Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Violet vs Sara

Violet sat staring at the chalkboard as her math professor droned on about matrices. College Algebra was so tedious, but it was the last math credit she would need for her grad plan, so she suffered through it. She was taking notes, but her mind wasn’t really paying attention, instead focusing on other things to pass the time. She blinked as she felt something small tap the back of her head, and a little ball of paper landed in front of her on her desk. She unfolded the paper and had to hold in a snicker as she read the words “QUIT IT!” in a hasty scrawl. Violet looked back over her should and spotted Jim in the back left corner of the class.
Jim was red in the face, twitching, and fighting not to make any noise. The way he was reclining in his chair, the bottom of the desk pressed against his crotch; Violet could see the slow grind of his hips against the desk’s edge, trying to soothe a raging hard on. She could tell from the rapid motion of his chest that he was breathing quickly, and she knew it was only with a monumental effort that he didn’t burst out gasping. He was looking at her, clearly annoyed, and he mouthed, Seriously! Stop! Violet gave him the finger, a sly grin on her face, and Jim gave her a helpless look. She turned back to face the front of the class room and “ignored” him for the remaining thirty minutes.
When class was over, Jim practically tackled her right outside the door, giving her a fierce kiss. “You are so fucking mean,” he said when he came up for air.
“What, whatever do you mean, my sweet?” said Violet with a giggle.
“Don’t play all coy,” said Jim. “You were using your powers to make me horny as fuck in there. I was about to jizz my pants!” He seemed to have calmed some, but that was only for as long as Violet wanted him to walk straight.
“Haha,” said Violet. “Okay, you caught me.” She took him by the hand and led him through the throng of students going to and from their classrooms.
“Seriously, why do you have to do that to me in class of all places?” Jim continued.
Violet laughed. “Because I need to do something to pass the time in that class. Come on, what would you rather do, go brain dead listening to the professor ramble for an hour, or feel my little psychic hands on you for an hour? At least my option keeps you awake in class.”
“Well, I guess I can’t argue with that,” muttered Jim. He cracked a grin. “Of course, I guess you can’t win an argument with your girlfriend when she’s psychic.”
“Ha, boys never win arguments with girls, psychic powers or not,” she said. They stepped out into the bright, slightly chilly autumn day. “They can just hope a girl pities them enough to cut them a break.” She winked.
Jim laughed. “Well, then, maybe I can appeal to your pity now, then.” He looked at her knowingly.
Violet pat him on the head. “Oh, you. You can’t just wait until we get home tonight?” Jim made puppy dog eyes, and Violet “aaawwwed.” She gave him a kiss. “You’re fortunate that you’re so damn cute.” Jim grinned like a fool. “Okay, where’s a good place?”
The building they had exited was adjacent to a small park. The two walked down to it and found a small nook underneath a tree, surrounded by bushes which could give a couple enough privacy to get a little intimate as long as they weren’t too loud about it. Violet sat down, leaning against the tree and folding her legs. Jim lay down on the grass, his head resting on her lap. His brown eyes met her blue ones, and her dark purple-dyed hair formed a curtain over his face as she leaned down a bit. She placed her hands on the sides of his head and said, “Today, you will be visiting the Sultana’s harem. You deserve something nice, you kept yourself so well controlled back in class.”
Jim nodded slowly as he looked into Violet’s eyes. Violet smiled, leaned down to kiss him, then concentrated. She reached out with her mind, and Jim could feel the soft, gentle touch her psyche enveloping and caressing his own. His vision began to darken and his eyes drooped close. As Jim’s consciousness found itself drifting in the psychic void, Violet began to fill his mind with images which formed into sensations of solid mass, of gentle light and soothing sounds, of warmth and sweet smells. Violet telepathically rendered the illusion for Jim that he was now standing in an open air bath, atop a large Arabian palace…


Jim blinked, looking around. He knew this was just an illusion (and one of his favorites at that), but it always felt so real. The sun warmed him gently as the breeze caressed him. He could smell sweet incense, and he felt cool water surrounding his legs. He looked and saw that he was standing thigh deep in clear water, in a large pool atop the roof of some palace straight out of an Arabian Knights film. He heard a giggling and turned.
At the farther edge of the pool of water were four women, each dressed skimpily. In fact, “dressed” wasn’t really an appropriate word. All they wore were sheer cloths and various jewelry draped over their bodies.
He recognized one of the women as Violet. She sat on the edge of the pool, sitting up straight with a regal bearing. She looked to Jim like a queen waiting patiently for the court jester to make a performance. Jim didn’t recognize the other three, but they looked like the super models from Violet’s fashion magazines.
“Sultana Violet” extended her hand, and then made a small motion towards Jim. The three women around her stepped up to him, their hips swaying. They reached out for Jim and he let himself be taken. They allowed him to never take his eyes off Violet, and she watched with a growing smile as they women caressed him, their hands running over his every curve. They kissed him, then rubbed their whole bodies over him. Finally, two of the woman held him, their hands moving over his chest, stomach, back and buttocks, their mouths licking and sucking at his neck, and purring into his ear. The third woman kneeled before him, and Jim broke his gaze with Violet to look at the woman as her hand came up and curled around his erection. The woman stretched out her tongue and licked his tip, causing Jim to gasp. Then she took him in her mouth, sucking and licking him with incredible dexterity. Jim, his face now a mask of pleasure, looked back at Violet, who smiled with pleased bemusement. His hips began to buck, and his body tensed as climax rushed over him.
The woman milked him dry, but Jim’s penis did not shrink, nor did he feel completely satisfied. The woman stood and switched places with one of the others, and the new woman likewise went down on Jim until he climaxed a second time. Then she switched with the woman who hadn’t sucked him yet, and she did so until he reached a third climax. They switched off several times, each time making Jim explode, but he remained hard and excited immediately after. Then they were done sucking him; they had him kneel, as one of the women went down on hands and knees before him. The other two holding him guided him into her pussy, and he thrust hard into her. They kept this up for a long, long time, Jim climaxing again and again as Violet watched with delight in her eyes…


What felt like hours for Jim was in reality only minutes for Violet. With the speed of dreams, Violet bathed him in an experience that would make any man in real life die of utter exhaustion, if not heart failure. As it was, Jim’s body twitched and his heart raced and he made soft little moans and gasps, but after only three and half minutes, she decided he’d had all he could take. She telepathically spoke directly to the part of his mind that controlled his motor skills, <Jim, undo your pants> she mentally commanded. Jim’s body immediately complied, revealing his throbbing penis, letting it twitch crazily in the air.
In class, Violet had used her telepathic powers to tease the nerves of his penis, touching off each pleasure receptor in a repeated stroking motion. Now, combined with the sexcapades she was putting his mind through, he was more than ready to release. <Now, turn on your side, and push your penis forward so the tip faces straight out from your body.> Jim did so, holding his penis at a 90 degree angle from his torso. <Okay, Jim. Now come back to me. Come back, and release for me…>
The scene dissolved slowly as Jim’s consciousness was raised to the waking world. All the pleasure from the psychic illusion seemed to follow him, and as he came to, the sensations felt in his dream body flowed over his physical one; his eyes snapped open, his body shook savagely, and he came with a roar.
Semen shot in long, thick arcs from his cock, the fluid built up from Violet’s direct teasing in the class room, propelled with all the pressure created from the psychic illusion. Violet watched his seed fly and smiled with pride at the distance of his shot. She did a quick telepathic scan of the area to make sure that no one had noticed his outburst; then, as he calmed down, twitching here and there in her arms, she physically rolled him over and leaned over his body, closing up his pants, pausing just long enough to wipe up the drop of creamy white cum still sticking to the tip  with her finger. She put it in her mouth and savored the taste of him. She didn’t really care for the taste of cum itself, but she did enjoy the symbolic gesture of claiming her prize.
“You’re the greatest girlfriend ever,” Jim said dreamily once he’d gotten his breath back. He reached up and pulled her down for a passionate kiss.
“I thought you said I was mean,” said Violet coyly when their lips parted again.
“Well, the two aren’t mutually exclusive.”
“Actually, I think they are.”
“Shut up, you know I can’t think straight right now.” The two laughed. They stayed that way for a while, before Jim felt strong enough to walk again. As they started to head back to the college campus, he said, “Not that I’m complaining, exactly, but why didn’t you have yourself join in that little scenario? I notice you do that a lot when you put me under; you’re in the illusion, but you almost always just watch. Do you have a secret voyeuristic streak?”
Violet shrugged. “Nah, it’s not a voyeurism thing. I suppose to most women, it might seem odd, creating illusionary experiences where my man gets fucked by other women. But that’s just the thing; it is an illusion, one I create, so anything that happens to you is all my doing, no one else’s. I use different women for visual variety, but every one of them is really my hand, my mouth, my pussy caressing you. I guess I always have a version of me watching you to remind you it’s an illusion so you don’t get too lost in it, and that I’m watching you from the outside, to make sure you’re safe. That make sense?”
Jim nodded. “Yeah. That’s actually really sweet. Makes even those sillier illusions seem romantic.”
“Good,” said Violet. “For a moment, I was worried you were gunna say it was creepy.” The two laughed. “And just so you don’t get any funny ideas, no, I’m not interested in doing something like that in real life. Fantasy is fantasy, but in real life, your dick is all mine.”
“You get no complaint from me,” said Jim with a wink. “You’re more than I can handle by yourself anyway.”
“Well, I admit, I also find it hot watching you writhe helplessly in my power,” said Violet, returning the wink with a sly grin.

As Jim and Violet walked up the steps to their apartment, Violet paused. The two had only been living there a week, and she had not had the chance to fully adjust to the ambient mental buzz of the place. She didn’t usually have to worry about sensing thoughts she didn’t intend to; she was not one of those poor telepaths could not “turn off the feed.” However, like most psychics, she still always had a general vague perception of things going on around her, a bare bones impression which mainly informed her when someone was nearby. If she actually wanted to read someone’s mind, she had to do it deliberately. Once in a while, someone might have a thought or emotion so strong, it radiated from them loud and clear. Normally, this would only be a flash, just a brief strong emotion, image, or thought, and that was all. But as Violet went up the steps, she felt a rather persistent aura of lust pulsing from somewhere on their floor. By the time she and Jim got to their door, Violet found she had to actually put up a psychic wall to block the sensation.
“What is it?” said Jim. In the year and half they’d been dating, he had gotten familiar with her tells when she sensed something, the little flinches she made, or the way her attention would briefly drift with no apparent cause.
Violet’s eyebrows went up and she shook her head, looking further down the hallway of their floor. “Someone is almost literally getting their brains fucked out.”
“Really?” Jim poked his head out and cocked his ear, seeing if he could hear any moaning. He couldn’t. “Where?”
Violet eased the psychic shield a bit and simply followed the pulse of the lust with her mind. “Four doors down,” she said. “Jesus. I’ve never felt lust coming off of someone like that. There’s no way that’s normal.”
Jim shrugged and smiled. “Maybe it’s a guy whose super lucky like me, and has himself a very kinky psychic girlfriend.”
Violet nodded hesitantly. “I guess so. Cripes, whatever they’re doing, they’re really going at it.” She shook her head again and put her psychic shield back up. “Alright, whatever. None of our business right?”
“Right,” said Jim, letting them inside.


