what she was doing to the men, wouldn’t ever just see them as utilities and nothing more.

Unlike her two friends, Umiko had stayed in Japan, managed to convince Queen Sayaka that she could be useful to her Queendom. She stayed, while Hikaru and Fumi left to become the closest thing the world had to superheroes. Umiko regretted that they couldn’t stick together like the old days, but she had chosen her path, her duty to her own country. But if helping Hikaru in her times of emotional need was the way she could contribute to the greater world, then she would gladly do so.

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