Monday, January 3, 2011

You My Goddess

I am bound by your power, tied magically to a chair. Nothing holds me in place save your will, but that is more than enough to hold me in place no matter how long I struggle. Similarly, your power forces my eyes and mouth closed, blinding and gagging me. I sit there shaking and moaning pitifully, naked, my cock hard as steel as it bounces comically, glistening pre-cum dripping steadily.

For the past five days, you have kept me down here, tormenting me with your power. Your magic visits unimaginable pleasures upon my cock, directly overloading the nerves while mimicking the sensations of every sexual act possible. Similarly, you have flooded my mind with so many sexual images, sounds, and fantasies, hi-deffing non stop through psyche, that I will probably never need porn again. Despite this, you have held back my orgasm, only making me more desperate and increasing the pleasure slowly as it goes.

It’s only what I deserve though. You, in following your path of sexual empowerment, became a goddess, while I remained a mere mortal, unworthy of your attentions. We hadn’t talked in months, but I called you up one lonely night, looking for some play. You said you were busy, but if I was patient, you might have some free time next week to play with me, if you felt like it.

“Sure,” I said, “whatever.” I can almost hear the thin frown you make as you don’t much care for the attitude in my response. You decide to teach me the lesson, that one should never be dismissive of a goddess, even if she is dismissive of you. With a mere thought from you, I was naked, bound, and my cock and my mind (like there’s a difference in when it comes to these matters) are swallowed by your spells of pleasure. A simple gesture from you, a soul crushing torment for me.

Now, five days later, you appear in my apartment. You are naked, but of course, I can’t see you. I’m not worthy of that now, if I every will be again. You slowly walk up to me, tasting my emotions, my desperation, my frustration, my anger, my rapture, my hate, and my gratitude. You lean down and lightly kiss the slick tip of my penis, then take only the head in your mouth, and swirl your tongue around it. Sensitive as I am, post orgasm torture is a faint tickle compared to what your tongue makes me feel now. I let out a scream, muffled by my closed mouth, and my body shakes violently. I know you are hear now.

Not quite done, you stand up, turn around and touch yourself, moistening your lips. You then sit down upon me, letting my tormented cock slide fully into you. My world goes white, as entering you is like entering pure sexual Heaven and Hell simultaneously, so much pleasure, so good, yet so overwhelmingly intense. You even don’t move, you just sit with me buried inside you, letting me simmer in this maelstrom of pleasure. You flex your pussy around me a few times, though, squeezing more pleasure out a me. I am so overwhelmed, I could die. But you don’t let me die, you don’t even let me pass out, your force me to experience every agonizingly euphoric moment. And still, you do not let me cum. You remain on me for only a minute, but that’s all you need to utterly destroy me, burning away all thought and feeling in my mind save utter worship of you and the soul rending need for release.

You stand up again, and your juices still burn along my cock, the sensation of being inside you not ceasing. To top it off, the sensation of your mouth on my cockhead resumes. You smile as I shake and whimper and cry. After enjoying the show for a few more minutes, you decide you want some more. You float up and swing your legs around my head, resting your thighs on my shoulders. Suddenly, my mouth can open again, and I let out a stream of gibberish pleas, but you silence me with a finger to my lips. You pull yourself forward, and fasten your moist pussy to my mouth.

“I told you I had time this week,” you say. “This is what you get for not believing me, and just assuming I wouldn’t be interested. Now, I think you’ve learned your lesson, but you still have not earned your orgasm. Lick me now, pleasure me now, and if you manage to make me cum ten times in the next five minutes, I shall consider granting you the release you so desperately crave.”

I immediately begin to eat you out, completely enraptured by the scent and taste of you, and the sheer joy of giving oral to a woman. You let yourself go, enjoying every lick and kiss and suckle and nibble as I expertly fuck you with my mouth; quickly, you achieve orgasm, clutching at me and gasping my name when you peak. Over and over you cum, and in my haze, I somehow can count to ten, though I have no sense of time.

When you are fully satisfied, you pull away, seal my mouth closed again, and float down to a sitting position on the floor. You rub yourself a bit to enjoy the post-sex buzz, but you still do not let me cum. You let me suffer another minutes, before you say, “Well, that was fantastic, my dear, but I’m afraid I did say ten orgasms in five minutes. That last orgasm took you into six. Anyway, I have to get going, I’ve got a lot on my plate today. I’ll try to come back in couple days, and we can try again.”