Violet hadn’t planned on having sex that night; making Jim shoot off earlier in the day had been a lot of fun, but Violet had always enjoyed using her powers to just play around. She could do that every day, and there were some weeks when she did. As far as real, physical sex went, however, Violet was more of a two or three times a week girl. It had taken her a while to convince Jim that he really didn’t have to go down on her or fuck her every time she used her powers to get him off, just so they’d “be even.” And today, she really hadn’t felt any urge for sex; watching Jim hit the leaves on the far off bushes with his spunk had been all the satisfaction she’d needed for the day. But after making dinner, taking a shower, doing some homework, and watching TV for a bit, she realized she was feeling more and more aroused.
She was lying with her head in Jim’s lap, her right arm over his, their fingers intertwined. With no thought to it, their hands rested on her right breast. As her arousal grew, Jim felt her nipple growing hard. He glanced down at her, a noticed the small flush she got when she was excited. Violet looked up at him and he felt her heartbeat quicken. He smiled, leaning down to kiss her.
The made love on the couch, Jim moving with a slow, delicious friction. Well satisfied from before, he easily controlled his motions to please her just how she liked, sliding slowly into her until he filled her fully, then slowly withdrawing until only the tip was inside, and repeating. Occasionally he would twist his hips to add more sensation, and she would gasp as his cock stroked against her g-spot. Violet didn’t use her powers to enhance the sensations; she just enjoyed the physical intimacy, the warmth and pleasure blooming from her core. “Oh, Jim,” she whispered and she clutched him tightly as her ecstasy peaked. They kissed deeply and Jim withdrew without climax, not needing it, content with his lover’s bliss.
However, as Violet lay there cooling in the afterglow, she noticed the sensations of lust had not abated. Climax had cleared her head, though, and this time, she recognized that the lust was not coming from her. She realized with a start that she could still sense the aura of lust coming from down the hall, and it was even stronger than before! Violet realized it had been steadily building, slowly enough that she hadn’t noticed, and hence, hadn’t raised her psychic shields accordingly. Eventually, the ripples of lust had tickled her own libido, and gotten her in the mood.
Not that she was complaining, of course. She had just had a wonderful experience, after all. And besides, it happened, sometimes, she would occasionally felt flashes of sexual sensations from neighbors, which snuck into her radar and it might get her turned on. However, such flashes were usually brief little flares that died back down in seconds, usually during the orgasm of whoever was sending the signals.
This was no brief flash of climax. This was a steadily flowing, very clear and powerful throb of raw lust that had been going on for hours now. In fact, who knew how long it had been going on before she and Jim got home? Even the fiercest emotional outburst Violet had ever felt hadn’t gone on and on like this. Something wasn’t right.
As she and Jim got up to get ready for bed, Violet said she wanted to get some air first, and she would join Jim shortly. She put on a robe, grabbed the door keys, and went outside. She turned left and walked past three doors, stopping at the fourth. At this range, even with her shields up, she felt an active pressure on them. She listened for any sort of noise coming from within, but thought she could only hear the very faintest of moans. Suddenly, the waves of lust surged, and she flinched as arousal swept through her. Her vaginal lips grew moist again, and she squeezed her legs together to silence the urge to touch herself right there. Cranking up her shields, and ignoring the suddenly renewed sweet ache between her legs, Violet stared at the door in shock. Just what was going on in there? Violet, now certain that something was wrong, reached up to the door and knocked. No one answered, nor did the waves of lust cease or even slacken. She knocked again, then tried the doorbell. No response.
She took a breath. When she was younger, she hadn’t had much respect for people’s privacy. While she didn’t deliberately go around spying on people, if she wanted to check on someone, she would just expand her senses to clairvoyantly observe them, not stopping to consider what state they might be in when she caught them Since dating Jim, however, she had started being more considerate of others, and as such, she hesitated to just intrude, even clairvoyantly, on someone. But this situation compelled her to ignore such boundaries. Her curiosity had become concern.
Not wanting to get caught standing there just staring at a door while she was investigating, she went back to her apartment, and sat in the living room. Jim was already asleep, which was good. She didn’t want any distractions, even well meaning ones. She closed her eyes and focused, then directed her senses towards the apartment.
Instantly, she could see and hear inside the apartment, as if she were really there. She could expand her other senses if she wanted, but sight and sound were all that she usually needed. Her senses had focused on the living room; the lights were all off, but with her psychic senses, she didn’t need light to see the room. The place was sparsely furnished, clearly a bachelor pad, not exactly tidy, but not quite a mess. The coffee table in the center held a pile of discarded junk mail and magazines, while the couch had several clothes tossed over it. However, the floor was at least free of clutter, and the kitchenette to the side revealed no giant pile of dishes in the sink.
As she tuned her mental “ears” into the room, Violet could hear moaning coming from the adjacent room. She let her senses snap over to that room, revealing it to be the bedroom. As soon as she “entered,” the aura of lust blasted her like heat from a furnace.
What Violet saw made her jaw drop and her physical eyes widen. There, floating in the center of the room about three feet over a futon bed, was a naked, red haired man. He was thrashing in mid-air, head shaking and his body convulsing violently, his penis jerking like a thing possessed. From the way his limbs refused to budge from where they were spread out, he appeared to be in some kind of bondage. However, nothing was there holding him. It was as though he were strapped to some kind of invisible rack. Violet wondered if he was being held in place by some kind of telekinetic force. Violet looked closer at the man to see if he was injured. He appeared physically unharmed, though he was literally dripping sweat, his entire body glistening. However, it was when Violet focused her vision on his penis that she gasped.
The man’s fair skin only made the darkness of his penis stand out more prominently. The shaft and testicles were beet red in color and the head of the penis was a deep plumb purple. Both penis and testicles were at maximum tension, the skin stretched so taught that Violet fancied one sharp flick would cause them to burst like a balloon; the veins bulged and pulsed prominently to the point Violet thought it looked hideous. Pre-cum flowed, almost spurting forth, in a steady stream from the tip. It collected on his stomach and ran in rivulets down his sides and groin, dripping steadily onto the bed below, where it mixed with the dripping sweat. Violet was glad she hadn’t extended her sense of smell; she could tell by looking at him that the reek of sex and sweat would be overpowering.
Forcing herself to turn away, Violet looked to the man’s face and winced. The man appeared to be in absolute agony. His eyes fluttered, unable to focus on anything, his mouth alternately gaped and clenched tight, drool flowing almost as steadily as the pre-cum. His breath came in ragged gasps and his face was a mixture of emotional contortions: rage, sorrow, desperation, fear, need, pain, and quite possibly madness, all vying to be foremost and each failing to stick for more than a few seconds before the struggle began anew. She could feel all these emotions now clawing at her psychic shields as powerfully as the aura of lust.
Violet felt a compulsion to help him. She realized she had no idea who this man was; it was quite possible he had done something terrible and was being punished. It was also possible that this was somehow a kink of his and this was actually consensual, however horrendous it looked. But Violet didn’t think so; her gut told her that this whole thing was a very, very bad situation.
Tentatively, keeping her shields strong, she tried to reach out to the man. She sent a cautious tendril of her mental power to his mind, gathered her strength into it, and then touched his psyche. For the briefest of moments, she thought she could sense a faint ripple of feminine laughter. Then, with a flash, Violet’s consciousness was swept into a storm of pure sexual energy.
Back in her room, Violet felt the breath leave her lungs and her mouth opened in a silent scream. She tumbled to the floor and convulsed violently, her entire body rippling with pleasure. She let out a series of gasps and clawed at the floor, hands scrabbling for purchase on something, anything, to anchor herself as she felt her nerves swept up in a storm of sexual rapture. White hot pleasure cut through her core like a blade of sheer elemental ecstasy.
Jim came rushing into the room, awakened by the sound of her thrashing. “Violet!” he called as he grabbed her and tried to hold her down so she wouldn’t hurt herself. “Violet what’s wrong? Hey, come back to me!” With a scream of effort, Violet found the strength to focus herself and broke contact with the man’s mind, redoubling her shields just as she felt hot liquid spew from between her legs and she flopped like a fish out of water.
When she finally stopped shaking and jerking, she looked at Jim with half lidded eyes, looking dazed. “Oh, Jim,” she gasped, chest heaving. “Jim, she’s torturing him, she’s torturing him!” She repeated this several more times, then her body relaxed and her breathing slowed to normal.
“Violet?” said Jim tentatively and shook her shoulder gently.
Violet’s eyes focused on his face and she let out a long, controlled breath. She tried to sit up, and groaned as every muscle in her body protested, especially the ones in her sex. She grit her teeth and tried to stand despite the aches. Her foot squished on the massive wet spot between her legs and both she and Jim looked down, eyebrows raised in surprise.
“Jesus,” said Violet. “Did I piss myself?”
Jim leaned over and tentatively sniffed. “I don’t think so,” he said. “I think you just squirted.”
“Squirted?” said Violet. “That’s ridiculous. I’ve never squirted before in my life.”
“Well, you have now,” said Jim, eyes widening. “Good lord, you hosed down the couch!” He turned to Violet who just looked stunned as her eyes traced the long streak of feminine wetness. “Are you okay?” said Jim. “Are you hurt? Do you need to go to the hospital?”
Violet shook her head, clearing the daze. “No, I’m alright. I feel like a sack of overstretched rubber bands, but I’ll live. But that man!”
“What man?” said Jim.
“Our neighbor,” said Violet. Jim took a moment to try and figure out who she meant.
“What, the people you sensed when we came home?” said Jim. “What about them?” He looked at her suspiciously. “Were you using your powers to peek in on them?”
“I had to,” said Violet. “That apartment was radiating lust so fiercely. It wasn’t normal. And it’s been going on all night. At least since we got home, and it was getting stronger! Something just felt wrong. I’ve gotten flashes of lust from people having sex close by before, but this was like someone constantly shining a searchlight in my face. I couldn’t ignore it anymore, I had to find out what was going on.”
“I see,” said Jim. “You said ‘she was torturing him.’ What did you see in there?”
Violet swallowed and collected her thoughts. “I saw a guy floating in the bedroom,” said Violet. “Just floating in the air, spread eagle. He looked like he was tied up to something, but there was nothing there. But worse than that, something was stimulating him sexually. I don’t mean like how I give you a psychic blowjob, I mean to inhuman levels. He was just thrashing there, unable to do anything about it.” Violet blinked. “What am I saying, he was still like that when I left! He’s still suffering over there!”
“Oh, man,” said Jim. “Can you still feel the lust or whatever?”
Violet paused. She suddenly realized that no, she couldn’t. She eased down her psychic shields, and sensed that the flow of lust was gone. She looked to Jim, confused. “It’s stopped,” she said. She waited to make sure, expecting it to flare up again. When it didn’t, she said, “I’m going to check on him again.”
“Violet, don’t be rash,” said Jim. “It’s good that you want to help, but I think there are professionals who handle this sort of thing. We should call them.”
“I’m just going to peek,” said Violet. “Real quick.”
“Be careful, you don’t know what’s going on over there,” said Jim. “You said he looked like he was alone, but that something, probably this ‘she,’ was torturing him. What if she senses you?”
Violet paused, then chewed her lip. “I have to risk it,” said Violet. “I mean, I tried to touch the man’s mind briefly, to see if I could maybe ease some of his agony. But maybe I can’t feel any lust right now because maybe I screwed something up. He could be seriously hurt.”
“You touched his mind?” said Jim. “Is that what made you flip out?”
“I was trying to help,” said Violet. She sat back down on a dry part of the couch. “Okay, just, if I start losing it again, just slap me a few times to snap me out of it.”
Jim looked at her with concern, but nodded. “Okay,” he said. “Be careful. Be quick.”
Violet closed her eyes and cast out her senses. She returned to the bedroom of the apartment. Here at the epicenter, there was still a haze of lust, hanging like a stain in the air, but that was all, and was easily ignored. The man wasn’t floating in the air anymore. He was on the bed now, and lay sprawled upon it, eyes closed, body completely relaxed. For a moment, Violet feared he might be dead. But no, she could see that he was breathing, however shallowly. She could sense some mental activity, though she didn’t dare try to touch his mind, not wanting to take any chances for either of their sakes; at least, though, she could tell he hadn’t gone brain dead. Back in her apartment, she let out a sigh of relief.
“Who the fuck are you?”
Violet’s physical body nearly leaped right to the ceiling as her clairvoyant senses heard a feminine voice come from the corner of the man’s bedroom. Her psychic vision snapped instantly over to it. Standing there in the corner was a woman with hazel eyes and wavy brunette hair, wearing a skimpy outfit, as if she were about to go out clubbing. Violet knew she had not been in the room a moment ago.
“I can’t see you, but I know you’re there,” said the woman. “Just come out and tell me who you are. Don’t make me ask you again.” The woman had an unreadable expression on her face. Violet didn’t dare try to read her mind. However, Violet noticed the woman’s gaze didn’t quite match up to her own psychic eye line. Violet shifted her clairvoyant vision so that she was gazing at the woman from the perspective of the opposite side of the room. Violet was now looking at the woman from a couple feet to the right of her. The woman lost her poker face for a moment as she lost “sight” of Violet. Suddenly, her head snapped to the right as whatever let her sense Violet detected the change in positioning.
Violet wasn’t physically there in the first place, of course, but a true psychic should have been able to “lock eyes” directly with her, even through clairvoyance. However, this woman couldn’t precisely pin point her even if she could sense the direction which Violet’s psychic gaze was coming from. She wasn’t a psychic, but she had some kind of special power.
“Okay, look,” the woman said slowly. “I’m sorry I snapped at you. I just felt something intrude on my little session with my boy here and I panicked a bit. So, please, just reveal yourself and tell me what you’re doing here. If you just stumbled in here by accident, or you sensed something and were curious, just tell me. I won’t be mad.”
Violet didn’t respond, just stared at the woman some more, making sure she got a good image of her. She might need it later. She suddenly flinched as a little as anger flashed over the woman’s face and Violet sensed a wave of pressure come off her. It wasn’t psychic force, but something else. “Come on, damn it!” the woman said, her voice raising. “You’re seriously starting to piss me off!”
Violet had seen enough and she instantly pulled back, closing her clairvoyant eyes and ears, and opening her physical eyes to refocus on her apartment.
Jim touched her shoulder. “Violet?” he said cautiously.
“Wait,” she said, putting her hand on his. “Just wait.” The two waited with baited breath, Violet not using a single erg of psychic power. Violet braced herself for something to happen, for the woman to suddenly appear in their apartment, or for that mysterious pressure to flare up. However, five minutes went by, and nothing happened. Violet let out a sigh of relief.
“What’s going on?” said Jim.
“It’s okay,” said Violet. “I think we’re safe. She didn’t manage to track me.”
“Who didn’t?” said Jim.
“The woman who was tormenting the man,” said Violet. “She’s stopped now, and he’s resting, but I saw her. She just appeared right in the room.”
“I don’t suppose you caught their names?” said Jim a bit dryly.
Violet shook her head. “No, not yet,” she said.
“So what now?” said Jim.
“I dunno,” said Violet. “I think I’m going to go talk to him. Maybe tomorrow, if he’s recovered enough.”
“You sure that’s safe?” said Jim.
Violet frowned. “I can take care of myself. If she just torments him from afar like that usually, I doubt she’s around him much, if at all, otherwise. And if we’re going to be living next that kind of stuff going on, I at least want to know what the deal is.”
Jim scratched his head. “I swear I’ve heard something about people who specialize in dealing with stuff like this. I’ll look it up in the morning,” said Jim. “Can you please at least wait until then?”
Violet frowned, and then kissed him. “Yeah,” she said. “Okay.”

