Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just A Little Scene: Repaying the Tab

Richard came into the bar at the usual time, Friday night, 2 a.m., half an hour before closing. The moment he walked in, he felt the warm, soft sensation of a hand cupping his balls, and giving them an affectionate squeeze. Richard let out a soft, barely perceptible gasp and his hips twitched slightly. Even though he knew to expect it now, he was still so sensitive there that the touch made him jump ever time. He quickly sat at the end of the bar before anyone noticed his cock stiffen in his slacks.

Chase set a beer in front of him without even taking his order. Her smile was sly as she winked at Richard. He smiled back, and shed his coat, draping it on the stool next to him, not daring to stand up and hang it on the hook. The phantom hand on his testicles rolled them gently, in a soothing, yet arousing motion. Richard downed the beer quickly.

As the last few patrons began to leave their money, and Chase started wiping down the bar, Richard felt a fingertip settle on the tip of his cock. It slowly began to trace along the ridge of his penishead in a clockwise motion, tracing around several times before stopping and going counter clockwise. Back and forth, round and round. Richard, his penishead almost more sensitive to touch than his testicles, shivered and had to control his breathing as the others grabbed their coats to leave. When it was just the two of them, Chase went over to lock the door, and the fingers motion quickened. Richard let out a breath, and his cock pulsed with excitement. Chase pretended to ignore him as she flipped the chairs of the few tables over, and picked up the remaining dishes. She made she that every time she bent over to grab something, it was in full view of Richard, letting him see the shapely curve of her hips, letting her shirt slip up a bit to show off her skin, and the edge of the thong she wore. Richard’s eyes were glued to her ass.

Then another finger tip joined the first, this one starting at the tip and trailing down to the base. Up and down it went, tracing the main sensitive nerve line of his shaft. Richard had to grab the edge of the bar to steady himself on the stool. He let out a soft moan, dying to call her name, but he knew the rules. Until she was ready for him, he was not to speak, only watch her.

As he did, Richard remembered the first night he’d met her. He’d stomped into the bar, already half drunk. The bar was going to close in two minutes, and Chase had not had a very good day. As the other customers left, Richard demanded to be served. Chase had snapped at him, he’d snapped back, and he turned to leave. As needing to further feel like he’d won, he yanked an empty mug off the table and hurled it at the far wall, where it shattered, taking a couple small hanging pictures with it.

Just then, pain had exploded in his testicles, and he’d dropped to the floor. The pain kept coming, and, not knowing what was happening, he could only curl into a ball and sob. The pain slowly faded, and Chase had come over to him. She’d revealed she was a witch and if he ever did something like that again, she would crush his balls to paste.

Two weeks had gone by before Richard had come back, meekly entering the bar completely sober. She’d frowned at his presence, and immediately, he felt a phantom hand grip him, not quite painfully, but none too gently. He staggered to the bar, and made his apology. Eventually, Chase released him, but as she did, she also noticed the tent in his pants, as well as the way he was now eyeing her. She smiled devilishly, and said she had an idea of how he could repay her.

That night, after the bar was closed, he stayed behind, and ate her out while she sat on the stool. As he did so, she used her magic to stroke his cock. They worked each other for nearly an hour, and she came several times. However, she also used her magic to hold in his orgasm, and by the end, he was begging her for release. She kept playing with him a bit, taking her time slipping her underwear and pants back on and shutting off the lights. She told him to come back next week, and she’d think about it then. Until then, she had cast a spell on him to keep from cumming or masturbating.

And so it went, every Friday, for the past four months, he came to the bar just before it closed, and she played with him. Sometimes, play with him was all she did, if she didn’t feel like sex. Most of the time, though, they fucked or she made him eat her out. Sometimes, she let him cum. Usually, she did not.

Tonight, as he watched her, he struggled to stay on the stool. The phantom hand and fingertips continued to work him, the hand squeezing his balls a bit harder now, the fingers touching him more firmly, moving more quickly. He let out a shaky moan. He last came three weeks ago. He finally couldn’t take it and his hips jerked and he slid off the bench and onto his knees.

After a moment, Chase came over to him. He looked up at her, a sheen of sweat on his brow. She smiled wickedly, leaning down and kissed him. “You may speak now, pet,” she said.