Barely cognizant, I let out a devastated whimper. You simply laugh, and with a flick of your finger, you double the sensations tormenting my cock. Despite my exhaustion, I thrash like a mad man, feeling betrayed but even more distraught at the thought of you leaving so soon. “Oh, don’t be like that,” you say. “I told you, I’m a very busy woman. And don’t get mad at me. I made you a deal, and you failed to follow through, simple as that, so I think you’re not quite done learning your lesson yet. Maybe in a few more days, we’ll see how you feel.” You lean forward and purr into my ear.
“Besides, the real fun is just beginning.”

With that, you disappear, mystically teleporting away, and leaving me to suffer the agonizing rapture, of your whims.


It is indeed “a few days” before you visit me again. I suppose I should have been mindful that there is significant difference between a “few” for a goddess and a “few” for a mere mortal. Of course, under your unceasing sexual assault on my mind and body, I have lost all since of time. Your power has not slacked one iota since you left, and my mind is all but lost in the hurricane of sensual teasing your power visits upon me; the sexual pressure in my body is utterly immense.

Eventually, however, you do reappear in my place. As your power jolts my mind back into at least some degree of awareness of my surroundings again, I quickly learn that you are not alone. Three sets of footsteps approach me. A voice I don’t recognize says, “Holy shit! You weren’t kidding about him! How long has he been like this?”

You think for a moment. “Hmm… well, let’s see. I kinda forgot he was here, so it’s definitely been a little while,” You pull out your phone and check to see when I last called you. “Oh, wow; it’s been like two months! Boy, you are so lucky my friends here reminded me about you. Jeez!”

A third voice speaks up, “Yeah, and it wasn’t even like it was on purpose. We were just at the bar, shooting the shit, and I mentioned something about teasing the bar tender.”

You nod, continuing, “And BAM! I just suddenly remembered. I knew I’d forgotten about something a while ago. But still, like they say, out of sight, out of mind, I guess.” The three of you give a light laugh.

My only response is a ragged sound, halfway between a pathetic whimper and choked wail of anguish. You give me a look almost like you’re wondering what my problem is. Your eyes then fall on my cock, which lurches ridiculously, still being tormented by your pleasure spells.

You snap your fingers with an “aha!” look on your face. “Oh, right, you probably want to cum, don’t you?” I nod manically. “Now, now, not so fast. Jeez, you’re so greedy. First, I think you owe my friends here a thank you for reminding me to get you out of this predicament.” I try to talk, but your power keeps my lips closed, so I can only continue moaning, tears streaming down my eyes.

“Ah, look at him, he’s so grateful, he’s crying!” says your one friend.

“Still, I’m not hearing any thank yous,” says the other.

I try to scream my thanks, but I am still muffled. You sigh dramatically. “You are just so stubborn! I could just leave you like this for another year, you know. Do you want that? Because I will totally do it, right now.” I shake my head vehemently. “Well, if you’re just too proud to verbally thank them, perhaps you can show your appreciation in other ways.” Even through the mind-rending pleasure your power was still visiting upon me, I could tell that you could barely hold back a wicked laughter.

I felt my body rise off the chair to which your power previously bound me. I was then floating to another room, and felt myself then being laid down and spread out on the bed, my arms and legs held down by your power towards each corner of the mattress. I felt the weight of two people climb onto the bed with me. I shook my head again, desperate pleas failing to escape my sealed lips. Suddenly, your breath tickled my ear. “I believe I did tell you the fun was just beginning,” you whisper. I thrash in your invisible bonds, desperate to escape what I know is coming.

I was already experiencing continuous stimulation to my penis, your power beaming pleasure directly into my nerves and continuously feeding sexual excitement into my psyche. For the past two months, you power had been redlining me through soul-rending pleasure, without ever allowing me the final release, even once. It was more pleasure than a mortal mind or body could bear, and only your power kept me conscious and aware and physically healthy enough to experience every moment. All that is nothing compared to what I felt next.

As I feel the mouths of your two friends touch my penis with only the lightest of kisses, the pleasure effects of your power triple in intensity. And when they pull away, the pleasure stays tripled. When they each kiss my penis a second time, and the pleasure triples again. Every touch raises me higher, multiplying the pleasure. And when they mount me and fuck me to several delicious orgasms apiece, every stroke of their pussies, every up, every down, triples the pleasure in a continuous exponential increase.

All while this happens, you mount my face and unseal my lips, forcing me to eat you out once more. My body moves on instinct alone, perhaps aided a bit by your power guiding my motions. As you cum, again and again, from my mouth, you smile with absolute rapture as you watch my mind disintegrate completely into nothing…


I lurch awake with a gasp. I’m no longer tied down, and I can open my eyes again. I am naked, still on the bed. There is a dull ache in my balls and my penis is still hard, twitching away, but it is finally no longer being stimulated. My mind feels a little fuzzy, but I can finally think again.

