Monday, January 3, 2011

Just A Little Scene: Taunting Phone Call, Magic Tease

Doug grunted and fumbled for the phone as it rang. Roused from his sleep, he barely registered the clock saying 3:30 AM as he grabbed it. Without thinking, he answered, muttering, “H’lo?”

A husky female voice answered softly. “Hey, babe.”

Doug’s mind lurched awake and he let out a soft gasp of “Sara…” He instinctively tried to hang up the phone, or at least throw it across the room before she could say another word, but it was already too late. His penis was already fully stiff and tense, and he felt her magic wash over his body. With a gasp, he rolled onto his back.

“So… I had some fun today,” Sara said. “Wanna hear about it?”

“Sara,” Doug said, his voice already shaky. “No, please, not tonight…”

“Aw, come on, babe,” she said, her voice thick with sensuality. “You always love my stories, don’t you?” Doug grit his teeth and let out a soft groan as he felt her magic start to thrum through his sex. “Aaaanyway. I went out clubbing with some friends tonight, and as you can imagine, I got hit on quite a bit. But there was this one guy, real pushy type. He thought he was so cool. I admit he was pretty hot. But he had such an attitude on him. Kept coming up to me and telling me how I was gunna have my mouth on his dick before the night was through. As if he could handle my mouth.” She paused. “Mmmm. You remember my mouth, right, hun?”

Doug let out a gasp of “Y-yeah…” as the energy on his cock began to feel like a hot, wet tongue tracing his length. Soon, his whole sex felt engulfed in a soft, wet heat, a phantom mouth slowly sucking and sliding along his shaft. Even before her powers, Sara could utterly devastate him with her mouth; now, she only had to think it, and the feeling of her mouth brought him to his knees.

“Yeah?” she said, and paused again, seeming to let him simmer in the sensations. “So after I told him to buzz off a few times, he still didn’t get it. I turned to him then and gave him a Look. Like, boy you don’t even know what you’re dealing with. His cocky grin faltered and his eyes widened. I could see the bulge form in his pants rather quickly. I think he was surprised. So I told my friends I’d be right back. I stood and I beckoned him to follow. Come on, I said. You should have seen him. Went from cocky jerk to horny little puppy in no time flat. I could feel his eyes running up and down m curves…”

Doug could see the scene in his mind’s eye, Sara beaming it into his thoughts. Doug watched the slick, but arrogant looking dude go slack jawed once Sara turned her full attention to him. Poor sap. His cock was trapped by her magic the moment she turned towards him. Obviously, Sara hadn’t minded his attentions, or she could have made him disinterested. But no, she wanted to see how long he would try. Apparently satisfied, she had him follow her towards the back. Doug found himself helplessly swooning to the image of Sara’s sexy body, her hips swaying hypnotically. No doubt she had been tantalizing his cock with her magic as she led him to the back. By the time they reached the small hallway which led to the back exit and she shoved him against the wall, no doubt he was ready to burst the moment she so much as breathed on it.

“I pressed him against the wall, like I do with you sometimes. He wanted to grab me, turn me around, and fuck me right there. I could see it in his thoughts. But he couldn’t fight me any more than you could. He was pinned to the wall, his cock straining to rip through his pants and feel me. I traced one finger along his bulge. Poor thing. It was more than he could take.” Doug felt the magic add the tracing of a phantom finger along his shaft as he was forced to watch the scene in his mind. At the single caress of her finger, even through his jeans, the guy completely lost it. His hands clenched into fists and he shuddered, he let out a hoarse cry as his expression contorted into what was unmistakably his “O” face. He came with incredible force. The stain on his dark jeans was apparent within seconds, so forceful did he shoot his seed.

Doug felt a burning jealousy for him, despite his obvious humiliation. Despite her numerous teasing and playing with Doug, she almost never let him cum. It had been at least three months since the last time Sara let him climax. But this cocky, in-over-his-head sap, had been blessed by Sara with that ultimate release. A humiliating release, but a release, nonetheless. He watched as Sara, laughing, let him stumble off, dazed and confused, trying to get to the bathroom and clean himself up before someone noticed.

The scene dissolved and Sara chuckled into his ear. “Poor guy,” she said with mock sympathy. “How about you, hun? You get any action lately?” Doug could not answer. His breath was coming in gasps as the sensations on his cock continued to build, taking him to he edge of that sweet release… but no release was forthcoming. Instead, the sensations continued on, the sexual pressure squeezing his will and his sanity. “Oh, that’s right,” came Sara’s voice. “I keep forgetting. You don’t know how to go out and get laid. Too bad you can’t masturbate.”

Doug let out a desperate cry, “Sara… please…”

“Well, I just wanted to tell you that little story,” said Sara. “Not that big a deal, but I thought it was funny. I’ll catch you later, okay, hun?”

“No, wait!” yelled Doug, but she had already hung up. The sensations continued to tease his cock for another few moments, then faded. It took him hours to calm down enough to get a fitful sleep, his unrelieved cock burning with the need for release. But he couldn’t even touch himself, thanks to Sara's magic. He could only pray Sara would feel generous sometime soon and let him cum. Of course, knowing her, she would then just post-orgasm torture him. Sara always found a way to make every pleasure a sensual agony.

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