Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just A Little Scene: Hard Lessons

Miss Cale sat, fully dressed, in the middle of a circle of boys, slowly swiveling her chair to look at each of them in turn. Fifteen in all, natural born trouble makers slowly learning how to behave. Unlike most boys, they resisted the truth of women’s absolute dominance of the world, and had to be educated rather more strictly than the rest. This particular group had been coming along slowly. They had stopped calling her "bitch" at least.

The boys were kneeling, naked, before her, equally spaced out in a ring. Their hands were behind their backs, and their steely hard penises stood at attention like good little soldiers. They fought hard to stay composed, but most could not manage it too well; some of the boys shivered, others whimpered or moaned, as each fell under Miss Cale’s studious gaze. Miss Cale allowed this to slide, however, hardly able to blame them; she was stimulating them with her power, steadily thought-stroking them which phantom hands and mouths, and many of the boys had not cum in months.

She had been at it nearly an hour before the struggling finally started, some boys unable to stand it any longer; several openly began squirming and moaning loudly, trying desperately to yank their arms forward to take themselves in hand, or to pitch forward and hump the floor. Some even tried to stand up and make a blind attempt to run as if getting some distance would actually lessen the sensations. It would not, of course, but the boys were going out of their minds with sexual over-stimulation. Their attempts were all futile, however; Miss Cale’s power also bound them in place, series of invisible, telekinetic hands and clamps pinning their arms and legs back, holding them upright.

Within minutes, almost all the boys were screaming in lust and thrashing like madmen. Only one boy, a tall redhead, managed to resist the urge to fight; he still jerked and cried out, but he alone was trying his hardest to just let the sensations take him. Miss Cale settled her eyes on him and she smiled. With a thought, she silenced the other boys, forcing them to be quiet. Miss Cale ignored their tears and pained expressions, focusing on the one boy who was trying his very best to except his test. Miss Cale cranked up the sensations on him, switching to a phantom pussy fucking his helpless cock, and sending even stronger jolts of pure pleasure through his loins. The redheaded boy wailed in sheer sensation overload, but unlike the other boys, he did not threaten her or try to resist her efforts. His struggles and cries were merely his own body’s natural convulsions from the stimulation. Miss Cale held him to this rigorous challenge for another five minutes, and then, the boy called her name in rapture, and declared himself unworthy of her gifts.

Miss Cale broke out into an elated smile. She had had her eye on this one, and he had finally passed the test. It was time to reward him. The other boys watched as the redhead suddenly rose into the air. His limbs were stretched out and he hung spread eagle in the air, suspended a foot off the ground in Miss Cale’s power. He gave out a quaking scream that sounded nearly like a death rattle, and then, his penis erupted like a volcano.

Semen arced high, nearly to the ceiling, but rather than splattered downwards, it hung suspended in thick globes and ropes in the air. The redhead continued to shake and scream, Miss Cale extending his orgasm past normal human limits, literally draining every possible drop of cum his body could produce, before finally letting him go. She gently set him down, exhausted and unconscious.

Miss Cale turned her attention to the other boys. They were staring at the redhead with various degrees of envy, hopelessness, and hatred. None of them got it yet. None of them understood that the redhead had finally achieved true submission. They would not cum today; perhaps next month, a few of them would finally figure it out, but considering this crowd, she was doubtful. For now, they would share in their fellow’s orgasm. It was the best they would get.

As she continued to stimulate the boys, the globes of semen in the air came together in a large ball, and then split into fourteen smaller dollops. Each floated down towards the mouth of a boy. Each boy had a horrified look on their face, and immediately strained with every ounce of will and muscle power to keep their mouths closed. Miss Cale savored the moment, letting them think for just a moment that they still had some modicum of control left. Then, with a thought, she destroyed that delusion, as she caused their mouths to pop open, and deposited the redhead’s semen inside.

Humiliated, overstimulated, and defeated, the boys were made the savor the taste before swallowing. When the cum finally slid down their throats, Miss Cale released them all from her power. The stimulation to their genitals stopped, and their invisible bonds released. The boys dropped to the ground, some curling into fetal positions, some gagging, some just laying their trying to catch their breath. Miss Cale stood, and caused the redhead to float up into the air, following behind her as she led him to another section of the facility, where he would be allowed to recover and continue to the next stages of “education.” The other boys, meanwhile, would remain here, their blazing hot cocks still prevented from release, teased daily until their wills cracked, and their resistance melted away. For now, all they could do was watch with burning envy as they observed the redhead’s look of utter peace.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Kinky Uses For Other Powers

The titular Sex Mage is not the only kinky powerset out there. Nay, I defy you to find me a powerset that couldn't somehow be applied in a kinky fashion!

One thing that always kind of irritated me about sex stories involving superheroes and the like; most of the time, the powers are never factored in. Even worse, any time there's a dominance theme, the sub (almost always female, mind you) is depowered (which, yes, I can see the logic of in terms of theme, but still). This is a travesty to me, because there are just so many ways you make the sex more interesting by utilizing powers. And I'm not even talking about the obvious ones, like psychic powers and shape shifting.

Size changing can be used for human dildo/sex toy tricks. Electrical powers can be used for electrosex stimulation. Gravity abilities can be used to bind someone down or have zero-gravity sex to make it easier to get into certain positions. Fire powers can be used to warm someone up, cold powers to chill them, in case people are into temperature play. Invisibility can even be kinky, a woman teasing her partner by not letting him see her nude even while they have sex (basically the effect of a blindfold without actually using the blindfold). Super speed could be used for vibration effects.

I could go on, but you get the point. So, what sort of ways might you utilize super powers to kinky effects if you had them?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just A Little Scene: You My Goddess 4

As you sleep the day away, I continue to suffer under the ceaseless ministrations of your power. Your power keeps me energized and awake, but even if it didn’t, the inhuman amounts of pleasure coursing through my body would not let me sleep. I remain paralyzed on your floor, only able to whimper and breathe.

The sound of your cell phone brings me back to awareness, and I hear you awaken with a moan as you rub sleep from your eyes and stretch. You fumble for the phone, and answer sleepily. “H’lo?” then, “Oh, crap, yeah, I’m on my way. Sorry, I forgot to set the alarm. Yeah, the party went waaaaay late, so I didn’t even get to bed until 10. I’ll be there in a snap.” You hang up the phone, and snap your fingers. In a blink, you are freshly clean as if just out of the shower, fully dressed, and ready for a night on the town. You stand up, float a few things you need towards you, and are about to leave, when you hear a muffled cry from me.

You step around and see me on the floor at the foot of your bed. “Oh, hey,” you say. “Gee, I almost did forget about you. How funny is that?” You laugh. “Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and cum all over yourself.” Instantly, I do just that, exploding everywhere, and hosing down the foot of your bed. “Nice,” you say with another laugh. You wave your hand, and I am released from your power. I half curl into a ball, twitching and gasping.

“I have to go meet with some people,” you say. “I’ll be back late tonight. I expect you to be gone by then. Be sure to clean up before you go.” You teleport away before I can protest. Utterly exhausted, I immediately fall asleep.


“Hey, wake up.”

Groggily, I open my eyes. I’m still on your floor, naked, covered in dried semen. It’s the middle of the night now. With a groan, I try to sit up, but I am suddenly pushed back. The sudden motion jolts me fully awake and I see you looking down at me with a frown.

“I thought I told you to be gone by the time I got back,” you say. You glance at the bed. “You didn’t even clean up.”

“I’m sorry,” I say, breathlessly. “I was just so tired. I closed my eyes for a second and then, here you are again.” I pause, then hesitantly say, “Besides, you could just do that with your power… couldn’t you?”

That was clearly the wrong thing to say. You snap your fingers, and the bed and carpet are instantly cleaned of my semen, not to mention the fluids of your other playthings from this morning. “Yes, I can, but that’s not the point. Your goddess asked one simple thing of you, well okay, two simple things, but they should have been easy tasks to perform. Clean your mess, and be gone before I get back. You have not done as I asked.”

“But I couldn’t—”

“Don’t you even dare try to pin this on me,” you say. “I give you a beautiful gift of pleasure, and you can’t do as I ask in return? See if I ever let you cum again.”

I go pale, and get up on my knees. “Oh, no, please, don’t do that to me, please!”

You brush past me, setting down your things. “Too late. You can’t cum anymore.”

“But, but, I just—”

“You’re not seriously going to whine about it now, are you?” you give me a cool look. I swallow hard.

“No goddess,” I say quietly. “I’m sorry goddess.”