“Oh, Goddess, that feels so good,” he said. “I’m not worthy of your gifts, Goddess Chase.” He bent forward and kissed the tops of her shoes. The fingertips on his cock became full hands, wrapping around his head and shaft, and began to steadily pump him. “Oh, fuck, Chase…” he gasped.

Chase kneeled down and kissed him again. “I was thinking about letting you cum tonight?” she said. She worded the next phrase carefully. “What do you think about that, my pet?” As she said this, she sent a bolt of pure pleasure shooting through his straining cock.

Richard almost blurted out, “Oh, please!” but barely managed to restrain himself. “I, uh, I think you, oh!, o-only if it would be pleasing to you, Goddess…”

Chase laughed lightly, and kissed him again. She ruffled his hair, now growing a bit damp with sweat. “Okay, at ease, soldier. Tonight I’m in the mood for some fun, so let’s dispense with the formalities.”
Richard let out another gasp. “Oh, thank god. I can’t take it another minute.”

Chase stood; she was wearing a skirt, now customary wear for her Friday night shift. Beneath the skirt, she wore no panties. She turned and placed her hands on the bar. “Come on, then, Dick, let’s see what you’ve got for me tonight.”

Dick undid his pants and left them bunched at his ankles as he stood. The sensations died off from his cock, though he still felt quite sensitive. He positioned himself behind her, and entered her smoothly. He let out a sigh, as if of great relief, and began to fuck her.

They went longer than usual that night. After going doggie style at the bar, they shed their clothes completely, and he’d spun her around and shoved her up against the wall, fucking her with fierce thrusts that propelled the air from her lungs in sharp gasps. She clutched at him and bit his shoulder, her nails digging in. Her pussy pulsed rapidly with pleasure, and quaked through several orgasms as Richard’s straining cock throbbed inside her. Her magic enhanced the sensations, so every thrust made him feel like he was going to explode. And when they were done with the wall, the went to the floor, where Chase lay atop him and sucked him as she again made him eat her out, something she never seemed to tire of.

When she finally tired, Richard lay gasping beneath her, and she slid down next to him. Repositioning herself to snuggle up against him, she held her hand over his still twitching cock, and began to tap her fingers in the air. Richard felt little tiny jolts of pleasure each time one of her fingers “tapped”, and he lay twitching and gasping, clutching at her.

“Well, let’s see, adding up all of my orgasms from the past few weeks, I think you’re tab is almost paid,” she said. “But, you’re a couple short?”

“T-t-tab?” gasped Richard.

“Yep,” said Chase. “Every time you cum, I add it to your tab. Since your orgasms are quite expensive, I’m afraid I can only allow you one orgasm on the tab before I have to collect.” She stopped tapping her fingers, one finger still extended down, and his cock tensed, poised at the very edge of orgasm. “Although… you’re such a good pet, I might consider extending your credit a bit. Though I should warn you, I’ll start charging interest if you do.” She giggled and then purred in his ear. “What do you say? I could give you an orgasm now, and you wait even longer for the next one, or you could be a big strong man and tough it out until next week.”

Richard gasped and twitched. She was holding him on the edge and it was maddening. He needed to cum so badly, but the rational part of his mind knew the consequences of taking the easy way out. “N-n-no,” he choked out. “I’ll w-wait… please…”

“Are you sure?” she whispered, and again purred in his ear, sending shivers down his spine and making his cock jerk. He could almost feel the semen start to crawl up his length.

“Yes! Please, Goddess, may I wait for your gift?” He shivered, as she held him there for another few moments.

Then, she released her power, and the moment of possible climax passed. His body relaxed, and his cock jerked a few times. She curled and arm and leg around him, holding him as he slowly came down from his high. When she sensed he was good enough to stand again, she leaned over and kissed him deeply. Then she giggled. “You are such a sucker,” she said. “There is no tab.” She stuck her tongue out at him as he looked at her incredulously.

“You’re mean,” he said.

“Yeah, and that’s why you keep coming back every time,” she said. She stood and held him to his feet.

“Only because you got me by the balls,” he said. She smirked and he felt another tender, affection squeeze on his testicles. They dressed, and Chase finished closing the bar down.

“Same time next week, pet?” she said, as they exited the door.

“You know I got no choice,” he said, and they laughed, kissed, and parted ways.

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