They had cleaned up Violet’s mess as best they could, though they’d waited so long, some of it had soaked too much into the couch material and left a stain. Violet sighed with annoyance as she flipped the cushions. Jim was now in class, but Violet had none today, and she was off from her part time job. She got some work done around the apartment, such as unpacking some of the boxes they hadn’t gotten around to. After a few hours of this, Violet felt like getting a soda, but when she opened the fridge, she saw they had apparently gone through their stash already. She grabbed her wallet and stepped outside, going down the stairwell to the vending machines near the apartment office. As she stepped up the machine, digging out a dollar, she saw a man leaning heavily against it as he seemed to mull over his choices.
The man noticed her and stepped back saying, “Go ahead, I don’t know what I want yet.” He sounded very tired. Violet was not surprised; this was the man she had seen tormented in the apartment four doors down from hers last night.
Violet had told Jim she wouldn’t get involved until he could find the number to that organization he mentioned. But here the man was, looking haggard as hell, and Violet just couldn’t help herself.
“Are you okay?” she said to him.
The man just looked at her, eyes a little bit haunted. He shrugged. “I’m just really tired,” he said. “I didn’t get much sleep last night.”
Violet didn’t think a whole solid day worth of sleep would have been enough. She gave him a sympathetic smile, and tried to put the image of his thrashing, naked body out of her mind. Now that he wasn’t drenched in sweat and in obvious agony, Violet thought he was rather good looking. She had seen that he was physically fit last night, possibly just from the torture sessions alone being a work out for his whole body, but he had a handsome face, even if he was several days overdue for a shave and his expression was rather melancholy. Violet turned and got her soda, a Cola. She paused, then put another dollar in the machine and got a second Cola. She handed it to him. “Here,” she said. “My treat.”
The man gave her a surprised look. “Oh, no, that’s okay, really. You didn’t have to do that.”
“Hey, I’m just being a good neighbor,” Violet said giving him a bright smile. “We live on the same floor, I’ve seen you coming out of the apartment down the hall. Come on, take it.”
The man managed a small smile in return. “How’d you know it’s the one I wanted?”
“You had your hand hovering between it and the root beer,” she replied. “So I figured you weren’t sure between those two, but you probably wanted the caffeine.”
“Ah,” he said. He took a drink and let out a breath. “Yeah, that really hit the spot. Thanks a lot. My name’s Doug. Let me know if you need any help with something sometime.” He held out his hand and Violet shook it.
“Violet,” she said. “My boyfriend’s name is Jim. And likewise on the help.”
Doug’s smile faltered a bit at then, almost like he wanted to say something else, but he forced himself to stay silent. He turned and started to walk towards the stairs. Violet tried to ignore the slump of his shoulders as he went. She meant to wait until he was back on their floor before going up the steps herself, but she just couldn’t do it. She quickly came up behind him and walked with him, until they got to her door.
“Well, this is my stop,” said Violet. She paused then, said, “Do you need help with anything?”
Doug shook his head. “Nah,” he said. Then he chuckled humorlessly and muttered, “Not unless you know a good way to get rid of witches.” He turned to go to his place.
The words came out almost of their own accord. “Is that what she is? A witch?”
Doug froze. Then he turned back to face her. His face had hardened into a stony expression, but his eyes seemed to light up with several emotions at once. Violet took a step back as the intensity of the gaze surprised her. She let her psychic senses rise a bit to better tell what he was feeling. Shock, followed by an almost hope that was instantly replaced by distrust, which became fear, which started to move to panic.
“I saw you last night, Doug,” she said. “I’m an Esper. A psychic. I could sense something going on in your apartment, and it was going on for so long, I had to check it out to see that everything was okay. I saw what she was doing to you. And I saw her.”
Doug whirled and started walking quickly away. “I have to go,” he said hastily.
“Doug, wait!” said Violet, following him. “Doug!”
“Get away from me!” he shouted. He reached into his pockets and yanked out his keys. They slipped from his grip and went skittering across the floor, down to the door past his. “Shit!” he muttered. He nearly dashed towards them, snatched them up, and fumbled for the right key as he backtracked to his door. Violet reached his door just as he did.
“Doug,” she said. Doug’s hand was shaking and he couldn’t seem to get the key in the lock.
“Leave me the fuck alone,” he said. “I’ve got enough problems with the witch. I don’t need some psychic trying to fuck with me. You’re another one of her friends, aren’t you? She’s setting this up just to screw with me some more.”
“No, Doug, listen,” said Violet. He dropped his keys again and cursed. He snatched them up and moved to try again, but Violet placed her hand over the lock. “Doug. Calm down. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not going to try and screw with you either. I just want to know what’s going on. I wasn’t sure last night, but I can tell now without having to read your mind that it’s not a consensual thing.” She looked in his eyes, trying show him she was sincere. “I want to help you, Doug. But you have to let me, okay?”
He looked at her for a few long moments before saying, “Can you stop her?”
“I don’t know,” she said. “My boyfriend thinks he can contact some people who might be able to. But I’m here, right now, and I want to help.”
“If you can’t stop her, what can you possibly do to help me?” Doug said bitterly.
“I can…” Violet paused, wishing she had something, anything to say that would give him concrete help. “I can try to ease the torment she puts you through. I can use my powers. I can help you regain your calm, relax, and help get your head back together, so you don’t have to spend the next week walking around like a zombie.”
Doug considered it, and seemed about to nod, but then, he hesitated. Cautiously, he said. “How do I know I can trust you?”
Violet frowned. “You can’t,” she said. “But, I guess if you look at it this way, I doubt I can fuck you up any more than she has.” Doug smiled humorlessly, then nodded. “Okay,” said Violet. “So, who is she? What’s the deal between you to?”
Doug cleared his throat. “Sara. Her name is Sara.” He paused. “The deal between us is kind of a long story I guess.”
“Okay,” said Violet. She took Doug’s hand. “Come on. Let’s go to my apartment. I don’t really want to do this in your place.”
Doug frowned. “If she wants to come after me, it won’t matter where I am,” he said. “But then, if you’re going to help me and she catches you, it won’t matter where you are either.”
Violet thought for a moment. “Well, if we’re screwed either way, let’s just go to my place. It should be less stressful a location for both of us.” After a moment’s hesitation, Doug nodded, and he followed her.