You smile very slightly and walk up to me. I’m still kneeling, and you look down at me, cupping my cheek with your hand. I look up at you with awe and fear and reverence. Your gesture is unexpectedly tender, and I lean into your hand a bit, but maintain eye contact with you. You are so beautiful, so sexy, and in this position, this close to you, I am aroused. My penis erects quickly, eager for your blessing, too stupid to know when to quit. Your smile becomes a smirk.

“See? You can’t resist me in the slightest. Your penis won’t let you. It knows better than to want to defy me. It knows and desires only pleasure, and offers itself to me so readily.” I feel tendrils of your power curl around my cock, and pleasure begins to flow through it once again. I let out a breath and my hips jerk once, my cock tensing with delight. You look down past my face to watch my penis bounce. “Yes, that’s a good boy. You get a little overeager sometimes, but you just want to make me happy don’t you?”

I reach out and grasp at your legs, letting out another breath, this one blending into a groan. I bow forward a bit, resting my head against your abdomen, and gasp as the pleasure increases. “Oh, goddesssss,” I whisper.

“Too bad your stupid owner can’t show me similar respect,” you say, still talking to my organ. “Because now you have to suffer for his insolence.” A warm, wet pressure, a vice like pussy, suddenly crushes down on my cock, the sensation so hard I feel like my cock will be pulped. At the same time, intense energy surges along every nerve in my cock. I cry out, and jerk back. My penis flops crazily.

“Oh, goddess, no! I’m sorry, please don’t!” I gasp.

You snap your fingers and I am once again paralyzed spread eagle. You flick your finger up, and I rise off the floor, am flipped upside, then raised until my back touches the ceiling. Then I’m stuck up there.

“I told you to be gone, because I have a few guests coming over, and we’re going to have a good time,” you say. “I was gunna tease them all night, but I think now instead I’m going to make them cum until their minds break. And I think, every time they do, I’m going to double the sensations you’re feeling. Won’t that be fun?”

I open my mouth to speak, but you point at me, and no sound comes out. I close my eyes in frustration, but realize, I can still see the room. However, I also realize I can’t see myself. You’ve cloaked me from being seen or heard, while forcing me to keep seeing and hearing everything else.

Suddenly the door bell rings. You smile devilishly, and look up at me. “Get comfy, pet. It’s going to be another long night for you.”

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Just A Little Scene: You My Goddess 3

It is a few weeks later when I receive a text from you, inviting me to a party you are throwing. Just seeing that I have a text from you gives me an instant erection, as I remember the two weeks of sensual torment you put me through on a whim. I swallow hard, and say I shall try to be there. You text back saying that if I do show up, you will make it worth my while.

So, I show up at the party. Lots of people, but no one’s falling down drunk or stoned out of their mind. Yet. Parties aren’t really my thing, but an invite from you is not something a person turns down. And while I don’t recognize anybody, the atmosphere seems decent. I say hi to a few people, and work my way through the crowd.

Within a few minutes, I find you, chatting among some friends. You spot me, and break away for a moment, coming up to me. I’m about to say something, but you hug me and kiss me deeply. Your tongue probes my mouth, and my cock turns hard as steel. You press yourself fully against me, slightly grinding against my erection. I feel light headed for a moment and my knees wobble. You finally break the kiss, leaving me gasping slightly. “Glad you could come,” you say.

“Th-thanks for the invite…” I reply, a little breathlessly.

“Anytime,” you say with a smile. You step back. That’s when I notice the room temperature is suddenly a bit cooler. And that my erection is suddenly free.

I look down, and jump, causing my dick to bounce. I am completely naked. I look up at you and open my mouth to demand what’s going on, even as I move to cup myself. However, instead, my arms stretch out, my mouth clamps shut, and I feel myself elevated a foot off the ground as my legs spread. I look around and jerk my arms in a panic, but then I notice several other people, men and women, rising up from the crowd. They are likewise naked, bound spread eagle in mid-air, and look embarrassed or panicked.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the last of our entertainment is finally here,” you call out. The other party goers, still clothed, all clap and cheer, some laughing. “You may play with them as much as you want. Don’t worry about hurting them, I’ve toughened them up quite a bit. And don’t worry about them finishing; they’ll be super horny all night and they won’t be able to cum no matter what. At the end of the night, we get to vote on who gets to cum.”

I look to you a bit fearfully. You just wink and grin, and I feel a tingling sensation travel along my cock. I suddenly can feel even the slightest bit of air displacement, and I realize you’ve made my cock extremely sensitive. You then go off to observe how you’re other pets are played with.

I try to struggle, but jerk as I feel a soft, but firm hand grasp me. A girl I don’t know has grabbed my cock and is lightly stroking me. It feels incredible, better than any hand job should. Another girl steps up, and she smiles wickedly. She extends her hand, palm out to the top of my penis head. I shake my head, my eyes widened, but she just giggles, as she swirls her palm around my penis head. I let out a loud groan and try to curl up as my now extremely sensitive penis head is tormented by her simple touch. Another hand, from behind, reaches around and cups my balls, squeezing and rolling them gently. My penis jerks in their grip, already attempting to orgasm, but of course, it’s futile.

Soon, the hands on my genitals are replaced with mouths, and then more hands begin to roam over my body. They tickle my sides, pinch and play with my nipples, caress my chest and back, grab and squeeze my ass. Everything feels so good, my body is shaking from the sensory overload. I feel myself lowered down, still spread eagle, but now I am lying flat. Two girls begin to lick and nibble at my neck and earlobes, then purr in unison right into my ears. I let out a helpless cry as the stereo purring seems to reverberate through my brain, entrancing me, blowing away my mind.

Then, as the purring continues, driving me as mad as the pleasure, I feel someone spread my ass checks, and a slim finger works its way slowly into me. I buck and cry as the invasion feels strange, but then, the finger explores me a bit, and locates my prostate. My world goes white and I scream.

The rest of the evening, straight through to morning, is a blur of maddening rapture. All I know is the pleasure, shaking me to my very soul, unable to escape, unable to fight back, my only protest being useless tugs at my invisible bonds, and the gibberish spilling from my mouth.

When I finally regain some of my senses, I am kneeling with the other playthings in a circle, with you standing nude in the middle. We are alone with you in your bedroom, all of us bowed down until our noses nearly touch the floor. You turn to each of the others, and they kiss your toes, thanking you profusely. When they seem to have pleased you with their expressions of gratitude, they suddenly shake violently, and let out ragged gasps. Semen explodes from the men’s cocks and fluid gushes from the women’s pussies.

I’m the last, and I look up to see you smiling, eyes half closed, utterly drunk on the sex, pleasure, and worship. You extend your foot, and I kiss your toes, mumbling my thanks. I feel a warm, wet pressure squeeze around my cock, and I let out a gasp. I feel a phantom pressure within me, against my prostate and I let out a cry, jerking. But I don’t cum.

Tears in my eyes, I look up at you, and you laugh. You leave me writhing on the floor as you dismiss your other playthings, letting them limp and stagger off to collect their clothes. Most of them look at me with pity, though a few with jealousy.

You sit on the edge of the bed and watch me for a while. I roll onto my back, my hips bucking upward as I try to fuck the phantom pressure on my cock. The warm, wet, tight sensation slowly slides up and down on my cock, but my thrusting makes no difference in the tempo.

“Oh, goddess!” I cry. “Goddess, please!”

You laugh a bit. Then, you spread your legs, and you reach down and touch yourself. I know you could just think yourself to pleasure and orgasm, but this is more fun for you, to torment me with your masturbation. You take your time, making me watch as you rub yourself to orgasm, even as your power makes me suffer. When you’re done, you yawn, and snap your fingers.

I stop moving, and lay spread eagle, stiff as a board, paralyzed in place. I can’t even make a sound, my eyes are stuck closed. All I can do is breathe and lightly whimper. But the sensations don’t stop. In fact, they increase, the pleasure slowly swelling within me, exceeding human tolerance.

“In the morning, I’ll let you cum,” you say sleepily. Then you laugh. “Well, I guess it is morning. So, make that the afternoon. But hey, this way, I won’t forget about you like last time.” You pause. “Well, probably.” Then you slide under the covers and drift to sleep, the sound of my ragged breath and pleading whimpers lulling you sleep.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Things I'm Not Into

I mentioned before that my particular fetish interest is a subsubsubgenre of several elements put together. Supernatural Sensual Femdom. I also mentioned that its extremely rare to find this done straight; you can find elements of these things in other stories, but they often end up coming with several elements I particularly dislike or outright loathe. So, without further ado, here are some “pet peeves” of mine that often pop up in what otherwise could be a pretty hot (for me) story of my particular fetish.