“Good morning, sleepy head.”

I nearly leap out of my skin, and jerk to my right to see you sitting there, fully clothed. You smile sweetly at me.

“Wh-what… what happened?”

You shrug. “I got a little carried away, I guess, and I couldn’t keep you together anymore. The pleasure and arousal became too much even with my power keeping you going, so you died. Don’t worry, I brought you back.”

I look at you with utter shock, my mouth agape. “You… you can do that?!”

You shrug again. “Sure. No big deal. Just a quick rebuild. I even managed to glue your mind back together. You might be a little shaky for a while, but you should be okay by tomorrow or so.”

“You really are a goddess…” I say in wonder.

You grin. “Yep! And maybe next time you’ll be a little more respectful.” I nod quickly. “So, with that settled, I guess you would finally like to cum, hmm?”

I swallow hard. The ache in my balls is quite strong now that I turn my attention back to them, and my penis still remains tense as a steel trap ready to spring. “Yes, yes, please. Uh, I mean, yes, my goddess.”

You smile with amusement and say, “Okay.”

Instantly, I explode. I jerk back onto the bed, my body thrashing, and me crying out and gasping as huge ropes of semen erupt from my penis with such force, the shots hit the far wall. The ejaculation goes on and on, well past what a normal orgasm should, and you laugh as my gasps turn into pleas once more. The relief of release becomes more torment as the stings of post orgasm stimulation kick in. A minute goes by, then two, then three, semen continuing to launch at full blast from my cock. Just when I think I’m about to black out, it finally stops.

You laugh again as you see me, hosed down with my own seed. Standing up, you step up to me, and drag your finger along my stomach and collect a dollop of semen along your finger. Licking it clean you say, “Mmmm, creamy.” You put your hand on your hip. “A paltry offering, but I suppose I can be a little lenient on you this time. But just remember, this goddess isn’t always so merciful.”

I balk, unable to stop myself from muttering, “You call… two months of torture… merciful?”

“Oh, hun, this is nothing. This is what I call foreplay.” You laugh as I go pale. Before I can say anything else, you mystically teleport away, leaving me to clean up my mess, and shudder in fear, awe, and admittedly excitement at the thought of what else you could do to me.


It is a few weeks later when I receive a text from you, inviting me to a party you are throwing. Just seeing that I have a text from you gives me an instant erection, as I remember the two weeks of sensual torment you put me through on a whim. I swallow hard, and say I shall try to be there. You text back saying that if I do show up, you will make it worth my while.

So, I show up at the party. Lots of people, but no one’s falling down drunk or stoned out of their mind. Yet. Parties aren’t really my thing, but an invite from you is not something a person turns down. And while I don’t recognize anybody, the atmosphere seems decent. I say hi to a few people, and work my way through the crowd.

Within a few minutes, I find you, chatting among some friends. You spot me, and break away for a moment, coming up to me. I’m about to say something, but you hug me and kiss me deeply. Your tongue probes my mouth, and my cock turns hard as steel. You press yourself fully against me, slightly grinding against my erection. I feel light headed for a moment and my knees wobble. You finally break the kiss, leaving me gasping slightly. “Glad you could come,” you say.

“Th-thanks for the invite…” I reply, a little breathlessly.

“Anytime,” you say with a smile. You step back. That’s when I notice the room temperature is suddenly a bit cooler. And that my erection is suddenly free.

I look down, and jump, causing my dick to bounce. I am completely naked. I look up at you and open my mouth to demand what’s going on, even as I move to cup myself. However, instead, my arms stretch out, my mouth clamps shut, and I feel myself elevated a foot off the ground as my legs spread. I look around and jerk my arms in a panic, but then I notice several other people, men and women, rising up from the crowd. They are likewise naked, bound spread eagle in mid-air, and look embarrassed or panicked.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the last of our entertainment is finally here,” you call out. The other party goers, still clothed, all clap and cheer, some laughing. “You may play with them as much as you want. Don’t worry about hurting them, I’ve toughened them up quite a bit. And don’t worry about them finishing; they’ll be super horny all night and they won’t be able to cum no matter what. At the end of the night, we get to vote on who gets to cum.”

I look to you a bit fearfully. You just wink and grin, and I feel a tingling sensation travel along my cock. I suddenly can feel even the slightest bit of air displacement, and I realize you’ve made my cock extremely sensitive. You then go off to observe how you’re other pets are played with.