Violet invited him to sit on the sofa, then remembered how she’d squirted all over it just from trying to contact Doug’s mind last night. She shivered at the memory, but Doug was already sitting down before Violet could stop him. She decided she would just not mention the incident. At least she had already flipped the cushions.
Violet sat on the overstuffed chair partially across from the couch and said, “Okay, Doug. Go ahead. Just tell me whatever you’re comfortable with.”
Doug took a long breath and then nodded. “Okay. I might need to stop a few times, though. And, uh, if I get an erection while I talk about this, please don’t freak out. Also, if you catch me ogling you, I’m sorry in advance. I don’t mean to, it’s just—”
“Its okay, Doug,” said Sara. “Just go ahead.”
“Well, we had been dating for about a year,” Doug began. “Then, out of no where, she started developing these powers. Apparently, she was a randomly born witch. Well, I guess the proper term would be Mage, but whatever. Witch seems more fitting. Anyway, most mages are born to mage families, but sometimes, one is born to an ordinary family. From what I’ve read, it’s due to an atavism appearing in a bloodline that has some extremely diluted witch ancestry.”
Violet nodded. “It’s the same with us Espers,” she said. “My family has weak traces of the gene, but only my uncle and I have ever demonstrated the power.”
Doug nodded. “Right. So. This was like five or so years ago. Sara and I met freshman year of college and fell for each other. We were decent together. I dunno if, assuming she never got her powers, we’d still be together now, but for a time, we were happy. Then, suddenly, she awoke to her magic.
“Now, I’m not sure if it’s the innate focus of her powers or just what she chose to use them for, but she uses her magic for sexual effects. She can manipulate people’s libidos, can read a person’s body to know exactly how they tick, and control their bodies to make them perform sexual acts. She can also do things like turn invisible, create illusions and phantom sensations, has healing powers. She’s recently learned how to teleport. I’m sure she uses her powers for other things sometimes, but even the most utilitarian abilities, she uses them for sex to some capacity.”
“I see,” said Violet. “So, like last night? She was using telekinesis to hold you up while she manipulated your body?”
Doug nodded. “I don’t think it’s quite telekinesis, more like some kind of binding spell. A psychic has to continuously concentrate on maintaining their telekinetic effect. Sara can just make someone float and leave them that way until she comes back and gets them down, or the effect wears off on its own.”
“Is that what she usually does? Float you up in the air and just hammer you with magic pleasure?”
“If I’m lucky, yeah, that’s all she does. Often times, she’ll do that and taunt me, telling me about other guys and sometimes other girls she’s fucked. She’ll tell me how she makes them cum, rubbing it in that I can’t. She’ll mock me on how I can’t get pussy on my own, and then sometimes a random girl, maybe some friend of hers, I dunno, will just show up at my place and force herself on me. The last time I actually had any sort of physical sex with someone was like five months ago, these five women just showed up in my apartment, grabbed me, tied me to the coffee table and then had an orgy, using me as their fuck toy.” ”
“Wow,” said Violet, a little stunned. However, she could sense Doug was not lying to her. Then something he’d said sunk in: “Wait. Did you say you can’t cum? Like, you’re unable to have orgasms?”
Doug nodded. “She did something to me which turned off my ability to orgasm, no matter what she made me feel. The first year or so after we broke up, she would sometimes relent and let me cum about once every two or three months, usually in some way that would be humiliating. Out of no where, she’d just make me cum while I was walking down the street, and then I’m standing there with a giant wet stain on my pants. After a while, though, she just cut it off permanently. I also can’t masturbate or initiate sex, either. I’m constantly horny and can never do anything about it.”
Violet’s eyes widened. “Oh my god,” she said. “That’s terrible! I mean, I’ve occasionally used my powers to play with a guy, but that’s just cruel and inhumane.”
“Well, don’t freak out, but it’s probably the only thing keeping me from trying rape you at the moment,” said Doug. Violet noticed he wasn’t looking at her eyes anymore. She shifted a little, turning slightly away from him, and Doug seemed to realize he was staring inappropriately, He forced himself to close his eyes and lower his head. “Sorry,” he said in a low voice.
“If it’s any consolation, you seem to be keeping yourself in remarkable control,” said Violet. “I mean, even with not being able to do anything, you seem like you can keep your focus. That’s very impressive.”
Doug, still not looking at her, shrugged and said, “After five years, you learn how to deal with it. You have to. I still need to pay the bills, I still need to go out and work. If I didn’t learn how to get through day to day, I’d probably die starving in a gutter somewhere. I guess she doesn’t want me to just become a homeless bum to die in the gutter, because she seems considerate enough not to do things that would get me fired from work. But otherwise…” He trailed off, looking to the floor with a deep frown.
“I don’t have much of a social life anymore,” he said. “I’m barely able to hang out with friends, because I never know when she’s going to start screwing with me. When I get too close to somebody, she’ll make me drive them off.”
He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. “There’s no way in hell I can date anybody. I tried it a few times, a couple just to see if I could get them to fuck me. Never worked. I found out Sara just dropped their libidos and they thought I was a freak when I would just sit there staring at them with a raging hard on while they were never interested. One girl I really liked and she really liked me back, but when Sara discovered her, she made the girl rape me for two days straight. The girl was so traumatized and guilt ridden by it, she moved to the other side of the country.”
Violet just shook her head. “Why? Why would she do that to you?”
Doug shrugged. “She wants me all to herself, I guess. Even though she goes out and fucks other people whenever she wants, I apparently belong entirely to her, so I can’t have anyone else unless she’s lending me out to her friends for a night. Which she really only does to torment me further, not for any sort of real companionship.”
“God,” said Violet, and a few moments of silence passed. She then said, “I felt a bit of what you were experiencing when I tried to touch your mind. How the hell do you survive that kind of treatment? I nearly lost from just a few moments of exposure, and you were experiencing it for hours!”
“Part of her powers,” said Doug. “She can keep me alive, force me to stay conscious, force my mind to stay just intact enough to appreciate what’s going on even while I’m right at the edge of insanity, just like she holds me right at the edge of orgasm. It’s because of those powers I can recover quickly enough I can walk around and coherently talk after about a day of rest.”
Violet couldn’t even imagine was that was like, being forced to suffer with no way out. “Okay,” she said. “So, how did this all start?”
“Well,” said Doug. “At first it as just harmless tricks. I, uh…” He swallowed hard. “She, um…” Violet saw the bulge in his shorts flex and his hands starting to fidget. She sensed an aura of lust building up in him, she knew he suddenly wanted very badly to touch himself. Just remembering the things she used to do seemed more than enough to excite him greatly. “I’m sorry, if I start talking about this, I’m going to rile myself up too much.”
Violet chewed her lower lip for a moment, then said, “You don’t have to talk about it. But if you want to, if it would be easier, you can just think of what you want to say, and I can read your mind. Just your surface thoughts. It’s entirely up to you.”
Doug gave her a strained look for a few moments, but then said, “You have my permission to look, if it would be faster.”
“I don’t want to push you,” said Violet.
“No, no it feels good to talk about this,” said Doug. “I’m glad you came to me. I can’t actively try and seek help, you see, and when most people try to help out, and I try to tell them what the problem is, they get scared off.”
“You won’t scare me off,” said Violet.
“Okay, well, I guess I can just show you the highlights…”

“Sara, could you knock it off? It’s kind of getting annoying now.” Doug and Sara were sitting in Doug’s dorm room. He had been lucky and gotten a single dorm for the year, which he and Sara had taken advantage of quite often. Sara seemed especially appreciative of it since she had gotten her powers just a few weeks ago.
“Nah, this is just too fun!” she said. She was leaning forward in her seat across from Doug, who was lying on the bed. Both of them were naked. Doug was trying to read a book for one of his classes, but it was proving difficult, as Sara was practicing her powers on him. Slowly, but repeatedly, was curling and uncurling her right index finger, holding it parallel to Doug’s cock. As she uncurled her finger, Doug’s penis became erect. When it got fully hard, she curled her finger, and his penis went limp. She’d been doing it for the past few minutes, and while Doug was amused at first, it was now making him uncomfortable. He squirmed in his seat, then dropped his book down.
“Sara, seriously, quit it!” he said. Sara just pouted, but uncurled her finger and held it straight up. Doug’s penis likewise erected fully, and this time stayed hard. She grinned as Doug gave her an exasperated look. They had had sex three times that day already, and Doug wasn’t in the mood for another go.
“I wonder if I can leave you like this,” she said. “Just make you hard all the time, so you’ll always be ready for me at a moments notice.”
Doug laughed lightly. “I think that could lead to some medical problems after a while.”
“Nah, I think I can keep that from happening,” she said. Doug cocked an eyebrow at her and she shrugged. “Hey, it’s magic. If I want it to happen a certain way, it happens.”
“Well, I don’t know if I want to risk it,” said Doug.
Sara got up and crawled into bed next to him. She put her hand on Doug’s penis and began to stroke it. Despite his lack of mood, her hand felt good, and Doug found himself enjoying the touch much more than he expected. Since gaining her powers, her skill with her hand had increased dramatically. Sara kissed him as she stroked him, starting slowly, but building up to a steady, rapid jerking. Doug let out a sudden gasp as he came, a small amount of cum oozing from the tip. Sara leaned down and licked it up. Then her hand began to move again.
“Sara…” said Doug, a little wary.
“Shush,” she said and kissed him again. Another minute later, Doug came again. This time Sara didn’t stop stroking and within another minute, he came yet again.
“Oh, jeez,” Doug gasped. His penis remained hard, but he wasn’t sore, and Sara’s hand didn’t stop moving. His drained libido was sluggishly rising up again, seeming to be dragged up by Sara’s hand. This was starting to get a bit too freaky for his taste. “Sara, come on. That’s enough.”
Sara ignored him, continuing her strokes. As she did, she looked at his face, and Doug saw a studious expression he’d never seen on her before. As though she were performing some kind of experiment and was closely monitoring the results. In fact, Doug had a feeling that was exactly what was going on. He opened his mouth to speak again, but Sara shushed him immediately, and Doug closed his mouth. He then shook with another orgasm, only a few drops coming out now, but Sara’s hand still didn’t stop. What did stop, however, were her kisses. She continued to study Doug now, and the more she did, the more Doug felt like a bug in a jar.
Sara brought him to ten more orgasms over the next half an hour, before finally getting up, grabbing a towel and tossing it to him. She kissed him one final time and said she had to go back to her room and get some things done. Doug, feeling utterly drained and a little hollow, just nodded dumbly as he cleaned himself up.
His erection remained for another three days straight.


A few months later, Doug came into his room, and Sara was there, using his computer. He was sure he’d locked the door, but maybe he hadn’t. Or maybe Sara had figured out how to magically undo locks.
“Hey babe,” said Doug, coming up behind her and kissing her. Sara was wearing a tank top, and Doug liked what he saw from this angle.
“Hey,” said Sara, somewhat disinterestedly.
“So, what are you up to today?” he said. Doug had turned to put his backpack down but he found he couldn’t quite get the image of Sara’s cleavage out of his mind. While it was not an image he necessarily wanted to ignore, he found he couldn’t seem to really bring anything else to his attention. Then, Doug started imagining Sara naked. Doug wasn’t consciously trying to, the images just seemed to pop into his head. He sat on the bed and realized he had a hard on, a sudden flush of arousal washing over him.
“I dunno, I got some work to get done, but my computer’s on the fritz all of a sudden,” said Sara. “So, hope you don’t mind, but I’m borrowing yours.”
“Yeah,” said Doug. “That’s cool.” He looked at Sara, and his eyes roamed over her curves. Suddenly, he was very, very horny. He got up and moved to Sara, putting his hands on her nearly bare shoulders and rubbing them gently. He leaned down and began to kiss the back of her neck. Sara made a soft sigh, but set her jaw and gently pushed Doug’s hands off. “Doug, really, I have to work. I’ll fuck you when I’m done, okay?”
Doug couldn’t believe how hot and bothered he felt. It was as if someone had suddenly thrown on a switch in his brain and was now cranking up the dials in his libido. His penis throbbed intensely. He sat down on the edge of the bed and stared at Sara.
A few minutes later, he just couldn’t stand it. “Fuck, Sara, take a break,” said Doug. He stood up and reached for her again, but Sara lightly smacked his hand away. “Sara, come on. I’m really in the mood. Besides, I thought you liked it when I was spontaneous?”
“Only when it’s convenient for me, sweetie,” said Sara. Her tone of voice only half-way suggested she was joking, but she did smile. “If you’re really that worked up, just masturbate. It’s not like I can’t recharge you easily.”
A little disappointed, Doug nonetheless complied, slipping down his pants. He sat on the bed and took himself in his hand. He was alarmed at how excited he was; his penis was nearly tingling with the need for attention. He sat to Sara’s right side and stroked himself steadily as he watched Sara type away at his computer, as if he wasn’t even there. “Can you take your top off?” Doug said, a little breathlessly. Sara rolled her eyes, but couldn’t hide a smirk as she complied, still facing forward. Doug’s eyes widened, taking in the curve of her breasts, and with a start, he felt himself reaching orgasm already.
Then suddenly, just before hitting the peak, he lost the mood. His penis began to shrink and he felt himself cool down. “Got it out of your system?” said Sara.
Doug looked at her confused for a moment. “I guess so,” he said. Then, just as he was about to pull his pants up, he felt the surge of arousal return, and his penis immediately stiffened to full. He started masturbating again, but as before, right when he hit the peak, suddenly his sexual excitement died off.
“Sara?” Doug looked at her accusingly. “Are you doing this?”
Sara stopped what she was doing, the turned to him. She grinned. “Isn’t it cool?”
For the first time, Doug looked at her with a touch of fear. “Oh, my god. You’re manipulating my mind!”
“Oh, come on, Doug, don’t freak out,” she said. “I’m just making you excited. It’s just like making your dick hard.”
“No it isn’t!” said Doug. He stood up, and even with his pants around his ankles, he suddenly looked imposing. Sara actually flinched back. “You use your magic to give me an erection, well, you don’t need powers to do that. You could do that just by flashing your tits at me or using your hand. But when you start jacking around directly with my thoughts, that’s where I draw the line.”
Sara frowned, stood up and said, “Doug, it’s just a little tweak of your sex drive. It’s not like I’m rummaging around, screwing with your memories.”
“Not now, you aren’t,” he said bitterly.
Sara’s eyes narrowed. “What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Sara, I’ve been tolerating you playing with me so far, but I have limits,” said Doug. “Don’t ever screw with my mind again.”
“Or you’ll what?” said Sara.
“Or I’ll leave you,” said Doug.
Sara looked stunned for a moment. “You wouldn’t do that,” she said. “You wouldn’t. You couldn’t!”
Doug just gave her a hard look. Sara looked paralyzed for a second, caught between several possible responses. She settled on anger. Her eyes narrowed, and Doug found himself pushed back onto the bed by some invisible force. His libido suddenly kicked into overdrive and his penis lurched into full erection. Sara leaned over him and Doug tried to move to grab her, to throw her to the bed next to him, roll onto her and start thrusting. But he suddenly found he couldn’t move.
“Don’t you ever say that to me again,” said Sara in dark tone. She picked up her shirt and bra and slipped them on. “You can lay there and simmer for a while.” She went back to the computer, and Doug found his body moving to lay down flat on the bed. He felt horny as hell, but her magic was preventing him from moving, preventing him even from masturbating. Sara left him that way for several hours, though she did eventually fuck him like she said she would. But through the growing haze of arousal, even while she rode him to an intense climax, Doug had been scared shitless.
Of course, things only got worse from there, as Sara realized Doug’s orgasm was much more intense after several hours of constant arousal without any relief. That’s when Sara had discovered the joys, and Doug discovered the hell, of orgasm denial.