I’m not into pain. At all. Period. Even so-called “sensual pain” does not excite, arouse, or pleasure me; it just fucking hurts. Ergo, while I’m more than willing to inflict pain on someone who is into that, I don’t care to receive it. So, when I see a story that starts out promising, with a super powered female having her way with a less powerful, or non-powered man, and then she starts smashing his balls to paste, that’s when I say, “fuck this” and drop the story.

This includes stories where a person is mutilated, and especially includes castration stories. I’ve read several otherwise extremely hot tease and denial stories that ended with the guy’s balls and/or cock being chopped off. Well, so much for that.

(Yes, I know, I have at least one story featuring mutilation, but even there, it was pretty much bloodless thanks to magic, and the entire point was that it was a horror piece. And it’s still the most disturbing (to me) piece I ever wrote.)


I’m the kind of person who fantasizes about superhuman levels of pleasure that can shatter the mind and would ordinarily be fatal to the recipient. However, this is almost always mitigated in my stories with advanced magic keeping the body and mind alive and intact, or at least, being able to recover a person if they are killed/broken. Usually, my characters are granted a level of indestructibility when it comes to the sex scenes.

This is not always the case in most other stories I’ve seen of this type. In fact, one particular fetish that could be considered somewhat related to my own, which has seen a rise in popularity lately, is the Giantess Fetish. In these stories, a giant woman takes an ordinary sized man, or a regular sized woman shrinks a man to tiny size, and plays around with him either for pleasure or for sadistic enjoyment.

Many giantess stories, however, end up with the giantess either brutally murdering the men, usually by stepping on them or sitting on them or suffocating them in their assholes. Sometimes, the women will just outright eat the men, and usually by swallowing them whole so that the men can experience death via suffocation and being melted by stomach acid. Note this actually steps into another fetish called Vore which involves one partner swallowing the other whole (often regardless of any size differential), and similarly enjoying the sensations of feeling their meal suffocate, die, and dissolve in their belly.

For me, the hottest thing about the giantess fetish is the idea of a woman being able to shove my entire body into her pussy, and she writhes in pleasure as I struggle within her. In plenty of giantess stories, however, this ends in the death of the male via crushing or suffocation. And that’s where it loses me.

I’m not making judgments on other people’s fetishes, but me personally, I seriously just do not see what the appeal of dying is, especially if done in such a painful and horrible way.


Relax, calm down, I’m not a homophobe. I have nothing against homosexuality. It’s just not for me. So, when I try doing google and archive searches for, say, “telekinetic sex” or “magic control”, and 90% of the already skimpy supply of stories that pop up are for gay or lesbian stories, I just have to sigh. See, it’s not even really that the stories involve homosexual elements. It’s that so many of them are gay, and so very few are straight, again, cutting the already small portion of stories out there even smaller.

When it comes to my fetish, I am pretty much exclusively interested in a Female Dominant/male submissive set up. I have zero interest in Male on Male fiction, and have extremely little interest in Female on Female. I’ll read the latter if I’m really in the mood (which is rarely), but I often quickly get bored of it, and I’ll only read the former if I’m just that desperate to find a hot supernatural sex scene and am willing to bare through the homosexual elements.

Now, you might see a bit of hypocrisy there, as in some of my characters are bisexual, or perform bisexual acts. When this happens, however, say when two females are teasing and tormenting a male, they may end up playing with/having sex with each other; however, the inclusion of this element is mainly to further torment the male. Either that, or the dominant woman may be using her power on another woman simply for the sake of flaunting her power. It would probably be more accurate to say that most of the women in my stories are straight, but have no qualms about being sexual with other women if it suits their needs.


This actually seems to be one of the most common elements of a mind controller story, particularly when females are involved. As an act of revenge, the female mind controller may take a man (or several) who is an asshole, and often either raped or abused either herself or another girl, and she will turn them into a homosexual. I can see how this could be considered a big poetic justice, especially if homophobia is established as part of the man’s assholishness, but for whatever reason, this often ends up ticking me off.

Mainly, the idea of homosexuality as a “punishment” is insulting. I’m not even gay, and yet, it insults me that a sexual orientation in and of itself could be considered a “punishment.” Again, I can see why it’s used as a poetic justice thing, or perhaps as a way to render the asshole unable to rape women, but even there it often fails. For one, even if the male is further forced to “only be able to cum by fucking his best friend in the ass”, well, this does nothing to actually change the kind of person he is. If anything, this will just add more fuel to the fire to make him even more bitter and hateful. And then what is he gunna do? Just start raping men from that point on? Or, what, he is turned gay, and ultimately gets over it, and then he learns to enjoy it, and then how have you really punished him?

Oddly, the idea of a gay man using psychic powers to “convince” a straight man to try out being gay doesn’t bother me. It’s not something I care to read, but I don’t have a problem with it. But the whole “turning your asshole ex-boyfriend gay” is cheap and indirectly insulting.


Likewise, I don’t care for Bimboization. Usually, my characters retain their own minds as it is. That’s what makes it so interesting and impacting to me, that the character has their own mind and personality to react to what’s happening to them. Similarly, I don’t care for bimbos. They are dull, stupid, and thoroughly unattractive to me. Ergo, taking a character that seemed interesting and intelligent to start with, and then turning them into a drooling idiot who speaks in valley-girl-isms is another way to drop my interest.


I already explained this before, but basically, hypnosis for me is just tedious and boring. While I can see why a lot of people might be interested in the build up and mechanisms of a hypnosis story, I, frankly, would rather just get to the point. A hypnosis story often has to go through the whole process of a) convincing or otherwise tricking the victim into being hypnotized in the first place, b) go through the whole hypnosis process, c) go through the sex process, d) have the victim react in disbelief in being hypnotized, and e) convince the victim that its happened. For me, long and tedious.

The other worse part of it is that, once hypnotized, the victim is basically incapable of struggle and often cannot even physically react to a situation. They may put up a brief defense, but since their mind is not their own, the hypnotist just brushes those away, creating an obedient slave drone. Same as bimboization, the submissive in this case doesn’t feel like the same character as before, because in many ways they just aren’t. And that takes me out of the story.


Okay, this does not relate to stories directly, but rather, some people’s reactions to my stuff. There are some people who read my stories and seem to think that I am into “real life” psychic and magic phenomenon. Now, I’m not knocking anyone’s beliefs. I have had a few odd things occur to me in my life, but by and large, I am not a believer in the supernatural or spirits or psychic phenomenon or what have you. Just because I write stories involving those elements does not mean I am actually into any of that. I’m not. In my stories, magic and psychics are strictly elements of fantasy, nothing more.

Ergo, I can end up with two rather off-putting reactions to my works. One is pretty summed up as “Dude, what is wrong with you, what’s with all this weird Wiccan shit, what are you, some kind of fag?! You should seriously seek professional help. Or just shoot yourself.” This I just blow off the usual internet assholes.

The second reaction, while rare, tends to be a little more creepy in its own way; a rough summarization would be something like: “I can’t believe you’re into this, too! I, too, believe in the power of the Goddess, who has blessed us with the sacred gifts of magic and spiritual connection! I feel a kindred spirit in you, and believe that we could make a true telepathic connection, if we just synchronize our hearts and trust in one another!” Okay, that’s perhaps a bit stereotyping, but you get my point. All due respect to those who have contacted me thusly, this is actually kind of creepy. I don’t know you, so I don’t trust you, so I’m not going to jump at the chance to “make a connection.” I’m really not interested in getting involved with any sort of religious or spiritualist activity; again, the magic and psychic elements of my stories are fantasies, and often presented in extremely ludicrous, comic book style for that matter. Ergo, I’m not sure where one would get the idea that I am “into” tantra magic, astral projection, etc. But regardless, it’s not even the fact that I don’t believe in that stuff, its that half the time, the person contacting me just seems so pushy about it.


Now, I’ll be the first to admit smell is a highly overlooked and underutilized sense in erotic fiction, and hell, most fiction in general. I myself appreciate my sense of smell, apparently having a more sensitive nose than most people I know. And while I’ve never had a fetish for panty sniffing, I do certainly appreciate the scent of a woman’s fresh pussy. I have occasionally seen scent used as a means of seduction and mind control in erotic fiction before, sometimes to great effect.

However, I draw the line when the scents in question become disgusting. Now, I’m not knocking someone who enjoys the smell of feet. But there’s the “lovely scent of feet”, and then, there’s the “reek of sweaty, smelly feet that haven’t been washed in months.” There’s the smell of a woman’s skin, and then there’s, “huffing the stink of the sweat and body odor from between the woman’s tits and coming from her armpit.” And don’t get me started on face sitting stories that like to emphasize how the woman’s ass smells like shit.

