Thursday, January 24, 2019

Centurions E-Book Update

The Centurions ebook has been updated into a complete package, with a new cover, and containing every official Centurions story I've written. If you've already purchased the book previously, you can just download the new edition for free. If you haven't, but have enjoyed the Centurions stories, and want to support my work, please consider making a purchase!

You can acquire the book here at Smashwords:

It's been many years since I wrote a story set in the Centurions Universe. Much like the World of Civero, it was a setting that started strong, and yet fizzled out after a few years, as I moved on to other projects like the Sex Mage World. While the Centurions continued to be a significant part of the growing lore of my erotic universe, in actual practice, it's pretty much a dead property; I haven't written a "real" Centurions story since 2012. Furthermore, from this point, I'd rather any future superhero erotica I write to be unrelated.

With that in mind, it seemed best to just wrap everything up in one collection. These were all fun to write at the time, and stories like Feel Girl are among my most popular early works. If you missed out on these stories, why not give them a look? And if you've read them before, but it's been a while, maybe give them another read and enjoy the super erotic fun all over again!

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