A few months later still, Doug and Sara were lying in Sara’s bed. Doug was shivering and shaking, but seemed unable to move, held down by Sara’s magic. Sara was staring up at the ceiling, looking thoughtful, as she slowly stroked Doug’s penis. Her manipulation of his sex was casual, methodical; for all the enthusiasm she put into it, Sara may as well have been milking a cow. Doug, however, looked like he was having a fit, his face contorted with need, his breath ragged, his body squirming as he tried to fight Sara’s magical bonds. His penis was dark red, leaking pre-cum, and jerking fiercely. Sara had just spent the past three solid hours fucking him, enjoying about twenty or so orgasms in that time. Doug had not cum once, nor had he come at all the previous two weeks, despite Sara using him quite thoroughly.
They had been silent for a while, but now Sara spoke up. “You know that guy in my German class I said likes to hit on me? I made him cum today.”
Doug’s eyes flew open, and through his haze of lust he managed to eye Sara with shock. “Wh-what?” he gasped.
“The dude was just staring at my tits the whole class, he does it every single time,” said Sara. “So I just reached over with my mind and tweaked up his libido. His eyes got all glassy, and I could sense his penis getting hard. I started setting off little bursts of pleasure in his crotch. He started squirming and breathing heavy, and he had to leave half way through class and run to the bathroom down the hall. I watched him go with my magic, and he was racing to make it to a stall, rip his pants open, and reached down to start jerking it. But I beat him to it, and send a huge spark of pleasure along his dick and he totally lost it. You should have seen it; his pants were half off already, and he was on his hands and knees, spewing all over the floor. Then someone came out of one of the stalls and he realized he was in the girl’s bathroom.” Sara laughed. “The look on his face was priceless! I know he was thinking of me when he came. I wonder how much he’d freak out if he knew it actually was me that made him.”
“St-stop,” said Doug. His tone wasn’t one of desperation. Sara’s hand stopped its motion, but she didn’t let go of him. She looked down and was a little stunned to see anger and hurt flash across his face. “You… you were fucking with… some other guy? How could you…aaaah!”
Sara had resumed her stroking, and she looked back at the ceiling, dipping Doug’s mind in a fresh coat of arousal. “Doug, these powers of mine are just too damn great to waste on a single person.” Doug let out a pitiful moan. “Teasing the shit out of you is really fun, but I’ve been testing my powers out on other people for a while now. Making people cum their pants, making two random people on the street suddenly go crazy for each other and dash off to their nearest place to fuck. I was at a restaurant the other day, I saw these two girls totally lusting after their waiter. I made each girl press a foot to the others’ crotch, and they humped each other’s feet to orgasm while I made the waiter watch. I wonder how many times he came that night, stroking himself off with the sight of those girls writhing playing in his head.”
“You can’t just do that people!” Doug gasped out. Sara looked at him. Even through his obvious need, his looked furious at her words. “You can’t just molest and rape people like that!” Sara’s hand stopped again. “What is wrong with you?”
“It’s just some harmless fun,” said Sara. “No one really got hurt.”
“Like hell!” Doug’s face was red with the effort of trying to talk straight when he was cross-eyed with lust. Only his anger was keeping him focused. “Any of those people could have gotten arrested for public lewdness! And what about those random people you made fuck? Did you think to check if they were single? And how many of them were left scared shitless, not knowing who was doing that to them?”
Sara let go of Doug’s penis and she relented her magic bonds. “God, you’re such fucking buzzkill,” she said.
Doug sat up, breathing heavily. “I’m not doing this,” he said. “I’m not doing this anymore.”
Sara shot him an ugly look, but Doug didn’t turn to see it. “You’re turning into a monster,” he said. “All you do is use me to get yourself off and now you’re using other people for your amusement. Well, I’m done being the little fuck toy you pull out to get your jollies after you work yourself up molesting people.”
Doug grabbed his clothes and started dressing. He didn’t think about how lucky he was that Sara was letting him. “Doug,” said Sara. “You walk out that door, I’m going to make you regret it for the rest of your life.”
Doug didn’t even turn to glare at her as he said, “I regret ever even meeting you.” Then he walked out the door and slammed it shut.

Though the transfer of information took only seconds, in psychic time Violet observed them in full as though she were actually looking through Doug’s eyes and hearing through his ears for the full duration of the remembered events.
Doug’s breathing was heavy, the memories making him excited, despite the look of shame on his face. Violet wondered if it was either the years of pent up frustration making him overly reactive to any sexual thought, or, worse and more likely, Doug had been conditioned by Sara to react that way. It could very well have simply been that even though Sara was the source of his misery, she was also at the center of his sexual experiences, a fetish that revved his motor no matter how much he didn’t want it to.
Doug stood. “I’m sorry, I have to leave. I can’t be here.” He looked genuinely pained and Violet noticed he was shaking. His penis now tented his pants ridiculously, and Violet almost winced watching Doug gingerly adjust his pants to ease the discomfort. She wondered why she didn’t just adjust himself directly, but then remembered he couldn’t masturbate, and as far as Sara’s spell went, that could have been considered masturbating.
Violet couldn’t let him just leave. She had to do something for him, anything to help relieve some of the pressure, emotional and physical. An idea came to her, but she pushed it down, thinking of Jim. Then she looked back at Doug’s face and her psychic senses picked up the sheer anxiety he was feeling. Violet found herself once again speaking before she could stop herself, “Doug wait!”
Doug paused at the door, looking back at her with regret. “Thanks, Violet, but you should stay away from me,” he said. “If she finds out you’re even sympathizing with me, I don’t know what she’ll do.”
“Doug, I can, I have a way that might, uh—” Violet took a breath. “I have this special trick I do. I use it on my boyfriend sometimes, and it, well, I sometimes use it when he’s in the mood and I’m not. It, um, it satisfies him immensely.”
Doug shook his head. “No, Violet. No. Just stop. I am not going to let you do that to your boyfriend.”
“I would never betray Jim,” she said. “But you’re so fucking miserable and horny I can’t even stand it. I thought talking about it would help you, but I can see I’ve just made it worse. Please, just let me try something.”
Doug turned and leaned against the door, swallowing hard. Violet gave him a sincere look. “Just let me try,” she said. “It’ll just be something to ease the pressure.” Doug slowly nodded. “Okay. Good. Lie down on the couch.”
“Do you want me to get naked?” said Doug. He looked ashamed to have asked.
“No,” said Violet. “I’m not going to touch you. I’m going to use my powers on your mind.”
“Are you, uh, gunna make me cum?” he asked. “I don’t know if you can, but, Sara will know if you do.”
“I don’t think I can break her spell,” said Violet. “I suppose if I was good enough, I could manually manipulate your body’s nervous system to push your semen out, but I’m not that good. That wouldn’t really bring you the relief I’m talking about anyway.”
“Okay,” said Doug. He lay down on the couch, and Violet pulled a chair from the kitchen up to the end where Doug lay his head down on a throw pillow. He looked up at Violet, and she saw and sensed his anxiety again, only this time, there was a dull glow of hope. Doug may have talked as if he was a lost cause, but just beneath that sense of hopelessness was a man who was desperate for any bit of help he could get.
Violet put her hands to the side of his head, and concentrated, saying, “Doug, I’m going to put you through a telepathically induced illusion which will affect all of your senses as if it were an extremely vivid dream. Don’t panic if you lose your senses for a moment, it’s just the transition. Once that passes, you will experience a setting and situation of my own creation. You will be safe there, so please do not be afraid. If I sense that it becomes too much for you, I will pull you out. You will be okay. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” Doug whispered.
“Alright,” said Violet. “Now relax.”
Doug did so, as best as he could, and Violet reached out to him. His mind was harsh to the touch, emotional spikes, jagged edges, and scars, entwined with the barrier of his will, an iron wall that had been rusted straight through. But she grasped him gently and tugged him slowly down into the darkness of the mindscape, the subconscious realm inside every person’s mind.


Doug’s world went completely dark, silent, and numb for a few moments. For a brief moment, he started to panic, but he forced himself to remain calm Then, he began to see the twinkling of lights. After a moment, he realized they were stars. Another moment later, a bright moon shimmered into view. Doug felt a cool breeze over his skin which carried the sound of rustling leaves. He felt a soft tickling on his back and realized he was now lying naked on a bed of grass. He sat up and the bright moon revealed that he was in some kind of field. A little ways off, he could see a large campfire.
Walking towards the fire, he noticed that it was near a pond. Sitting on the edge of the pond, Doug saw a woman wearing a white, silk gown. As he approached, the woman turned and smiled to him. She withdrew her bare feet from the water and stood. She was fair-skinned, tall, with wavy blond hair. Her eyes were a deep crimson, however, which struck Doug as odd, but still rather attractive. It gave her an exotic quality, but helped to remind Doug that this was an illusion. He imagined that was the point.
The woman smiled warmly at him, saying, “Welcome.” Her voice was sensual and soft, and sent delightful shivers down his spine.
“Um, what am I supposed to do, exactly?” said Doug. He looked her over and saw the gown hugged her curves beautifully. The firelight and moonlight played along her body and her hair, making her even more exotic looking. Between that and her voice, he found himself growing erect. Even though this was only his mental body, he felt the primal physical urges filling him.
The woman said, “Anything you want. I am here to serve you in any way you need.” She eyed Doug’s naked body and his rising erection. “If I may?” She motioned to his lower half. Doug swallowed nervously, but nodded. She stepped up to Doug and kneeled before him. She looked into his eyes as she reached up and slipped her fingers around his sex, her grip firm but gentle. Her crimson eyes stayed on his as she leaned forward and placed her lips around the tip of him. Doug let out a ragged gasp as pleasure surged through him, and he felt himself instantly shooting to the edge of orgasm. Doug tried to mentally brace himself for the inevitable crash of his release hitting Sara’s barrier. This time, however, it didn’t happen. His penis stiffened in the first tight pulse of orgasm, and kept on going.
Doug let out cries of relief, sinking to his knees as, for the first time in years, he felt the sensations of his semen surging through his cock, spurting into the crimson-eyed woman’s mouth. She followed his fall, going down on hands and knees as she sucked and swallowed up his seed. When he finally stopped, the woman rose into a kneeling position and hugged Doug to her. He clutched her tightly, tears falling down his eyes.
“Thank you,” he said breathlessly. “Oh, god, thank you…”
“We aren’t done, lover,” said the woman, purring in his ear. “You still have so much tension to release.” She leaned back, stood, and slipped her arms free of the gown’s shoulder straps. It fell to the ground and Doug looked up to see her naked body, glorious in the dual light of the fire and the moon. She held out her arms invitingly. Doug took her hands and let her help him up. She stepped into him and kissed him. Doug found his penis had not lost its hardness and he could not help but rub against her.
Soon, they were on the ground again, Doug thrusting inside her, working to another orgasm as she moaned in his ear and held him, petting his back and hair, saying, “Oh yes, cum for me, cum!” Doug quickly satisfied her request. He did so many, many times.