I’m sorry, but a horrid scent is a fast turn off for me. I once tried going down on a woman under the sheets, and her pussy was so rank, I very nearly passed out before I even got to it. You can imagine then, why a story featuring someone being forced to practically snort the shit out of someone’s asshole would not be my kind of thing.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just A Little Scene: Repaying the Tab

Richard came into the bar at the usual time, Friday night, 2 a.m., half an hour before closing. The moment he walked in, he felt the warm, soft sensation of a hand cupping his balls, and giving them an affectionate squeeze. Richard let out a soft, barely perceptible gasp and his hips twitched slightly. Even though he knew to expect it now, he was still so sensitive there that the touch made him jump ever time. He quickly sat at the end of the bar before anyone noticed his cock stiffen in his slacks.

Chase set a beer in front of him without even taking his order. Her smile was sly as she winked at Richard. He smiled back, and shed his coat, draping it on the stool next to him, not daring to stand up and hang it on the hook. The phantom hand on his testicles rolled them gently, in a soothing, yet arousing motion. Richard downed the beer quickly.

As the last few patrons began to leave their money, and Chase started wiping down the bar, Richard felt a fingertip settle on the tip of his cock. It slowly began to trace along the ridge of his penishead in a clockwise motion, tracing around several times before stopping and going counter clockwise. Back and forth, round and round. Richard, his penishead almost more sensitive to touch than his testicles, shivered and had to control his breathing as the others grabbed their coats to leave. When it was just the two of them, Chase went over to lock the door, and the fingers motion quickened. Richard let out a breath, and his cock pulsed with excitement. Chase pretended to ignore him as she flipped the chairs of the few tables over, and picked up the remaining dishes. She made she that every time she bent over to grab something, it was in full view of Richard, letting him see the shapely curve of her hips, letting her shirt slip up a bit to show off her skin, and the edge of the thong she wore. Richard’s eyes were glued to her ass.

Then another finger tip joined the first, this one starting at the tip and trailing down to the base. Up and down it went, tracing the main sensitive nerve line of his shaft. Richard had to grab the edge of the bar to steady himself on the stool. He let out a soft moan, dying to call her name, but he knew the rules. Until she was ready for him, he was not to speak, only watch her.

As he did, Richard remembered the first night he’d met her. He’d stomped into the bar, already half drunk. The bar was going to close in two minutes, and Chase had not had a very good day. As the other customers left, Richard demanded to be served. Chase had snapped at him, he’d snapped back, and he turned to leave. As needing to further feel like he’d won, he yanked an empty mug off the table and hurled it at the far wall, where it shattered, taking a couple small hanging pictures with it.

Just then, pain had exploded in his testicles, and he’d dropped to the floor. The pain kept coming, and, not knowing what was happening, he could only curl into a ball and sob. The pain slowly faded, and Chase had come over to him. She’d revealed she was a witch and if he ever did something like that again, she would crush his balls to paste.

Two weeks had gone by before Richard had come back, meekly entering the bar completely sober. She’d frowned at his presence, and immediately, he felt a phantom hand grip him, not quite painfully, but none too gently. He staggered to the bar, and made his apology. Eventually, Chase released him, but as she did, she also noticed the tent in his pants, as well as the way he was now eyeing her. She smiled devilishly, and said she had an idea of how he could repay her.

That night, after the bar was closed, he stayed behind, and ate her out while she sat on the stool. As he did so, she used her magic to stroke his cock. They worked each other for nearly an hour, and she came several times. However, she also used her magic to hold in his orgasm, and by the end, he was begging her for release. She kept playing with him a bit, taking her time slipping her underwear and pants back on and shutting off the lights. She told him to come back next week, and she’d think about it then. Until then, she had cast a spell on him to keep from cumming or masturbating.

And so it went, every Friday, for the past four months, he came to the bar just before it closed, and she played with him. Sometimes, play with him was all she did, if she didn’t feel like sex. Most of the time, though, they fucked or she made him eat her out. Sometimes, she let him cum. Usually, she did not.

Tonight, as he watched her, he struggled to stay on the stool. The phantom hand and fingertips continued to work him, the hand squeezing his balls a bit harder now, the fingers touching him more firmly, moving more quickly. He let out a shaky moan. He last came three weeks ago. He finally couldn’t take it and his hips jerked and he slid off the bench and onto his knees.

After a moment, Chase came over to him. He looked up at her, a sheen of sweat on his brow. She smiled wickedly, leaning down and kissed him. “You may speak now, pet,” she said.

“Oh, Goddess, that feels so good,” he said. “I’m not worthy of your gifts, Goddess Chase.” He bent forward and kissed the tops of her shoes. The fingertips on his cock became full hands, wrapping around his head and shaft, and began to steadily pump him. “Oh, fuck, Chase…” he gasped.

Chase kneeled down and kissed him again. “I was thinking about letting you cum tonight?” she said. She worded the next phrase carefully. “What do you think about that, my pet?” As she said this, she sent a bolt of pure pleasure shooting through his straining cock.

Richard almost blurted out, “Oh, please!” but barely managed to restrain himself. “I, uh, I think you, oh!, o-only if it would be pleasing to you, Goddess…”

Chase laughed lightly, and kissed him again. She ruffled his hair, now growing a bit damp with sweat. “Okay, at ease, soldier. Tonight I’m in the mood for some fun, so let’s dispense with the formalities.”
Richard let out another gasp. “Oh, thank god. I can’t take it another minute.”

Chase stood; she was wearing a skirt, now customary wear for her Friday night shift. Beneath the skirt, she wore no panties. She turned and placed her hands on the bar. “Come on, then, Dick, let’s see what you’ve got for me tonight.”

Dick undid his pants and left them bunched at his ankles as he stood. The sensations died off from his cock, though he still felt quite sensitive. He positioned himself behind her, and entered her smoothly. He let out a sigh, as if of great relief, and began to fuck her.

They went longer than usual that night. After going doggie style at the bar, they shed their clothes completely, and he’d spun her around and shoved her up against the wall, fucking her with fierce thrusts that propelled the air from her lungs in sharp gasps. She clutched at him and bit his shoulder, her nails digging in. Her pussy pulsed rapidly with pleasure, and quaked through several orgasms as Richard’s straining cock throbbed inside her. Her magic enhanced the sensations, so every thrust made him feel like he was going to explode. And when they were done with the wall, the went to the floor, where Chase lay atop him and sucked him as she again made him eat her out, something she never seemed to tire of.

When she finally tired, Richard lay gasping beneath her, and she slid down next to him. Repositioning herself to snuggle up against him, she held her hand over his still twitching cock, and began to tap her fingers in the air. Richard felt little tiny jolts of pleasure each time one of her fingers “tapped”, and he lay twitching and gasping, clutching at her.

“Well, let’s see, adding up all of my orgasms from the past few weeks, I think you’re tab is almost paid,” she said. “But, you’re a couple short?”

“T-t-tab?” gasped Richard.

“Yep,” said Chase. “Every time you cum, I add it to your tab. Since your orgasms are quite expensive, I’m afraid I can only allow you one orgasm on the tab before I have to collect.” She stopped tapping her fingers, one finger still extended down, and his cock tensed, poised at the very edge of orgasm. “Although… you’re such a good pet, I might consider extending your credit a bit. Though I should warn you, I’ll start charging interest if you do.” She giggled and then purred in his ear. “What do you say? I could give you an orgasm now, and you wait even longer for the next one, or you could be a big strong man and tough it out until next week.”

Richard gasped and twitched. She was holding him on the edge and it was maddening. He needed to cum so badly, but the rational part of his mind knew the consequences of taking the easy way out. “N-n-no,” he choked out. “I’ll w-wait… please…”

“Are you sure?” she whispered, and again purred in his ear, sending shivers down his spine and making his cock jerk. He could almost feel the semen start to crawl up his length.

“Yes! Please, Goddess, may I wait for your gift?” He shivered, as she held him there for another few moments.

Then, she released her power, and the moment of possible climax passed. His body relaxed, and his cock jerked a few times. She curled and arm and leg around him, holding him as he slowly came down from his high. When she sensed he was good enough to stand again, she leaned over and kissed him deeply. Then she giggled. “You are such a sucker,” she said. “There is no tab.” She stuck her tongue out at him as he looked at her incredulously.

“You’re mean,” he said.

“Yeah, and that’s why you keep coming back every time,” she said. She stood and held him to his feet.

“Only because you got me by the balls,” he said. She smirked and he felt another tender, affection squeeze on his testicles. They dressed, and Chase finished closing the bar down.

“Same time next week, pet?” she said, as they exited the door.