I try to struggle, but jerk as I feel a soft, but firm hand grasp me. A girl I don’t know has grabbed my cock and is lightly stroking me. It feels incredible, better than any hand job should. Another girl steps up, and she smiles wickedly. She extends her hand, palm out to the top of my penis head. I shake my head, my eyes widened, but she just giggles, as she swirls her palm around my penis head. I let out a loud groan and try to curl up as my now extremely sensitive penis head is tormented by her simple touch. Another hand, from behind, reaches around and cups my balls, squeezing and rolling them gently. My penis jerks in their grip, already attempting to orgasm, but of course, it’s futile.

Soon, the hands on my genitals are replaced with mouths, and then more hands begin to roam over my body. They tickle my sides, pinch and play with my nipples, caress my chest and back, grab and squeeze my ass. Everything feels so good, my body is shaking from the sensory overload. I feel myself lowered down, still spread eagle, but now I am lying flat. Two girls begin to lick and nibble at my neck and earlobes, then purr in unison right into my ears. I let out a helpless cry as the stereo purring seems to reverberate through my brain, entrancing me, blowing away my mind.

Then, as the purring continues, driving me as mad as the pleasure, I feel someone spread my ass checks, and a slim finger works its way slowly into me. I buck and cry as the invasion feels strange, but then, the finger explores me a bit, and locates my prostate. My world goes white and I scream.

The rest of the evening, straight through to morning, is a blur of maddening rapture. All I know is the pleasure, shaking me to my very soul, unable to escape, unable to fight back, my only protest being useless tugs at my invisible bonds, and the gibberish spilling from my mouth.

When I finally regain some of my senses, I am kneeling with the other playthings in a circle, with you standing nude in the middle. We are alone with you in your bedroom, all of us bowed down until our noses nearly touch the floor. You turn to each of the others, and they kiss your toes, thanking you profusely. When they seem to have pleased you with their expressions of gratitude, they suddenly shake violently, and let out ragged gasps. Semen explodes from the men’s cocks and fluid gushes from the women’s pussies.

I’m the last, and I look up to see you smiling, eyes half closed, utterly drunk on the sex, pleasure, and worship. You extend your foot, and I kiss your toes, mumbling my thanks. I feel a warm, wet pressure squeeze around my cock, and I let out a gasp. I feel a phantom pressure within me, against my prostate and I let out a cry, jerking. But I don’t cum.

Tears in my eyes, I look up at you, and you laugh. You leave me writhing on the floor as you dismiss your other playthings, letting them limp and stagger off to collect their clothes. Most of them look at me with pity, though a few with jealousy.

You sit on the edge of the bed and watch me for a while. I roll onto my back, my hips bucking upward as I try to fuck the phantom pressure on my cock. The warm, wet, tight sensation slowly slides up and down on my cock, but my thrusting makes no difference in the tempo.

“Oh, goddess!” I cry. “Goddess, please!”

You laugh a bit. Then, you spread your legs, and you reach down and touch yourself. I know you could just think yourself to pleasure and orgasm, but this is more fun for you, to torment me with your masturbation. You take your time, making me watch as you rub yourself to orgasm, even as your power makes me suffer. When you’re done, you yawn, and snap your fingers.

I stop moving, and lay spread eagle, stiff as a board, paralyzed in place. I can’t even make a sound, my eyes are stuck closed. All I can do is breathe and lightly whimper. But the sensations don’t stop. In fact, they increase, the pleasure slowly swelling within me, exceeding human tolerance.

“In the morning, I’ll let you cum,” you say sleepily. Then you laugh. “Well, I guess it is morning. So, make that the afternoon. But hey, this way, I won’t forget about you like last time.” You pause. “Well, probably.” Then you slide under the covers and drift to sleep, the sound of my ragged breath and pleading whimpers lulling you sleep.


As you sleep the day away, I continue to suffer under the ceaseless ministrations of your power. Your power keeps me energized and awake, but even if it didn’t, the inhuman amounts of pleasure coursing through my body would not let me sleep. I remain paralyzed on your floor, only able to whimper and breathe.

The sound of your cell phone brings me back to awareness, and I hear you awaken with a moan as you rub sleep from your eyes and stretch. You fumble for the phone, and answer sleepily. “H’lo?” then, “Oh, crap, yeah, I’m on my way. Sorry, I forgot to set the alarm. Yeah, the party went waaaaay late, so I didn’t even get to bed until 10. I’ll be there in a snap.” You hang up the phone, and snap your fingers. In a blink, you are freshly clean as if just out of the shower, fully dressed, and ready for a night on the town. You stand up, float a few things you need towards you, and are about to leave, when you hear a muffled cry from me.