In the waking world, five minutes passed, and Violet could feel Doug’s anxiety and sexual frustration begin to ease down. He had shed a few tears at first and made a few soft whimpers. His penis was practically writhing in his pants, but of course, he did not cum in real life. However, though his body still naturally reacted to his mental state, Doug’s consciousness was not attached to his physical body, and in the psychic dream Violet was giving him, he spent a very long night of passion in the arms of the crimson-eyed woman. All his pent up lusts and frustrations were gradually milked from his mind as he released into his illusionary lover again and again.
When Doug finally seemed to have exhausted himself, Violet had the crimson-eyed woman hold him and let him cool off in the post-orgasmic bliss. In the real world, Doug’s penis finally relaxed and softened, and even though Violet knew the ache of blue balls would still be there, it should be counter balanced by the sense of relief his mind was now awash in. Violet had the crimson-eyed woman kiss Doug deeply before she caused the illusion to fade and she brought him back to the waking world.
Doug’s eyes fluttered open and he looked at Violet with total adoration. “Oh, thank you,” he said breathlessly, as he had said to the woman. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.” He reached up and Violet felt his hand cup the back of her head and his lips parted slightly as he reached to kiss her. Violet tensed and backed up a bit, and Doug seemed to suddenly realize where he was. He shook his head, quickly yanking his hand away. Violet sat up, withdrawing her hands.
“I’m sorry,” said Doug. “Sorry. I was still lost in the moment.”
“That’s okay,” said Violet. “How do you feel?”
Doug winced. “My balls kind of ache, but other than that, I feel like I just spent a night in heaven.” He sat up on the couch and took a deep breath. “God, you’re boyfriend is one lucky guy.”
“Yeah,” said Violet, her expression falling a bit flat. “I guess.”
Doug’s brow creased. “Are you okay? I shouldn’t have let you do that, should I? You look like you’re feeling guilty now.”
Violet shook her head. “No, it’s not that,” she said. “I just… um…”
“I should go,” said Doug. He stood. “Thank you, really. That was the most incredible thing I ever experienced.”
“Oh, I dunno,” said Violet, forcing a thin smile. “I’m pretty sure Sara’s a lot more intense.”
Doug let out a chuckle that almost wasn’t humorless. Then he frowned. “Violet, I don’t want this to go sour between us. It was incredible, but I’m not going to ask you to do this again. So, please, I hope you doing this for me isn’t going to become a problem.”
“Don’t worry about me and Jim,” said Violet. “Will Sara find out?”
“I don’t think so,” said Doug. “It should be another two weeks or so before she comes back, going by her usual pattern. By then, I’m sure I’ll be back to being frazzled. And besides, you didn’t make me physically cum, so I don’t see how she’d know. She can use her spells to sort of mimic psychic abilities, but she’s not actually psychic. Her magic focuses more directly on the body.”
“Okay. Good.” Violet’s voice was low and she still had a worrisome look on her face.
Doug started to reach out and touch her shoulder, but thought better of it. He didn’t need to make things more complicated than they were. He turned and said, “Well, um, thank you again. I guess I’ll go.”
“Your welcome Doug,” said Voilet. “I’m glad I could help.” He nodded and stepped out the door, closing it softly. Violet smiled a bit as she saw him walk with a new ease in his step, but once the door closed, she let out a dejected sigh as she sat down heavily on the couch.

Jim came home a few hours later. Violet was watching TV on the couch, and he went over and kissed her. “Hey, babe,” he said. “How are you feeling?” When she turned to him, he frowned at her downcast expression. “Hey, what’s wrong?”
Violet hugged Jim tightly to her and kissed him deeply, then rest her head against his chest. Jim held her, stroking her hair. “Shhhh, it’s okay, it’s okay,” he said. “What happened? Tell me.”
Violet took a moment to gather her thoughts, then said, “Have I ever taken things too far with you?” Jim was a little surprised by the question. Violet pulled back a bit and looked into his face, eyes searching. “Be honest with me. Have I ever used my powers to a point where it got to be too much and I still didn’t stop? I know at class yesterday, you told me to quit it, you said ‘seriously, stop’, but I didn’t. I just kept tormenting you.”
“Well, you more than made it up to me right after,” said Jim.
“That’s no excuse,” said Violet. “Please, was there any other time?”
Jim sighed. “Yeah. Once or twice. You always make the sex play so amazing, but once in a while it gets to a certain point where it’s enough already and I really would like it to stop. But I love you and I trust you, and it’s the least I can do to let you enjoy yourself in return. And I mean, you haven’t ever really hurt me.”
“Oh, Jim,” said Violet. “Maybe I haven’t hurt you yet, but I could. I should stop when you tell me to stop and you truly mean it. You shouldn’t just let me do that to you.”
Jim hesitated before saying, “It’s not like I have a choice, really. When you want to have your fun with me, it’s not like I can do anything to stop you.”
Violet hugged him tightly again. “Oh, god, I was afraid you were going to say that. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. You should never have to feel that way. Not for real. It’s one thing to make that part of the fantasy, but I never wanted you to feel that way about our relationship.”
Jim held her, surprised at how sad she sounded. “It’s okay,” he said.
“No, it isn’t,” she said. She pulled back again. “Before I met you, I used my powers to fuck with people. It usually wasn’t anything major, but I never really thought about the consequences of what I was doing. I’d be at work, and I’d see some guy looking through the lingerie aisle. I’d peek into his mind and see him fantasizing about his girlfriend wearing the stuff he was looking at. I’d reach into his head and snap his libido up all the way, and he’d go running home with his dick nearly tearing through his pants. I’d chat with friends online and reach out and tease up the guys I knew had a crush on me, so they’d masturbate while they chatted with me.”
“That’s the past,” said Jim. “You stopped doing that a long time ago.”
“Only a couple years,” said Violet. “And I really thought I’d gotten over it. But I haven’t, have I? I’ve just been fucking with you instead. I mean, maybe that’s the real reason I always have a version of me watching you in the illusions. I say it’s because I want you to know I’m there for you and I want to watch you enjoy yourself, but maybe I do it because I want to revel in what I’m doing to you. I want to see you twist in my power.”
“Hey,” said Jim, taking her by the shoulder. “Come on. Stop this line of thinking. You’re freaking yourself out.” He looked Violet in the eyes. “Look, so you get a little carried away with me sometimes. I forgive you. Really. I mean, maybe from now on we should use a safe word or something, but I forgive you. And when you use the illusions on me, and I feel you watching me, I don’t feel like I’m just a toy you’re playing with. I feel like you’re giving me an incredible gift. I can see the enjoyment on your face. It’s not a person amused by how they can cruelly manipulate someone. The way your eyes sparkle and your smile widens when you watch me climax, it’s someone who’s proud of the pleasure they can bring their lover. And you should be very, very proud.”
Violet saw the sincerity in his eyes and sensed it in his mind, and let out a relieved sigh. “Thank you,” she said. She kissed him again. “I love you Jim, I really do. It’s just, when Doug was telling me about everything Sara did to him and the things she did before she flipped out on him, I just kept imaging everything I used to do. I don’t want to be like her. She sounds like she’s exactly the kind of person I was afraid of becoming.”
“Wait, who are Doug and Sara?” said Jim.
“Oh, right,” said Violet. “Doug’s our neighbor, the one who was getting tortured. Sara’s the witch who’s been torturing him.”
“Ah,” said Jim. “Did you do some more investigating today?”
Violet frowned. “Um, well, I sort of bumped into him at the soda machine, and I got him talking. I brought him up here and I got him to explain his situation for me. I couldn’t help it, he just looked so miserable I had to do something. If nothing else, at least try to find out what the situation was.”
“Wait, you brought him here?” Jim said a bit alarmed. “When was this?”
“He left a few hours ago,” said Violet. “We started talking about his situation, but it got to be too much for him and he let me just read a few of his memories. It’s awful. He’s been getting sexually tortured by a Mage named Sara for the past five years. I mean, really, seriously tortured. Every couple of weeks she uses her magic to rape the shit out of him with inhuman levels of pleasure and she never lets him release any sexual tension. He hasn’t had an orgasm in years, can’t touch himself or initiate sex. She destroys every normal relationship he tries to be in.”
“Cripes, what the hell for?” said Jim.
“Apparently, all for not letting her use him,” said Violet. “He dumped her because she was abusing him, and that just made her abuse him ever harder. And at the same time, she goes out and uses her powers to molest and rape other people, apparently. I mean, I used to pull a prank or two on some people, but this woman’s a monster.”
Jim’s brow furrowed. “That’s horrible,” he said. He paused. “Look, I can understand you wanting to help him, but this bitch doesn’t sound like someone you should be messing with. I don’t think you should be getting in the middle of this.” He dug a piece of paper out of his pocket. “I found the number to that organization. It’s a group called S.O.S. Supernatural Operations Specialists. I haven’t called them yet.”

“Okay, let’s give them a shot,” said Violet. She smiled. “Thanks a lot, sweetie. You’re such a good guy.”

Jim smiled, and pulled out his cell phone. As he started to dial the number, he said, “So. You read his mind?”
“Yes,” said Violet.
“Did you do anything else to him?” said Jim. Violet didn’t answer. Jim turned to her, his thumb hovering over the Send key on his phone. “You said he hadn’t gotten off or had normal sex in years. Did you try and do anything to him to relieve that?”
Violet frowned again. “Yes,” she said.
“What did you do?” he said. His voice was calm, but Violet could detect a hint of wariness in his voice.
“I didn’t have sex with him,” she said. “I wouldn’t do that to you and it wouldn’t have helped him anyway. I put him into one of my illusions. I’m sorry, I know those are supposed to be just for us, but it was the only way I could think of to give him the chance to relieve himself, if only in his dream state.”
Jim’s face remained unreadable for a moment, but then he relaxed and nodded. “Okay. That’s okay. I’m glad you tried to help him. Just shows you’re a good woman.”
Violet let out a breath of relief. “Thanks for understanding,” she said.
“So which one did you give him?” he said.
“Moonlit Field,” she said. “With the crimson-eyed woman.”
Jim nodded approvingly. “Very nice,” he said.
Then he opened his mouth to ask, but Violet cut him off. “And no, I didn’t have myself there watching.”
“Suuuure, you didn’t,” Jim teased and Violet chuckled. Jim hit the send key on the phone, then waited for someone to pick up. Unfortunately, however, the line seemed to be busy. After a few more failed attempts, they decided to try again in the morning. Violet was sure Doug could handle another day, especially now that he could finally relax some.