“You know I got no choice,” he said, and they laughed, kissed, and parted ways.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Just A Little Scene: You My Goddess 2

It is indeed “a few days” before you visit me again. I suppose I should have been mindful that there is significant difference between a “few” for a goddess and a “few” for a mere mortal. Of course, under your unceasing sexual assault on my mind and body, I have lost all since of time. Your power has not slacked one iota since you left, and my mind is all but lost in the hurricane of sensual teasing your power visits upon me; the sexual pressure in my body is utterly immense.

Eventually, however, you do reappear in my place. As your power jolts my mind back into at least some degree of awareness of my surroundings again, I quickly learn that you are not alone. Three sets of footsteps approach me. A voice I don’t recognize says, “Holy shit! You weren’t kidding about him! How long has he been like this?”

You think for a moment. “Hmm… well, let’s see. I kinda forgot he was here, so its definitely been a little while,” You pull out your phone and check to see when I last called you. “Oh, wow; it’s been like a week! Boy, you are so lucky my friends here reminded me about you. Jeez!”

A third voice speaks up, “Yeah, and it wasn’t even like it was on purpose. We were just at the bar, shooting the shit, and I mentioned something about teasing the bar tender.”

You nod, continuing, “And BAM! I just suddenly remembered. I knew I’d forgotten about something a while ago. But still, like they say, out of sight, out of mind, I guess.” The three of you give a light laugh.

My only response is a ragged sound, halfway between a pathetic whimper and choked wail of anguish. You give me a look almost like you’re wondering what my problem is. Your eyes then fall on my cock, which lurches ridiculously, still being tormented by your pleasure.

You snap your fingers with an “aha!” look on your face. “Oh, right, you probably want to cum, don’t you?” I nod manically. “Now, now, not so fast. Jeez, you’re so greedy. First, I think you owe my friends here a thank you for reminding me to get you out of this predicament.” I try to talk, but your power keeps my lips closed, so I can only continue moaning, tears streaming down my eyes.

“Ah, look at him, he’s so grateful, he’s crying!” says your one friend.

“Still, I’m not hearing any thank yous,” says the other.

I try to scream my thanks, but I am still muffled. You sigh dramatically. “You are just so stubborn! I could just leave you like this for another year, you know. Do you want that? Because I will totally do it, right now.” I shake my head vehemently. “Well, if you’re just too proud to verbally thank them, perhaps you can show your appreciation in other ways.” Even through the mind-rending pleasure your power was still visiting upon me, I could tell that you could barely hold back a wicked laughter.

I felt my body rise off the chair to which your power previously bound me. I was then floating to another room, and felt myself then being laid down and spread out on the bed, my arms and legs held down by your power towards each corner of the mattress. I felt the weight of two people climb onto the bed with me. I shook my head again, desperate pleas failing to escape my sealed lips. Suddenly, your breath tickled my ear. “I believe I did tell you the fun was just beginning,” you whisper. I thrash in your invisible bonds, desperate to escape what I know is coming.

I was already experiencing continuous stimulation to my penis, your power beaming pleasure directly into my nerves and continuously feeding sexual excitement into my psyche. For the past two months, you power had been redlining me through soul-rending pleasure, without ever allowing me the final release, even once. It was more pleasure than a mortal mind or body could bear, and only your power kept me conscious and aware and physically healthy enough to experience every moment. All that is nothing compared to what I felt next.

As I feel the mouths of your two friends touch my penis with only the lightest of kisses, the pleasure effects of your power triple in intensity. And when they pull away, the pleasure stays tripled. When they each kiss my penis a second time, and the pleasure triples again. Every touch raises me higher, multiplying the pleasure. And when they mount me and fuck me to several delicious orgasms apiece, every stroke of their pussies, every up, every down, triples the pleasure in a continuous exponential increase.

All while this happens, you mount my face and unseal my lips, forcing me to eat you out once more. My body moves on instinct alone, perhaps aided a bit by your power guiding my motions. As you cum, again and again, from my mouth, you smile with absolute rapture as you watch my mind disintegrate completely into nothing…


I lurch awake with a gasp. I’m no longer tied down, and I can open my eyes again. I am naked, still on the bed. There is a dull ache in my balls and my penis is still hard, twitching away, but it is finally no longer being stimulated. My mind feels a little fuzzy, but I can finally think again.

“Good morning, sleepy head.”

I nearly leap out of my skin, and jerk to my right to see you sitting there, fully clothed. You smile sweetly at me.

“Wh-what… what happened?”

You shrug. “I got a little carried away, I guess, and I couldn’t keep you together anymore. The pleasure and arousal became too much even with my power keeping you going, so you died. Don’t worry, I brought you back.”

I look at you with utter shock, my mouth agape. “You… you can do that?!”

You shrug again. “Sure. No big deal. Just a quick rebuild. I even managed to glue your mind back together. You might be a little shaky for a while, but you should be okay by tomorrow or so.”

“You really are a goddess…” I say in wonder.

You grin. “Yep! And maybe next time you’ll be a little more respectful.” I nod quickly. “So, with that settled, I guess you would finally like to cum, hmm?”

I swallow hard. The ache in my balls is quite strong now that I turn my attention back to them, and my penis still remains tense as a steel trap ready to spring. “Yes, yes, please. Uh, I mean, yes, my goddess.”

You smile with amusement and say, “Okay.”

Instantly, I explode. I jerk back onto the bed, my body thrashing, and me crying out and gasping as huge ropes of semen erupt from my penis with such force, the shots hit the far wall. The ejaculation goes on and on, well past what a normal orgasm should, and you laugh as my gasps turn into pleas once more. The relief of release becomes more torment as the stings of post orgasm stimulation kick in. A minute goes by, then two, then three, semen continuing to launch at full blast from my cock. Just when I think I’m about to black out, it finally stops.

You laugh again as you see me, hosed down with my own seed. Standing up, you step up to me, and drag your finger along my stomach and collect a dollop of semen along your finger. Licking it clean you say, “Mmmm, creamy.” You put your hand on your hip. “A paltry offering, but I suppose I can be a little lenient on you this time. But just remember, this goddess isn’t always so merciful.”

I balk, unable to stop myself from muttering, “You call… two weeks of that… merciful?”

“Oh, hun, this is nothing. This is what I call foreplay.” You laugh as I go pale. Before I can say anything else, you mystically teleport away, leaving me to clean up my mess, and shudder in fear, awe, and admittedly excitement at the thought of what else you could do to me.

The World of Civero

Civero is a fantasy world, similar to modern day Earth (post-Industrial/Computer Age), but very clearly an alternate reality. Here, the existence of psychics and witches (also called espers and mages) are a rare, but accepted part of society. Monsters and demihumans also exist, but by and large have been driven far from human civilization.

Civero itself is a planet approximately the size of Mars, yet has a gravity and atmospheric conditions similar to Earth. It sports three continents and various random islands. The first major continent equates to North and South America in terms of environment and cultural diversion. The second continent equates itself to Africa, Europe, and Asia in terms of environment and cultural diversion. The third continent is an island continent the size of Australia, and is globally recognized as the Forbidden Continent.

In terms of its placement in the multiverse, Civero is bordered by several elemental planes and realms, most of which are uninhabited and uninteresting. Three, however, are of particular note:

1) The Elemental Plane of Lust, which sits three realities down from Civero, but whose power and influence currently flows toward Civero due to its current alignment on the Multiversal axis. This is the primary reason that many supernatural elements in Civero seem to have a sexual focus.

2) The Fairy Realm, which sits a few realities “above” Civero. On rare occasion, denizens from this reality composed almost entirely of magic have come to Earth to explore or cause mischief. The fey are the primary cause for the existence of magic and psychic abilities on Civero, though no one on Civero is aware of this, and even the fey have forgotten it.

3) The Realm of the Dark God, a dead world connected to Civero by only the barest sliver, but just enough that at least once in human history, the god within was able to exert its influence on Civero.

In ancient times, certain humans discovered the secrets to magic and psychic powers. Coveting these gifts, the empowered humans kept their secrets within their own specific clans and families, until the potential to use such power became a natural part of their genetic code. Over time, the Mage Clans and Esper Families came to rule regular humanity as the privileged upper class. Rivalries and wars kept any clan or family from really dominating the other. Humanity, for the most part, lived fairly enough under their rule, but were admittedly powerless to stop any mage or esper who went rogue.

Eventually, however, humans became sick of being perpetually second class (or lower), and a resistance was formed that sought out possible ways to free themselves. “Salvation” came in the form of a dark and mysterious god who lay sleeping within the world. Appealing to the god, the rebellious humans unwittingly unleashed a horrendous plague of monsters upon the world.

