Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just A Little Scene: Hard Lessons

Miss Cale sat, fully dressed, in the middle of a circle of boys, slowly swiveling her chair to look at each of them in turn. Fifteen in all, natural born trouble makers slowly learning how to behave. Unlike most boys, they resisted the truth of women’s absolute dominance of the world, and had to be educated rather more strictly than the rest. This particular group had been coming along slowly. They had stopped calling her "bitch" at least.

The boys were kneeling, naked, before her, equally spaced out in a ring. Their hands were behind their backs, and their steely hard penises stood at attention like good little soldiers. They fought hard to stay composed, but most could not manage it too well; some of the boys shivered, others whimpered or moaned, as each fell under Miss Cale’s studious gaze. Miss Cale allowed this to slide, however, hardly able to blame them; she was stimulating them with her power, steadily thought-stroking them which phantom hands and mouths, and many of the boys had not cum in months.

She had been at it nearly an hour before the struggling finally started, some boys unable to stand it any longer; several openly began squirming and moaning loudly, trying desperately to yank their arms forward to take themselves in hand, or to pitch forward and hump the floor. Some even tried to stand up and make a blind attempt to run as if getting some distance would actually lessen the sensations. It would not, of course, but the boys were going out of their minds with sexual over-stimulation. Their attempts were all futile, however; Miss Cale’s power also bound them in place, series of invisible, telekinetic hands and clamps pinning their arms and legs back, holding them upright.

Within minutes, almost all the boys were screaming in lust and thrashing like madmen. Only one boy, a tall redhead, managed to resist the urge to fight; he still jerked and cried out, but he alone was trying his hardest to just let the sensations take him. Miss Cale settled her eyes on him and she smiled. With a thought, she silenced the other boys, forcing them to be quiet. Miss Cale ignored their tears and pained expressions, focusing on the one boy who was trying his very best to except his test. Miss Cale cranked up the sensations on him, switching to a phantom pussy fucking his helpless cock, and sending even stronger jolts of pure pleasure through his loins. The redheaded boy wailed in sheer sensation overload, but unlike the other boys, he did not threaten her or try to resist her efforts. His struggles and cries were merely his own body’s natural convulsions from the stimulation. Miss Cale held him to this rigorous challenge for another five minutes, and then, the boy called her name in rapture, and declared himself unworthy of her gifts.

Miss Cale broke out into an elated smile. She had had her eye on this one, and he had finally passed the test. It was time to reward him. The other boys watched as the redhead suddenly rose into the air. His limbs were stretched out and he hung spread eagle in the air, suspended a foot off the ground in Miss Cale’s power. He gave out a quaking scream that sounded nearly like a death rattle, and then, his penis erupted like a volcano.

Semen arced high, nearly to the ceiling, but rather than splattered downwards, it hung suspended in thick globes and ropes in the air. The redhead continued to shake and scream, Miss Cale extending his orgasm past normal human limits, literally draining every possible drop of cum his body could produce, before finally letting him go. She gently set him down, exhausted and unconscious.

Miss Cale turned her attention to the other boys. They were staring at the redhead with various degrees of envy, hopelessness, and hatred. None of them got it yet. None of them understood that the redhead had finally achieved true submission. They would not cum today; perhaps next month, a few of them would finally figure it out, but considering this crowd, she was doubtful. For now, they would share in their fellow’s orgasm. It was the best they would get.

As she continued to stimulate the boys, the globes of semen in the air came together in a large ball, and then split into fourteen smaller dollops. Each floated down towards the mouth of a boy. Each boy had a horrified look on their face, and immediately strained with every ounce of will and muscle power to keep their mouths closed. Miss Cale savored the moment, letting them think for just a moment that they still had some modicum of control left. Then, with a thought, she destroyed that delusion, as she caused their mouths to pop open, and deposited the redhead’s semen inside.

Humiliated, overstimulated, and defeated, the boys were made the savor the taste before swallowing. When the cum finally slid down their throats, Miss Cale released them all from her power. The stimulation to their genitals stopped, and their invisible bonds released. The boys dropped to the ground, some curling into fetal positions, some gagging, some just laying their trying to catch their breath. Miss Cale stood, and caused the redhead to float up into the air, following behind her as she led him to another section of the facility, where he would be allowed to recover and continue to the next stages of “education.” The other boys, meanwhile, would remain here, their blazing hot cocks still prevented from release, teased daily until their wills cracked, and their resistance melted away. For now, all they could do was watch with burning envy as they observed the redhead’s look of utter peace.


  1. Hot scene similar to ones I've imagined but I never got off my duff and actually wrote them. Wonderful work.


  2. Just found this site.

    Great story I just read.