The next morning, it was Jim’s turn to be off from classes and work, while Violet had to go to her morning shift. It was late morning before Jim got out of bed, feeling well rested. He did his business, then went into the kitchen to grab some food, dressed only in his boxers. Grabbing an apple, he sat down on the couch, clicked on the TV, and took a bite. That was when something caught the corner of his eye, and he nearly choked on the apple. In the stuffed chair partially across from the couch, there was a young woman where a moment ago there hadn’t been.
She was dressed in a short skirt and blouse, with high heel sandals. Her brunette hair was wavy, and her hazel eyes had a mischievous glint. She sat looking at him with her legs crossed and her lips upturned in a sly smile.
“So, you must be Jim,” she said. Jim nodded slowly. “My, but you are handsome. I wonder if that lovely face comes complete with a lovely package. Stand up and show me.” Jim found himself standing up and slipping his boxers off. He felt something tingle along his penis and he quickly grew fully erect. The woman nodded, smiling a bit wider. “Not bad, not bad at all.”
Jim wanted grab the throw pillow and cover himself, but he found he couldn’t move at all. He was frozen in place, standing tall, with his penis bobbing out in front of him. He was at least able to blink, breath, and move his eyes, and he found he could still talk. “Who are you?” he said. The woman’s smile grew into a wicked grin.
“Who the fuck do you think?” she said.
“Sara?” Jim said faintly. Sara nodded once, her grin widening. Jim swallowed hard. “If this is about Doug—”
“Of course it’s about Doug,” said Sara. “Your girl fucked around with my boy, so I’m going to repay the favor.”
“Sara, please, wait,” said Jim, eyes going wide with fright as Sara stood up. “Whatever you’re about to do, please don’t. Violet just wanted to help him, she didn’t mean to—”
“Oh, shut up,” said Sara, and Jim’s words died on the spot, his mouth clamping shut. She raised her hand, and Jim felt himself float off the floor a few feet. Sara beckoned and he floated forward. Jim tried to struggle, but he was stuck in a standing position, completely stock still. His muscles flexed, but his limbs never budged, he couldn’t even move his head. The only part of his body that seemed at all free to move was his penis, which had begun to tingle again, the sensation moving slowly up and down his shaft and prickling along his penis head and testicles. Despite his fear, Jim let out a soft gasp, as the feelings became pleasant then pleasurable. Jim, to his dismay, found his penis twitching excitedly under the magic touch.
Sara smiled up at him. “I wonder how you taste?” she said. Jim’s eyes widened as she leaned down, and he felt her fingers lightly grasp his cock. The tingling sensations suddenly seemed to triple in intensity, the motion becoming faster. Jim let out a loud gasp as Sara’s mouth neared him. He wanted to scream at her to stop, but he couldn’t form the words. His mouth worked silently, and he groaned softly, but some spell had rendered him tongue tied. His breath became heavy as Sara paused, her lips just an inch away from his now throbbing member. Even though she didn’t move her hand, the tingling increased even more and its motion went even faster. A fat drop of pre-cum seeped from the tip and this seemed to be what Sara had been waiting for. She stuck out her tongue and lightly licked the salty-sweet drop of fluid from the tip.
Jim let out a ragged gasp as pleasure simply exploded through his loins. He felt himself rocket towards the brink of orgasm, then beyond, and his body shivered in its magic bondage. But to his horror, even though his cock convulsed crazily, he did not feel himself ejaculate, instead his body seemed to hang right at that moment just before climax. He hung there writhing in the peak of ecstasy, but he did not achieve release.
“Mmmm,” said Sara, letting his penis go. The sensations in Jim’s penis did not lessen, and he continued to shiver and moan loudly, his penis clenching rapidly in a futile attempt to achieve release. She watched him with a wide grin of delight. She just loved seeing the reaction of someone falling under her power for the first time. Then she floated Jim down, tilting him back until he was lying flat on the ground, face up. Sara loomed over him and Jim looked up at her in terror.
“Well, Jimmy, when your Little Miss Violet shows up, she and I are going to have a very thorough talk,” said Sara. “But until then, I think I’d like to try out this illusion trick she does. Now, of course, it won’t be the same as a psychic illusion; you’ll feel everything that happens with your physical body and all that stimulation will be real, which is going to drive you absolutely bat shit, but hey, it’ll still be more fun than staring at the ceiling.”
Jim tried one final time to gasp out a desperate, “NO!” and managed to make a loud moan that almost sounded like it. Then, suddenly, his living room disappeared, only to be replaced by what appeared to be a giant bed. On the bed, surrounding him, were many attractive women. All were naked, and he recognized them all as women he knew. Co-workers, classmates, teachers, neighbors. He counted at least a dozen around him. They crawled closer to him, and the girl who was directly between his legs, one he recognized as the neighbor who had tried to convince him to cheat on Violet, leaned down and took his penis in her mouth.
Jim let out a ragged cry as the mouth worked him, sucking him hard, the tongue writhing around him like a snake. The other women began to caress and kiss the rest of his body, until one of them moved on top of him and straddled his face. The scent of her moist pussy was intoxicating and he found, despite fighting it as hard as he could, that his mouth eagerly licked and sucked at her. At some point, he felt the mouth on his cock release and then someone else mounted it, taking him inside a tight, hot pussy. Then the woman on his face lifted off and a pair of breasts presented themselves to his mouth. His lips sought the nipples eagerly. The world became a blur of soft but firm flesh, warm wetness, intoxicating scents and tastes, and unending pleasure without release.
Sara watched Jim dissolve into the sea of sexual overstimulation, amused by the sight. Four apartments down, she could feel the wonderful, blazing energy of Doug trapped in a spell that was rebuilding all the frustration Violet had eased out of him. It would take Sara a while to build it back up fully, and then she would have to see about creating new mystic locks and fail safes so this wouldn’t happen again.
But for now, she would sit and wait for Violet, while both men suffered in sexual torment. Sara figured she might as well enjoy herself as she basked in their radiant lusts. She slipped her fingers beneath the waistband of her shorts and rubbed herself sensually.

When Violet climbed up the stairs to her apartment, she paused as she sensed, once again, the torrent of lust coming from her floor. “Oh, no,” she said. She quickly dashed up the rest of the stairs and started towards Doug’s apartment. As she passed her own door, however, her psychic senses picked up some one “calling” her name, desperation reverberating along with the intense thought. Violet’s eyes widened and she immediately whirled to her own door. It was Jim. Jim was in trouble and he needed her! Violet now realized, as she cast her senses into her apartment even while she scrambled for her keys, that lust was radiating from her place as well. Not nearly as strongly as from Doug’s apartment, but enough that Violet felt anxiety wash over her.
She burst through the door, and the first thing she saw was Jim lying naked on the floor, jerking and gasping, his penis hard and flinging pre-cum about as it jerked in the air. She practically leaped over to him, going down on her knees just behind his head and clasping his head in her hands. She reached out to touch his mind and for a moment, saw what he saw, felt what he felt. She could see that his senses were trapped in an illusion of women using him over and over and over again. He was helpless to stop them and helpless to stop himself from responding. His lust was boiling over, his need for release burning away at his sanity.
“V-violet…” Jim gasped as the touch of her mind briefly helped him focus back on the real world. But then, just as quickly, he went under and Violet fought to regain her hold on him. She had it in her grasp; she realized Jim was still conscious, and that the illusion was affecting his conscious mind. Violet realized if she could just pull him down into one of her own illusions, into a dream state, she could release him from the torment.
She began to pull him down as gently as she could, when suddenly, something yanked her clear off the floor. She was flipped upwards and for a moment, felt like she was in free fall. Then, her body slammed into the wall, her limbs forced spread eagle and she found herself stuck in place, like a bug in a web. A moment later, her clothes were suddenly torn apart, falling from her body in scraps. Violet shook her head, forcing herself to get her bearings, and it was only then she saw her.
Sara was standing against the far wall; the door had obscured her when Violet first entered. She was smiling evilly at Violet, like a vampress from some erotic horror story eyeing a new victim.
“Oh, Violet,” said Sara. “I see you at last. And my, my, you’re almost as pretty as you boyfriend.” She stepped up close to Violet. Her right hand reached out to cup Violet’s left breast. Violet felt her nipples harden, as a tingling sensation seemed to emanate from Sara’s hand, intensifying as it got closer to her flesh. Violet’s body broke out in goose bumps, and she grit her teeth.
“Don’t fucking touch me!” Violet snapped and she lashed out with her mind. Sara gasped, clutching her head and stumbling back. Violet had hoped Sara would drop her when her concentration broke, but she stayed stuck to the wall; she remembered what Doug had said about her powers. Sara was a witch not a psychic; it was a spell that stuck Violet to the wall, Sara did not have to consciously maintain the bind like a telekinetic. Violet struggled, but to no avail.
Sara recovered quickly and her face contorted into a snarl. She raised her arm and with a flick of her fingers, Violet felt herself yanked forward from the wall. Her legs and arms were wrenched behind her and Violet found herself hogtied by invisible bonds. She continued forward and she felt Sara’s hand catch her by the throat. Gasping and choking, Violet tried to lash out again, striking harder, but even though she flinched, Sara didn’t stagger back this time. Violet felt her psychic lash strike a barrier and she couldn’t push through.
“You little bitch,” said Sara. “I was going to start slow with you, but if you want to skip right to the rough stuff, I’m game.” Sara reached down with her other hand and hooked two fingers forcefully into Violet’s vagina. Violet’s body seized up and her eyes nearly popped out of her skull, her mouth contorting into a large “O.” Then suddenly, she found her breath and Violet let out a scream as her body shook violently in the air. Violet was overcome by sensations of searing pleasure, like her every nerve had become 100 times more sensitive just before being struck by a thousand lightning bolts of raw, primal sexual energy. Her clitoris and g-spot exploded in a rapid series of mind-rending bursts of ecstasy. It was as if all the best orgasms of her life had been concentrated into a single blinding moment, and she was being hit by that burst of sensation over and over and over.
Sara grinned sadistically as she felt Violet’s mind surge outward, intending to flail savagely at her. However, Violet’s strikes went wild, overridden by the raw primal pleasure. Sara grit her teeth and maintained her grasp on Violet, preventing her mind from being overwhelmed by the psychic’s fury. However, even as she shielded herself from Violet, she sensed little explosions of sexual energy popping up all around them. In the brief moments between Violet’s screams of agonizing ecstasy and her ragged gasping for air, Sara could hear loud shouts from the surrounding apartments.
Sara let out a laugh of pure delight as she realized nearly everyone in the apartment complex was doubling over with bone-rattling orgasms as Violet’s wild lashing did nothing more than carry fractions of the pleasure Sara was making her feel directly into the minds of her neighbors. Sara could sense those who didn’t explode right away immediately start masturbating or humping the nearest surface, lovers pouncing on each other to release the sudden surge of sexual pressure. On the floor next to them, Jim wailed, getting hit with the strongest of the stray lust shots, causing Sara to only laugh more at the irony.
Sara’s thumb worked against Violet’s clit and she stepped up her manipulations. Violet felt an invisible force, a mystic phallus, slide into her pussy, filling her, touching off every nerve in her body. The magical, phantom penis stretched her almost to the point it hurt, sliding in and out of her smoothly and quickly. And then, she felt another one, another sensation of being fucked, as if two phantom penises overlapping each other were fucking her with separate but equally maddening rhythms. Then a third joined, and a fourth, and a fifth, and so on, until a dozen phantom cocks where screwing her blind in a dozen different speeds, angles and little extra motions; she could feel the pleasure from each cock separately and then that pleasure pooled together with the energy stimulating her clitoris and g-spot, making her core go nova with raw sensual agony. She should have passed out, should probably have died just from sensation overload by now, but Sara’s magic did not let her escape.
Fluid was practically gushed from Violet’s wildly convulsing pussy, running down her legs and dripping off her knees. Sara’s whole arm was soaked. Violet’s face and chest were glistening as she cried tears of absolute rapture. Violet’s mind was screaming, and she continued to lash out, unable to stop herself from projecting the inhuman pleasure to others. She tried vainly to batter and hammer away at Sara, but the witch’s shields were too strong, deflecting every psychic attack. There was nothing Violet could do, Sara was too strong to fight.
Violet, so thoroughly and quickly overwhelmed, began to realize she couldn’t resist Sara. She could only submit to her, could only accept that she was nothing more than Sara’s toy and pray that her owner would eventually feel merciful. Violet had no choice but to embrace…
For a moment, Violet’s eyes flashed, and with one final desperate move, she reached out to Sara’s mind. Only this time, Violet didn’t try to fight her, didn’t try to push her away; rather she took hold of Sara’s mind, and drew her into herself, into the cool, calm, darkness her psyche.