A war lasting 100 years savaged the land, and when the dust settled, the dark god was put back to rest, and most of the monsters were slain. So, too, was most of humanity, including the Mage Clans and Esper Families. In order to preserve the species, the Mages and Espers opened themselves up to interbreed with normal humans. However, doing so diluted the Esper and Mage genes among the populace, and after two thousand years, the two offshoots became once again fully integrated with humans and the ability to use magic or psychic powers went dormant.

As the secrets of the old world died away, humanity moved on, had a renaissance, an industrial revolution, and are now comfortably within an information age, akin to our own world. The world population is now approximately 3 billion, though this does not account for the Forbidden Continent.

These days an Esper or Mage can only be born if they have the proper ancestry, and the recessive genetic traits happen to line up just so to create an “atavism” which results in the birth of a mage or esper. Two mages or espers can give birth to another mage or esper, but there is only a 25% chance of the offspring also being one. If a mage and an esper produce a child together, however, the child is almost always human. Most espers and mages are found within specific bloodlines, but it has been known to happen that one may be born seemingly at random from a family with no known manifestations.

In this regard, it is theoretically possible for anyone to be born with either magic or psychic potential. In reality, it is estimated that perhaps 1% of the population has any real possible chance of creating offspring with the potential to be empowered, and only a 0.05% chance that such an offspring would actually manifest any power at all.

In total, it is estimated that about 100,000 mages and 50,000 espers exist world wide. This again does not account for the Forbidden Continent.

In the early days of the War, it was believed that most of the Dark God’s monsters simply consumed their victims. However, several decades in, there were reports of human human/half monster hybrids. At first believed to be mutated humans, these were discovered to actually be the offspring of human/monster couplings.

During the war, the monsters had completely conquered what is now known as the Forbidden Continent. When the war was one, most surviving monsters retreated here, along with their demihuman offspring. Over a thousand years later, however, humanity eventually came back to the continent, to discover that most of the monsters had gone, and in their place, hundreds of generations of demihumans had created their own primitive societies, some intermingling, some splitting off into various tribes reflecting their parentage. Collectively, the natives of this land call it "Zoaheim," though the rest of the world still refers to it as the Forbidden Continent.

However, most demihuman races are still truly savages, and the continent is still home to many deadly monsters. As such, it remains Forbidden, though this has not stopped some people from traveling there and making the place their home. Several human-controlled outposts even exist on the islands off the shores of the continent to observe and study the demihuman and monster “societies.”

Espers are people possessing psychic powers. Also referred to as psychics or psionics. They all possess Extra Sensory Perception (the ability to sense things undetectable to by normal senses) as well as one or more of the following abilities:

Telepathy – the ability to read minds and communicate by broadcasting one’s thoughts
Telekinesis – the ability to move objects with only one’s mind
Clairvoyance – the ability to see, hear, or otherwise perceive things from far away
Psychometry – the ability to know the history of object or area through simple contact or concentration; can be used to also sense if a person has been in an area recently or used the object in question recently
Post-Cognition – able to view into the past
Precognition – able to predict the future
Illusion – the ability to manipulate a person’s senses to trick them into experiencing sight, sound, touch, taste, or smells that are not really there
Nerve Reading – rather than reading one’s mind, this ability allows the esper to read the flow of signals from the brain through a person’s nervous system
Mind Control – the ability to alter the thoughts and memories of a person
Nerve Control – the ability to alter the signals going through a person’s body; can be used to control a person’s actions without controlling their mind, or as another way to create illusions

All living sentient and sapient beings posses a mindscape, a world that exists within each person’s mind. This is the subconscious, where people go to dream. While it is possible for some minds to connect on their own, by and large, each mindscape is separate and unique to each person. This does not mean, however, that people cannot come and go within them. Espers in particular, are capable of entering and manipulating the mindscapes of others, or pulling others into their own mindscape.

While in the mindscape, anything is possible, with the only limit being imagination. Most humans are not adept at controlling their mindscapes, however, and thus tend to experience it either as an empty void or as a standard dream sequence. Most espers are fully capable of lucid dreaming from the outset, and this may be the first sign that someone is an esper. Likewise, normal people and mages cannot enter a mindscape at will; most can only do so via dreaming. Espers can enter and leave their and other people’s mindscapes at will.
There is a notable time difference between mindscape experience and real world experience. Just as seemingly long dreams can take only seconds to occur in real life, activity in the mindscape can go on for hours with only minutes going by in the real world. Time differences can vary from person to person, or even experience to experience, but the general average that has thus far been clocked has been something close to an hour per minute.

Mages, also known as witches, wizards, shamans, etc., possess the ability to absorb, channel, and manipulate magical energy, which exists as a sort of fifth fundamental force of nature. Magical energy, commonly referred to as mana, but also known as quintessence or chi in some countries, is generated by a vast spectrum of phenomenon, often in ways that make little to no scientific sense. A mage is usually tied to certain type of mana, and thus must encounter or create the conditions which produce their specific type of mana in order to absorb more. Naturally, a mage who has used up or had their mana drained is rendered powerless.

All mages are capable of the same basic abilities, and “spell casting” for a mage is little more than simply focusing their will on something and using the mana at their disposal to create the desired effect. All mages can sense the presence of other supernatural phenomenon, including other mages. All can project mana in some way to create generic blasts of their mana type for attack, fields of mana for protection, or can energize other beings or objects with mana to enhance, bind, or weaken them. The exact type of effect varies; the “blast” ability for some mages might be a fireball or a lightning bolt, others may create a sleep-inducing white light.

While there are no real “traditions” of magic, some mages are classified by their occupations or specialties. Among those classifications are:

Biomancer – Focuses on healing and the manipulation of organic tissue.
Shadowmancer – Focuses on casting mystically generated illusions
Technomancer – Focuses on the manipulation of machinery
Geomancer – Manipulates the conditions of the local environment
Kinetomancer – Adept at manipulating energy
Auramancer – Focuses magic inward to perform feats of superhuman physical ability

It is notable that due to the Elemental Plane of Lust's energies, Necromancy flat-out does not work on Civero.

Mana is drawn from a variety of phenomenon, and has some influence the focus of a mage’s abilities. It is unknown if a mage is predisposed to using a certain type of mana, or if a mage settles on whatever is the first type of mana they absorb, or if the way in which a mages power is activated determines the mana type. A woman could, for example, first end up triggering her powers through a particularly intense session of sex, and from then on, would use sex or sexual activities to create the mana she needs to absorb. However, whether her magic imprinted on sex as a source of mana, or whether she only ended up activating her magic due to sex being her mana type is up for debate.

Demihumans are the descendants of monsters from the dark god realm and humans. Over centuries, this has resulted in the evolution of myriad offshoot breeds of demihuman. Demihumans have two major classifications: Sapient and Bestial.

Sapient demihumans are those who demonstrate at least near-human levels of intelligence. These usually include Beast Folk (humanoid versions of animals, such as wolf-folk, cat-folk, fish-folk) and Taurians (creatures that are literally half-human/half-animal such as centaurs, lamia, mermaids, winged folk, etc.). However, not all such examples are sapient, and it’s easy for humans to confuse the various sapient sub-groups with their savage counterparts. Only twelve sub-groups of demihumans are officially acknowledged to be Sapient.

Beyond the Forbidden Continent, sapient demihumans are recognized as “sub-human” by most governments of Civero. While they are allowed to live in Civero, they can only do so if registered under the custody of a human. They are denied citizenship and the rights granted thereof. Ergo, Sapient demihumans are extremely rare on Civero outside the Forbidden Continent, but it is not unheard of for a wealthy individual to have a few demihuman servants. Likewise, some scientists may use demihuman assistants, and some businesses may employ demihuman workers to operate in locations unsafe for humans.

Bestial demihumans refer to those with intelligence akin to lesser animals. They are creatures of instinct and cunning. At best, they may possess the intellect of smart dogs. While studies have shown it possible to train and domesticate some of the smarter bestial demihumans, most remain untamable. Bestial demihumans include all demihumans not recognized as sapient. These can be savage beast folk and taurians, as well as abominations, chimera, and dire creatures.
Bestial demihumans are recognized as “monsters” by all governments of Civero. Should any be found beyond the borders of the Forbidden Continent, they are to be executed with extreme prejudice. It is illegal to “own” a bestial demihuman. The only exceptions are usually secret scientific or military facilities which may house bestial demihumans for study and experimentation. However, it has been known for the occasional wealthy individual to purchase and secret house a bestial demihuman through black market means.

