Monday, January 3, 2011

Just A Little Scene: Ashley's Feral Girls

“Look through there,” Ashley said, leading my naked form to a large two-way mirror, adjacent to a door. As Ashley’s hand slowly stroked my cock, she pushed me up to the glass, revealing a carpeted room with no furniture. There were three women in the room, a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. They were all naked, and had gorgeous, fit bodies. Red was curled up on the floor, sleeping. Blond was crawling around on her hands and knees, seemingly restless, but also seemingly unable to figure out what to do. Brunette was sitting and was idly chewing on a Popsicle stick, looking bored.
“What… what did you do to them?” I gasped. Her fingers stroked me faster and she all but purred into my ear, sending pleasant shivers through me.
“You mean after I fucked them senseless?” Ashley giggled as another shiver, one I couldn’t decide was of lust or fear, ran through me. “I’ve lowered their intelligence down to that of dogs. Not that they think or act dogs, but I’ve turned them into creatures of pure, animal instinct. Feral humans, as it were.”
“Oh god…” I gasped. “How… how could you do that to…” My words were cut off with a gasp as Ashley’s hand quickened again, and I found myself wincing in approaching orgasm. I clutched at Ashley, reaching behind me to grasp her body, but just when I felt myself about to peak, she squeezed that spot below the head. My body stiffened, and Ashley just held me like that, until the moment faded, and I relaxed in her grip. Ashley waited another moment, before resuming her stroking.
“It’s just temporary,” she said. “See, they actually really enjoy this. I leave just enough of their minds intact so that they are completely aware of their situation, but can do nothing about it, just go along for the ride.” Ashley giggled again, and she licked along my earlobe, biting it gently. She growled lightly, and I shuddered. It was enough to make me peak again, but right away, Ashley pinched me, holding back my climax. When the moment passed, and her hand resumed, she continued, “They love it, you know, the feeling of being totally at one with their emotions and desires, spending a few days being just pure id. They say when they fuck while in this state, they experience the most pure, raw orgasms they’ve ever had.” Ashley giggled. “Of course, it helps that I tease them a bit first, just to get them really in the mood. Watch closely.”
Ashley’s hand slowed its stroking, but didn’t quite stop, as I watched the three women in the room. Suddenly, they all stiffened. Blonde looked around more frantically, and Brunette dropped the Popsicle stick, her eyes widening. Red let out a soft moan and roused from her sleep. She looked about almost confused. Looking closely, I could see their pussy lips moistening, and their hips twitched slightly as Ashley poured raw arousal into their minds.
I felt my breath catch short as seeing the women grow aroused, and soon frustrated with arousal, excited me, and even the slow pace of Ashley’s hand made my cock shoot to the edge. Once again, Ashley pinched me off, and I grit my teeth, letting out a groan. Ashley giggled, and my groan was matched by soft moans and whimpers as the women started crawling around, searching aimlessly for something to relieve the aches between their legs. Even as Ashley’s fingers pinched off my orgasm, I could see the women’s juices already running down their thighs. Ashley was really letting them have it.
“Just like you, I’ve made it so they can’t masturbate,” said Ashley, “not even by humping something. And since they aren’t lesbians, it doesn’t even occur to them to use each other for pleasure. And they’re too stupid to even try and think of a way to relieve their predicament.” The women seemed to be growing frantic, desperately searching through the room, and even scratching at the doors. “Right now they’re on the hunt. The sole thought on their mind is finding a cock to fuck senseless.”
“Oh, god!” I gasped. Ashley let go of me, and led me to the door. “Wait!” I said.
“Just one thing before I turn you loose on them,” she said. She reached down and gave my balls a painful squeeze that took my breath away. “Don’t cum.” Before I could respond, she whipped open the door and shoved me into the room, slamming it closed and locking it.
Ashley had scarcely closed the door when the three women were upon me. Drowning me in a flurry of kisses, growling with passion, all three women nearly crushed me against the wall in their passion, before shoving me flat on my back to the floor. Before I could even catch my breath, Brunette had straddled my hips and mounted my cock, bouncing vigorously upon it. I let out a gasp, only for Red to plant her pussy right on my mouth, nearly suffocating me. I managed to shift her back a bit so I could breathe, and started licking her enthusiastically, knowing it was what she wanted. Blonde let out a cry of frustration at seeing the other two take dibs, and I could hear her growl with anger. Part out of sympathy, and part out of not wanting a fight to suddenly erupt with me beneath them, I reached out with my hand and caressed Blonde’s pussy lips. She instantly let out a gasp, and calmed, positioning herself so I could easily finger her. The two women on top of me quickly climaxed, and they climbed off, Brunette letting Blonde mount me, while she and Red positioned themselves to be fingered. They switched positions yet again up Blonde climaxing.
Despite the amazing sensations of their pussies squeezing and milking my teased cock, I was too overwhelmed with the ferocity of their passion, and preoccupied with making sure they were satisfied, that I found it in me not to cum, despite remaining rock hard and near the edge the whole time.
Even with their reduced intelligence, they seemed to know by instinct every sexual position they ever tried, and were determined to put me through it. Missionary, cowgirl, reverse, 69, doggie, against the wall, from the side, upside down; I was like a hacky sack passed from pussy to mouth to pussy to mouth to pussy, over and over, with no chance to catch my breath.
Finally, after what seemed like hours and god only knew how many climaxes, the three seemed to have soothed their sexual cravings. I was too exhausted to go on. I lay there, panting and gasping as they huddled around my cock. They licked their lips hungrily, and their mouths descended onto my now horribly teased member. I gasped and writhed, clutching at them; Blonde and Brunette grabbed my hands and held them down, while Red sat on my legs and held my cock up for their mouths to feast on. It was incredible; three sets of soft lips, three wriggling tongues, three hot, warm, sucking mouths all attacking my cock at once, slipping me in and out of them, licking me from tip to testicles. It was beyond anything I’d ever felt. I lasted only seconds under their oral assault. I let out a desperate wail, and then, my orgasm hit me, stealing my breath away. Rope after rope of thick, hot cum launched from my cock, splattering all over me and all over the girls, just going everywhere. It was so intense that I blacked out for a few seconds.
When I came to, just a few moments later, the three women were cuddled around me, Brunette on my right, Blonde on my left, and Red on top, resting her head on my belly. We were a hot, sticky, sweaty, exhausted mess, and I fell asleep in their arms, feeling utterly content.
When I woke up, the three women were gone, but I was still on the floor. A blanket had been laid over me, and a pillow put under my head. A note had been left on my chest, and it read, “Thanks for the wonderful time!” Three red lipstick kiss marks had been made along the bottom, each one a different shade. I looked up as I heard footsteps behind me.
Ashley smiled down at me. “Well, that wasn’t so bad, huh? They told me you lasted the longest out of anyone I’d ever thrown at them.”
“Uh… thanks?” I said. Ashley laughed. “So, now what?”
Ashley smirked, and I felt her mind dig into mine. I let out a gasp as my cock went from semi-hard to full mast instantly, and a teasing vibration buzzed along its length. “Now,” she said, her smirk turning to a wicked grin, “I punish you for having an orgasm without my permission.”

I felt the sensation of a slick, phantom hand suddenly cup my penis head, and I let out a sudden, fearful gasp of, “No, please, mercy!” before the hand began to swirl, palming my head, and my words were lost in a cry of sensual agony.

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