Suddenly, the two women were standing in the void of the subconscious mind, Violet’s mind. Even though Violet was now no longer directly attached to her physical body, she still took a few moments to catch her breath, the impression of her sexual torment still powerful. But Violet willed away the phantom sensations, took another breath, and steadied herself. Here, she was unaffected by whatever Sara was doing to her body.
“Where the fuck are we?” said Sara. She tried to call forth her magic, but nothing happened. “What did you do to me?” She closed her eyes and tried to teleport away, fly away, anything, but nothing happened. She was stuck here, in a world of total darkness, with only herself and Violet floating in the void, easily visible despite the complete lack of light.
“We’re in the mindscape,” said Violet. “Everyone has one, a place where the mind goes when they dream, where subconscious thoughts brew. Right now we’re in mine. And while we’re here, you can’t access your body to use your magic.”
Sara looked at her in total shock. “No!” she said, and thrust out her hands uselessly at Violet. “No!” she screamed. “Let go of me!”
“No,” said Violet. “You’re used to always getting what you want, aren’t you? When someone won’t give you something on demand, you use your powers to take it. Well, that’s not going to happen here. Here, I am in control.”
Sara looked at her furiously, but after a few moments, took a breath and composed herself. “Okay,” she said. “Fine. You’re in control, for now. But out there, you’re still getting fucked by my magic, and thanks to my little perpetual motor, those spells have a limitless supply of energy to them. Whatever you do, even if you leave me trapped here forever, you’ll likewise still be hanging in the air, getting fucked by my magic for the rest of your life.”
“I can alter your mind here,” said Violet. “I’ll make you stop.”
“Nah,” said Sara. “You won’t. You can’t. I know a little bit about the mindscape. One of my old lovers was a psychic. He never took me to it, but he told me about it. Here, my mind, my whole mental essence, manifests to fully realized consciousness. It’s not like in the real world where you can just reach into my brain and pluck a few synapses. You may have control over the environment in here, but the only way you’re going to alter my mind, alter me,” Sara pat her ‘body’ with her hands, “is to get me to let you.”
She laughed. “About your only chance is to torture me until I break, because you’re not going to sway me over with a heroic speech, I’ll tell you that right now. I should warn you, though, I may not force myself to endure the levels of torment I put Doug through, but I’ve had my fair share of superhumanly intense experiences, painful and pleasurable.”
Violet frowned. Sara was right. They were at a stand off. Violet could control the mindscape around her, true, and use it to give Sara a taste of her own medicine, use it to torment her. But that could take a long time. Sure, in the real world not much time might pass. Months if not years in the mindscape could equal mere hours in the real world thanks to the looseness of time in dream state. But Violet had never spent that much time here herself, and she had a feeling that Sara was durable enough she could well outlast her in a war of attrition. She frowned. What could she do? She thought back to what Sara had said, trying to think of something, anything she could use against her.
“Wait,” said Violet. “What did you mean, perpetual motor for your spells?”
Sara smirked. “Know much about Mages? We draw our mana, our magic energy, from a variety of sources, but depending on what our magic focuses on, there’s certain special things that radiate an essence that are like endless supplies of mana. For me, my magic focuses heavily on sex, so I gain energy from there. But with most people its only a little bit of energy, and I end up expending almost as much as I get if I use my powers to fuck them.”
Violet’s eyes widened a bit, saying, “But Doug?”
Sara smiled. “He’s never even realized it, but once Doug’s libido rises, he radiates my type of mana like a miniature sun. His energy not only fuels me, but it empowers me, making my abilities grow continuously stronger. Doug might have told you I was a randomly born Mage? That’s almost an exaggeration. I had the potential, but it was so miniscule, I should never have manifested any power. The Mage blood in my ancestry is so ridiculously diluted, it’s pretty much non-existent.
“But, after half a year of regular sex with Doug, the power germinated and blossomed. The more sex we had, the stronger it got, and the more powerful I got. I would make him cum over and over, each burst feeding me more energy. And that was fine for a while, but then I discovered what happened when I teased him and denied him release. Once he hit a certain state of desperation, the mana just came off him in waves.”
Sara grinned almost triumphantly. “Right now, I’ve got spells set on him to keep fucking him indefinitely, fueled by the very mana he produces as they fuck him. That mana is also fueling the spells on you and your boyfriend. Trapping me in here means you’re just dooming yourself. Try and leave the mindscape, and you’ll just hang there, fucked, with my body fingering you until you die of thirst or exhaustion. And once that happens, I can escape and be on my merry way.”
Violet sagged, unable to think of a way out of this mess. For lack of anything better to do, she decided to keep Sara talking. “So, how’d you figure out it was me? Your magic tell you, or something?”
Sara smirked. “Well, as I said, Doug produced more mana the more desperate he got. I would spend whole days holding back his orgasm as I stroked and sucked and fucked him, soaking up the mana like a sponge. And even though he’d give me an even more powerful surge when he came after all that teasing, I realized the energy flash was too brief. Eventually, I just stopped giving him orgasms all together, because that way, his mana production just kept climbing higher and higher. After about a year and a half, he hit a plateau, but I’ve been able to make him ride that peak ever since.”
“Ah,” said Violet. “So when I used my illusion power to relieve him, even just mentally, that lowered his production.”
“Yup,” said Sara, looking annoyed. “I’ll give him credit, he really tried to hold out for you. He lasted one whole hour before I broke him down and he confessed it was you. Just judging from that, it’s gunna take me at least a month, maybe two, to build him back up to where he was. I can’t believe how much you wrung out of him in just one session.” She shrugged. “Even still, though, he’s radiating plenty of energy to maintain the spells I’ve set on you all. So, you’re still, quite literally, fucked.”
“Maybe,” said Violet as a thought suddenly occurred to her. “And then again, maybe not.”
“Huh?” said Sara, confused.
Violet took a deep ‘breath,’ unnecessary but simply a habit to psyche herself up as she braced herself for what she was about to do.
“What the hell are you up to?” said Sara. Then she yelled, “HEY!” as Violet suddenly vanished.


Violet had braced herself as best she could, but when she roused back to the waking world, she still was not ready when the torrent of sexual energy overcame her. It took every bit of willpower not to let herself simply dissolve into the storm of sex which felt like it was trying to tear every cell in her body clean in half. Violet grit her teeth and concentrated on one thing, and one thing only: casting out to Doug.
She could feel his mind whirling in a torrent that made her own sexual suffering seem like a gentle breeze. But Violet did not try to enter his mind directly to reach his consciousness. No, this time she focused all her efforts into reaching the more primitive parts of his psyche. Seconds which seemed long as hours ticked by as she searched for the one thing she needed.
Her mind found it, blazing hot: the pulsing energy of his libido. She tried to push against it, to press it down, but the spells keeping it going wouldn’t let her. Violet, barely able to focus, made one final desperate move. She formed her will into a blade, and, praying Doug would forgive her, she psychically lunged forward with the last of her strength. She cut Doug’s libido clean out of his psyche, then desperately scrambled for the haven of her mindscape.

Violet had sectioned herself off from Sara, who she simply left to rant and rave in a corner of the mindscape. Keeping her there was a considerable effort, but not nearly as much of one as trying to torture her the whole time would have been, though lord knows Sara deserved it. They had spent what felt like a day or two here, but only an hour or so should have gone by in the waking world. Violet had periodically tried to raise her consciousness up, only to hit the edge of the sensual storm which still racked her body. The last few times, however, she could swear it was rapidly diminishing. She decided to go for it one more time, leaving Sara cursing behind her.
Violet’s physical eyes snapped open, and she saw that she was now on the floor, lying next to Sara’s unconscious body. Violet tried to move and she shivered from how sensitive and sore she was. She noticed that for the second time in almost as many days, she had created an utterly huge wet stain on the floor. It was still a little warm, which meant the climax signaling her release from Sara’s magic had happened barely a few minutes before.
When she could find the strength to move, she rolled over and half crawled, half dragged herself to Jim, who lay limp, breathing shallowly, completely drenched in semen. It seemed he, too, had climaxed once Sara’s magic had guttered out. Violetn reached out and touched his sweaty forehead, checking to make sure.
Sara’s illusion had indeed ceased; Jim was no longer under assault from the dozen women who could never get enough. His mind was barely hanging on by a thread, however. Violet delicately grasped Jim’s mind, gathering the frayed strands of his consciousness. Cupping it like a butterfly in her hands, she gently pulled him down into his own mindscape. Violet created a version of herself there to hold him in her arms and soothe him into a state of true relaxation.
After another few minutes, Violet crawled over to where Jim’s phone was charging next to the wall. She pulled out Jim’s phone, activated it, and called the number that had failed to pick up before.
This time, someone answered.


Half an hour later, a thin man wearing a large black cloak, with pitch black hair and a goatee stepped into the apartment, letting himself in. His nose wrinkled at the reek of sex but he otherwise did not react outwardly to the scene: Violet, Jim, and Doug, all three looking utterly exhausted and hastily dressed in shorts and tee-shirts, sat on the couch, Violet and Jim in each other’s arms, with Doug staring almost blankly ahead. On the floor, lay Sara, seemingly unconscious. Only Violet and Jim looked up as the man entered.
The cloaked man turned to them. “Violet, Jim,” he said, his voice soft, but carrying an air of great power. “My name is Jason; I’m from the S.O.S. We apologize greatly for not being able to answer your call yesterday. Several of my colleagues and I were caught up in difficulties with another case and were not able to respond to other emergencies until today.” He turned to look at the woman on the floor. “That is her?”
“Yes,” said Violet, her tired eyes showing relief. “I’ve still got her trapped in my mindscape, but it’s getting exhausting holding her there. I don’t dare let her go, incase she has some reserves of magic still.”
Jason nodded curtly. “Good thinking,” he said. “I am an Esper as well. Give her mind to me, I will take her from here.”
Violet gave him a curious look. “I… I don’t know how…”
“Ah,” said Jason. He made a small smile. “If I may, allow me then.” Violet nodded, then her eyes widened as, just like that, Sara’s presence was gone from her mindscape. Jason nodded to himself as he took Sara’s psyche easily into his own. “Alright then.” He nodded at Sara’s body, and it suddenly lifted off the floor, lying as though on a floating, invisible bed. “I will take her into custody. We have facilities which can contain her.”
“Thank you,” said Jim.
“Yeah,” said Doug, voice a little empty, still staring straight ahead.
Jim glanced at Doug and said, “If you could, I think you better take him with you. Violet had to do something pretty drastic to him in order to shut the witch down.”
Jason glanced at Doug and a brief scan saw the missing piece of his mental structure. He glanced to Violet. “Yes, I see,” he said. “You removed his sex drive. Was that the key to Sara’s power?”
“Sara said he radiated the mana she used when she sparked up his libido,” said Violet. “And since she had him under her spells, he would just constantly radiate mana to keep her spells going, even when I had her trapped in the mindscape. I know it was desperate, but it was the only thing I could think of. I tried to just dial his libido down, but she had it locked in place with spells and I could barely hold out to just cast out to him. So I had to just cut it out of him. I figured if his libido was what triggered the production of mana, then if I could somehow make him have a, a negative libido, I guess, maybe that would instead create a vacuum, suck the magic away. Or, at least, it would shut off the flow and we could at least try to wait it out.” She let out a long breath. “I’m really glad it turned out to be the former.”
Jason lightly stroked the end of his goatee, thoughtfully. He nodded, looking pleased. “That was very resourceful of you Violet,” he said. Then his features hardened a bit. “However, all things considered, you are extremely luck you didn’t kill him or leave him brain dead. As it was you almost nicked his basic survival instincts.”
Violet winced. “I know,” she said. “But it was either that, or all three of us would become her torture toys.” She turned to Doug, giving him a sad look. “I’m sorry Doug. It was the only thing I could think of.”
Doug nodded. “It’s fine. As it is, I’d rather be a eunuch than have to through one more second under her torture.”
“We should be able to restore you,” said Jason. “We have very skilled psychic menders; I myself have some skill in that department. However, you understand, the fact that you are a mana source is something we’re going to have to do something about. You could easily find yourself a target to other rogue Mages.”
“Alright,” said Doug, getting up.
“I’d grab some spare clothes,” said Jason. “You can clean up fully at our headquarters.” Doug nodded and went to his apartment.
“So what now?” said Jim. “Is there anything else we need to do?”
“I will handle Sara and Doug,” said Jason. He withdrew a business card from under his cloak and handed it to Jim. “As for you two, I suggest you to go to this person. She’s a local psychic therapist, her office is a trusted associate of our organization. She will help you recover from this.” He paused, then took out another card, handing this one to Violet. “This is our office number with my extension. Violet, you have shown impressive power, skill, and resourcefulness, and your pragmatism in the face of this situation is also noteworthy. Once you have recovered, I would like you to consider joining our organization. If you so choose, we could train you to help in more cases like this.”
Violet looked stunned, looking from the card back to Jason. “I… um…”
“Don’t think about it right now,” said Jason, holding up his hand. “Just something to consider for the future.” Doug reappeared then, and carrying a bag.
“Alright, let’s go,” said Jason, and he and Doug took off. Violet and Jim lay there holding each other for a long time. She regarded the card again.
“What do you think?” said Jim. “Just speaking hypothetically.”
“I dunno,” said Violet. “It’s kind of hard imagining being some kind of superhero, swooping in to save the say.”
“But you did save the day,” said Jim. He leaned down and kissed her deeply. When their lips parted, he grinned. “You were totally a superheroine saving us from the evil dominatrix villainess.”
Violet smiled knowingly and winked. “Maybe that’ll be something to try for my next illusion trick.”
“I can’t wait,” said Jim, grin widening.
The two hugged, Violet resting her head on Jim’s shoulder, and he resting his head on hers. Soon, the two drifted asleep on the couch, safe in each others arms.


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