A new classification of the supernatural has been created to account for the seemingly recent appearance of people who appear to require sex in order to feed upon “sexual energy.” They may possess one or two abilities to assist in this, and are thusly categorized according to how their abilities function, but it should be known that they are all essentially “vampires” that feed upon the energies released during sexual excitement and sexual acts. Note that the categories are named after certain types of mythical creatures, but they are not to be confused with actual creatures of that type.

Lust Walkers appear as completely normal human beings, and indeed, they basically are. However, they must feed on sexual energy every so often, or they will lose their sanity and their health begins to deteriorate. For the most part, Lust Walkers can live perfectly normal lives, as long as they can regularly have sex, and indeed, some Lust Walkers may not even realize they are one, if they’re sex life is active enough that they don’t require big feedings.

Feeding leaves their partner extremely drained and exhausted, and could even risk death if too much energy is taken; what’s more, a person who is fed on enough times by a Lust Walker within a small enough period of time, stands a risk of becoming a Lust Walker themselves. As such, it can be difficult for Lust Walkers to maintain steady partnerships. Some Lust Walkers attempt to ignore what they are, and become somewhat feral, acting normal on the surface, but then going about and ambushing prey when the opportunity arises.
All Lust Walkers are considered “monsters” by most governments of Civero. However, because they are often so difficult to detect unless they start going feral, many Lust Walkers live free among human society. Recent estimations say that 1 in every 100,000 people could be a Lust Walker. This, however, only factors in humans. It is said that some demihumans possess Lust Walker abilities, but this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Vampires – Unlike most Lust Walkers who can feed directly off the energy of sex without even touching their victim, vampires derive their nourishment specifically from a prey’s sexual fluids. As such, these types can pass off as being dedicated oral fetishists. They can release a pheromone to induce arousal.

Medusas – Medusas are able to sexually excite and stimulate people through the mere sight of their exposed bodies. Medusas feed off the building arousal as their victim is helplessly mesmerized by their nude bodies until they cum. Medusas can often be found employed as strippers, where they can make a killing in both cash and feeding.

Sirens – Sirens use their voices to hypnotize, mesmerize, and excite their victims. The sound of their voice attracts a person, who then becomes more aroused and susceptible to suggestion the more they listen. Some Sirens sing to their victims until they cum, others will describe an erotic fantasy, others may just taunt and tease them. Sirens are particularly dangerous, because they can actually cause their victims to attack others, and the victim will act as commanded if they are deep enough under the spell. Sirens are also especially dangerous as, more so than other Lust Walkers, the effects of their power can become addicting, the victims quickly desiring to hear their voices more and more until it becomes the only thing they can get off with.

Ghosts – Ghosts can render themselves invisible and intangible, allowing them to sneak into a victim and stimulate them without the victim either seeing who it is, or being able to physically resist them. Ghosts can even have sex with a person right through their clothes.

Voodoos – Voodoos are capable of creating a voodoo doll version of a person or their genitals, and with their power, can connect that person to their creation using a piece of hair, cloth, or other significant item. The Voodoo can then fuck or play with the doll, and the victim will feel it, while their sexual energy is channeled to the doll, through which the Voodoo can absorb it. Similarly, Voodoos can create sex toys which can absorb sexual energy, then steal or otherwise retrieve the item back to absorb the energy. Voodoos tend to be among the hardest to catch, since they can perform their feedings and attacks from the privacy of their own home, with the victim never knowing who it might be. Voodoo created sex toys are illegal to own or sell, but some make it onto the black market anyway; that, in fact, ends up being the more reliable way to trace and catch them.

Wet Dreams – Wet Dreams are thought to be Lust Walkers who once had the potential to be espers. Wet Dreams enter people’s dreams via their mindscape and make them experience intense sexual fantasies, often results in the sleeping person having an orgasm. They are difficult to catch, since they can attack victims remotely, but they do tend to favor certain ones, and often reveal their identities in dreams, unless they have mastered the means to hide themselves.

Eromancer – Eromancers, also called Sex Mages, are the rarest, yet far and away most powerful of the Lust Walkers. Thought to be the result of Lust Walkers who once had the potential to be mages, Eromancers are capable of a wide variety of magical powers, all of which have some direct application to sex. Curiously, Eromancers appear to be almost exclusively women, with up to a 95% female/5% male ratio.


Operating as a sort of freelance police force against the supernatural, S.O.S. consists of investigators, warriors, adventurers, and monster hunters, focusing on dealing mostly with monsters and high-risk black market stings, as well as rogue mages and psychics. Since this is the highly eroticized world of Civero, this incidentally often means dealing with creatures and criminals with a sexual modus operandi, although they can certainly also handle themselves against more traditionally lethal adversaries. SOS is a fairly well spread out organization, with branches throughout the two main continents of Civero, and even a couple contacts within and around the Forbidden Continent. However, no branch is particularly large unto itself, with the largest branch holding 14 Field Operatives, and 30 Support Operatives. Usually, though, the average branch may employ around 6 Field Ops and 10 to 12 Support Ops.

Support Operative – A support operative specializes in certain non-combat, non-field oriented duties; most may stay at the base, but may be called into the field in an emergency. However, they are not usually trained to engage against adversaries outside of basic defense tactics. They can be anything from medics, analysts, researchers, engineers, communications operators, etc. Usually a branch will employ twice as many Support Operatives as Field Ops. Only experienced professionals in their field are allowed as Support Ops, due to the inherent risks and liabilities of the job. Support Ops may or may not be super powered; it helps, but skill is valued over power for a support position.

Field Operative – Field Operatives are the agents who actually go out and deal with adversaries in person. While some specialize in certain skills, most Field Operatives must be both investigators as well as combatants, since investigating a situation may often result in engaging an adversary. Almost without exception, Field Operatives are Super Powered Individuals, be they mages, psychics, cyborgs, demihumans, or superhumans. All Field Operatives are equipped with at least moderate defenses against psychic and magical attacks, via either their own powers, shielding imbued by a fellow operative, or through the use of special artifacts or technologies. Rookie Field Operatives are thoroughly trained before allowed into the Field, and are partnered up with an experienced operative to act as a mentor and hands on trainer. Experienced Operatives may work as partners, but as they may start to take lesser solo missions. Veterans are usually capable of handling greater solo missions on their own. However, if the mission or case demands, several Field Operatives may of course join up to tackle larger scale threats.

Commander – Each branch has a Commander, usually the most experienced Veteran Field Operative, who oversees the actions of his or her branch. As such, Commanders may see less field work, but are usually still more than capable of it. In the case of large scale missions, a Commander will act as Field Leader, and may even assign a Secondary Field Leader if a large enough group is assembled.

Drifter – Drifter Operatives are Veteran Field Ops not tied to any specific branch. They are free roaming operatives who can take on a wide variety of missions due to their jack-of-all-trades efficiency. Such Drifter Ops are especially useful in less populated areas, where an SOS branch might not be established. Alternatively, a Drifter Operative may specialize in a certain rare power, skill, or area of knowledge that several branches may be lacking, thus he will work with several different jurisdictions as needed. Drifters have an extended range of jurisdiction, but ultimately must abide by the orders of the Commander whose area they are currently in.

Forbidden Continent Operatives – FC Ops have decidedly different duties than the usual SOS Operative, and operate in direct conjunction with the military stationed to guard the Forbidden Continent. FC Ops tend to focus almost exclusively on search and rescue missions for any humans or Sapient Demihumans who one way or another find themselves lost or abandoned on the continent. Alternatively, they may assist the military special ops in hunt and capture/destroy missions for particularly dangerous monsters.

Just A Little Scene: Interrogation

He flinches as she draws near, which causes her to smirk.

"P-please..." he gasps. "I've t-told you everything I know..."

She regards him thoughtfully. "I suppose you have," she says.

"Then for the love of god," he rasps. "Please, let me cum. Please, god, let me cum!"

She makes a bemused "hmph" and reaches out to tap the tip of his penis. She watches it bounce, and a fat drop of precum drips from the tip. He lets out a pained moan as he thrashes in his bonds. His cock is swollen to full capacity, the veins bulging sickenly, the shaft a hideous shade of red, the head dark as a plum and steadily leaking pre-cum. His testicles are huge the skin taught and dark as a bruise.

However, these conditions are not the result of physical abuse. In truth, she has barely touched him at all; his cock is not even bound in a harness. What torments him so is pure, agonizing need. A need which she fans with a combination of her natural sexuality and sensual beauty, as well as her psychic powers. This soldier, like so many others, came equipped with psychic shields of course. But she knows the secret to breaking them down. During the entire interrogation, she hammered at his mental defenses, but that she could do in her sleep. As she did so, however, she reached into the more primitive part of his mind, taking hold of his libido. She cooed and caressed this region of his psyche until he was so worked up, all she had to do was take her top off, and his willpower shattered like a thin sheet of glass.