You step around and see me on the floor at the foot of your bed. “Oh, hey,” you say. “Gee, I almost did forget about you. How funny is that?” You laugh. “Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and cum all over yourself.” Instantly, I do just that, exploding everywhere, and hosing down the foot of your bed. “Nice,” you say with another laugh. You wave your hand, and I am released from your power. I half curl into a ball, twitching and gasping.

“I have to go meet with some people,” you say. “I’ll be back late tonight. I expect you to be gone by then. Be sure to clean up before you go.” You teleport away before I can protest. Utterly exhausted, I immediately fall asleep.


“Hey, wake up.”

Groggily, I open my eyes. I’m still on your floor, naked, covered in dried semen. It’s the middle of the night now. With a groan, I try to sit up, but I am suddenly pushed back. The sudden motion jolts me fully awake and I see you looking down at me with a frown.

“I thought I told you to be gone by the time I got back,” you say. You glance at the bed. “You didn’t even clean up.”

“I’m sorry,” I say, breathlessly. “I was just so tired. I closed my eyes for a second and then, here you are again.” I pause, then hesitantly say, “Besides, you could just do that with your power… couldn’t you?”

That was clearly the wrong thing to say. You snap your fingers, and the bed and carpet are instantly cleaned of my semen, not to mention the fluids of your other playthings from this morning. “Yes, I can, but that’s not the point. Your goddess asked one simple thing of you, well okay, two simple things, but they should have been easy tasks to perform. Clean your mess, and be gone before I get back. You have not done as I asked.”

“But I couldn’t—”

“Don’t you even dare try to pin this on me,” you say. “I give you a beautiful gift of pleasure, and you can’t do as I ask in return? See if I ever let you cum again.”

I go pale, and get up on my knees. “Oh, no, please, don’t do that to me, please!”

You brush past me, setting down your things. “Too late. You can’t cum anymore.”

“But, but, I just—”

“You’re not seriously going to whine about it now, are you?” you give me a cool look. I swallow hard.

“No goddess,” I say quietly. “I’m sorry goddess.”

You smile very slightly and walk up to me. I’m still kneeling, and you look down at me, cupping my cheek with your hand. I look up at you with awe and fear and reverence. Your gesture is unexpectedly tender, and I lean into your hand a bit, but maintain eye contact with you. You are so beautiful, so sexy, and in this position, this close to you, I am aroused. My penis erects quickly, eager for your blessing, too stupid to know when to quit. Your smile becomes a smirk.

“See? You can’t resist me in the slightest. Your penis won’t let you. It knows better than to want to defy me. It knows and desires only pleasure, and offers itself to me so readily.” I feel tendrils of your power curl around my cock, and pleasure begins to flow through it once again. I let out a breath and my hips jerk once, my cock tensing with delight. You look down past my face to watch my penis bounce. “Yes, that’s a good boy. You get a little overeager sometimes, but you just want to make me happy don’t you?”

I reach out and grasp at your legs, letting out another breath, this one blending into a groan. I bow forward a bit, resting my head against your abdomen, and gasp as the pleasure increases. “Oh, goddesssss,” I whisper.

“Too bad your stupid owner can’t show me similar respect,” you say, still talking to my organ. “Because now you have to suffer for his insolence.” A warm, wet pressure, a vice like pussy, suddenly crushes down on my cock, the sensation so hard I feel like my cock will be pulped. At the same time, intense energy surges along every nerve in my cock. I cry out, and jerk back. My penis flops crazily.

“Oh, goddess, no! I’m sorry, please don’t!” I gasp.

You snap your fingers and I am once again paralyzed spread eagle. You flick your finger up, and I rise off the floor, am flipped upside, then raised until my back touches the ceiling. Then I’m stuck up there.

“I told you to be gone, because I have a few guests coming over, and we’re going to have a good time,” you say. “I was gunna tease them all night, but I think now instead I’m going to make them cum until their minds break. And I think, every time they do, I’m going to double the sensations you’re feeling. Won’t that be fun?”

I open my mouth to speak, but you point at me, and no sound comes out. I close my eyes in frustration, but realize, I can still see the room. However, I also realize I can’t see myself. You’ve cloaked me from being seen or heard, while forcing me to keep seeing and hearing everything else.

Suddenly the door bell rings. You smile devilishly, and look up at me. “Get comfy, pet. It’s going to be another long night for you.”

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