Tears streaming from his eyes, he revealed everything to her in mere minutes. Now, all he can do is plead for the one salvation left to him: whatever shred of mercy she might have. She taps the tip of him once more, sending a jolt through his loins which nearly makes him cum right then. She leans close, filling his gaze with her breasts, and tickling his ear with her warm breath. "Now that you have betrayed your people, given us another step with which to crush your little rebellion, you ask for mercy? Now that you are irrevocably a turncoat, you plead for your enemies to grant you their tender support?"

He lets out a broken sob, and whispers, "Yes... please... please..."

She pulls her face away from him and gives him a cold, pitiless look. "Enemies of the State are shown no mercy. And a traitor is an enemy to all." He let out a scream as he felt her bore into his mind. He felt something shift in his psyche and he knew with an instinctive horror, that she had done something to him. His current level of arousal would never wane. And he would never orgasm again in his life. "Take him down to the pleasure pits. He is young and strong, and should fetch a good price."

His eyes widen in horror. "No! NOOOO!" His screams fell on deaf ears as she slides her shirt back on and leaves the room. She cannot help but grin slightly as she leaves. Serving one's country could be grueling work sometimes, but every once in a while, you got to have a little fun along the way.

Just A Little Scene: Ashley's Feral Girls

“Look through there,” Ashley said, leading my naked form to a large two-way mirror, adjacent to a door. As Ashley’s hand slowly stroked my cock, she pushed me up to the glass, revealing a carpeted room with no furniture. There were three women in the room, a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. They were all naked, and had the bodies of supermodels. Red was curled up on the floor, sleeping. Blond was crawling around on her hands and knees, seeming restless, but also seeming unable to figure out what to do. Brunette was sitting and was idly chewing on a Popsicle stick, looking bored.

“What… what did you do to them?” I gasped. Her fingers stroked me faster and she all but purred into my ear, sending pleasant shivers through me.

“You mean after I fucked them senseless?” Ashley giggled as another shiver, one I couldn’t decide was of lust or fear, ran through me. “I’ve lowered their intelligence down to that of dogs. Not that they think or act dogs, but I’ve turned them into creatures of pure, animal instinct. Feral humans, as it were.”

“Oh god…” I gasped. “How… how could you do that to…” My words were cut off with a gasp as Ashley’s hand quickened again, and I found myself wincing in approaching orgasm. I clutched at Ashley, reaching behind, but just when I felt myself about to peak, she squeezed that spot below the head. My body stiffened, and Ashley just held me like that, until the moment faded, and I relaxed in her grip. Ashley waited another moment, before resuming her stroking.

“It’s just temporary,” she said. “See, they actually really enjoy this. I leave just enough of their minds intact so that they are completely aware of their situation, but can do nothing about it, just go along for the ride.” Ashley giggled again, and she licked along my earlobe, biting it gently. She growled lightly, and I shuddered. It was enough to make me peak again, but right away, Ashley pinched me, holding back my climax. When the moment passed, and her hand resumed, she continued, “They love it, you know. The feeling of being totally at one with their emotions and desires, spending a few days being just pure id. They say when they fuck while in this state, they experience the most pure, raw orgasms they’ve ever had.” Ashley giggled. “Of course, it helps that I tease them a bit first, just to get them really in the mood. Watch closely.”

Ashley’s hand slowed its stroking, but didn’t quite stop, as I watched the three women in the room. Suddenly, they all stiffened. Blonde looked around more frantically, and Brunette dropped the Popsicle stick, her eyes widening. Red let out a soft moan and roused from her sleep. She looked about almost confused. Looking closely, I could see their pussy lips moistening, and their hips twitched slightly as Ashley poured raw arousal into their minds.

I felt my breath catch short as seeing the women grow aroused, and soon frustrated with arousal, excited me, and even the slow pace of Ashley’s hand made my cock shoot to the edge. Once again, Ashley pinched me off, and I grit my teeth, letting out a groan. Ashley giggled, and my groan was matched by soft moans and whimpers as the women started crawling around, searching aimlessly for something to relieve the aches between their legs. Even as Ashley’s fingers pinched off my orgasm, I could see the women’s juices already running down their thighs. Ashley was really letting them have it.

“Just like you, I’ve made it so they can’t masturbate,” said Ashley, “not even by humping something. And since they aren’t lesbians, it doesn’t even occur to them to use each other for pleasure. And they’re too stupid to even try and think of a way to relieve their predicament.” The women seemed to be growing frantic, desperately searching through the room, and even scratching at the doors. “Right now they’re on the hunt. The sole thought on their mind is finding a cock to fuck senseless.”

“Oh, god!” I gasped. Ashley let go of me, and led me to the door. “Wait!” I said.

“Just one thing before I turn you loose on them,” she said. She reached down and gave my balls a painful squeeze that took my breath away. “Don’t cum.” Before I could respond, she whipped open the door and shoved me into the room, slamming it closed and locking it.

Ashley had scarcely closed the door when the three women were upon me. Drowning me in a flurry of kisses, growling with passion, all three women nearly crushed me against the wall in their passion, before shoving me flat on my back to the floor. Before I could even catch my breath, Brunette had straddled my hips and mounted my cock, bouncing vigorously upon it. I let out a gasp, only for Red to plant her pussy right on my mouth, nearly suffocating me. I managed to shift her back a bit so I could breath, and I began to lick her enthusiastically, knowing it was what she wanted. Blonde let out a cry of frustration at seeing the other two take dibs, and I could hear her growl with anger. Part out of sympathy, and part out of not wanting a fight to suddenly erupt with me beneath them, I reached out with my hand and caressed Blonde’s pussy lips. She instantly let out a gasp, and calmed, positioning herself so I could easily finger her. The two women on top of me quickly climaxed, and they climbed off, Brunette letting Blonde mount me, while she and Red positioned themselves to be fingered. They switched positions yet again up Blonde climaxing.

Despite the amazing sensations of their pussies squeezing and milking my overly teased cock, I was too overwhelmed with the ferocity of their passion, and preoccupied with making sure they were satisfied, that I found it in me not to cum, despite remaining rock hard and near the edge the whole time.

Even with their reduced intelligence, they seemed to know by instinct every sexual position they ever tried, and were determined to put me through it. Missionary, cowgirl, reverse, 69, doggie, against the wall, from the side, upside down; I was like a hacky sack passed from pussy to pussy to mouth to pussy, with no chance to catch my breath.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, the three seemed to have soothed their own sexual cravings after god only knew how many climaxes, and I was too exhausted to go on. I lay there, panting and gasping as they huddled around my cock. They licked their lips hungrily, and their mouths descended onto my horribly teased member. I gasped and writhed, clutching at them; Blonde and Brunette grabbed my hands and held them down, while Red sat on my legs and held my cock up for their mouths to feast on. It was incredible; three sets of soft lips, three wriggling tongues, three hot, warm, sucking mouths all attacking my cock at once, slipping me in and out of them, licking me from tip to testicles. It was beyond anything I’d ever felt, and I felt my climax roiling inside me. I let out a desperate wail, and then, my orgasm hit me, stealing my breath away. Rope after rope of thick, hot cum launched from my cock, splattering over me and over the girls, just going everywhere. It was so intense that I blacked out for a few seconds.

When I came to, just a few moments, later, the three women were cuddled around me, Brunette on my right, Blonde on my left, Red on top, resting her head on my belly. We were a hot, sticky, sweaty, exhausted mess, and I fell asleep in their arms, feeling utterly content.

When I woke up, the three women were gone, but I was still on the floor. A blanket had been laid over me, and a pillow put under my head. A note had been left on my chest, and it read, “Thanks for the wonderful time!” Three red lipstick kiss marks had been made along the bottom, each one a different shade. I looked up as I heard footsteps behind me.

Ashley smiled down at me. “Well, that wasn’t so bad, huh? They told me you lasted the longest out of anyone I’d ever thrown at them.”

“Uh… thanks?” I said. Ashley laughed. “So… now what?”

Ashley smirked, and I felt her mind dig into mine. I let out a gasp as my cock went from semi-hard to full mast instantly, and a teasing vibration buzzed along its length. “Now,” she said, her smirk turning to a wicked grin, “I punish you for having an orgasm without my permission.”

I felt the sensation of a slick, phantom palm suddenly cup my penis head, and I let out a sudden, fearful gasp, “No, please!” before the palm began to swirl, and my words were lost in a cry of sensual agony.